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A Peek In The Past: 2000 Failed Election Vote Counting

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No one in the media dares mention the failed election in 2000 when the Supreme Court overturned our Constitution and imposed a victory on us via denying time to count the votes in the fetid Florida swamplands.  When reporters asked me about this ruling on the steps of the Supreme Court, I announced that I and my friends were going to sue for a new election based on this ruling when a reporter told me that the Court appended this ruling with ‘It cannot be used as precedent, it is a one time ruling’.  I blew up.  ‘How dare they do this, it is unconstitutional!’  And I ran off to Congress to protest this and find sponsors to go after the Supreme Court for dereliction of duty.  Alas, not one Senator wanted to do this.  They all said collectively…LITERALLY…’Forget this, it is one time only.’  Seems all of America was told to go back to sleep to this very day, it is never talked about or mentioned.  Dead silence.

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US Media Giants Misrepresent The News So They Can Covertly Support Bilderberg Candidates

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Above is a screen shot of a British paper, the Daily Mail Online which has better coverage of events here than in the US which has naked propaganda nonstop.  For example, the Brits know that ALL the GOP candidates don’t want to support each other whereas, as I show below, the NYT and WP both hit on Trump on this issue and not mention the other clowns.  Then there is the fake story of the poor, weak, female who is a helpless Victorian chick who faints when a man touches her.  She shoves her ass into Trump’s face and one of his aides gives her a small push with the hand, grabbing at her because she is much too close to the candidate for safety because we are a nation that has frequent assassinations of candidates and Presidents, don’t we?  The media giants are blowing up this little fracas to the size of the Macy Parade balloon in desperation to smear Trump.

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Loretta Lynch Wants Police To Stop Arresting Black Criminals Except For Murder Or Stick Ups

Murder Capital USA Ganglands Of Chicago – YouTube

I fought long and hard to restore law and order to Brooklyn, NY, way back in the years 1974-1982 which included orchestrating the arrest and imprisonment of a Congressman, city council members and the suicide of the President of Queens!  Crime was out of control back then and it leeched into all systems from street thugs up to the very top of the power pyramid.  Well, here we go again, with ‘liberals’ encouraging mass crimes and letting things get utterly wrecked thanks to this need to pander to people who are crooks, robbers, murderers, thugs, etc:  AG Loretta Lynch wants to let nation break law without consequences | New York Post writes today.


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Time To Fundraise!

Dear readers: I appreciate all the comments here and readers coming by, bearing up with my whims and lashings and often annoying explanations that drive one nuts…but time to pay the bills here.  I do not have annoying ads because I pay for this site to keep it honest and clear.  But to do this requires support from readers so I would really be happy and pleased if everyone pitches in!  In the past, people have been very, very generous and I greatly appreciate this.  I do love you all and wish you all well in these odd times we live.  May we live on!  And perhaps, even win a struggle or two.

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Expensive Bank Debt Destroys Black Chicago Neighborhoods

As we go into yet another futile election, stories of economic distress make news yet again.  In this case, it is about a city going under the gun, literally, as black residents butcher each other mercilessly and whites flee black suburbs where they once went to escape city pollution and race riots during the 1970’s.  Here is a story about this process hammering neighboring communities around Chicago but this story in the Tribune doesn’t touch on the reality that black homeowners bring destruction down on themselves:  Chicago Tribune – Seven years after the Great Recession, some Chicago suburbs may never recover because it is becoming rapidly this ugly little slum!

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This Election Is All About SEX…And Bernie Sanders Is DNC Sexy Guy This Week

Screen shot 2016-03-27 at 6.55.04 AM

Melania Trump Naked Photo Ad Angers Donald |

(Reconsidering this photo: gads!  I bet a huge number of guys decided she would be fabulous in the WH after seeing this and thus, change their vote!)


Bernie Sanders Seizes 3 States, Sweeping Democratic Contests which has totally upset Hillary’s Southern Black Victories revealing her weakness which is, she can’t seem to catch the eye of anyone outside of the Deep South which the Republicans will carry in the next election, anyways.  Deep six the bitch, already.  Now on to the GOP mud-fest: Cruz supporters sexually attacked Trump’s latest wife.  No, she isn’t Nancy, Reagan’s second wife!  The ‘marriage is sacred’ party has been strange for years and years when it comes to sex.  Now we have Sex Kitten #1 versus Sex Kitten #2 with nudies of Cruz’s wife in the stewpot.  Of course, all the media giants are attacking TRUMP for all this when he didn’t start it at all and none mention Cruz’s team efforts at sex fiend status when condemning only Trump for retaliating.

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Belgium Nuclear Plant Guard Murdered For ID By Islamic Terrorists

BREAKING: Belgian nuclear power plants evacuated – YouTube

While dancing the tango in Argentina and flying not one but two giant jets all over the super warm, we are going to roast to death planet earth, Obama paused to announce ISIS Not an Existential Threat to US while Isis terrorists were openly bombing Belgium.  Meanwhile, ‘Unlawful civilian deaths in Yemen’: Human Rights Watch urges US, UK, France to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia which is the home base of terrorists.  Our Pentagon is planning to send more combat troops to Iraq now, thank you. Iraqi Mayor Among 30 Killed in Soccer Game Bomb Attack by ISIS as our invasion proves to be a total failure there as well as in Libya.


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