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Kamakura: Ancient Japanese Cave Of Wealth And Death

ΩΩWhile looking for information about the US/South Korean fleets, I found this rather strange Manga about the USS Washington, CVN73 that was produced for Japanese consumption.  This was an attempt to sell our nuclear navy’s activities to the Japanese public.  In this story, a Japanese/American sailor tours Japan in order to learn about how Japanese culture works.  One place he visits early on is the Kamakura Shinto/Buddhist shrine.   Continue reading


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Dues Ex Wikileaks

ΩΩLike an amazing stage prop, the flood of secret cables within our State Department is now drowning our government in really nasty odorous mud.  The various actors within both the State Department and the CIA (OFTEN ONE AND THE SAME!) send interesting messages to the home base in DC which are supposed to either give out tips, hand out orders or plot various actions including the all-most important ones, namely, how to overthrow governments especially elected governments.  Most of us get to only see the end results of all this nefarious chatter.  But occasionally we get to see the real thing, raw.  This is one of the occasions, a most rare event and one that really astonishes me…. and confirms many things I know from life experience. Continue reading


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Death Of US Merchant Marine Means No Victories From Naval Wars

ΩΩThe US took the China Sea tea pot that was steaming very hot and set it to full, roiling broil this week.  The US domination of Asia is based entirely on two key things: our immense trade deficit with all the countries in this sector and the reliance of South Korea and Japan on US military power especially our nuclear power.  So they feed off of our economic system which is totally dysfunctional and at the same time, they have hijacked our military to their own ends which certainly do not match our own strategic ends.  That is, we have zero reason to support Japan’s demands for military control of various disputed islands and our main function in South Korea should be to force their markets to open to American imports, not the reverse. Continue reading

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Wikileaks Diplomacy Cables While Europe’s Students Rise Up

Video: Student protests in London: A street-level view of the day | Education |

ΩΩAssange and Wikileaks answers the government sex charges with an explosive charge: they are releasing previously secret cables and memos from the State Department which are chock full of funny stuff like how the US secretly ran a civil war against the Turkish government.  Also, the Irish are not smiling as their country goes steeply into debt to bail out the bankers and riots spread across the earth as many people suddenly realize, the enemy is the government and the bankers.  The PIIGS nations of Europe go down while Germany is increasingly unpopular, being a creditor, not a debtor nation.  And a quick look at the future for all workers: a robot factory that makes robots in Japan. Continue reading


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NK Baby Dragon Gives Western Alliance Hot Foot



ΩΩBack in time, during the first Korean War, the US rashly ran our military all the way up to the border of China which was no longer a helpless giant but had been taken over by very nationalistic communist Chinese led by Mao.  Instead of rolling right over North Korea, the Chinese repelled our invasion and using mass infantry units, nearly pushed the US out of Korea entirely.  So when the US, still trying in vain to control the entire planet using raw military force, got tangled in the Vietnam War after the Vietnamese kicked out the French colonialists, China made it crystal clear, the US could not invade North Vietnam, either. Continue reading


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Games People Play: Nuclear Matches Can Light Big Fires

ΩΩAs US diplomatic, military and economic power crashes and burns, events run entirely out of control.  The US has decided to treat all US citizens who dare to travel as if they were illegal aliens while at the same time, professes to be unable to stop real illegals who travel with impunity.  Meanwhile, the US has returned all of its major diplomatic efforts towards enabling Israeli Zionist crimes while demanding the entire world go after Iran.  As per usual, whenever the US forgets the real problems, North Korea kicks the US in the back of the head as a reminder, there are real armies with real weapons out there who are not about to be disarmed like that poor sap, Saddam.  Who thought, working with the UN inspectors would save him and his people from being totally ravaged, devastated and looted. Continue reading


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GOP Wants Blood In The Streets

ΩΩRecently, the Pope, Razi, announced he supported the use of condoms but only to avoid AIDS and then he retreated from this when the guys infamous for hiding pedophiles piled onto him, screaming that they love unprotected sex.  This illustrates how hard it is, even when facing death, for humans to do sane things.  So it is with the US: as our nation drowns in red ink, we haven’t the slightest idea, how to avoid this.  Stopping tax havens from vacuuming up all our corporate headquarters into small offices in Bermuda and taxing the rich is one way to avoid bankruptcy.  Of course, neither the GOP nor the Democrats want to invade and take over Bermuda and thus, put these corporations back into the tax system.  Like all our red ink problems, there is no cure since the people bankrolling our political system want it to malfunction as badly as possible. Continue reading


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