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‘Paris Is Burning!’—Mainstream Fake News Lies, Claims Nothing Happening


As riots increased greatly in France as well as terror attacks, the fakers who run Snopes ran this story last summer, ‘debunking’ this real news as ‘fake news’.


This has huge consequences. Our mainstream news media has gone out of its way to NOT report any news from France about the now-near total warfare between Muslim illegal aliens and the police and increasingly, the military. This runs alongside US push (against Trump) to demonize Russia and up troops to attack Russia while…Paris is burning down! This is highly insane and kept out of our news.

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Fake News Mainstream Media Continues To Lie About Inauguration and CIA Speech


screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-9-47-15-am screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-9-50-57-am

The entire US media has decided to go full blown Fake News and Fake Facts.  It is stunning to watch this.  I have been doing screen shots of newspapers to show disbelievers how insane this business is!  Look at the above stories: Trump correctly said ‘five million illegal ballots is why he lost the popular vote…’ in California and New York in particular.  This is why all the cities with huge illegal immigrant populations went for the Democrats and virtually none of the states surrounding these enclaves voted for Hillary.

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Bilderberg Coup Makes Clear Threats To Trump: 42 Democrats Will Avoid DC During Attack


The London Daily Mail has many stories about important things like what our International Rulers are doing and thinking, more or less.  This is utterly concealed by US news.  As I saw so clearly last night, the Fake Media and politicians and other agents are going to attack Trump on him stepping up to the podium.  I predicted that the DNC would absent themselves and here it is: 42 Democratic lawmakers declare they will skip Trump inauguration.  The US media has worked hard to destroy Trump and this naked fear should alert Americans to the web of conspiracies to enslave us and the free trade/free money deal is a trap which Trump promises to stop.

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‘Was This The Leaker Of Fake News?’ Tweets Trump Infuriating The CIA


The CIA will assassinate Trump.  They were preparing us all for taking him down with Fake News about his sex life (which is rich considering that Hillary and Bill have lots of sex skeletons in their own Pizzeria closet) so no one will protest when he is murdered.  British spy’s dirty dossier on claims Trump cavorted with prostitutes in Russia is ‘garbage’, says former top US intelligence chief, says the Daily Mail of London.

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Washington Post Attacks Russia Today—And Gets Kicked In The Teeth By The Truth


RT news from Russia is a favorite source for me because they carry ‘real news’ much more often than the US mainstream Fake News sites: here, they have a fun spat with the WP, one of our worse Fake News sites! Our insane media giants have been attacking alternative news and Russian news nonstop because these are competition to the lies and propaganda being foisted on citizens by international crooks who conspire via the Bilderberg gang meetings. Continue reading


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Fake News Washington Post Increases Lying, Voila: Perfection


Today’s WP front page: the usual humor.  Oh, the Senate GOP will defy Trump!  HAHAHA.


Finally the ever-slow to figure out the truth Washington Post reporters figured out that Russia didn’t hack any nuclear power plants…duh.  The way this story rose and crashed and burned is typical: with zero proof, the ‘mainstream media’ publishes obvious lies and then as these unravel, they then huff and puff and then meekly tell us some truth but only after inflicting maximum damage from the lies.  Worse, they totally leave out huge hunks of real news which I get overseas.  Anyone depending on our mainstream Fake News is in the dark about reality overall.

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NYT And Liberals Scream ‘Trump Can’t Change Obama Fiat Laws!’


I am preserving the front page of the New York Times and parts of the Washington Post lately because of the raging insanity at both papers show clearly how liberals have jumped the shark, fallen out of the tree house and are crazy as Krazy Kats.  They lie about nearly everything while attacking the rest of us as ‘Fake News’ in this fun house mirror distorted world they inhabit in DC and Manhattan.  The lead story in the NYT today is the above one: the hope of a young President who got a Peace Prize doing absolutely nothing and then became a war criminal of the worst sort: a hypocrite.

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