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North Korea War Threats Big News…But Not In Asia!

Baby dragon NK mocks Miz Liberty

This cartoon was made 4 years ago.  The dynamics remain totally the same.  Every time Miz Liberty threatens to destroy the pesky Iran Kitty, Baby Dragon burps some flames and the US has to change gears.  Stupidly, the US backed unilateral Japanese territorial demands and even more idiotically, announce we will go to war over this on behalf of the demented Japanese nationalists.  Talk about DUMB.  Well, the US can’t stop North Korea without Chinese help.

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Vaccinations Do NOT Cause Autism But Protects Us From Deadly Diseases

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 9.28.03 AM

Teenager lost all four of her limbs after her body was ravaged by a deadly form of meningitis | Mail Online

The above photograph is the remains of a young lady’s body which is rapidly being eaten by the meningitis virus infection.  They doctors are trying to save her life by chopping off all her limbs but she is also now in a burn unit trying to save her skin as it dies off.  All of this could have been prevented by a simple, cheap, near-painless vaccination.  Why universities and colleges don’t require this baffles me greatly. Continue reading


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Whidbey Island Homes Slide Into Sea, NYC Banksters Whine About Penthouse Views

The recent landslide in Washington State where a whole community of houses are now being rendered unlivable reminds us about risk and the desire to live dangerously. That is, no one has any insurance for a collapse of the landmass which their houses sit on with a spectacular view of the restless ocean.  There is more news about the super rich bankers we all bailed out, whining about their fines they had to pay for their rip off scams, while whining about the view from their multi million dollar penthouses.  We should dump them into the sea! Continue reading


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Ellen Brown Doesn’t Understand How Banks Work: Deposit Insurance In US Different From Europe

Near-ZIRP loans for Americans to buy foreign cars

The US is seeing huge inflation in food, fuel and medical care while near-ZIRP loans are being used to induce people to buy manufactured items, especially made overseas by cheaper labor.  Ellen Brown is VERY popular with people because she alternately gets hysterical about meaningless things or demands more money be printed and handed out like candy because this will ‘fix’ the bubble mess we are in.  People dislike it when I go after popular ‘alternative’ pundits but they are hazardous to our fiscal survival just like the NRA is pushing us off a cliff over guns.  One has to show some minimum sense!  And the history of banking is crystal clear: you cannot print money to fix a burst bubble, this only makes things worse. Continue reading


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Savers Vs Spenders: The Need To Seize Property And Bank Savings

The present crisis hammering the first world banking system isn’t something new or even slightly different.  It is the same old bubble/crash story of the last 500 years or more.  Bad bets eliminate capital and this capital is the savings entrusted to bankers for earning interest.  Fixing this by imposing the ZIRP capital gains system has turned banking on its head while countries offering higher interest returns on savings are seeing their banks go under due to crappy loans mainly in real estate and poor business venture loans. Continue reading


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To Paraphrase Bush, ‘Is Our University’s Learning?’

Japanese language exam

This Japanese University English Textbook is a Joke, We’re too Worried About Japan’s Future to Laugh… | RocketNews24

We had a recent semi-literate President who went to the best private schools in America and learned virtually nothing.  Educating children is very difficult.  For eons, societies struggled to teach their young.  To run a civilization, you need sane, educated people.  The race to educate and thus rule is continuous.  All countries compare each other in this area, education.  And it is a hard race and the winners are whoever learns the most and applies this the best. Continue reading


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Melting Polar Ice Cannot Be Causing Cold Winters And Hot Winters Every Other Year

Nothing bothers me more than the fact that weather forecasting, despite all the wonderful satellites, continues to be very poorly done.  Just as the British forecasters claimed we would be in a heat wave instead of severe cold winter, I find the US forecasts to be poorer and poorer.  Many examples abound.  The main problem is, the global warming ideology means ALL weather, hot, cold, dry or wet, is blamed on CO2.  No mention is ever made of the sun or volcanoes, the two main drivers of sudden weather changes. Continue reading


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