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Congress Wants ONLY China To Stop FOREX Hold Dollars

One of the funniest things on earth is watching the US Congress struggle to fix the economy.  Of course, being thoroughly corrupted both by domestic bribes and foreign funny money, Congress can’t fix what is wrong nor educate itself or the public in what is working and what isn’t working.  What isn’t working is now painfully obvious: the floating fiat currency/free trade/perpetual war machine is totally broken.  But what has the greatest support in Congress?  Why, floating the currency, more free trade deals and of course many more wars and assassinations. Continue reading


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Creditor Nations Asked To Save Reckless Debtor Nations

As the above graph shows, the US is slowly sinking into lower and lower status and China is moving much more rapidly upwards.  True, China has had a rash of train and subway accidents lately.  This is the side effect of an immense expansion in transportation systems.  The US simply is letting these systems rot away, almost all of which is old and slow and in desperate need of replacement.  China’s fast trains crash.  The US trains crawl along at substandard speeds so crashes don’t do much, mostly, the trains simply don’t run on time…ever!  This is true in banking and industry: China is growing, the US is rotting away.  The only fast moving thing here is the stock and commodity trading speeds which are at light speed and which crash all the time! Continue reading


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People Love Warm And Dry, Not Cold And Wet

One of the  most difficult tasks set up for the global warming/climate change (sic) movement is the concept of humans needing to be scared of warmer weather.  True, people on isolated islands or on lands built on former swamps or living right on top of the very edge of the oceans are worried about oceans rising or falling.  But we know from several recent tsunami events, the true catastrophes that hit people via flooding is actually land subsidence due to earthquakes coupled with deep underwater landscape shifts.  Today, in Britain, is what we call ‘good news’: it is going to finally get warm there, this week! Continue reading


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Saudi Women Gain Vote But Also Get Beaten For Driving Cars

One of the weirdest things in our diplomacy relations with the world is our relationship with Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Israel is a vicious racist state and Saudi Arabia is a vicious feminist hell-hole.  Both are totally contrary to our own civil rights laws and our supposed belief systems.  Yet both police states are our very best friends in the Middle East, bar none.  We dote on and arm both states and nary say a peep no matter how brutal, vicious or inhuman they are.   Continue reading


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Wall Street And Government Filled With Psychopaths

The EU confederation crisis is in the news a great deal with interests me because just three years ago, the euro was the strongest currency on earth and Europeans were celebrating being the collective #1 economy on earth.  It still is!  But is in collapse exactly for the same reasons the US and Japan are also collapsing: the credit bubble coupled with wild derivative trading on Wall Street and London as well as the bank havens like Switzerland, etc.  This, in turn, is pulling down governments.  Japan reels from the effects with no Prime Minister lasting even a few months, now.



First, a funky news story from England which is supposedly one of the most sophisticated banking/stockmarket centers on earth.  Seems that with this reputation, the average British reporter is clueless?  Here is one hilarious story showing some serious naivety:  Trader Alessio Rastani To BBC: ‘Governments Don’t Rule The World, Goldman Sachs Rules The World’: Continue reading


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Wall Street Billionaire Bloomberg Brutalizes Innocent Citizens

The man who maliciously and coldly pepper sprayed a group of young ladies in Manhattan has been identified as Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, a man with a very bad reputation when it comes to violating the civil rights of peaceful demonstrators.  We all call on Mayor Bloomberg to denounce this man’s activities and reassign him to some place more appropriate like patrolling for dog poop in Central Park. Continue reading


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US Zionist Diplomacy Turned Turkey And Pakistan Into Enemies

I was rather astonished but at the same time, not all too surprised to see a story about the Prime Minister of Turkey being assaulted by a UN guard right before he was to speak at the Assembly there last week.  The US/Turkish relations, like the US/Pakistani relations, is on the rocks these days mainly due to Zionism and US support of terrorist groups, many of whom end up biting us in the ass in the long run.  But then, it may well be, Zionists want this to happen since it keeps the many wars at full broil which is why Bush studiously ignored warnings about Atta and his 9/11 group. Continue reading


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