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US Military Bankrupting Nation—And Russian News Better Than US Fake News


Russia Today has a very interesting front page which I am mostly reproducing here to illustrate how much more comprehensive their news is compared to the top US papers.


First and most important, the news from Syria in the Russian news is diametrically opposite of the US news. The US news is treating the retreat as if it is a terrible thing and that the Russians and Syrian government are chasing out civilians, not rescuing them.  Russia, in turn, shows actual videos of people climbing out of the ruins, happy to be rescued.

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Pentagon, Presidents Never Change: All End Up War Criminals (Reliving 1972)

Mahler: Symphony No. 3 / Bernstein · Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra -I discovered this symphony in 1965 as I belonged to this Classical Music record club and they sent me Mahler’s tragic music, one symphony at a time.


This terrible picture is from 1972…Below is a 1972 story from the NYT about Pentagon Paper bomb facts…This happened AFTER the Pentagon Papers revealed the truth.


As we approach the New Year, we are simultaneously in the deep, dark past.  That is, the US military/war machine continues to make the same mistakes over and over and over again as US diplomacy does the dumbest things on earth to insure we never learn from past mistakes and the only difference between 1965 and 2016 is the names of some of the stupid people who seem unable to learn a blasted thing from history.  U.S. Eye in the Sky Glares at ISIS as Battle Brews in Syria the New York Times reports:


American commanders said the aerial surveillance and bombing campaign targeting the Islamic State in Iraq could play an even greater role in Syria. The air war will support fighters on the ground in the looming offensive to retake Raqqa, the terrorist group’s capital in Syria.


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Former News Reporter, Stengel, Now Is Pentagon Pravda Chief, Attacks Alternative News People

Open the Pod bay doors, HAL. – YouTube–Our future.  I refer to this movie at the end of my news story today, have patience and read all the way through to have a laugh about HAL.


In today’s world, the truth is losing – The Washington Post is yet another pointless article from the poor bastards who have to work for Amazon.com and be ruthlessly exploited.  Writing easily ridiculed ‘news stories’ is punishing, ask anyone who worked for Pravda during the Communist regime in Russia!  ‘Pravda’ is Russian for ‘Truth’ and Russians joked about that for many years, cynically and bitterly.  Well, we get to do the same today with our ‘news media’ owners playing Stalin with us all.

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The Pentagon Pen Pushers Release Joint Chiefs of Staff Instructions Online!


The Pentagon won’t say why its targeting manual was released online | Popular Science reports.  What is going on here?  HAHAHA. This document is long and a fun read.  It is all about being committees and bureaucracies set up to kill lots of innocent people while denying this is happening.  It is all about brutal wars that have various rules that are totally useless or ignored or worse, leads to mindless mass murders and…it is now online for all of us to read.  Committees piled on committees in the Pentagon, working tirelessly on red tape and excuses for bungling messes created by diplomats who are…Hillary Clinton is calling!  HAHAHA.  She wants to know what happened to Libya.

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Google Changed Search Engine So It Doesn’t Show Smaller Sites


Once upon a time, back when the Internet worked much better than today, if I googled my own site, I would get lots and lots of pages of information.  Today, I get 2 listings, if I am lucky, mostly only 1 listing using the same search words I used in the past to bring up dozens of pages.  This ridiculous change was done to hide information, not help us find more information.  Now, when I google other sites I want to explore, I get only one or two listings, the rest is pure junk mostly barely related to what I want.

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FBI Warns Flood Terrorists From Syria, Putin Warns WWIII Will Destroy Us All

Putin Issues Desperate Warning of WWIII – YouTube

The US entered Syria, unleashed hell there and now Russia and Assad are kicking out US terrorists who will go…to Europe and the US!  We shall have many years of fun and games here with Hillary and her Bilderberg buddies claiming we must have more refugees here and arm them, too.  Proof:  FBI Director warns of massive ‘terrorist diaspora like we’ve never seen before’ | Daily Mail Online in England reports since this news is verboten in the US where we are to worry about Trumps’ taxes.

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Russian Fighter Jets Out Perform, Cheaper Than US Jets


All about Russia’s Newest Advanced Stealth Fighter – Documentary – YouTube

Russian TV has a series of great documentaries detailing the history of Soviet and now Putin’s aerodynamic jets.  All of these are worth watching.  The US has prided itself of being technologically smart and today this is falling apart, the F-35 mess is typical: expensive and not as efficient or proficient as the much cheaper Russian versions.  And the Russians are not copying us, our guys have to copy Russia and now Russia is running circles around the US in the field of selling equipment.

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