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Hillary Happy California Judges Want Open US Borders No Matter What


Liberals want WWIII as does Hillary and they also want the US to be invaded by foreigners and illegal aliens.  So, the US 9th Circuit 3 California judges stop Trump’s travel ban orders.  Hillary tweeted that she was very happy with this.  As I keep saying, the DNC position is to flood the US with foreigners of every possible sort, the more dangerous, the better, I am thinking at this point.  In this previous article, I wrote about how EU leaders want more Muslim invaders just like Hillary.

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Both DNC and GOP Screwed Up Afghanistan Losing Many Billions $



US Central Command’s front page talking about the ‘leadership’ and ‘sacrifice’ of US (and foreign) soldiers who are entangled in endless messes overseas that costs the US billions and billions in wasted dollars added to our immense debt mountain. This dangerous mountain of debt is going to destroy our country completely as if it were bombed by Putin.  Putin knows this so why waste bombs on the US when we are destroying ourselves?  The Afghan business was a trap.  Putin wouldn’t go into Afghanistan if we paid him.

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Afghan ‘Refugee’ Did All The Bomb Attacks This Week

President Obama Speech on bombs in New York. Obama on explosions in NYC and NJ. – YouTube: our useless President who works tirelessly to bring in as many terrorists as humanly possible.


EXCLUSIVE: New York and New Jersey bomb suspect sued his local police claiming they PERSECUTED him for being a Muslim: news from Europe not the US, of course.  FBI arrest Afghanistan-born man, 28, wanted for Manhattan AND New Jersey bombings in a shootout that started after the chicken shack worker was spotted sleeping in the entryway of a BAR and he was brought here under the program to make nice with Afghanis due to our support of al Qaeda and so forth.

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WAR CRIMES! US Continues To Deliberately Bomb Medecins Sans Frontier Hospitals!!!

Religious practice: Chanting the Lotus Sutra at Peace Pagoda of Grafton, NY – YouTube

When I get upset, I go to the Pagoda which is on another little mountain near mine and chant for a while.  It soothes the soul.  Today’s news is beastly.  It is the sort of thing normal people use as propaganda to illustrate Evil.  The US did lots of evil, evil things during the Vietnam War and now are doing lots of evil, evil things to Muslims in this religious war being waged on behalf of Netanyahu and his ugly little gang of thugs.  Since AIPAC controls Congress, they get to commit war crimes because it is OK to do this if you are a Zionist.  But in the Universe of Reality, these are all war crimes.  And the bombing, the DELIBERATE REPEATED bombings of obvious hospitals are all war crimes of the worst sort and all who participate in planning and ordering this and I mean YOU, Obama, and your gang, should be executed since we executed Nazis.  And my daddy testified at the Nüremberg War Trials.  He was a witness about the slaves in the rocket caves, he rescued them, and Dachau.


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Chaos Engulfs Europe, EU Leaders Apply Tiny Bandaid To Million Male March

I am just amazed at how paralyzed Germany’s leader, Merkel, has been lately with the flood of Muslim males pouring into Germany.  This is now a major disaster which will breed very nasty internal disasters across Germany and into France, England and the other upper class EU countries as these men seek somewhere to plant themselves.  In the news is this ‘solution which is way too little, way too late: Balkan, EU leaders agree to coordinate on migrants | Reuters

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Snowden And Ellsberg Condemn Illicit US Secret Assassination Program That Kills Mainly Bystanders

Screen shot 2015-10-18 at 9.21.23 AM

Snowden and Ellsberg hail leak of drone documents from new whistleblower as the shattering story of how our anti-Muslim wars of aggression are  waged overseas.  There are a number of elements of this ugly butchery which astonishes me.  One is the artwork: it looks like it was done by alien ant-creatures.  It makes the skin crawl.  Oddly done computer maps and weird text styles give me the shivers.  It reminds me of the Nazi documents that were ‘odd’ looking, too.  I have a German book of schizophrenic artwork done in hospitals there and this artwork looks quite similar. I don’t think the artists are insane (or perhaps are!) but rather, they distance themselves from the facts they are painting so coldly.

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Russia Success In Syria Irks US, Europe Closing Borders To Million Muslim Invasion

Way back when Russia stumbled and fell apart, the US rulers gleefully chortled that they now ruled the entire earth and all people.  Then 9/11 happened and this led to the US plunging into insane wars aimed directly at rulers who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 while protecting Israel and Saudi Arabia which both had a lot to do with 9/11 and the rulers there chortled with glee.  But things are falling apart at the seams, it seems.  Meanwhile, Russia is rising again as a world power thanks to Putin’s long game in the Middle East – NY Daily News


Russia, to its credit, never does things halfway. For many states, conducting air strikes on U.S.-trained rebels in Syria would be daring enough, but Vladimir Putin also saw value in lobbing a few missiles at them from ships in the Caspian, 900 miles away. The missiles weren’t more accurate or even more destructive than air strikes, but did serve as a brutal object lesson for all of Syria’s neighbors: America will not protect you. Take note. The first thing Putin will ask the Saudis — and now is the time, with their memory of those missile strikes still fresh — to cut back oil production to raise prices, which would resuscitate the Russian economy and make a mockery of the West’s Ukraine sanctions.

This article was written by Mr.Peek who was a U.S. Army intelligence officer and is a professor at Claremont McKenna College.

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