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NYT Palm Beach Madame Explains Economics To Us Peons

No sooner than I publish my latest story about the economy than the NYT comes up with their own take on this matter which is utterly opposite mine:  Sure Cure for Debt Problems Is Economic Growth – written by this evidently evil woman who is praised to the skies by Jewish organizations that reward lunatics in the economic or media fields.  Here is her bio, which is all about how this darling creepy gnomette grew up in Palm Beach, of all places: Continue reading


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No SS Or Military Government Checks In Two Days

The raid on Social Security was set up by Reagan’s gang long ago.  They exploited the warnings that the baby boomers would bankrupt SS by doubling the SS taxes back then, supposedly to pay for the future, and then cynically used this money in the general funds due to Reagan’s vast budget overruns thanks to tax cuts.  These tax cuts have continued all the way up to this year and have been expanded.  So the SS funds have all been used up and the only money for the baby boomers now must come from the general tax revenues, that is, all $3 trillion ‘saved’ is actually money that has to now be paid via the main tax revenues which are running perpetually short due to GOP tax cuts to the rich and corporations and of course, the total end of all tariffs, destroying that ancient revenue base. Continue reading


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Pentagon Announce Defeat Of Al Qaeda As US Goes Bankrupt

Oh boy!  After spending trillions fighting Muslims, we finally have sort of defeated al Qaeda…except in Yemen and other places, of course.  But we killed off most of the people in Afghanistan including their wives and children so ergo: we ‘won’.  This is beyond the definition of a Pyrrhic victory.  This term, by the way, comes from ancient Greece: the Greeks won a battle against the Romans but this so weakened them, they lost the war.  Of course, the Romans enslaved the Greeks and looted their country pretty thoroughly. Continue reading


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Playing With Fire: GOP Will Accidentally Push US Off Cliff

History is like a tsunami. Natural events happen. This, in turn, forces humans to either adapt or die. Evolution is all about adaptations that were successful during times of great stresses. The History’s tsunami pushes things along with a determination we cannot fathom. Historical forces reach far back in time just as tsunamis are created deep in the earth, far out to sea. The sea can even seem to be serene until suddenly, the water rises rapidly, sometimes over 100 feet, and then it rushes ashore, sweeping everything aside. Continue reading


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No More ZIRP For US Government

The US Debt Death Dance continues with the entire elderly population sitting, watching in horror with a gun to the forehead is interesting since we are at war.  We just increased our war against Libya, with London kicking out the Libyan staff there and installing the rebels in a coup de force.  The whining about the budget is most astonishing here since we are at war.  Bush started his wars while cutting taxes and now this insane tax cutting regime continues as the rich evade paying for their wars which they want very badly.  They have basically declared war on nearly all Muslims and are planning a major global war against China while doing hot business with China. Continue reading


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Norway Assassin Son Of Norwegian EU Diplomat

Screen shot from the Norway Assassin’s You Tube video


Unlike the Arizona assassin, the Norwegian assassin is quite lucid.  He may be fabricating information to give to the police and exaggerating his connections to other people but the salient fact we must understand is, he wasn’t some Lumpenproletariat raising a ruckus, he is an upperclass elite who is coldly killing people for political reasons!  This is not insignificant.  We saw here in the US how Timothy McVeigh, a trained soldier, did a nearly identical mass murder.  He, too, was a ‘clean, young man’ who didn’t have tattoos all over or use drugs.  Elitist terrorists are the scariest on earth since they often grow up close to or have their hands on the levers of power and above all, the potential to use nuclear bombs. Continue reading


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Norway Proves Christian Fanatics Can Be Very Murderous

Knights Templar 2083 by Anders Behring Breivik – Oslo killer‬‏ – YouTube

Just like the assassin in Arizona, the young man in Norway drank a lot of dreck and posted his own manifesto and video on the internet before going on his ‘crusade’ against the government of Norway and leftist or even centralist politicians and government agencies.  The far right has a huge underbelly of anarchism coupled with ‘rule by the fist’ which leads to gangsterism.  That is, they want to persuade via bombs, assassinations and ethnic cleansing.  This reminds me most strongly of the most culturally powerful nation on earth, fascist Israel, and how this is inspiring the far right wing Christians to LITERALLY go on a Apocalyptic crusade, one that will inevitably end with the annihilation of all Jews in another, much nastier Holocaust. Continue reading


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