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GOP And Democrats In Close Alliance…Only For Zionism

Once again, an Afghani soldier trained by NATO forces has used this to attack NATO forces.  9 Americans were slaughtered in this suicide attack.   Meanwhile, finally, Hamas and the PLO have joined forces and are now ready to demand the UN create the state of Palestine.  This was brokered by the Egyptians.  This has utterly unhinged the Zionists so the DC Zionists are in full bellow about how to stop this from happening.  The US is tearing itself to pieces over cuts to healthcare, social services, retirement money, wages and other important things at home, all of which is dropped when the real rulers of the US, the Israelis, demand they be bailed out yet again.  This is very much like so many issues that are supposedly of great importance to our rulers, for example, global warming.  That is, if they make money off of the concept, they are eager for it but when it comes to doing the right thing and stopping something they, themselves, are doing, it suddenly doesn’t happen. Continue reading


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Destroying Cairo: Deindustrialized America And Floods

Mark Twain’s Mississippi River: Cairo, Illinois — Images

There has been a bit of news about wether or not the government should blow up some levees next to farmlands or flood Cairo, Ill.  Cairo is a famous frontier town of the 1800’s built soon after the Louisiana Purchase and the New Madrid Earthquake.  It has been repeatedly flooded in the past due to being at the jointure of two major rivers.  This year, the huge meltdown/rains have caused renewed flooding that will rise above the levels of the levees.  Where these break will be either due to Mother Nature’s choosing or the Army Corps of Engineers. Continue reading


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GOP Hits Future, Not Present Retirees

The raging debate about budget deficits, funding increasing wars and social services in the dying US imperial homelands has turned increasingly ugly.  The GOP solution to destroying Social Security and healthcare systems is to have a 55 year cut off point.  This means, the baby boomers will still have some socialism while their younger siblings and children shall have none at all.  This idea of splitting the generations from each other is courtesy of all the elderly who support the Tea Party. Continue reading


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Tornadoes And Nuclear Power In Alabama

YouTube – Tuscaloosa Tornado – Unedited Raw Version – 4/27/11

Tornadoes kill over 50 people today in the South.  The university and hospital complex in Tuscaloosa were nearly hit while the neighborhood where many students rent apartments was nearly totally leveled.  A nuclear power plant had to shut down and is now running its water on generators and one can only speculate what horrors would have happened if this category 4+ behemoth shifted just a little bit!  We see already that mega-powerful natural events can destroy nuclear power plants. Continue reading


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General’s NYT Editorial For Big Libya War

YouTube The Green Table, a ballet from before WWII by Kurt Joos- 1 Intro thru beginning of The Farewells

When we read the thoughts and beliefs of everyone behind the utter and total collapse of Western ‘banking’ we wonder, are these people totally insane?  This is also true when we read the thoughts of US generals.  Shouldn’t they be put in some safe asylum where they could do less harm?  The irrational, insane, ahistorical, bizarre thinking processes they collectively exhibit amazes me.  They are so utterly out of touch with reality, it just baffles me how they manage to not only survive but like the insane bankers, thrive! Continue reading


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US & Japan Lose Economic Battles With China

The US continues to be embarrassed by Wikileaks.  Mannings was finally removed from his isolated torture chambers due to public pressure especially after the UN demanded to visit him, viewing him correctly as a political prisoner.  China, meanwhile, sails onwards despite difficulties, will soon overtake the US economy in overall size if not per capita.  China now has a $3 trillion FOREX reserve which is absolutely the biggest on earth.  And Russia and China are both working in tandem to replace the very lucrative international US arms market.  They are frankly much cheaper. Continue reading


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Free Trade, Oil And Nuclear Meltdowns Collide

There is some rising discontent with the global economic system.  It grows in significance as inflation of most commodities rise.  The Saudis deliberately cut oil production this last month in order to pay for the King’s promises to the people for more benefits and money sharing.  This increased energy inflation significantly.  China has inflation and the hidden inflation in ZIRP Japan is very much there today especially due to the collapse in exports last month.  The power plant problems are cumulative and a growing burden there.  And US public support for free trade is beginning to flag despite 100% full throttle support by US media owners and our government which works for foreigners, not Americans. Continue reading


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