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Territorial Battles Heat Up In Asia Leading To Military WWIII Confrontation

Japan claims Russian territory unilaterally

Is Shinzo Abe’s ‘new nationalism’ a throwback to Japanese imperialism? asks in Britain.  We see from the map above the huge territorial claims made by Japan.  Essentially boxing in all its neighbors and trade rivals, this desperate imperialist power has been losing the economic and social battle and now resorts with 100% US (another dying empire) military power to rule the planet even though both nations are dying in tandem.  The US recently went through this spate of furious political destruction over the issue ‘Does the US have enough money to pay for everything?’ which was answered with a loud, ‘No!’ except…when it comes to wars which our elites want.  Then, the sky is the limit.  And the Japanese know we will pay for their territorial wars.


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US Military, Japan Military And China Military Play Dangerous Game Of Chicken In Asian Airspace

The US media has mainly studiously kept all news about the New Asian Power Push out of the front pages in favor of hammering on Iran and Syria.  But the cold war there is heating up very rapidly ever since Kerry and Obama gave Abe the green light to make huge territorial demands backed by US taxpayers and our troops.  Now, it is exploding in size as China sends planes into air defense zone after Japan, S Korea, U.S. defy rules.


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US Corporations Kill Thanksgiving Celebrations And US Workers

Teamsters Union

Teamsters UnionThanksgiving is a Federal Holiday that was supposed to allow workers a day off for feeling gratitude for living in America.  This holiday has been steadily eroded over the years by mega international corporations to the point, the holiday barely exists anymore.  When Thursday Vanishes on Thanksgiving – is one of many stories talking about how relentlessly Big Business and Big Media have been relentlessly waring on Thanksgiving and steadily eroding it to nothingness. But then, Native Americans Mark Day of Mourning on Thanksgiving: “We are vanishing, we are not conquered…as Indian as well as other casinos all remain open Thanksgiving Day.


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US Media, Israel And Saudi Dictators Freak Out As Oil Prices Drop, Oh The Horror!


Oil Slump Seen as ‘Knee-Jerk’ Reaction to Iran Deal – Bloomberg News from Wall Street, NY.  None of the US media is trumpeting Obama’s deal with Iran as savior of the American middle and lower classes.  We have been absolutely hammered by high oil prices ever since the US declared unilateral war against the Arab Street and all Shi’ites.  I have regularly pointed out in the past that these insane, expensive wars also drive up oil prices hugely.  It is an immense war tax on the US consumers.  And the potential for higher oil prices is nearly never mentioned when our AIPAC/Saudi Congress debates more wars on behalf of these two states.

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My Home, Berlin NY, 7 Degree F Nights In November: NOAA Predicts Warm Winter In Midst of Blizzards In Southwest

NOAA thinks winter will be hot


I have been frantically chopping and stacking six cords of firewood in anticipation of a cold, cruel winter.  The false stories that winter would vanish irritate me because my beloved weather service forecasts have grown increasingly useless over the years thanks to the global warming indoctrination.  Yes, it may be -40 below rather than -55 below in Antarctica but it is still hugely below freezing there and it isn’t often much warmer here up in North America’s glacier Ice Age belt.  This week brings single digit weather tonight and it isn’t even Thanksgiving.  If the Puritans waited until this week to have their famous dinner with the natives, they would have turned into blocks of ice long before the turkey was cooked.

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China, US And Japan Threaten WWIII Over Sea Patrol Boundaries

Chinese military patrol zone

Commentary: China’s setup of air zone legitimate, conducive to regional peace – Xinhua |


Just when American citizens, deep in hock for all these many wars that we do on our national credit card, scared of the government shutdown due to ‘no money’, Japan and the US State Department picks up the cudgels for WWIII with China. That is, the Japanese unilaterally and with no negotiations with neighbors, claimed sovereignty of some disputed islands and the US said we will fight to the death for the Japanese right of ownership.  This is WWII in reverse with the Japanese warlords or in this case, sons of warlords, use our troops to invade neighbors.

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China #1 In 2016 And Global Warming Talks Collapse, First World Gets Cold Feet

OECD: China will be Largest Economy Around 2016 is news the US doesn’t want to hear right now.  The ‘exceptionalism’ faith of our dear leaders flies in the face of reality.  The US is going down the old, old track whereby an arrogant empire goes bankrupt due to too many wars, too many internationalists overlooking the need to keep the sovereign state solvent and sheer laziness due to reliance of often foreign-born slaves or near-slaves.

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