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A Short History Of FAA And CDC Actions During Coronavirus Epidemic


One of the very favorite tropes of the left is, Trump wants to be a dictator and do things we don’t want to see happen.  Then they turn around and blame him for things he didn’t do and which not one liberal would do, either, to ‘stop the epidemic’ at the very, very beginning.  So it behooves us to review what happened via various streams, which clearly show that Trump acted as swiftly as possible under the circumstances and not one organization or leader on earth reacted faster and stronger than Trump did while the entire DNC did nonstop attacks including trying to impeach him!

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California ‘Liberals’ Attack Entire News/Internet Systems Censoring Opposition To Draconian Rules

Citizens are growing very angry about the coronavirus lock down rules.  I see a revolt growing across the nation.  The DNC run cities that teem with armies of poor and illegal aliens have chased out much of the middle class over the last 50 years and thus cemented their power base in every state, in the dependent cities that are surrounded by suburbs.
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Governor Cuomo Attacks Republicans: Denies NYC Dying Due To Illegal Aliens Flooding Systems


Video Of Joe Biden Railing Against “Illegals,” Calling For 700-Mile Border Fence In 2006 Goes Viral

Governor Cuomo, the man running this mess of a state, he is blaming everyone but himself and his buddies for the mess that NYC and NY State is in.  He thinks it is everyone’s fault but the DNC gang who scream for open borders and letting drug addicts throng all over the place and the collapse in law and order in DNC cities which is their sole political base now.  Cuomo’s blame game is a game, pretending he has no idea what is destroying New York.  Nope, it is the ‘ungenerous Republicans’ not stupid Democratic schemes to gain power via illegal aliens.

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Russian Laser Beam Researchers Have Virus Breakthrough

The picture above is from the website run by this institute in Siberia that is doing the research.  New tech ways of using laser beams to study micro- and nanoparticles:

One of the most recent achievements of Russian scientists, in this respect, has been a technology, which makes it possible to catch and move micro- and nanoparticles through laser beams, without any direct contact. This, in turn, could potentially allow for the manipulation of dangerous objects like viruses safely, while minimizing the risk of biological contamination.

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Many Nursing Homes Had Same High Death Rates

The news stream has many identical stories this last three months.  Nearly all events are following in deep tracks, always the same.  Humans struggle with the coronavirus to try to change its course and this fails over and over again.  We now know it kills, nearly universally, the very elderly.  People who are already at death’s front door are the main victims.  This should surprise no one.

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DC Democrats Desperate To Blame Trump, Not Themselves For Their Slow Response To Virus

Yet another stupid story in mainstream media rewriting history hits the airwaves today.  Time to debunk yet another dumb attack on one of the very few world leaders to do lots of things, fast, to deal with this epidemic:  Donald Trump was told supposedly by the CIA  to cancel flights from Europe by deputy national security adviser in February | Daily Mail Online


 Donald Trump’s deputy national security adviser, Matthew Pottinger, told him to cut off air travel from Europe as early as February but the president held out until the World Health Organisation announced coronavirus had reached pandemic level on March 11.


So, one aide supposedly told Trump to do something when the number of dead in China was a small handful.  None in the US.  No one really knew how bad the disease was going to be and how fast it would move.


In Presidential Daily Briefings (PDB) – which give the leader advanced information about areas of interest and concern from US Intelligence – COVID-19 was mentioned more than a dozen times before Trump finally took serious action to protect Americans, anonymous agents have said.


Trump was being impeached yet he gave enough time to this issue to be informed and to act.


US officials told the Washington Post that the seriousness of the content in the briefings was comparable to a level of ‘tracking active terrorism threats, overseas conflicts or other rapidly developing security issues’. But they claim Trump ignored the warning signs.


THIS IS FALSE NEWS.  It is ridiculous.  Since Trump was attacked by the Washington Post, mainstream media in general and by the entire united Democratic party when he did even ONE thing about the epidemic back then, this is the most insane, stupid, ridiculous charge.  Arrest Pelosi!  Arrest Biden!  Arrest Schumer, definitely arrest him…charge them with screwing up the entire epidemic.


Trump traveled as Nancy Messonnier, the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, publicly warned on February 25 that COVID-19 was spreading so rapidly that ‘we need to be prepared for significant disruption in our lives.’


And here is the timeline for events about this disease:

So the timeline clashes with the fake news story of ‘some CIA agents’ tossing bombs into Trump’s lap…HOW UNUSUAL!  This is typical.  Anonymous sources are all that mainstream media does these days.  Want to know how very very smart the CIA is?  HAHAHA:

Half a month ago, the CIA ordered its agents to get sick and die, not try the new medical use that has been shown to be fairly safe!


The Central Intelligence Agency warned its employees not to use an unproven drug treatment for the new coronavirus touted by President Donald Trump, because it could result in “sudden cardiac death.”


“At this point, the drug is not recommended to be used by patients, except by medical professionals prescribing it as part of ongoing investigational studies, the CIA wrote on an internal website for employees on March 27


The staff at the CIA who constantly ‘leak’ junk to the Bilderberg media should die of a plague, I won’t cry for them.  But they always lie about everything and I bet they all used these drugs on themselves while lying to everyone else.  The CIA even tells everyone ‘Please do not obtain this medicine on your own’ which is why suddenly, I couldn’t get a hold of any of these meds thanks to fake news and the entire system geared to refusing to save lives.


The entire system has been set to attack our President no matter what.  They are often wrong about things, especially this disease.  Trump did say it would weaken rapidly and it has, for example.  He also said the deaths will lag the new disease victims which it does. So the deaths continued to rise slightly while the new admittances to hospitals dropped a great deal.


Even Governor Cuomo has confirmed this!

And here is proof that the WHO didn’t declare anything before the end of January!


“The main reason for this declaration is not what is happening in China but what is happening in other countries,” said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


The concern is that it could spread to countries with weaker health systems.


And unknown to anyone because we didn’t know the two week time lag in showing symptoms, it was already too late to stop it from spreading.


Meanwhile, the US has told its citizens not to travel to China.


EUROPE still allowed this!  The US at least spoke up.  And Trump supported this, too.


The state department issued a level four warning – having previously urged Americans to “reconsider” travel to China – and said any citizens in China “should consider departing using commercial means”.


There are several levels.  When there were only a few dozen known disease events in China which kept most of this secret, by the way, Trump and his team immediately began actions to protect us.  Unfortunately, it was already too late.


China has said it will send charter plans to bring back Hubei province residents who are overseas “as soon as possible”.  A foreign ministry spokesman said this was because of the “practical difficulties” Chinese citizens have faced abroad. Hubei is where the virus emerged.


Now note the very low death rate:


At least 213 people in the China have died from the virus, mostly in Hubei, with almost 10,000 cases nationally.


China continues to lie about the real death rate.


The WHO said there had been 98 cases in 18 other countries, but no deaths.


So the alarm level was still pretty low.  And this happened when the Democrats had Trump on trial!  They utterly ignored all this, he paid amazing levels of attention to this at this same time including the State of the Union address when he discussed plans to deal with this disease.  Here is an interesting graph from the World Health Organization which is run mainly by the Chinese, by the way:

The ‘urban air quality’ and the ‘overweight’ etc. parts of this graph is exactly what is happening now.  Inner city people who are very elderly or overweight or have other health problems that run rampant in cities especially the LUNG problems due to pollution, they are the main victims of this disease.


Trump signs bill to fund small businesses and thus, save our economy from this cruel disease.  I hope we return to normal, soon.  The mainstream media still hopes to trip up Trump.  Their ridiculous ‘drink bleach’ slander has died off due to it being totally fake but no apologies from Bilderberg media giants.

The Biden sex scandal is now emerging from the murk, too.  The DNC is growing desperate.

Yes, the last gasp of the deranged leftists: blame Trump for the coronavirus and let the goofy, lazy, stupid DNC leaders off the hook.  Not one of those did one single thing about the virus until it was painfully obvious something had to be done.  They were all behind the 8 ball, big time.  So no one in the mainstream media mentions this while at the same time, screeching that Trump was the one who did nothing.  This is a total flip on reality.  It is totally backwards and a fraud and infuriating.


Arrest them all.


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NY Mayor Breaks Own Coronavirus Rules, Google, Facebook Censor Real Coronavirus News

De Blasio and his wife left Gracie Mansion in Manhattan to drive themselves and two gas guzzling monster cars with security to Brooklyn so they could stroll in Prospect Park.  Citizens noticed this and grew quite angry due to the draconian lockdown rules this ridiculous mayor imposed on everyone else.  Like the Cuomo clan, they believe the rules are for the little people, not themselves.


We see this all over the place.  The elites don’t follow any rules at any time which is why the shrug off all the violations of ‘global warming’ rules they want the rest of us to follow. This refusal to do as they say is at the core of rage against elites.  They are oblivious to this rage, of course, because they don’t interact directly with the general public.


Now on to another topic: the countries choosing to stay open during this epidemic have a much higher death rate than others who are more cautious.  Sweden is a fine example of this:

Sweden is a low density state with a high death rate.  There is no going around this.  Will this have an economic impact?  We shall see. Keeping the shut down too long has a very nasty downside: suicides, bankruptcy, alienation, despair.  Balancing both is important.  We now have a number of drugs which makes the disease less dangerous and we know it doesn’t endanger the young hardly at all.  So time to open up again.


Now on to the dopey storyline cooked up by the crooks at Mainstream Bilderberg Fake News:

Yes, the use of heartburn meds to stop the disease is very real, it isn’t a joke and it is being studied rapidly and will go into use shortly!  Every time a new therapy appears, the President talks about it, the media attacks him for talking about it and then…the media turns around and attacks it again based on dodgy ‘studies’ and other excuses.  It appears they want us all to die.

You Tube’s crazy feminist female is censoring everyone all the time now.  And at the same time, You Tube allows obviously fake stories by mainstream media to remain online, nonstop.  This is disgusting and reminds me of communist China.


A NYC hospital is quietly testing heartburn drugs as cure for coronavirus!


Famotidine, the active compound in the over-the-counter heartburn drug Pepcid, has shown promise in treating the novel coronavirus, prompting New York to “quietly” examine the benefits of the medicine in combatting the highly contagious disease, Science Magazine reported over the weekend.


“If we talked about this to the wrong people or too soon, the drug supply would be gone,” Kevin Tracey, a former neurosurgeon in charge of the research at New York City’s Northwell Health hospital system, declared, according to Science Magazine, a peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).


So true!  It doesn’t work on its own, it has to be rendered down and then used internally, not digested.  All these remedies go straight to the lungs, not the stomach.


Reports from China and molecular modeling results suggest the drug, which seems to bind to a key enzyme in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), could make a difference. But the hype surrounding hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine—the unproven antimalarial drugs touted by President Donald Trump and some physicians and scientists—has made Tracey wary of sparking premature enthusiasm. He is tight-lipped about famotidine’s prospects, at least until interim results from the first 391 patients are in.


This will obviously work on SARS infections which are far worse than the coronavirus!  This is very good news.  Research on this has pushed the frontiers far outwards now for dealing with all these diseases.  It doesn’t have to be altered if the genetics of the disease changes, either.  It will always work.


Now on to Biden brain news: he is deteriorating rapidly.

And here is one more video of the two doctors in California who want to end the shut down of all systems:

MORE NEWS: I just got my money from the government.  My tenants also got their money this morning.  Everyone was very happy.  My tenants can’t work!  They need this.  I am taking care of them, but they don’t like relying on charity all the time.  So….

Yes, the slowness of the dispersal was annoying for the lower class people who need this the most.  And it was deliberate!  But it is before the month is up, in the nick of time here in New York.


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