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The Goldman Sachs Derivative Beast Report For Congress

Goldman Sachs just released a report to Congress which begs our Representatives and Senators to do absolutely nothing to stop the looting and destruction of all banking systems by a gang of vampiric gnomes.  Below is a section of this report and my analysis of what is really going on.  When dealing with criminals and looters who are highly educated, we need to peel away all their verbiage and get down to the nitty gritty of what is going on in this paper. Continue reading


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Japan’s ZIRP Black Hole Expands To The US, EU And UK

As the EU, UK and US fall into the Japanese ZIRP death trap, all three are wondering why ZIRP doesn’t fuel lots and lots of lending.  Well, why bother lending any money if you can’t make much profit from it?  After all, playing commodities markets is bringing in much more loot!  Ask Goldman Sachs about this matter.  The rate of default on past, earlier loans is still rising, not falling.  In both domestic and business real estate.  So the losses outstrip any potential gains with lending at an ever lower rate.  We know how this works.  We saw this at work in Japan for the last 20 years. Continue reading


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Story Of Very Sudden H1N1 Child Death

The H1N1 flu continues to kill young people.  Far from dropping, the numbers are rising.  What is particularly horrible is how suddenly a thriving, young person can go from being ‘normal’ to suddenly dying….this is no joke.  This isn’t some dissatisfied cheerleader who gets a shot and then can run backwards.  These are DEAD CHILDREN.  Who would dearly love to run backwards.  Or just live, for that matter.  I am including a long excerpt from the Canadian news that details exactly how a young hockey player died in his father’s arms.  It is heartbreaking. Continue reading


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US Bond Sale Rip Offs Continue Unabated

Money is money but credit is liquid.  This is why we talk about liquidity levels when discussing banking businesses.  And being liquid, it flows with gravity and of course, if a bunch of banking gnomes are busy digging ditches to divert profits from credit creation, we get very rich bankers and a very poor public.  I also tear apart an analysis by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of England.  He is unable to understand the difference between debt owned by a country and debt owed to foreign powers.  There are few people who seem to catch the vital difference.  But in Asia, they know very well, which is what. Continue reading


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ETF Markets Shoot Upwards Driving Up Commodity Prices

Economics is not a science.  It is history.  And like all history, is open to interpretations.  Science has the concept of blind testing of hypothesis.  Economics has only one test: does civilization survive?  Whenever a civilization collapses, we have to look at why this happens. Nearly always, it is due to political and economic factors that overwhelms a social system.  For example, there was no really good organic reason why Rome should have so utterly collapsed.   Continue reading


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Mumps Reappears In Brooklyn

The H1N1 flu situation is a complete mess.  Obama has just declared an emergency yet I can’t get the vaccination for my son!  This ticks me off no end but then, the US isn’t producing much of the vaccinations being used.  These come from foreign nations, naturally.  Also, I talk about the amazing cheerleader who claims she is messed up by being vaccinated.  Now she is so disabled, she can run backwards easily and can’t talk unless she is jogging.  Great.  I wish I could do both.  I can’t.  Maybe I need the shots so I can be like her. Continue reading


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Goldman Sachs Eats Tax Money While Giving No Service At All

The greatest economic heist on earth was the imposition of the floating fiat currency/free trade/no taxes on the rich regime.  This trio of trouble is at the heart of the present Great Depression.  True, some numbers are looking up somewhat. But the fundamental problems, especially the Derivatives Beast, are not fixed at all.  Indeed, these problems are now getting much worse and will cause future havoc.  The entire system was papered over by immense capitalization efforts costing trillions of dollars. And one party that is having a good time now that we gave them all of this is Goldman Sachs, of course. Continue reading


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