Satanic Ritual Skull And Bones To Be Sold By Christie’s

To my total shock, Christies just announced they will auction off the official Skull and Bones first set of human remains used for their various black magic ceremonies.  For many years I have called upon Yale to open up the Skull and Bones crypt/frat house and confiscate all the black magic human skulls and bones used there by these young elites.  I demanded an investigation as to how these frat rats got these human remains.  The top echelons of our government, since 1840, have come out of this coven.  The coven uses ‘magic numbers’ which are all part of our culture, it being totally insidious and all over the place.

This business directly involves myself for I descended from one of the founders of the Skull and Bones.  One day, about 10 years ago, I learned from a reporter for the now-defunct NY Observer that he had gotten the membership list of the Skull and Bones.  I told him in the past that one of my ancestors was a founder of this group so he wanted me to know that I was correct, the names matched the one I gave him.  The Apaches, through Mr. McDonald, had contacted me to ‘see’ if the Skull and Bones fraternity had Geronimo’s skull because I was connected in a dim way, to the Skull and Bones.


A SKULL-AND-BONES BALLOT BOX | AMERICAN, 19TH CENTURY | American Furniture & Decorative Arts Auction | All other categories of objects, box/case | Christie’s

Pre-Lot Text



Lot Notes

Founded in 1832 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, Skull and Bones is thought by many to be one of the oldest and most prestigious secret societies in the United States. The symbolism of the skull and cross bones is synonymous with this group as its name is derived from the symbol itself. The present lot, with hinged flap on top of the skull was said to have been used as a ballot box during society meetings or displayed in the Society’s headquarters at 64 High Street in New Haven. The inscription on the right cross bone Thor could be a name which would have been assigned to a member upon induction. Accompanied by approximately 50 photographs of society members and a small black book inscribed with names (which were published until 1971), the present lot provides a rare glimpse into the society which has been linked to many influential figures and leaders at Yale University and in this country.


Department Information


The human mind is always rational and irrational at the same time. There are many levels to our brains thanks to evolution. That is, our brains have had many layers added on over the eons beginning from back when our ancestors were organisms that could only tell light from dark and warm from cold. Each evolutionary layer is always in action, at various levels of activity and about 90% of our brain’s activities are totally hidden from the top layer of the brain, the part that does our ‘cognitive’ thinking. That is, the parts of the brain we can seem to direct via ‘thinking’.


We think we can think therefore we exist. That is, the ‘thinking’ part of the brain is our being. According to philosophers in the past. They, being very fond of their conscious minds. The conceit that we humans control our own brains was an idea long held dear by many philosophers and religious leaders. But the darker, older parts of the brain which we call the unconscious, has a much bigger role in how we feel and interact with reality than we want to believe. Everyone loves to think they are rational even when they are acting totally ‘insane’.


The frail veil between sanity and insanity is easily rent. Any strong emotion can shred it to ribbons. Looking at humans from an inhuman level of rationality, it is obvious that humans are totally at the mercy of the innermost, most ancient and darkest parts of their own brains and the veil between sanity and insanity is an illusion put up by humans to protect themselves from their own emotional turmoil.


One of the most astonishing things I find, is how people can ignore reality. One of my favorite and ugliest examples is how the Born Again Christians who want the Apocalypse to come and save them, how they all clung to the Bush clan to save them all from the Antichrist. This personage is amusing to me since the Bible, itself, explains that the Antichrist would be the exact opposite of Jesus and will be adored by believers who are delusional.


All my life, being forced to live (briefly, in my youth) with Born Again Christians, always considered them to be totally insane and full of disturbing contradictory believes and systems analysis. Bush Jr. brought all of these to the fore. As the Christians clung ever-harder to this black magic practitioner, the more they seemed to be working towards creating the Apocalypse with them being the Devils working with Satan.


I was very amused by the fact that they clung to a Skull and Bones magician whose own granduncle stole Geronimo’s skull. Here is a past story I did some years ago about this matter: Culture of Life Breaking News: <big>SKULLDUGGERY</big>

One thing I do know is that the Skull and Bones isn’t a mere fraternity that plays pranks like using a crypt for a meeting hall or kissing skulls they steal from graves of prominent people like Geronimo and chant to devils. They are a religion. And like all religions, they believe things about their god and themselves.

Since their god is the Devil that is Death, this pretty much sums up what they are and where they will take us all if we are dumb enough to follow them. It matters little to myself, I have no pet beliefs in any one god so I can deal with them in my own way.


But their followers, the easily duped Christian community, they are in woefull trouble. When I was a child, I pestered the pastor over dumb things like, “Why would the Christians follow the antichrist? Wouldn’t they be able to see he is the exact opposite, an executioner rather then one executed, just for example?” He would assure me that no one would be so foolish.

Well, the Fool (in Tarot, the Fool is hanging upside down) rules.

And this really worries me because it is so painfully obvious that the Skull and Bones are conspiring with each other and pulling us hither and yon, playing tricks on us, laughing at our dupery, grasping and stealing us blind, all while assuring us with a straight face that they are all Christians.


The Skull and Bones love magic numbers and these play a very big role in their ‘magic spells.’  911 was chosen to be our emergency number thanks to Skull and Bones members creating this system wanting this to be the number.  The High Holy Day in the Skull and Bones happens to be April 15th, too. And guess what is the deadline for our taxes?  There is no rational reason to have that same day.  It does not fit in the economic calendar at all.  It is totally arbitrary.


The nature of being arbitrary while using magic numbers as the basis of setting up systems is classic black magic.  That is, it has to, by nature, be contradictory in order to be part of what I call The Outer Darkness. That is, things should be exact opposites while going ‘widdershins’.  Widdershins is a neat word.  It comes from ‘counterclockwise’.  It is ‘left’ rather than ‘right’.  The very first written use of this word was ‘widdersyns start my hair, i.e my hair stood on end,’ used in 1513.  Two things cause one’s hair to ‘stand on end’: fear and lightning.  Going widdershins is supposed to be the way to enter magical lands and anti-realist places.  It is, in itself, magical.  Humans get emotional distress if they do things backwards.


For example, all ancient shaman would wear things backwards, walk backwards, talk backwards, etc. while invoking the spirit world. Widdershins has some very disturbing and interesting information about all of this:

It was considered unlucky in former times in Britain to travel in an anticlockwise (because anti sun wise) direction around a church and a number of folk myths make reference to this superstition, e.g. Childe Rowland, where the protagonist and his sister are transported to Elfland after his sister runs widdershins round a church. There is also a reference to this in Dorothy Sayers‘s novels The Nine Tailors (chapter entitled The Second Course; “He turned to his right, knowing that it is unlucky to walk about a church widdershins, …”) and Clouds of Witness (“True, O King, and as this isn’t a church, there’s no harm in going round it widdershins”).


In the mythology of the North Yorkshire Moors (NE England)it is believed that if you dance nine times widdershins around a fairy ring of toadstools you will come under the power of the fairy people. The story of Fairy Cross Plain (Fyup Dale) chronicles the fate of a young boy (Thomas Skelderskew) who did just that and suffered the consequences.


In contrast, in Judaism circles are sometimes walked anticlockwise. For example: when a bride circles her groom seven times before marriage, when dancing around the bimah during Simchat Torah (or when dancing in a circle at any time), or when the Torah is brought out of the Ark (Ark is approached from the right, and left from the left).


This has its origins in the Beis Hamikdash, where in order not to get in each others way, the Priests would walk around the Altar anticlockwise while performing their duties. When entering the Beis Hamikdash the people would enter by one gate, and leave by another. The resulting direction of motion was anticlockwise.


In the Eastern Orthodox Church, however, it is normal for processions around a church to go widdershins.


The Bönpo in the Northern Hemisphere traditionally circumambulate (generally) in a counter-clockwise and ‘widdershins’ direction, that is a direction that runs counter to the apparent movement of the Sun within the sky from the vantage of ground. This runs counter to the prevalent directionality of Buddhism (in general) and orthodox Hinduism, from which Buddhism seceded. This is in keeping with the aspect and directionality of the ‘Sauvastika‘ (Tibetan: yung-drung), sacred to the Bönpo. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Bonpo practitioner is required to elect whether the directionality of ‘counter-clockwise’ (deosil in the Southern Hemisphere) or running-counter to the direction of the Sun (widdershins in the Southern Hemisphere) is the key intention of the tradition. The resolution to this conundrum is left open to the practitioner, their ‘intuitive insight’ (Sanskrit: prajna) and their tradition.


Religions are magic spells so it is no shock to me seeing many use ‘widdershin’ actions while performing magic spells.  Religions hate being told that they are simply practicing magic of various sorts even though many of them have many connections to using death images and death symbols.  When I try to explain that most modern religions are very much death cults, people get mad at me.  For one of the top delusions humans can hold is to believe that what they believe is something it is not at all.  That is, we think ‘widdershins’ by nature.  We can’t possibly ‘think straight’ at all because of the maze of our own minds prevents this.


Below is an example of ‘widdershins magical thinking’ from my own blog, several years ago:  Culture of Life Breaking News: <big>SOVIET AMERICA FACES BANKRUPTCY</big>

Here is the logo of one Israeli company that is in cahoots with the neo cons. They “train” Americans to fight Muslims. Note the vast success of our joint venture. Not.


Note the logo. Typical of neo cons, they know they are pure evil. Black background. An American eagle, in reverse colors so The white head and tail feathers are black, for example. They let us know this is a widdershins act by putting the black tail within the white triangle so you know this is not due to the eagle overflowing the white triangle, it is reversal at work.


The bat/demon hiding behind this American eagle? Hahaha. And people think we shouldn’t worry about black magic people who have infested the Skull and Bones government of the New World Order? Take a good look. Is this a sane logo for a defense company?


I can’t click and drag the long list of American clients. All are involved in defending America. But none are defending us. They are being trained by Israelis connected with the large group of dual citizens who have taken over the Pentagon and are in cahoots with Bush…who plans to send them off the cliff at the right moment, tagging them as traitors. The Nazi dream come true. Lured by money, conspiring with people whose family has a history of supporting Hitler for crying out loud, the neo cons who are Jewish have gotten themselves into a bear trap they can’t get out of. Dependent on America for their wealth, needing to shift as many American jobs to their homeland as possible, conspiring with the owners of the media to do this, all is exactly what the right wingers who are anti Jewish desire.


The Skull and Bones aren’t the only black magic organizations that are using the nation as a tool.  As we can see, many organizations are being used in this fashion.  The above example is just one of many.  The thing about the Skull and Bones is how old it is, how powerful a role it has played in the history of our own nation and how it calls upon Thor.  This is most important to me.  I am glad I can now see the actual bones for once and it is no shock to me to see that ‘Thor’ is written on the thigh bone.


The man who carved ‘THOR’ onto this thigh was most likely my ancestor.  For this thing is used to invoke the God of Lightning.  And I have had to deal with this god all my life.  The previous holder of ‘hit by lightning’ committed suicide about six years ago and so I have the joy of being that record holder.  It seems that lightning and I have a long attraction to each other, and I joke with my family, that if I want to exit life, the best method would be to stand outside in a storm.


The magic number 9 is part of Thor.  One of the founding members of the Skull and Bones went to school in Germany (as I did in the past) and picked up on the revival of the worship of Thor that was growing out of the Romantic Movement which was beginning to grip Europe in the early 19th century.  This was joined up with a rich heritage in the Hudson Valley lore of witchcraft.  Few Americans are aware that many ‘witches’ fled Europe’s witch hunts and moved into the Hudson Valley, since the witch hunts jumped over to New England, the people who did widdershins operations moved deeper inland and found shelter in the Van Rensselaer landholdings.  Indeed, the first agent of the Van Renssaelaer family was one of my ancestors who built the first Van Rennsalaer house in Albany, NY.


A number of Hudson Valley families very much supported keeping church and state separate for personal reasons since they were very aware of the need to keep religious leaders at bay so they couldn’t persecute witches.  Odd as that may sound.  The horror here is, all church leaders are ‘witches’.  And all religions are practicing ‘black magic’ by definition.  The Catholic worship of the bones of ‘saints’ is just one primary and obvious example of this.  The entire concept of bones being not only sacred but also keys for entry into the Cave of Wealth and Death is extremely ancient, perhaps, as old as the last Ice Age.


We ask ourselves, why do humans bury bones?  And even more: why do we dig them up again?  The market in ‘magic bones’ in Medieval Europe was astonishing, it was a greater business than any other form of trade, in monetary value per ounce.  Greater profits compared to selling spices!  For example, look at this Christies sale of this skull and bones used for US ruling elite magic spells: they expect to get at least $20,000 for it in a bad art market!  I am betting, it will go for more since every satanist on earth will lust for this iconic and creepy thing!


I also find it most odd as to who had this thing and is now coughing it up.  No Skull and Bonesman would do this voluntarily.  Only if there was some collapse within the organization over this issue coupled with deep financial problems with the person holding this skull, did this finally get on the world’s stage, out in the open.  The lack of information here is significant: the practitioners of this coven don’t like publicity.  I remember when the first stories came out as to exactly what the Skull and Bones do on tax day: they denied everything, totally.  They claimed the reporter for the Observer made everything up.


Not only that, a Skull and Bones member approached me to tell me that I was delusional, they are totally innocent about things and the name had nothing to do with holding any bones or doing any lightning-related rituals.  When Senator Kerry was asked about the Skull and Bones, he laughed it off as a joke. Bush Jr, when asked, claimed he didn’t know it even still existed.  But reporters discovered the very first people he invited into the White House was the Skull and Bones.  Yale steadfastly refused to open the crypt and this was no surprise: the presidents of Yale are usually Skull and Bones, themselves.


Daily News: The Saddam Hanging Is A Skull And Bones Magic Ritual: this is an old story I did years ago where I mention that certain people are hung by Skull and Bones believers.  Saddam had to be HUNG.  Just as certain Nazis were HUNG.  Hanging hasn’t been the only form of execution and in modern times, it certainly is rarer and rarer….except when connected to magical rituals, for example.  So I decided the botched hanging of Saddam (it went very badly) had to be done to satisfy the ritual needs of the coven running the White House.


Here is the video of the young student who was tasered for asking Kerry about his involvement in the Skull and Bones as well as the Bilderberger gang and other secret elite covens:  « The Persecution Of Dr. Finkelstein, Son Of Holocaust Survivors

We are not allowed to directly question the coven about its activities nor do the news services cover this issue very much at all.

Yale Skull and Bones Auctioned at Christie’s

The Epoch Times – Jack Phillips – ‎10 hours ago‎
Christie’s estimates that the items will sell for between $10000 and $20000 at a Jan. 22 auction. The hinged skull was used as a ballot box by members of 
SkullBones SellsSkull Hartford Courant (blog)


Hardly any news about this sale!  See?  Certainly, no uproar about black magic at Yale nor any demands that this skull be properly returned to the darkness of the Earth and left there to have a natural ‘death’.  But then, our museums are filled with skeletons!  Maybe we could put this in the Smithsonian Institute and have information about Presidents and Black Magic?  HAHAHA.  Lightning will strike before this happens!


The thing is, why isn’t the Daily News or NYT or WP reporting this story?  Eh?  Of course not. Silence is golden.


Hokum or hope therapy? A sceptic seeks spiritual guidance from the modern-day mediums – This Britain, UK – The Independent

It’s just another day at Mind Body Soul – one of the UK’s largest psychic-fests, where Scientologists vie for position with holistic nudists, Himalayan salt lamp peddlers, and enough healing crystals to stop the swine flu epidemic dead in its tracks. With an aura of spiritual energy fizzing like the aurora borealis, this carnival of new age hokum and quasi-scientific mumbo jumbo demonstrates that even in credit crunch Britain, while most of us have to forego the second (or even first) holiday, there are still people willing to invest in a new ‘radionic chi generator’.


This January more people than ever in the UK will be trying to look into the future, using astrology charts and, increasingly, the services of a psychic. For a fee, your friendly neighbourhood medium will channel the metaphysical energy of the universe, tell you what’s wrong with your life, and even throw in some departed relatives and a few predictions. As an industry, psychics are now worth over £40m a year. There is no ignoring the fact that they are no longer a fringe community.


Even as the media will report all sorts of ‘magical’ stuff and talks about it and as more and more people seek alternative magic to replace the mainstream magic, this skull story is verboten!  And this is because it opens the crypt door to this dark innermost cellar in the deep dark earth: the Cave of Wealth and Death.  Our rulers are satanists.

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33 responses to “Satanic Ritual Skull And Bones To Be Sold By Christie’s

  1. melponeme_k

    ” Few Americans are aware that many ‘witches’ fled Europe’s witch hunts and moved into the Hudson Valley, since the witch hunts jumped over to New England, the people who did widdershins operations moved deeper inland and found shelter in the Van Rensselaer landholdings.”

    Thanks Elaine. That put the last piece of the puzzle I had about “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Now I know what Irving was going on about. Although he never said it outright.

    You are right about major religions being old death cults. After leaving Catholicism, I went to mass for a family event. And the whole mass was about blood, and drinking blood. With everyone mindlessly chanting for blood. I couldn’t believe how barbaric it was and that once I was one of the crowd.

    The skull and bones is also an Alchemical symbol. The left over remains after the subject passes through nigredo. I can imagine S&B think they are enlightened beings after their crazy ceremonies.

  2. Patrick

    Haha… Who cares? It’s not like we can pry the secretive elite out of power. Can we?

    Has there ever been a time in recorded history when someone *wasn’t* pulling strings behind the scenes?

  3. DrKrbyLuv

    Interesting stuff. I’ve read that the cabballa is at the root of satanic cults and groups like the Skull and Bones, the Jesuits and the Masons (33rd degree and higher).

    The Illuminati seems to rule these satanic groups as well as organizations like Chatam House, the CFR, the Club of Rome and the Trilaterals – all working in concert for a new world order under an old order of feudal communism.

    A totalitarian society without private property, individual rights, traditional families or religion.

    It doesn’t matter what I believe but it is downright irresponsible for the media not to ask and explore why so many of our leaders belong to these groups.

    For example, I have read that at a certain level, the Masons require a loyalty pledge that stands above nationalism. This should be explored because I don’t see how a public official’s Masonic loyalty can supersede the nation. Clearly, this is a potential conflict of interest at a minimum.

    But of course, the media is controlled by these same groups – talk about a rigged deck.

    The key in all of this is the fact that the bankers (Illuminati) openly practice alchemy everyday. We’ve been conditioned, brainwashed, not to see it.

    I’m talking about creating money out of thin air – and that is just what the bankers do. They do not lend their or their depositors money – they create it on the spot.

    Their alchemy entails monetizing a promissory note and collateral – presto – money for free, and they collect the interest or the collateral.

    This is the most absurd thing in the world and I think more than anything else, they fear that we may figure it out (I’m not holding my breath as most are too brainwashed not to see the obvious).

    I hope some day that people will wake up and see how we are being bamboozled by a cheap parlor trick.

    If people realized this then the people in the funny robes, playing occult games, and pretending they are special would be rounded up and properly tarred and feathered.

    They would wail like sissies while being led to the gallows and then, mankind might find some peace and freedom. The dark ages would end.

  4. Van B.

    Happy New Year.
    A couple of notes:
    1) (it’s a great site) said something interesting the other day i.e., how these video taped gitmo tourture sessions are being viewed by high administration officials, get this,…just for thier own sheer pleasure. Exactly, “Who would want to see (never mind do) this?” Evil.
    2) I’ve come to the conclusion that the “War on Terror” is the “Spanish Inquistion” reincarinated. It’s been going on for hundreds of years, (I believe the Vatican has never officially called it off). Anyone and everyone can be a “witch”, except the “witch hunters” of couse.
    Malleus Maleficarum.

  5. emsnews

    Blackadder TV comedy series has hilarious episodes about witches.

  6. DeVaul

    “A totalitarian society without private property, individual rights, traditional families or religion.’

    I am not sure this is the real goal of all these secret societies. Afterall, the Soviet Union had exactly this, but none of these secret societies set-up shop there or asked to emigrate there. Why not?

    Seems like the USSR would have been a paradise for them.

    I kind of view all these secret societies as modern versions of the Knights Templar, who were basically just raiders of caravans and then later early bankers working under the cover of a particular religion.

    I think these secret societies are just groups of individuals who seek out weaknesses in various systems and then exploit them for their own personal gain. Of course, if you can control the system yourself, then you can also create the weaknesses that can be exploited for your own fun and profit.

    It usually takes a group effort to control a system; hence, the secret societies.


    ELAINE: Case in point here is, I have had ancestors who were Knights Templar in France. Yes, this organization morphs over and over again. It is all about various forms of lightning magic.

  7. Colin

    “I’ve come to the conclusion that the “War on Terror” is the “Spanish Inquistion” reincarinated. It’s been going on for hundreds of years, (I believe the Vatican has never officially called it off)”

    Your dam right they never called it off, they just changed its name to ‘Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’ – and Ratzinger / Benedict was the head of the inqusition untill he became pope!

  8. Bokonon

    The above provenance for the “decorative art” is not very strong. There are cunning artificers in quite a few countries that could knock up a reasonable copy before the end of the month.

  9. nah

    Jesus has been fantastically more powerful than any jealous worshiper of the antichrist or even the very same…
    however there are great mystic natural forces i believe in ourselves… patience, love, forgiveness, honor, and neighborliness… the hardest work of mankind has been the society
    i be in luv with the indians… US natives even are inspirational and i pray embraced by our fathers… so if its geronimos nuts and the presidents held secrets for the man… well thats pretty endearingly crude
    still we have a nation and i have trust our efforts on this world will bear fruit

    Geronimos’ nuts hehehehe

  10. Gary

    Elaine: Wasn’t 322 BC the date of the collapse of the Athenian democracy at the hands of the kingdom of Sparta ?


    ELAINE: Yes. This is why the Skull and Bones find this number to be very powerful for the elites.

  11. nah

    collapse… heh
    i saw Avatar 3D boI
    must see TV if you got any money left in yar broken banks yall better see it
    its money all by itself see

  12. nah

    athens was greece i think by that time

  13. nah

    or macednoia or whatever

  14. K-Bo

    Interesting piece as always. You say “our rulers are satanists.” This shocked me when I first learned of the possibility a while ago and considered such a thing. Sadly, it’s not so shocking anymore about who rules this world.

    As you know, I have a slightly different opinion about religion and spirituality. So I wonder, if “all religions are black magic” and praying to Jesus is the same as praying to Lucifer, then I guess there is no such thing as good or evil. And I guess the Devil who is Death and Lies is no different from a man/God who conquered Death and saves us from evil? No difference between love and hate? Between truth and lies? Between those who help and heal vs. those who harm and kill, or those who give and those who steal? If all religions are evil/stupid superstitions/black magic/death cults and the same, then I guess we should all just worship our own reason, mother nature, and/or whatever god is pleasing to us. Let’s focus on the material, ignore the spiritual, and keep believing what the demons and liars show and tell us. Ha.

    “That is, the ‘thinking’ part of the brain is our being.” Some who meditate without thinking would disagree. When we get rid of our thoughts, feelings, and ego, we are left with our true self and true being: pure consciousness or spirit, a gift from a loving creator God.

    When our thinking, feeling, and unthinking subconscious brain dies, does our being cease to exist? A question for the times …

    Maybe that’s why I started reading Dinesh D’Souza’s book: Life After Death: The Evidence.


    ELAINE: The rituals are black magic. All ritual are black magic since they are all designed to override Mother Nature. That is, we want some spectral gods to interfere with natural processes. Including, life and death itself. ALL religions including satanism and even political beliefs, come broiling out of the same, primitive parts of the brain. The forebrain struggles to rationalize all of this. Thus, the struggle between ‘light and dark’ is inside our heads and it is the conscious versus the subconscious and even, heaven help us, the truly ancient unconscious parts of the brain (the reptilian survival parts).

  15. Wu Wei

    Elaine you forgot to mention 9-11, you know planes crashing in WTC.

    1. The first 11 is formed by the day on which this tragedy occurred, September 11.

    2. The second 11 is formed by adding the 9th month, September, and the date, [9 + 1 + 1], forming another 11.

    3. The third 11 is formed by the airplane number that first crashed into the World Trade Tower. That plane was American Airlines Flight #11.

    4. The fourth 11 is formed by the airplane number that crashed into the Pentagon. That plane was United Airlines Flight #77 [11 x 7].

    5. The fifth 11 is formed by the North Twin Tower of the World Trade Center was 110 stories tall [11 x 10]

    6. The sixth 11 is formed by South Twin Tower, the World Trade Center was 110 stories tall [11 x 10]

    7. The Architecture of the Twin Towers [ 11 ] of the World Trade Center — Satanists love to express their beliefs and their goals in architecture. Thus, many of the buildings of Washington, D.C., were created originally with occult symbols on them, and in them. This fact is the reason why the street designs are created in such a way as to form Satanic symbols. The streets north of the White House form an inverted Pentagram, the Goatshead of Mendes, while the streets joining the White House to the Capitol form one side of a Masonic Compass, while other streets form the Masonic Square and Rule.

    8. The eighth ’11’ is formed by one of the doomed flights, where the crew totaled ’11’.

    9. The ninth ’11’ is formed by the fact that September 11 is the 254th day of the year. When you add 2 + 5 + 4 you get ’11’

    10. The tenth ’11’ is formed because, after September 11, there are 111 days left in the year.

    11. The eleventh ’11’ is formed by the historic fact that New York State was the 11th state to join the Union in preparation to create the 13-state confederation that would declare independence from England.


    ELAINE: I was probably the very first person online to note that 9/11 was magical numbers. Indeed, I pointed this out BEFORE 9/11 happened and even warned everyone, that 9/11/1 was a hyper-important Skull and Bones day. Now, this does NOT mean they planted bombs in buildings at all. FAR FROM IT.

    Bin Laden knew about these magical numbers and heartily endorses acting within the magic number framework since it predates the Skull and Bones, it even predates Islam: it is Middle Eastern. Big time. Ancient Egyptian, in fact.

    And so this was the ‘lucky day’ which meant, Bush left all the doors wide open so attackers could do multiple attacks and then he protected the Bin Ladens while preventing anyone from flying around the US the next day. I know this flies in the face of all the goofy conspiracy stuff online but it is pretty simple, to me.

  16. Wu Wei

    Those Death worshippers love their numbers. Say NAY to caballah!

    P.S. all magic is evil, white, black, we are not gods and should not aspire to become one because we aren’t. FOOLS!

  17. Sky

    All time record low temps in Cuba.

    All time record snowfall in Burlington, Vermont. A 33 inch accumulation of global warming fell overnight. ( vid)

  18. Sky

    Oops. Sorry, wrong forum.

  19. DrKrbyLuv

    We may refer to the international banking cartel as Illuminati or simply as a crime syndicate. The greater point is that their fraud is a cheap parlor trick that relies on the population being ignorant.

    Let me lay it out for you in clear and uncertain terms. It is not mysterious and it is not black magic.

    They hold a monopoly to monetize debt.

    The process works like this:

    1) We (individuals, private concerns and nations) sign a promissory note and put up sufficient collateral.

    2) They create the money for free by typing it into a deposit account.

    3) If all goes well for us, they profit handsomely by collecting interest.

    4) If we can’t make the payments, they take the collateral.

    Now, you may ask why do we need them to monetize anything? Answer – we don’t!

    They add nothing to the transaction but yet benefit the most.

    Here is a better solution…all money is created by the government as is specified in the constitution. Banks would BORROW the money they lend from the U.S. Treasury.

    This could be done on a fee basis or with interest applied. The new income for the government would enable us to eliminate all income and employment taxes.

    If a large infrastructure project, like a hydroelectric dam, is needed, we could allow states to monetize the project through a state chartered bank.

    This process would basically work as follows:

    1) The state provides the plans and specifications for the project.

    2) The state chartered bank monetizes the wealth of the project by creating the money for free. The money is endowed with the value of the resources and labor used in the project and the long term benefit to society.

    3) There would be no debt and no need for the state to repay a penny.

    Sound to good to be true – check out the Minnesota Transportation Act:

    After we take back the control and issuance of our own money, we can have a proper audit of the private Federal Reserve system under RICO statutes!

    The Illuminati banking bastards could have their wealth confiscated as profits via a criminal organization. Gitmo could be used as a suitable prison.

  20. larry, dfh

    Nah, here it is for you:
    if the link works!
    The point is, our particular form of representative government (without all the $$) was borrow from the Iroquois.
    And about that skull: it’s got to bae full of the worst ju-ju imaginable.

  21. nah

    The Peloponnesian War, 431 to 404 B.C., was an ancient Greek war

  22. JSmith

    “I demanded an investigation as to how these frat rats got these human remains.”

    How did that work out?

    “I was very amused by the fact that they clung to a Skull and Bones magician whose own granduncle stole Geronimo’s skull.”

    Or he thought it was, anyway. (How would one know for sure?)

    “We ask ourselves, why do humans bury bones? And even more: why do we dig them up again?”

    1) To keep them from attracting vermin and stinking the place up. 2) Morbid curiosity.

    ” But the darker, older parts of the brain which we call the unconscious, has a much bigger role in how we feel and interact with reality than we want to believe. ”

    True. We’re not all that far removed from the crocodiles.

    “In the mythology of the North Yorkshire Moors (NE England)it is believed that if you dance nine times widdershins around a fairy ring of toadstools you will come under the power of the fairy people.”

    And if you eat Welsh Rarebit just before bedtime, you will be visited by spectral visitors in the night. Or so they say.

  23. Jeremy/Nashville

    Very interesting! I enjoyed reading this.

  24. Elaine said: “One thing I do know is that the Skull and Bones isn’t a mere fraternity that plays pranks like using a crypt for a meeting hall or kissing skulls they steal from graves ……… “.

    Emphasis on *mere fraternity*.

    How do we know that college fraternities were not patterned after S&B, the *mother* of all secret societies? For instance, there was a time when fraternity rituals included necrophilia along with grave digging.

  25. justiceatsqualor

    Check out the fouled wings on that bald eagle! They’ve gone traitor.

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  27. samson

    i want to join the skull and bone

  28. Pingback: Thor 322? Another Odinut Clue | KBH Blog

  29. Lee

    various forms of lightning magic.–which is what?

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