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GOP Closes US Government While Joining Netanyahu Screaming For Iran War


This is hopefully the day the AIPAC control of our insane Congress comes to light for the average American watching propaganda news.  The Jews running Israel run the US.  They insist on full funding for their country while our Congress cuts funds at home ruthlessly.  On brink of shutdown, all quiet at Capitol and Federal workers turn to prayer and preparedness while the impending ‘visit’ of our real ruler, Netanyahu, is TOTALLY HIDDEN by the noxious swamp creatures running the Washington Post.

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Putin More Popular Than Obama And Cameron And Netanyahu Is Coming To WH To Yell At Obama

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 10.15.10 AM

Americans doubt Obama’s effectiveness on Syria: note how Putin scores high and Assad scores higher than the British PM, Cameron.  The French guy who inserted himself is lower than all players in this game.  The awareness that the US and NATO are arming al Qaeda has slowly grown despite US media owners trying desperately to drive us into another war.  The funniest of all is how the GOP is slamming on the brakes and will cease funding our government.  To cover their AIPAC assets, they still will fund wars, just nothing for US citizens at home.

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Global Warming Report Doubles Down On Solar Input Errors, Demand Cold Climate Populations Pay High Heating Taxes

Erroneous prediction of more hurricanes in Atlantic

Source: Bender et al. 2010.  Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory – Global Warming and Hurricanes Figures

Everyone is talking, mostly while shivering in an early Autumn here in the US with blizzards already in the Pacific Northwest.  Naturally, this cold weather heralds the UN climate prediction report that claims that we are going to roast to death for sure.  Appended to their alarmist report is the contrary one talking about global cooling.  As a footnote, the ‘consensus’ of the global warming group is 95-100% certain we will roast, not freeze.  But tell that to those of us who are feeling the cold breath of the Ice Queen earlier than normal.  The trees here are changing color fast this fall here in upstate NY.  And there are still near zero hurricanes, too, while there is a persistent La Nina event. Continue reading


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Is Lack Of Sun On Skin Causing MERS In Saudi Arabia?


The invention of air conditioning has actually made health problems worse for the general population.  I grew up in the hottest of hot deserts and we had a ‘swamp box’ for cooling and when my parents got an air conditioner for the whole house, I noticed several things.  One was, the air was much drier and my nose felt it right away.  Also, once one was accustomed to it, going out into the heat was much harder on the body and lastly, air conditioners keep people indoors a great deal and fools the body into thinking it is almost winter so the urge to eat fatty, high calorie foods is overwhelming.

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British And US Somalis Are Kenya Mall Terrorists

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.14.05 AM

Kenya shopping mall attack: Up to 10 hostages still remain inside complex as terror siege enters THIRD day as the mall now is on fire.  The US pushed very hard for higher military activity especially the assassination drone warfare in Africa.  The attack on Libya was the opening shot.  The military suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood which won the election in Egypt is the other move.  This insane business is fueled by Saudi fundamentalists.  They want a very radical form of Islamism and the US has consistently protected these rich Saudis while they fund terrorism across the planet.

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Berlin High Students Join Other Party-time Teens In Upstate NY To Vandalize Football Player’s Mansion

Stephentown NY teens trash empty mansion


Sometimes my very rural community gets national news.  For example, in the early 1960’s a propane truck ran down Plank Road which is one of the steeper roads in America, and flipped into Berlin and blew up part of the village.  Otherwise, no one hears much about our woody acres.  It is actually rather quiet but not that quiet.  Namely, it still can make the news out here due to wild stuff going on just like any big city.  This year’s News is about a teen party held in our next door tiny town, Stephentown.  Seems 300 teens tore into a house that was going to be foreclosed and rioted there, causing a lot of destruction.  Then the parents got mad because their wayward waifs posted online many detailed photos WITH their names!…showing them drinking illegally and taking drugs while wrecking the place. Continue reading


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Kenya Mall Attack Due To Al Qaeda Surge In Arms And Military Power Across Muslim World

The US government has deliberately rearmed and reanimated al Qaeda which was a CIA operation in the beginning and remains a CIA operation today.  The removal of Gaddafi meant all his arms would end up in the hands of international terrorists which is no surprise.  Then the Saudi Royals who funded the 9/11 attackers are funding the present fundamentalists attacking Syria.  The dynamics that led to past terror events continues today.  Israeli, US and Saudi global power games created and continues to create al Qaeda terror.

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