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NYC Police Go On Strike So Mayor De Blasio Staff Urged Media Allies To Attack Police More Vigorously

As I predicted, the NYC police are going ‘on strike’ due to concerns about how they should patrol or arrest people.  This is a legitimate concern.  As I keep pointing out and some people find hard to understand, the ‘progressive left’ has joined with the black community in championing cases where the police did very little wrong and the people who died were totally in the wrong…using these cases to pressure the police into retreating entirely from black communities.


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Happy New Year…Hottest Year Ever Ends With Extreme Cold Even In California

california cold new year 2014 Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 7.37.17 AM

Much of the Country Will Ring in the New Year With Very Cold Weather – snow in the hills of LA and Las Vegas, Southern Arizona, too.  Now, global cooling his hammering the last spot where global warming was hanging on with its fingernails.  Thus does the Hottest Year Ever end with a cold Arctic blast.

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Near Record Sea Ice During ‘Warmest Year Ever’ While World Oil Futures Continue Fall

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 8.26.30 AM

Global Sea Ice Area Second Highest On Record as the ICPP claims this is the warmest year ever.  The cold cycles have shifted mainly to Europe and Asia this winter, this month.  While we have a global oil glut caused by derivative futures deals made by traders, all the oil export nations including Russia and Saudi Arabia are seeing profits fall.  The US is betting on Russia falling into chaos due to this but I am betting it will be the Saudis who will fall.

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Pope Claims Global Warming Will Make Hell On Earth, Demands We All Move Into Huts And Not Drive Huge Armored Vehicles

Screen shot 2014-12-28 at 9.41.09 AM

Vatican City: the Tiny House the Pope lives in.

French Alps – Snow strands 15,000 vehicles in Savoie as Europe goes in the deep freezer and in the UK – Motorists stranded by snowfall in Yorkshire while in Asia, Bone-chilling cold paralyses normal life in Rajshahi, Japan has had many blizzards this month, China’s Yellow River froze and in India – “Unprecedented snowfall” in Himachal Pradesh and this week, Blizzard warning for Hawaii mostly, I guess, due to Global Warming President Obama visiting there.  So, time for yet another deranged man living in a giant palace, telling us we have to stop using CO2 oil/gas and live in Tiny Houses and walk everywhere!  The Pope joins the chorus, ‘We are roasting to death!’

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Cyber Experts Claim ‘Lena’ Is Sony Leaker, Not North Korea, FBI Totally Wrong


Moviegoers Defy North Korea after a flood of some of the most astonishingly stupid propaganda screaming in the US, lots and lots of people went to see one of the dumbest movies in recent memory.  Supposedly, North Korea leaked all those US Sony emails revealing that the Sony bosses are a bunch of very creepy, awful people.  With zero facts, this was instantly blamed on North Korea and then this was used as an excuse to increase the Cold War bellowing by our elites while the true scandal of how Sony is a racist, anti-women, goyim hating operation was buried.

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Merry Xmas, It Is Raining Outside, Reindeer Renamed Raindeer By Santa

Panda Merry Xmas

Panda, my cat, wishes all a Merry Winter Solstice.  It is raining outside!


It is very quiet on my little old mountain.  For the first time in over a month it is above freezing and all the tons and tons of snow has suddenly melted and the rivers are overflowing and we will have more rain tonight.  So Santa will be very soggy.  The new year is around the corner and Congress will be quite different than last year’s Congress and I don’t think our nation is prepared for this changeover as for now.  One thing is certain: it is 50º F outside!  Whoopee!  Not much fun in the mud, though.  I hope everyone has a happy holiday, mud or no mud. ‘Atmospheric Rivers’ to Soak California as Climate Warms is the latest looney headline from the global warmists.  HAHAHA.  California was supposed to dry out, not get soaking wet!

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Black 18 Yr Old Thug Pulls Gun On Cops, Shot Dead, More Anti-Cop Riots

Partial video from gas station camera where the shooting happened

More riots in Missouri due to cops shooting thugs:  CCTV shows moment black teen, 18, pointed gun at a St Louis cop who was responding to reports of theft – at a gas station just three miles from where Michael Brown was killed.



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