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Chile Tsunamis Swept Away Entire Towns

Giant tsunamis killed thousands in Chile.  The pictures coming in from Chile clearly show that waves over 25 feet tall swept away most of the sleeping population living along the shores in the vicinity of this massive earthquake.  I took some screen shots illustrating the damage.  Looting is also breaking out all over Chile. Continue reading


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London Bankers Are Lepers

The London banking gnomes think they are lepers.  Yes, they are.  And so are the politicians who take these leper’s money!  They are all diseased.  Heh.  Also, the Crown of England confiscates an old silver coin from a lady (peasant) in England who found it while digging in her little garden patch behind her home (hovel).   Continue reading


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Nuclear Wars And Earthquakes Increase Economic Problems

Today we muse about the ants, bees and grasshoppers as well as the dangers of having a national media that lies, hides things and misleads.  I a have to go to evil communist China to discover important diplomatic news.  As well as Japan to find out what the Iranians say about nuclear war.  Why can’t we have a real news media again?  We had one in the 19th century. Continue reading


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The Great Chilean 8.8 Quake Of 2010

I have dear friends who live right in the middle where the Chile earthquake did its worst damage.  I hope they are OK.  Chile, of course, is part of the Ring of Fire that surrounds the Pacific Plate.  This is due to all the continents encroaching on the gigantic Pacific Plate and overriding it.  Ever since the Great Boxing Day Quake, the entire planet is seeing major, major earthquakes as everything rearranges to refit in a new configuration. Continue reading


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Fake Victories In Afghan War Fuels Imperial Dreams

Our empire is struggling with delusions of grandeur and dreams of full spectrum dominance via assassin robot machines.  We think that throwing away a trillion dollars in futile military games in an endless open war against the Muslim religion is the key to future wealth and power.  This is pure insanity.  NO empire has EVER flourished if it goes into endless religious or ideological wars in distant lands.   Continue reading


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Toyota Tears Of Regret

Toyota decided long ago during the push to force Japan to open the doors to imports from the US to balance Toyota exports to the US, that they would colonize the US by opening factories here.  This allowed them to pocket all the profits while keeping the door open to selling 2-4 million cars every year in the US. This clever move paid off quite handsomely and now many Americans think Toyota is benign and not a major, major cause of the capital drain as well as job drain in the US. Continue reading


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US And UK Encouraged To Spend Even More!

Lots of economic news about national sovereign debts.  The sovereign debt bubble is similar if not identical in size to the international trade balloon and both fed the credit bubble which was the largest in history, even bigger than the WWI-Roaring 20’s credit bubble.  What is interesting is the way the US, UK and Japan are treated compared to say, Greece, Turkey or Spain: the first three are supposed to continue spending way beyond their budgets while the latter are supposed to impose cruel spending cuts on social services. Continue reading


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