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Beware Of Starting Global War With China And Russia

I know this gets tiresome but once again, THANKS TO DAVOS, all the propaganda/CIA outfits are back to whacking at China about everything under the sun.  It pays to look at this overt propaganda for it is preparing us for WWIII.  The one sided, totally ridiculous propaganda points are the exact same ones being thrown at Iran, for example.  Let’s look at several of these stories being coughed up like hairballs in the mainstream media: Continue reading


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Vermonters Want Independence (Let’s Bail From Sinking Ship)

Paul Krugman is supposedly an ‘economist’ yet he seems utterly incapable of understanding what is an ‘economy’.  Time to rip his head off, again. Also, in my neighboring state of Vermont, a distant relative of mine is pushing for secession. Hooray!  I’ll move 20 miles to Vermont!  And Russia and China mulled over destroying the US last fall but China told Russia to hold their fire due to the 50 Year Plan (I am guessing)…according to Paulson.  See?  I was right all long, as usual. Continue reading


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Goldman Sachs AIG-ony Continues

AIG and Goldman Sachs (sack the city and loot and burn everything) are again in the news.  Unlike Ponzi schemes which have been rendered illegal, the games GS plays are quasi-legal meaning, they make it legal so they can do it or they keep it off the books, literally and metaphorically.  The main thing is, their ‘solutions’ to the riddle, ‘How can we get filthy rich?’ are negative ones as far as the rest of the economy is concerned. Continue reading


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Obama Wants More Free Trade Catastrophic Fixes

It is rather sad that things which are obvious as day and night can be studiously ignored while people chose to live in fantasy worlds that are built on fairy dust dreams.  The entire US is consumed by wishful thinking based on refusing to see obvious warning signs and obvious signs of collapse.  When house is collapsing, you run outside or you repair what is broken. You don’t go out and get a loan so you can vacation in some balmy warm spot that claims to be menaced by CO2 gasses. Continue reading


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Berlin NY ‘Museum Tourist Trap’ Is World Bank Solution For African Small Farmers, Too

The New York Times is 100%+ for ‘Free Trade’.  Just as it is 100%+ for wars against Muslims in distant lands as a solution to them hating us for invading them.  Ahem.  Well, my former manufacturing/farming town is on its last legs and rapidly dying and desperately needs the NYT to send Mr. Kristof, their irritating busybody trouble maker, to Upstate NY to see the mess up here.  But no, he is in Africa, to tell the African people how to farm, how to live.  Well, they are not doing so hot, either, under his advice nor the World Bank’s advice…which eerily is very, very similar to the advice given to my small town!  Imagine that. Continue reading


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Rearranging The Deck Chairs: My Town of Berlin, NY Is Dying

All politics are local.  Instead of watching Obama fidget and fret on the stage as he tries in vain to convince us that he cares about anything, I went to my local town of Berlin’s ‘future planning’ meeting.  This futile meeting was quite revealing because of the level of sheer insanity involved: it was as if nothing was happening.  The refusal to understand that the State of New York is going slowly bankrupt and is cutting funds to our small town plus global free trade has utterly destroyed, one by one, nearly every profitable manufacturing business in town…all of this was studiously ignored. Continue reading


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Athena And Poseidon’s Battles 3,500 Years Ago

I always wondered about Greek mythology and the queer things concerning Pegasus and Athena and why Athens was so different from the other Greek city states.  And one of the saddest stories of all civilizations on earth, the total annihilation of the Minoan civilization always has haunted me.  For it didn’t vanish due to slow rot.  It vanished very suddenly and nearly totally.  Only a few clues remained behind to show us they even existed.  And one of the places with hidden clues is Athens. Continue reading


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