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Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Dead


Trump killed with a pen, the TPP deal that the Bilderberg gang spent years creating and foisting on us all with no real public support.  Many people voted for Trump so he would do this.  The US has to stop the flood of red ink from that gigantic gaping wound: free trade.  Ending this is highly unpopular with the top .0001% who are filthy rich thanks to this major betrayal and this signals the end of the EU, too, for many Europeans are unemployable thanks to free trade deals between countries with zero feedback from citizens who are not citizens anymore and have the same status as illegal aliens…which our rulers are foisting on us, too, telling us illegal aliens get to choose our President.

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Most Democratic Cities Are Rapidly Dying

Detroit ‘revitalization’ effort that turned into a financial disaster and new homes were demolished in neighborhoods with run down, empty, old housing alongside the new buildings.  This video appeared today on You Tube.  Yes, the push to build ‘new homes’ in dying former industrial cities ends up more often than anyone expected, to be torn down again after less than 5 years.  All that wasted money!


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US Military Bankrupting Nation—And Russian News Better Than US Fake News


Russia Today has a very interesting front page which I am mostly reproducing here to illustrate how much more comprehensive their news is compared to the top US papers.


First and most important, the news from Syria in the Russian news is diametrically opposite of the US news. The US news is treating the retreat as if it is a terrible thing and that the Russians and Syrian government are chasing out civilians, not rescuing them.  Russia, in turn, shows actual videos of people climbing out of the ruins, happy to be rescued.

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Working Japanese People To Death While Running Giant Government Deficits


Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 7.33.42 AM

A Rubric for Comprehensive Tax Reform — The Tokyo Foundation

To preserve for future generations, I am going to simply post the comments to an article about Death by overwork on rise among Japan’s vulnerable workers ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion which shows how utterly destroyed the Japanese people are today, unable to fight back when reduced to a very noxious level of servitude and poverty so Japan can export products to America which has seen its own industrial base laid to ruin.  Japan has zero excuse for high debt when it has a trade surplus.  Look at this graph below to see how noxious it is in Japan:

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Britain Launches Gigantic Aircraft Carrier: The Sitting Duckie—Naval Power Dies In In Britain

New British aircraft carrier HMS Sitting Duck to be world’s second largest supercarrier – YouTube

Persuaded by desperate US demands that Europe not rely entirely on deep in debt US military to protect themselves, England has built and is now launching to big, fat aircraft carriers.  This is foolish:  Navy’s Big Weakness: Our Aircraft Carriers Are (Expensive) Defenseless Sitting Ducks since WWII.  The Japanese showed clear as crystal how one can stop these ships.  The Kamikaze attacks can now be done with robots.  During WWII, Russia showed how effective mass missile attacks can be with the Katyusha Rocket Launcher.  The US and England, once global naval powers, are in steep decline these days and this is due to various forces especially running deeper and deeper in the red in trade while running government deficits.  This one-two punch is fatal for any military empire striving to be a global power.  Yet the US and UK leaders still pretend they are all-powerful and can do as they please no matter what.  So both have decided to launch the beginning of WWIII with Russia.

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China Unveils New Improved Russian Sukhoi Su-27 Military Fighter Jet

Last three minutes of this news video shows the new jets flying to the Star Wars theme music.

Way back about a decade ago, the US and Boeing sold some jets to the Chinese military and leadership.  They took the planes apart and discovered they were riddled with spy devices.  I said back then, ‘China will turn to Russia and get better jets there.’  And lo and behold, they did do this and got some really spiffy jets.  Meanwhile, US allies get the F35 one of the most disastrous, expensive military jets in world history.

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Bloomberg Wants To Run For Mayor Of The City Of London Corporation, The Heart Of The British Banking System


Michael Bloomberg reportedly ‘considering’ running for mayor of London: Bloomberg is a Bilderberg gangster and a Zionist.  Having one of these run the City of London is no surprise.  Dual/triple citizenship if you are a rich Jewish man is one of the perks they enjoy.  The average Brit or American is cajoled about patriotism while at the same time the Bilderberg gang has no borders.  Royals have no borders, too, they have property, namely, ‘nations’ are still, despite the appearance of Parliaments, in many countries, owned by royals.  Such as Saudi Arabia and of course, England.  Many of these countries owned by nobility are also bank tax evading schemes and this emphatically includes the City of London which isn’t the whole city but the key central part where the royals also live.

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