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Mannings Judged ‘Not Aiding The Enemy’

Judge to announce verdict in Bradley Manning case:  Hooray!  Sanity prevails.  The odious charges the government used in the Mannings case was found to be irrelevant.  The charge was fake from day one.  The real ‘enemy’ that got to see these cables were the American People who finally got to see what the State Department which does very little work on behalf of Americans, really is doing. Continue reading


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Japan’s Desperate Imperialism Won’t Save Dying Economy

China military urges vigilance over Japan’s defense plan | Reuters:  Japan is forming a Marine unit so they can invade islands and thus, start WWIII which will leave Japan uninhabitable for the next 100,000+ years when the nuke plants all blow up. Japan Vows Support for Philippines in China Row

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SEC Sacks SAC Capital: Government And Ex-wife Go After Pirate Cohen















A cartoon I drew in  2007 when the banking system began its spectacular collapse:  SEC Goes After Sentinel Hedge Fund For Fraud!



Hedge funds flourished once bank regulations and free trade allowed financiers to operate openly offshore while avoiding taxes.  With the keys to the Federal Reserve vault firmly in hand, they gambled with everyone’s lives, they are the sharks swimming in the world’s free trade oceans, savaging entire countries while becoming very, very rich off of this destructive behavior.

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Commuter Train In Santiago de Compostela Blown Up, Over 50 Dead

Spain train explosion

Exclusive Footage: Spain high speed train crashes near Santiago de Compostela [COMPLETE VIDEO] – YouTube: this looks a great deal like a bomb attack.  The rails were sound, the station is all straight rails, there were no other vehicles or trains on the track and the first car is blown to shreds and thrown up in the air whereas the other cars were in an accordion behind it.


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Japan’s LDP Is Going To Sieze 400 More Islands While Fukushima Erupts Steam

Time to turn back to Japan, a country that has been a huge part of the world economy’s destructive forces which hammer Japan’s population very hard and has driven them to despair.  The LDP is sailing to victory on very poorly attended elections because the majority of Japanese have basically given up all hope.  The anti-nuclear power demonstrations are losing ground while Fukushima continues, like a restless volcano, Sakurajima volcano (Japan) awakes with a series of powerful yet again last month.

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Zimmerman Saves Driver In Fiery Crash

And he put out the fire with his extinguisher!  This news has hit the professional left very hard. I went to Salon and Huffington Post to read the comments of people who pride themselves on being ‘rational, truthful and love humanity’ to read their snarls, screams of pain and criticisms of Mr. Zimmerman.  It was all very sad for me because I am a ‘liberal’ but also very ‘conservative’ in many ways. Continue reading


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We Visit The Most Violent, Murderous Parts Of Chicago: Not Nearly As Wrecked As Detroit!

The Hoodie Store at intersection where the most murders in Chicago at West Madison and North Cicero

The Hoodie Store (my name for this joint) on the corner of West Madison and North Cicero, Chicago’s West Side, between the rail roads and Highway 290.Austin — Chicago Crime — has a murder map for Chicago.  I wanted to visit these actual neighborhoods to see what is going on there.  The right wing part of the media has this endless talking point about how violent Chicago is and that this is nearly 100% black on black or black on white crime, not anything like the Zimmerman business.  So I thought it is time to actually visit Chicago to see first hand, what is going on there. Continue reading


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