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I Am Sick…Yuck…Hope It Isn’t Contagious!

I am fairly sick with something nasty.  Lots of pain and nausea.  Can’t sleep, can’t sit, can’t do anything.  Just took a bath so I am sort of functional, waiting to call the doctor.  So I have little energy for posting here.  But then there is this story: Workers Betrayed by Visa Loopholes – The New York Times


The H-1B visa program does not require companies to recruit American workers before looking overseas.


Who, pray tell, writes our laws?  The very rich and very powerful.  Whoever wins in Congress or President is purchased by the very rich so lo and behold, despite everyone of both parties yapping about protecting our jobs, they don’t do this at all.  Congress passes trade bill in major victory for Obama which is a lie, it isn’t ‘his’ victory it is the victory of these same mysterious rich people.  He is their tool.

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Social Scientist Claims Science/Math Males Overestimate Skills While Women Don’t

Nobel Prize winner says women cry in labs, harm science I believe, as an attempt at joking at an event.  He was immediately fired and women made fun of him and when he cried, they mocked him even more and when other Nobel Prize winners stepped up and told everyone to stop hammering the poor guy, the cascade of abuse abated.  But the issue of science, math, chess, etc. and women is not so easily settled.  The fact is, women do significantly worse at all of these intellectual things than men.  Period.  Years and years of equality later, it has improved a bit but men still outnumber women 4-1 to 100-1 in various intellectual fields.  Here is the latest attempt at explaining away this unhappy reality:


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Black Leaders Pleased That Issue Of Black On Black Crime Can Be Safely Ignored

Aaron McGruder is a leftist (revolutionary) cartoonist who is black and tackles the verboten black cultural issues head on earning him the hatred of BET, the Black Entertainment network which is owned by  Viacom which also owns MTV.  These media giants promote the black thug culture.  McGruder has been censored and threatened with lawsuits for mocking this glorification of thug culture.  But he shines a sharp light on the present deterioration of black culture.  The above clip is about how blacks fight at the drop of a hat, using a ‘nice black male’ turning into a monster when encountering a ‘ghetto black’ in a parking lot.  Black leaders feel that the recent South Carolina mass murder by a white racist young man has freed them from discussing black on black murder.  They cheerfully now ignore this totally.  And Obama gets to say ‘nigger’ which is bleeped out, which I find very funny since blacks say this word all the time and Mc Gruder makes fun of this fact.


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More Stupid Global Warming Studies Make The News

The billions of dollars sent to universities to study ‘climate change’ is obscene and has utterly corrupted climate science.  All the final products of this misguided research has to presume that CO2 is an Evil Gas and will roast us all to death so we have to stop it from breathing out of the Pacific Ocean where most of it comes from and resume Ice Age CO2 conditions which means reduction in plant growth. Since ‘scientists’ have to admit that plants adore CO2, it is their essential food after all…the new push is to make CO2 that increases plant growth appear evil. That is, it isn’t as good as stuff growing under CO2 starvation levels.  Of course, this stunts growth.

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Seinfeld and Maher, Jewish Jokers, Make Obscene Attack On US Students For Being PC

Fiddler On The Roof – If I Were A Rich Man [With Lyrics] – YouTube

‘Humor’ is a strange thing humans do, mostly we laugh at nasty stuff like people falling on ice, for example.  Most humor comes from feeling superior to the object of our amusement.  The other form of humor is by oppressed or poor or outside the tribe people making fun of either themselves or their rulers but behind the ruler’s backs so the humor has to be hidden from the elites.  Usually, this is done via ‘snark’ or ‘Double entendre‘ or ‘sly wit’.  ‘Fiddler on the roof‘ by Joe Stein (who I knew very well while in NYC) is a classic example of Jewish Shtetl wit which is how the persecuted Jews mocked the Russian rulers.


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Racism Is Very Real And Both Left And Right Indulge In Racism

Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 8.37.51 AM

Raft of the Medusa

Both the far left and far right are foaming at the mouth lately about many things including especially race issues.  Race issues interest me because so much confusion, hatred, double standards, lies and basic deceptions surrounds these issues.  I see in daily life in middle class communities perfectly fine race relations at work and at home.  The connubiality that exists since the Civil Rights Act was signed is significant and healthy.  But where there are bad race relations has to be examined and carefully understood for we stand on the brink of race relations collapse…in the Blue Collar lower working class.  And this has been caused by free trade.


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J. Crew Hunger Games: Executive Fired After Celebrating Firing Many Workers

How The Hunger Games Should Have Ended – YouTube


After firing 10% of the workers at the head office of J. Crew, four of the executive staff had a ‘Hunger Games’ party.  From 2010: The Cult Of J.Crew – Forbes


J.Crew was founded in 1983 by Arthur Cinader in the hopes of capitalizing on the success of The Official Preppy Handbook and Ralph Lauren .

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