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Black Thugs Get Guardian Green Light To Be Bad As Possible


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The liberal push to tell all black people that they have zero reason to change themselves, they have zero responsibility for their own behaviors and that is is OK to be thugs, rioters, crooks, thieves, murderers, rapists and terrorists…continues in this huge reguritation that infuriates me.  I remember when things changed definitely for the worse.  It was the summer of 1977 when mostly black neighborhoods burst into outright looting, arson and terror when the lights simply went out during a thunderstorm!  And this riot went on not for a day or a week but for years afterwards!

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Sheriff’s Deputy In Texas Rushed To Hospital, Duncan Dead: Ebola Crisis Becomes Much More Dangerous

BREAKING NEWS: Second person rushed to hospital in Texas with Ebola symptoms after contact with ‘patient zero’ who died today


The CareNow clinic in Frisco, Texas was placed in lock-down after the person appeared and was exhibiting signs of the deadly virus today
The patient in Frisco claimed to have had contact with Ebola ‘patient zero’ Thomas Duncan
Mr Duncan, 42, died from the virus on Wednesday morning at Texas Presbyterian Hospital


MORE BREAKING NEWS: The person taken to the hospital has been identified as a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy who went to Thomas Duncan’s apartment is second person rushed to hospital with Ebola symptoms.

This is highly dangerous now because this sheriff has been running around touching people quite intimately since Duncan was hauled to the hospital.  Dallas should shut down until all people in contact with him are accounted for and then there is the ambulance driver, the guys who hosed the vomit all over the place, the woman who walked in the hosed up vomit wearing only flip flops, everyone… this is a crisis, big time.

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Ineptitude, Out Of Control In Dallas, And JP Morgan Is Attacked By Possible Russian Hackers, Is Very Sick, Too

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Map showing most places the ebola family wandered around in Texas.  Take note, anyone living there!  This situation is being handled very badly by everyone because no one is interested in really putting anyone under quarantine including entire countries or now that it is all out of control, most of Africa.  Now, it is here and the family that brought it here are being asked to voluntarily stay home and have no visitors…right.  Look at the news!

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China #1 Banking Power, US Diplomacy Collapses In Eastern Ukraine As Putin Gives Out Goodies And Kiev Steals Stuff

The US and EU are super-anxious to paint Russia and China as evil nations that are doing nasty things while NATO runs around the planet doing very nasty things to people including invading and murdering millions.  The exceptionalism which the Bilderberg news media owners boast about is the double standard of diplomacy which says, ‘We can loot, kill and steal whatever we wish with no diplomacy while our opponents have to obey international laws and diplomatic niceties.’  This childish system of ‘me good/you naughty’ informs all of what our rulers do today.  Meanwhile, for the last ten years, our media owners have joined forces to tell everyone, China is stupid/collapsing/evil/doomed while China gets richer and richer and the US grows poorer and poorer.

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Derivatives Contraction Is Leading Cause Of Bank Deflation And Credit Crunch: Economists Ignore This Fact

Derivatives monster ate capital not debt

Derivatives monster ate capital not debt

Here is a typical example of how the huge Derivatives Beast is ignored by economists pretending to understand what is going on in the world.  I have explained for years how the derivatives game suddenly appeared during the years banks were deregulated and offshored.  This game meant NO CAPITAL was needed for lending and bankers lent money they didn’t have to all and sundry with wild abandon.  Then, when debt deals went bankrupt, there was no capital base to cover losses and the entire system suddenly collapsed in 2008.

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Stupid Computer Trades By Goldman Sachs And JPMorgan Drove Stocks Off Cliff During AP Hack By Syrian Computer Geeks


Fake Tweet Erasing $136 Billion Shows Markets Need Humans:  No kidding!  The computers used by the big banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan all are now hooked into the AP feed where these programs are set to ‘see’ bad news and instantly sell stocks with no human intervention.  These computer programs have repeatedly crashed the stock market with zero warning and are a huge hazard to the fair markets for the average investor. Continue reading


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CIA/Pentagon (One Creature Now) Spy On Gitmo Lawyers By Stealing Emails

The US kidnapping and prosecution of Muslims at GITMO continues to unravel as the military and the CIA which are now both one and the same with the evil war criminal, Panetta at the helm and with Mossad behind the scenes pulling strings with AIPAC’s vast assistance, has turned the kangaroo trials in Cuba into a global laughing stock charade. Continue reading


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