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DOJ Will Now Go After CIA Spooks Who Tried Election Coup

New Department of Justice letter opens door to more investigations of DNC criminal actions against Trump during 1016 election:

The new DOJ letter also indicates that Durham may be looking into gutter oppo research firm Fusion GPS who hired former British spy Christopher Steele to compile a 35-page Russia dossier to smear Donald Trump and his associates.


The legal net is closing in on the Clinton campaign creeps.  About time.  They had to wait until the fake Mueller investigation ended to really dig in to the real crimes by the gang who tried to frame Trump.  This is why the DNC is screaming for impeaching Trump on no charges.  They have to yell very loud in order to hide the real news.  But the goddess of justice will nail these gangsters in the end.

Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible” Terms Censored


Now it has moved beyond apology to giving up altogether on the notion of publishing editorial cartoons.  Editor James Bennet explained the paper had planned for a year to cease running political cartoons in the international print version of the Times, in line with the U.S. edition.


Pinterest Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible” Terms Censored.  Yes, Google does this, too.  Religions and people the SJW gang don’t like are being listed as ‘pornography’ and thus, censored.


Zerohedge is on the list.  Liveaction.org is no longer hidden, it is now openly declared ‘censored’.  When they learned that they were being investigated by Project Veritas, they suddenly relisted Liveaction.  Everyone is now suing these clowns doing this disgusting work.


What is very annoying is how ‘Christianity’ is treated as if it is all about crimes, raping children (HAHAHA…the same leftists are OK with child rape!) and other crimes while Muslims and Jews are not dumped into the ‘porn’ blocks.  Censorship always ends up being a danger to life and limb.  Supposedly to protect us, the censors are nasty creeps out to harm us.


About censorship: the NYT is censoring itself.  Not its SJW creeps, not its fake news.  Nope.  They are going to have no more political cartoons!  HAHAHA.  Now funny stuff no more, bro!  Just straight forward lies.  NY Times won’t do any more anti-semetic cartoons via no more cartoons at all!!!

I hope the NYT censors itself to oblivion.  They are useless, they are liars, they are very creepy.



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Bilderberg Attacks On Trump And Putin Diplomacy Are Reckless Could Cause WWIII

Aren’t these Bilderberg murderous lunatics funny?  George H. W. Bush was the Director of Central Intelligence and committed many crimes as director.  All our CIA chiefs cheerfully committed many war crimes while solemnly saying they are saving people.  So, Hillary thinks that world leaders who also are spooks are evil?  HAHAHA.  This shows how insane our Real Rulers are.  The mainstream media thinks Putin is evil?  So, by their own definition, Bush Sr. is evil and I assure everyone, he certainly is evil.   Continue reading


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Senator Rand Paul Demands Answers At Hearings About CIA New Chief, Ms. Haspel

Earlier today, I sent the a letter inquiring about Ms. Haspel’s involvement or coordination in possible surveillance of then-candidate . I await a response.

Senator Rand Paul Sends Letter to CIA Inquiring About Haspel’s Involvement in Trump Campaign Surveillance


Haspel is a CIA woman who supervised torture of 9/11 men arrested overseas by the CIA.  The entire mess of 9/11 continues to amaze me.  The fact that bin Laden was kidnapped from his hideout then supposedly, with zero proof, thrown out of a helicopter into the ocean is typical of all events connected to 9/11.  I long ago knew that this was done so he could be decapitated and his skull handed over to the Bush/Cheney gang who then gave it to the Yale Skull and Bones coven.  So, Rand Paul who I like more and more as time passes, is raising objections to Haspel’s CIA promotion and look: it is due to her and her gang spying on Trump, of all things!


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Many Democratic CIA Agents Running For Congress So They Can Reopen Borders To Alien Invaders

Tucker: Dems care more about murderous illegals than you – YouTube


The DNC voter base is increasingly criminal gangs and illegal aliens.  This is a huge ‘voter base’ now and these law breakers want to have in power people who don’t believe in the Rule of Law.  Note that cities where a large number of criminals live, vote uniformly for less law and order. These cities are dying because of this flood of DNC voters who are totally illegal.  The DNC is now openly conspiring with foreign criminals to release them back into our country so the Federal Government won’t know where they are.  This is treason. Pure, unadulterated treason.

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Kim.com Releases More DNC Leak Information, Suzie Dawson Goes Silent


Time to dive into the murky world of international individuals using computers to reveal information we are not supposed to access, namely, Wikileaks and all the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and other entities. Kim Dotcom is now suing the government for his violent arrest this last month and now Suzie Dawson has gone underground and there is some confusion as to what is going on in New Zealand. I decided to post the entire story today just so it exists on alternative platforms due to the Real Rulers being quite pissed off at Kim and others like him.

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Mueller Inditement of Russian Bot Farmers Came From Silly Online News Story

Mainstream media goes nuts over more ‘Russia is evil’ news put out by the DNC gang and Mueller.  They are seriously unhinged now.  Ignoring the information that the nefarious gang of Ruskie kids playing games with our news by posting stories on Facebook, the NYT is pretending this was all on behalf of Trump but the facts are, half of their trolling fun was against Trump and demanding he be impeached so I think the NYT is a Russian Troll operation since they push this agenda, too.  Arrest them all, I say, in a joking way.

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Former CIA Counterterror Clown Mudd Clearly Calls For Coup Against Trump

Mr. Mudd has an appropriate T shirt for sale, ‘I am a proud SHITHOLER’.  HAHAHA.  Yes, he is.  His biography is laced with war crimes, working for international gangs especially the Bilderberg gang, he is on all ‘liberal’ communication systems and his skill set is all about overthrowing governments, invading countries and lying at the UN and other war crimes.  He is total CIA corruption and should be put in prison and hopefully, after threatening a coup against Trump yesterday, he will be arrested and charged with treason.

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