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Israel Massacres Peace Flotilla On International Waters

ΩΩMassive international confrontation is now evolving rapidly in the Middle East.  The neo-fascist ruling party of Israel attacked the unarmed civilian flotilla going to Gaza in the dead of the night.  So far, confirmed deaths of unarmed civilians on these ships is over 14 with around 100 injured.  Every minute, there are more confirmed deaths.  Many of the dead probably are Turkish citizens. Continue reading


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Oil Catastrophe Possibly Can’t Be Stopped

ΩΩA trillion barrels of oil tempt us from deep under the sea.  This is very ancient oil from at least 60 million years ago, the period after the meteorite smashed into the Yucatan and killed off most of the flora and fauna of the great eras of dinosaurs dominating the earth.  This has been locked under not only silt and salt but also deep ocean waters so it is like the genie in the bottle.  The first impulse of this genie was to kill the person who released it from the confinements of its air-tight container. Continue reading


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US Verbally Assaults Important Allies, Turkey And Brazil

ΩΩThe US and Israel have worked like fiends to prevent other nations from getting the same nuclear arms the US and Israel possess.  On top of this, Israel uses the US to hide their own nukes while using the US to scream about hidden nukes which is particularly pathetic as well as demented.  Now that the US is getting its wish to disarm the Middle East, after signing the treaty, complained that it was a bad thing because it singles out Israel!  Well, DUH! There is no other nuclear power in the Middle East to disarm! Continue reading


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US Warmongering Increases Despite Financial Troubles

ΩΩThe US government issued a New Security Strategy report and in it, Obama’s brainiacs ponder how to control the planet, run endless anti-Muslim wars, occupy Okinawa against the wishes of the people there, and spend money like drunks on the military/industrial complex while not going bankrupt.  Changing course, of course, is deemed impossible.  Along with this, the news that BP may have literally buried the fossil fuel ruptured pipes may give us a momentary pause in the terrible destruction of the entire Gulf of Mexico ecosystems. Continue reading


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Identity Theft Issues Impact On My Own Life

ΩΩSectarian, race and religious hatreds are rising on both the right and the left in many ‘liberal’ countries of the West.  This always happens during economic downturns.  Smart governments move rapidly to protect themselves while dumb ones leave various doors hanging wide open.  There are many contrary forces at work within both the right and the left which leaves a true mess for the masses who get increasingly confused and finally, just downright angry.  I will examine mostly the English today since they had a change in government.  It is most interesting what is going on there!  And holds some lessons for us, here in the US where I am a citizen and also live. Continue reading


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Mexico Has Very Draconian Immigration Laws

ΩΩThe illegal immigration debate between the left and the right in the US reflects global unease about the pressing issue, what is a ‘citizen’ and what is ‘sovereignty’.  As the EU fall into a very dark and deep pit of hell as ‘sovereign’ nations discover they have no real sovereignty at all, as all of Europe sees traditional borders collapse because anyone inside the EU can live anywhere, without restraints, thus, causing mass migrations to any state that has good social welfare systems or jobs, we see in the US the same problems of non-citizens migrating towards social welfare systems, for example.  Then, there is the totally racist state of Israel that expels the natives and replaces them with foreigners who are Jewish.  There is no concept of a ‘citizen’ in that state at all, it is pure tribalism. Continue reading


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LOST…In Afghanistan

ΩΩOne of the stupidest shows on TV is ‘Lost’ which wasted several years with a meaningless storyline and the last episode simply finished what the first episode set up, so it is with our futile wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: both go on and on and on and we end up in the exact same position as in the beginning with the same ruthless ending: we have to leave.  Instead, the US Congress continues to plan to be in both quagmires for eternity just like we just rammed huge military bases down the throats of hostile Okinawans in Japan. Continue reading


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