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VP Pence Greeted By Stony Silence By Bilderberg Gang In EU Security (sic) Conference


Our fake Bilderberg Allies in Europe listen to VP Pence in ‘stony silence’ as he tells them to get a grip.

The Daily Mail at least occasionally reports the real news.  This is why I use it as a source for stories.  Most of their stuff is pure junk but all of the stuff the US mainstream media leftist giants are now total tosh, utter trash.


At the start of his remarks, Pence asked for – and received – applause to welcome members of the American delegation, which included Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, Senator Lindsey Graham, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, among others.


If a GOP representative is talking nice to the Bilderberg gang, they are cheerful and nice in return but if you mention anyone opposing insane Bilderberg bile, they ‘sit in stony silence’ which I expect Pense fully expected.  HAHAHA.  How dare Trump force them to adhere to NATO standards and spend the appropriate money for defending their own sorry asses!


Pence then tried to get those in attendance to offer similar applause for his boss, the president.  ‘To them and to all of you, it’s my great honor to speak to you today, on behalf of a champion of freedom and a champion of a strong national defense, the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump,’ Pence said.


Here is where the reporter and the Daily Mail have to lie because they are stupid Europeans who can’t even figure out what ‘an invasion’ is anymore, being dumbed down for 75 years:


The vice president then waited a few seconds, hoping that the audience would begin clapping. Instead, there was silence.


He wasn’t hoping for anything.  He fully expected them to do this which is why he deliberately left the name ‘President Trump’ for the very end.  Of course, the childish Bilderberg gangsters, used to being protected and coddled like little babies, couldn’t figure out how that would play out here in the US.  This display of ill temper lunacy is playing out in the US in Trump’s favor…and will backfire on the Bilderberg gang.


Trump and Pence clearly showed everyone at home that we have no allies in Europe, we only have leeches who are draining the Treasury.  The DNC was shown to be popular with these leeches and these leeches are squealing that we have no money for home defenses but have tons of money to defend Europe.


President Trump is widely disliked in Europe, particularly after his repeated remarks blasting NATO while accusing its members of not contributing enough money toward national defense.


HAHAHA.  I am going to laugh to death.


The London Daily Mail has endless stories about how stupid/evil/unpopular Trump is, mostly via lying about stuff but the story about the Bilderberg gang being anti-Trump: this is why I am totally pro-Trump.  Bravo, a masterful exposure of the lunatics destroying Europe!


This did NOT make the news in the Daily Mail nor in nearly any ‘news’ services run by our evil overlords: A Walmart couple wearing MAGA hats were confronted by an armed and deranged Democrat who threatened to kill them.

“My wife and I were shopping at Sam’s Club and on our way to the front of the store to check out when James Phillips approached us and flipped us off. I didn’t see the flip until my wife asked ‘did that man just flip us off.’ I turned around and saw his hand with his finger still up, going down,” Pierce explained. “My wife asked him if he flipped us off, when he said (with expletives) he did because of the hats.”


Pierce explained that at this point he confronted him and asked him again if he had just flipped them off. Phillips repeated that he did — while cussing and complaining about the hats.


“So I double flipped him off and said ‘it goes both ways buddy,’” Pierce told The Gateway Pundit.


I don’t get into arguments with lunatics in public.  A waste of time.  On the other hand, I have made more than a few citizen’s arrests, indeed, quite a number of these.


At this point, Pierce says that Phillips pulled a loaded .40 caliber pistol, stuck it in his face, and said “this is a good day for you to die.”


If I were there, I would have announced that he was now under arrest.  I split second later, a large object of some sort would have flown through the air and struck him.  This is a tactic to stop shooters.  I have used this in the past.


“I told him to pull the trigger or put the gun down and fight me like a man — and he repeated ‘it’s a good day for you to die’. I repeated ‘pull the trigger or put the gun down and fight me like a man’. We had a very intense verbal interaction with each other and he started backing away,” Pierce explained.


Do NOT do what this gentleman did so foolishly.  Luckily for him, the gunman was just acting out, not seeking blood.


Not wanting Phillips to get away without being able to identify him, Pierce ran out into the parking lot and took a photo of his license plate. It turns out that he wasn’t leaving, as he was waiting for his elderly mother to come out of the store.


I used to teach people how to do ‘citizen’s arrests’ but then this was made illegal.  It is certainly illegal in Europe which is why terrorists love Europeans: great targets.  In the US, terrorists attack, too, usually in surprise attacks or more often, at places where people are disarmed.


Still: don’t get in physical fights with lunatics.  At the Covington School children event in DC, the children were surrounded by insane adults and the adults sent by the Catholic Church to protect them did nothing to protect them and the DNC gang then attacked the children, too, all over MAGA hats.


I wish I could arrest all the adults in that event but never fear, ALL of them are being sued now, up and down and all over town.  I hope all the children get rich this way, it would be pleasant to see.  And I hope the adults who attacked them it is was a literal army of terrorist DNC adults…I hope they all go bankrupt.

Trump decided to call an emergency because a huge army of illegal aliens including outright criminal gangs are now literally marching on the US to attack our borders which is called ‘an invasion.’  DUH.  The DNC has been forced by Trump to endorse invading the US and thus, traitors.


Trump is winning on this issue, too.  California, Arizona and New Mexico have been very invaded so far and now are siding on the invaders to bring in more hostile forces who then systematically are destroying these states, driving them into bankruptcy.


All those California jobs that fled to Phoenix, Arizona, will soon have to pick up everything and flee that place, now.  The next election will look like this:

All the DNC gangsters crash and burn.






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Mueller Gives Immunity To All DNC Criminals

The Gateway Pundit reports that Mueller has been handing out immunity agreements to DNC criminals in order to get Manafort in court.  This naked partisanship is causing the citizens a great deal of anger, this isn’t a search for ‘the real criminals’ it is a classic McCarthy witchhunt.  Resurrecting Russia as the USSR and then going after anyone who does any diplomacy to stop WWIII is pure McCarthyism straight up.  Meanwhile, another DNC Hollywood big-wig female boss is tossed to the curb for mentioning difficulties with black women she is working with in that crazy city run by liberals.  They always eat their own.

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New York Times Hysteria: Wants Taxpayers Pay NATO Costs Forever

Image result for culture of life news elaine supkis Bilderberg gang cartoons

Health News: New UN Warning Sign Appropriate For New World Order


The New York Times believes its own warped, propagandistic view of the world and thus the editors (mostly Jewish) have decided to whine about NATO and Trump’s attempts at forcing a bunch of Bilderberg EU gangsters to pay their own way and protect themselves and since the Bilderberg gang itself is the entity destroying all EU systems, this is funny as all hell.  The Times editors also lie outright about Eastern Europe which did ‘fear Putin’ in the past in order to gain money from US taxpayers but now is scared of the Bilderberg Muslim male invasion and is looking more and more to Putin to save them from Bilderberg policies while the Bilderberg gang threatens Poland and Hungary for wanting no Muslim male invaders.

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Major Diplomatic Victory For Trump: North Korea Surrenders, Does Diplomacy, Not War

(2) 1945 Mass Suicide Party in Leipzig, Germany – YouTube

I expect all the anti-Trump/never-Trumpers to commit mass suicide now.  The far left loves fascist dictators on the left like Chairman Mao.  Now, Trump’s ‘troubling diplomacy’ that had him threaten North Korea with nuclear war if Kim continued to shoot rockets over Japan and South Korea has worked.  This irritates the inept left no end.  For generations, both the Bilderberg Republicans and the SJW Democrats couldn’t do a thing about North Korea and here is Trump, winning it all in less than a year and a half of wrangling while Trump was being attacked on all fronts at home in mainstream media (outside of Fox).  This victory has driven the opposition to Trump insane with rage.

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EU Leaders Sneer At Trump, Openly Talk About Going To Putin For Power Politics

Putin: ‘Europe depends on US for defense. Don’t worry about it – we will help’ – YouTube


Putin is trolling the entire EU.  This is really funny.  The world’s leaders are used to the US taxpayers paying for everything and the Bilderberg gang running everything.  Now, that has broken down somewhat and is increasingly breaking down.  Our ‘allies’ have exploited US voters and taxpayers for many years now and are furious that the milk cow has kicked the can and spilled the milk.  Tough titties, Europe!  Time for NATO to pay their own way, time for US industries to come home again and exporting to the US is restricted.  Our allies hate us but then, they always hated us.

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Increasing Evidence Syria Chemical Bomb Was Fake: NATO Is Criminal Operation

Solid evidence Douma ‘chemical attack’ was staged – Lavrov – YouTube


Twice, Trump was tricked by the CIA and the Bilderberg gang into attacking Assad based on utterly false charges.  The US has a long, long history of engineering excuses for wars and so has Germany, Japan, Russia, China, England, France, etc.  I want people to understand, this is common, not rare.  Countries looking for excuses for war will attach the right to attack over anything like the assassination of a very fat Archduke led to the killing of millions and millions of people.  This ‘chemical attack’ in Syria is typical.

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NATO Greece And NATO Turkey Jet Dog Fight/Greek President Helicopter Shot At

Greece fighter jet CRASHES in dogfight with Turkey plane just day after Greeks open fire – YouTube


Turkish Fighter Jets “Harass” Helicopter Of Greek PM Tsipras: NATO is in full collapse.  Internally, all of Europe is being systematically invaded by very hostile aliens and they are attacking citizens regularly, on top of this, Turkey is no longer in NATO and are at the point of shooting down NATO air force vehicles and are now openly menacing the head of Greece…meanwhile, the Bilderberg gang wants more war in Syria!  Insane, so insane, as Trump would tweet.

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