Circuit Court Forbids Presidential Appointments During Recess

For many years, GOP Presidents have put into courts many ‘conservative’ judges who in turn, have worked as activists to overrun the Presidential and Congressional processes.  This is how the right wingers on the Supreme Court suddenly and flippantly overturned all campaign finance reforms.  Now, they are gleefully preventing the President from assigning people to positions when the Congress refuses to OK his choices.


This ruling flies in the face of 50 years of Presidential actions, a great deal of these appointments were done by Republican Presidents:  Court says Obama exceeded authority in making appointments – The Washington Post


The work of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau could also be in jeopardy because the law requires the agency to have a director in place before it can exercise its power to write regulations and enforce them….
“There will be lots of lawsuits, lots of uncertainty about what the rules of the road are, and lots of taxpayer money wasted on things that potentially turn out to be invalid,” said Andrew J. Pincus, an attorney who represents the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


The GOP Senators have made great use of the filibuster to prevent anyone from running anything concerning labor or regulating banks.  Or women’s healthcare, for that matter.  We have a severely divided government right now…NOT.


Yes, this is divisions within but whenever the subject is foreign powers wanting us to do things, our Congress is totally united to the point, they can overturn Presidential vetoes.  And Obama knows this which is why he has to support criminal actions by Israel, for example.  He cannot stop doing this or he would be impeached by his own party.


Our nation is divided internally not just because we hate each other…and we really hate each other very, very much…but because our political parties want us very divided and emotional about this.  While both parties serve the same masters who are not interested in our happiness, survival or anything.  These alien powers need to have us hate each other because then they can easily use our Congress for themselves and this have our ‘divided’ Congress vote time and again at 98%  yes votes, to give them money and power and to drive us into endless wars.


So we will see even worse conditions here at home as our courts join in this curious game of anarchy disguised as democracy.  The War on Women is also continuing as the GOP gets increasingly nasty:  John Boehner: Ending Abortion Is ‘One Of Our Most Fundamental Goals This Year’


Step one, he said, is making permanent the Hyde Amendment, which prevents federal dollars from being used to pay for abortions except in cases of rape or incest.


And who needs government money for abortions?  Poor women.  Teen moms.  And what happens if they have children?  They go on welfare!  Which the GOP wants to cut, too.  This isn’t due to the GOP showing even slight interest in fetuses or babies.  We may even surmise, they hate babies.  What this does is divide the nation.  The half that wants to force raped women to have babies is hysterically against those of us who think this is nobody’s business what a woman chooses to do with her fetus.


This keeps people from voting together on issues that matter to everyone.  A divided nation makes the owners of Congress stronger, the guys who use billions to bribe or control politicians thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that ended campaign controls.  The GOP still claims they don’t want to outlaw abortion in the case of rape Except the GOP right wing wants very much to make abortion in the case of rape and incest illegal, too!

Carolyn Brown's punish the raped girls bill


Ms. Brown seems to be backtracking on this odious attempt at forcing raped women to carry babies to term.  The inherent cruelty of this is obvious to anyone who isn’t a Christian throwing stones at raped women, calling them whores.  We see in Muslim lands, women being murdered by their own families when raped.


When girls were raped in the 1950’s, they were punished.  I know this from harsh reality.  I was raped and then everyone pretended I was a poisoned child and people even refused to let their own children go near me!  And I was under 8 years old!  It was insane and when I became an adult at 16, I fought hard to change the rape rules thanks to the Civil Rights Act.


Which the GOP hates.


Now, on to guns and what is going wrong with the middle and upper classes.  People are up in arms over the idea they can’t use fast-firing guns to ‘protect’ themselves.  The crime world in the third-world like inner cities is frightful.  There is way too much crime and most of the young men there have no jobs so they are drug dealers.


Many of their customers are suburban.  Suburban America is frightened and heavily armed now as our economic condition continues to be divided with the rich doing better all the time and the poor doing worse.  But are the suburban whites really safe?  WHO IS KILLING THEM?  Here is yet another example of how insanity and uncertainty and a loss of focus is ravaging white suburbia as badly as the inner cities:  Jake Evans: How teen killed his mother and sister after Halloween remake left him inspired and ‘amazed’ to murder his family | Mail Online


Though Evans is not known to have been suffering from any mental illness at the time, he writes that after the shooting, ‘in shock I ran into my room and screamed at the top of my lungs that I am really messed up and that I killed my mom and sister’.


He heard noises and realized his sister was still alive.


‘As I emptied the shells on my bed, I heard noizes (sic) and realized that Mallory was still alive.


‘While I loaded the gun back up, I was shouting that I was sorry and then ran as fast as I could to kill her. I made sure my mom was dead and shot her again in the head.’

Wealthy home of Texas mass family murder boy


This boy is identical to the other mass killers this last few years.  His parents are or were born-again Christians.  They home schooled their boy.  This mainly meant letting him live in the basement playing violent computer games and watching violent movies.


Hollywood and the game industry produce a lot of violent entertainment because we want to be very violent and we are very scared and we want to think if only we could butcher everyone, we will be free from fear and free from danger.  These fantasies are played out in elaborate form with lots of gratuitous sadism in our entertainment forms.


The boy in the above story wanted to go to his grandparent’s home and kill everyone there and then go off to do this to other people who knew him.  But he stopped and confined his mass murder actions to his immediate family.  This is not an unusual case.  This is basically a template for modern, white America.


The ghetto children all aspire to be gangstas.  They want to flash money, drive fast cars and have lots of sex and children out of wedlock.  And then die in a hail of bullets because you can’t be an old gangsta.  White males are now aspiring to be movie monsters.  And go down in a hail of bullets. Which would bounce off of them because they are the Terminator.


The Terminator was put in power in California.  He was wildly popular with younger voters.  He is tough and heartless.  And what are we becoming today?


As Congress pushes anarchy further, as both parties hide their true alliances, they are all for one and one for all when it comes to international tricks!  They all support free trade!  They all support Israel!  They all support keeping troops in nearly every country on earth!  They all support a powerful Pentagon!


What do we support?  Do middle class suburbanites imagine they will shoot Federal agents coming for them in their armed redoubts in the countryside?  Good grief, talk about demented!  Why aren’t they mad about Congress being united behind Israel while divide here?sunset borger

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31 responses to “Circuit Court Forbids Presidential Appointments During Recess

  1. Being There

    Great post today. I keep saying the elite are giants without nations and the little folk are stuck in the mire and disaster that is the declining sovereign states. The former industrial nations are being picked apart for their wealth while the folks at Davos imagine themselves to be the gods on Mt. Olympus.
    But alas, they are only human and we shall see them fall to earth without parachutes someday, and I hhopeit will be soon.

  2. Being There

    Sorry abut the typos–can’t be fixed

  3. Christian W

    I agree, important post today.

  4. Do these parents ever wonder how a kid can be socialized with other teens if they stay at home all day?
    We will probably find out he was on some sort of approved Big pharma drug .

  5. ;arry, dfh

    The court ruled that congress wan not officially in recess, so a recess appointment was not permissible. That’s pretty cut-and-dry, pretty devoid of ideology. As for the filibusters, there haven’t been any. There are only threats to filibuster, and these threats arte honored as part of the pas de deux between the two parties. The filibuster protects minority rights, from the ‘tyranny of the majority’. The senate leadership honors these filibuster threats to give the appearance of helplessness because if filibusters were actually enforced, then the affected legislation would eventually have to voted on, as the threats are truly hot air. It’s all a charade to appear helpless, while regularly fleecing the voters.

  6. DeVaul

    Off topic, but I still love this headline from RT:

    Iran Responds to EU Sanctions on Oil and Gas… by Implementing Oil and Gas Sanctions

    Elaine was right. Europe blew its toes of with a shotgun and the Persians simply joined in for the fun.

  7. floridasandy

    this president shouldn’t be allowed to do another dam* thing.

    i see we have immigration reform on the horizon-and that should open up the floodgates.

    you think americans aren’t struggling now?

  8. floridasandy

    no wonder they want our guns.

    oh, and egypt’s unhinged- we had some great foreign policy there.

  9. larry, dfh

    Gleaned from one of our Hostesses former stomping grounds:

    A proposal
    to grant instant green-cards to ‘advanced’ degree recipients in ‘tech.’ fields. Universities, being the ultimate whores, see this as a way to get taxpayer support to deny citizens reduced tuition in lieu of getting higher-priced foreign tuition. Guaranteed green-card. This will totally fuck those few Merkins who still have any job potential.

  10. DeVaul

    “oh, and egypt’s unhinged- we had some great foreign policy there.”

    That’s right, Sandy. We lost control of one of the provinces of the empire. That must really piss you off. Prepare for more of the same.

    The die is cast in Egypt, as it was in America when Abraham Lincoln was elected president. The culmination of a decade of political debate in a victory for a man allied with the main anti-slavery party was the last straw for the South — just as the election of a man allied with the Muslim Brotherhood will be the last straw for those who profited under Mubarak.

    Egypt has only one future now — civil war. The two main contenders for power are incompatible with each other: religious law or banker law.

    Totally incompatible.

  11. Christian W

    While waiting for today’s post from Our Lady on the Mountain 🙂 , you can watch this interesting speech by Belgian MP. He quite clearly reveals the motives behind France’s and NATO’s invasion of Mali and other operations in North Africa and the ME.

  12. Lucky13

    off topic….I am listening to late nite AM Radio:
    here goes:

    How To Pray For A Financial Miracle: James L Paris: …

    ‘this is real prayer’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. DeVaul

    Here is a photo of Hillary smiling while holding a model of a drone:

    This is straight out of a Star Wars episode. They are truly insane.

    We have zoomed past the nightmarish Bush years of total war and are back at the beginning with Ronald Reagon’s star war’s madness and invading tiny remote countries that just a month ago 95% of Americans never knew existed and even now cannot point them out on a map.

    Like Reagon, the doormat in the White House just smiles and tells us all how to feel good about America while blood flows in rivers outside the photo-ops.

    It’s an amazing kind of deja-vu.

  14. Lucky13

    Christian W..It is in French..what is he saying?

  15. Christian W

    There are subtitles in English. Press the cc button. He is saying that the French/US/NATO/EU are basically running the errands of the big corporations, ike the French giant Areva (nuclear power)). The invasion of Mali is about uranium and gold mines and it’s ridiculous to pretend to be against ‘islamists’ in deeper Africa while simultaneously supporting them in Libya and Syria and elsewhere. Mostly it is interesting to hear a politician say the truth, even if his party has only one representative (himself) in the Belgian parliament.

  16. DeVaul

    I knew it had to be about resources. That natural gas field and the huge desert had no meaning to our leaders. No mention of gold or uranium here in America or on RT. I found that strange.

    Neo-colonialism is just a code word for “corporate ownership of our entire military and the Nato alliance”.

    Obama smiles as nicely as Reagan did, and every small farmer in America went bankrupt under Reagan. He did nothing and Obama will do nothing while everyone goes bankrupt from medical bills and banking swindles.

    We are “back to the future”!

  17. Paul S

    “Universities, being the ultimate whores, see this as a way to get taxpayer support….” Yes, Universities most certainly ARE whores. They are one big political pork barrel. It’s amazing to me that year after year, Universities can get taxpayer funding well above the inflation rate.This during a time of serious budget restraints for everyone else, including city and county budgets. To say nothing of the fact that the ONLY thing Universities produce today are unemployed graduates with massive student loan debt. Universities are one big political payoff system. Politicians pay off their staff and other “friends” by getting them employed in super cushy, well paying jobs at places like Universities. They are lucky I’m not in charge. If it were up to me, Universities would have to justify their existence. Prove they are contributing to the general welfare of the state/country. If they can’t, they get their taxpayer support slashed–to the bone. Let the corporations pay for their OWN R and D.

  18. Eric Blood Axe

    Obama has the right to murder any one , including americans, all he has to do is bop a couple of the most recalcitran judges, and the rest wwill fall into line.

  19. emsnews

    Dear readers: I went to NYC to visit my grandson. I came home to see the news that a new virus was running rampant in NYC.

    To make a long story short: this is not any HN virus. It has no vaccinations, either. Ever since I nearly died of the Hong Kong flu, whenever I get any viral infection it immediately becomes bronchitis and then pneumonia.

    Well, I have been running a fever and coughing up nasty stuff from my lungs which made it impossible to type or do anything sane. I am now on the recovery side of the disease, I hope.

    The main problem with this side disease caused by a virus is, you cannot sleep for more than two hours, max. So on top of everything, I am sleep-deprived. Yuck.

    I hope to be in full recovery starting tomorrow but still have a nightly fever which is why I am up in the middle of the night, typing this. It is impossible to stay in bed when sweat is pouring off the body. Yuck, again.

    I hope NO ONE gets this stupid disease. It is a potential killer as I can attest even though I am struggling through it more or less intact.

  20. tio

    Get well soon! All the usual, drink plenty of fluids (honey and lemon tea :D) and if the chest infection doesn’t clear up soon get some attention ok? As a side bar, did anyone else notice that viruses have been more persistent these last few years?

  21. Christian W

    Get well Elaine 🙂 I’m beginning to dread prolonged silences on the blog as it usually means some kind of medical emergency or illness.

  22. DeVaul

    Glad to hear you are ok. I figured something bad had happened.

    My family has been racked by viruses, but I don’t seem to get them much anymore despite my weakened immune system. All I know is that I take an herb called ecchinacea three times a day and it seems to prevent serious illness, but I don’t know that for sure. One person has to be ok to take care of all the others.

    My boss calls me a “carrier” and blames me for all his sicknesses.

  23. DeVaul

    Here is a photo of Beijing, which now looks like NYC did 110 years ago. Just substitute the freeway for the “El” (elevated railway that ran down the middle of most NYC streets), which burped ashes and hot cinders onto pedestrians below and squirt dirty oil onto nice business suits and hats.

    The Chinese may have read about empires, but they did not read much about the consequences of unregulated mineral exploitation and consumption, so they are learning the hard way. I would not want to live there just because of the atmosphere.

    Americans are insane, but at least the forests are not. I hope they survive.

  24. larry, dfh

    Please recover your health quickly!

  25. tio

    A fat finger of whiskey in your lemon and honey tea before bed can help your chest, although I do not recommend this as a life style choice. *ahem*


    Best Luck

  27. emsnews

    I was on the road to death until a few hours ago.

    Had to have my lungs X-rayed and yes, I have full blown pneumonia. If I try to breathe deeply, I choke and can’t get any oxygen and then pass out.

    But already the medications are working and after breathing oxygen from a tank at the hospital, I can sort of function, at least, I am not choking and gasping for air!

    This was truly scary stuff. I usually am not sick! Yikes.

  28. John

    Glad you are on the mend.

  29. Lucky13

    January 30, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Here is a photo of Beijing, which now looks like NYC did 110 years ago.

    The photo did not appear. However you can ‘image search’ Chinas most polluted cities.

  30. DeVaul


    I just tried the link from here. It goes to RT and shows several photos.

    Try it again. If it does not work, it might be a browser problem. My Mac at home will sometimes not display webpages correctly or the same way as my work computer (PC).

    I forgot to add that foreign dignitaries visiting New York would refer to it as a “nasal disaster”. Of course, back then they did not have the little white face masks like we do. I guess they used their handkerchiefs.

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