Voters In Many Countries Are Given No Good Choices

ΩΩI want to thank all the readers brought in from Malaysia for taking time to chat with me here.  One of my major themes is ‘What is sovereignty?’ and ‘How do people become citizens and then take control of their own nation?’  The US, for example, continues to invade and kill civilians in order to impose foreign culture and control.  This is dead wrong.  Meanwhile, the US public is increasingly infuriated by the fact that they have virtually no real power over our own government which is supposedly ‘democratic’ in nature.  But it isn’t any more than other countries.  This lack of even any control over ‘democracies’ is rampant in a world which is very divided but unable to change course, slipping towards WWIII.


ΩΩThis concerns me because WWIII is going to destroy a lot of cities, kill more than a billion humans and wreck our global civilization.  It is very stupid and extremely dangerous since recovery from it won’t be nearly as easy as recovering from the horrors of WWII.  This war should be avoided at all costs and the main way to avoid it is for all the major Security Council members to fully disarm their nukes.  The fake push to disarm Iran is actually brining WWIII closer, not making it less likely.


ΩΩThe economic collapse is a prelude to WWIII.  This is no surprise.  The Long Depression led up to WWI.  The Great Depression caused WWII.  There is an ominous 10 year gap between the global collapses and the resulting wars.  So logically, WWIII should start in 2018 or there about.  World leaders exploit realistic fears of WWIII for their own ends.  We have good reason to be scared of this specter.  But the elites who exploit these fears happen to be the exact people who are pushing events so they invariably move us towards, not away from, WWIII’s dark shadow.


ΩΩThe exploitation of very real fears is displayed in full glory with the insane US/Israel push to disarm Iran.  The US spearheaded the disarming of Iraq and the leader of that country was rewarded for disarming by being suddenly attacked based on spurious and crooked charges.  This testament for raw US military power led the US towards bankruptcy, criminal depravity and social disintegration at home.  We dissolved Iraq’s government and even today, after ‘elections’ there, the country is extremely and violently divided and basically has no democratic government, it does continue to have a military/puppet government in Bagdad which has very little influence in the ‘body politic’ but is very useful for the foreign military occupiers.


ΩΩAfter WWII, the US worked hard to spread ‘democracy’ in foreign lands even as basic democratic civil rights were denied at home.  The US had the constant public embarrassment from communists making fun of us whenever our leaders solemnly talked about elections, voting and citizenship due to our very evil racist segregation systems that prevented 20% of our population from voting in elections.  So we squeezed out the ‘Civil Rights Act’ and this good deed put the Democrats out of power for the most part of the following next half century.  Even as legislators called themselves ‘Democrats’ they voted for the much more racist GOP.


Confidence in Obama reaches new low, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds

Regard for Obama is still higher than it is for members of Congress, but the gap has narrowed. About seven in 10 registered voters say they lack confidence in Democratic lawmakers and a similar proportion say so of Republican lawmakers.  Overall, more than a third of voters polled –– 36 percent say they have no confidence or only some confidence in the president, congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans. Among independents, this disillusionment is higher still. About two-thirds of all voters say they are dissatisfied with or angry about the way the federal government is working.


ΩΩEven though corrupt legislators can win elections by pointing out equal corruption on the opposing side, the nature of corruption in our government is growing so blatant and so vast, it is losing general support from all voters, across the spectrum.  This does not translate into any sort of political power for anyone outside of the AIPAC/International Corporate Entity political system, instead, it increases sectarian fighting both within competing organizations and between ethnic and religious groups.  The GOP/DNC duopoly cynically uses this as a ‘divide and conquer’ scheme but it is very dangerous and losing the faith of over a third of the voting public is playing with fire.


ΩΩThe game revolves around just two poles: discouraging voting by various racial and class groups or using lots of money to flood the media system so that it presents only identical choices.  This is why, with half of the country tired of the endless wars were given exactly this voting choice: Clinton the Warmonger, Obama the Warmonger and McCain the Super-duper Warmonger.  This is why the bare bone changes to our government due to the Democrats finally controlling all three houses was…more wars, more Pentagon spending and more threats of war.


ΩΩThe Democrats thought they could disrespect their fundamental base and embraced AIPAC’s programs which basically calls for more wars against Muslims across the entire planet. The US isn’t the only country that offers no changes and no choices.  At least China is honest about its government which seems much more in tune with what the people want (peace & prosperity, of course).  Here is Japan:


Kan asks ministers for unity as disapproval rate for cabinet rises to 52.2% › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

‘‘What good would it do?’’ Renho, who retained her Diet seat in the election, said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting. But she admitted that the DPJ’s poor performance is due partly to Kan’s indication of willingness during the election campaign to raise the country’s sales tax.


ΩΩEvery solution Japanese politicians come up with means lower wages, more taxes and more difficulties for the actual people who live there, the citizens of Japan.  The country is literally dying.  The condition of the lower 50% of the population is in very steep physical and mental decline.  A spirit of hopelessness is spreading.  The voters tried and tried to change things.  They finally managed to get rid of that old CIA-tool party, the LDP.  They then sat back and waited for the politicians to shut the US bases in Okinawa, increase funds for families with children and improve the education system.  Instead, they got a LDP retread with flat tires.


ΩΩThis total betrayal of over 50% of the voters hasn’t led to a rebellion but suicide is just as dangerous for a government.  Japan clearly shows that an entire country can simply lie down and die!  The future of Japan is very, very dim.  Time for shifting gears is vanishing.  Back to the US and its side kick, the UK.  This Batman/Robin Hood duo happily continued the imperial projects launched in the 19th century.  Due to the popularity for democracy and voting by natives of various imperial provinces, the US/UK empire had to pretend there were elections.


Divining the Return on a Candidate’s Investment – NYTimes

What makes all this of interest beyond the give-and-take of California politics is that Ms. Whitman, one of the country’s most visible and successful executives, is part of a bumper crop of self-financed, superrich candidates in races across the country, from Rick Scott and Jeff Greene in Florida to Linda McMahon in Connecticut and Carly Fiorina in California.


How such wealthy candidates might use their fortunes to manipulate the electoral process is a crucial question in all of these races. Indeed, if Ms. Whitman’s investment were part of an effort to keep Mr. Murphy focused on show business instead of working for her prospective opponent, it would not be the first time that a rich candidate had used a personal fortune to sap the competition of talent. Michael R. Bloomberg, New York City’s billionaire mayor, for instance, made sure to snap up a platoon of top Democratic and Republican operatives early on in his most recent re-election bid.


ΩΩThese same people in this NYT story happen to meet regularly at Bilderberg meetings.  The plan to hire or shut up various people so the super-rich can take over, openly, the entire government system is leading to more money flowing to them and not the voters and more anger even as voters vote for these clowns due to being addled by a very corrupt news media system and of course, being given little to no choice.  With Richie Rich D. running against Spoiled Brat GOP, we get screwed and the system is driving more and more citizens into not voting at all which pleases the very rich no end.  Fewer voters=more power for them.


ΩΩThis malaise generated in the US and UK is spreading around the planet except in places like Iran where elections are still very emotional and people actually take to the streets to dispute the results.  Most of the US/UK-sponsored ‘elections’ have ended up, as we saw last year, as ‘military coups’ fostered by generals trained at US indoctrination/torture and assassination camps run by the Pentagon and the CIA.  The CIA’s main job for many years was to engineer uprisings or coups.  NGO (non-government organizations) were more often than not, CIA-fronts.  Honest organizations struggle to keep from being sucked into the CIA’s embrace but it is very hard to stop this force since many of these organizations operate on little money and need people who are somehow funded by someone else as staff or volunteers overseas.


ΩΩSo an NGO is very vulnerable to take overs for spying, undermining popular governments, bribing people so they become traitors, etc.  Many, many, many countries have many traitors from the lower levels of the education system on up to presidents, kings and prime ministers.  This is due to the absolutely gigantic flood of free funny money which has been concentrated in fewer and fewer hands at the top of the pyramid.  Rich people, who pour billions of dollars into world political systems love to dangle dying babies to beg for more money which is then used to corrupt more governments and have more systems operate, like in Haiti after the US got rid of Aristide, in ways that do little good or much harm to the citizens.  Who get to vote but if they vote for the wrong party, as the people of Gaza found out, they are ruthlessly punished, attacked or their government overthrown by corrupt generals or officials.


ΩΩU.S. has now lost 75 percent of Guantanamo habeas cases | McClatchy: I would think it would be 100% of the cases.  Gitmo is clearly Unconstitutional but then, our Supreme Court is made up of Catholic Inquisition types and Zionists.  A few of the older style judges are being outvoted at nearly every turn which is why these clowns killed campaign finance restrictions on the very rich.  Now, back to the Afghanistan War of Attrition:  Renegade Afghan soldier kills three British troops | World news |

According to reports, the Afghan soldier is believed to have shot one soldier with a gun and killed a further two with a rocket-propelled grenade during the attack at an army base at around 2.45am.


Four other British soldiers were also reportedly injured, the Afghan defence ministry spokesman said, and the gunman is believed to be on the run….British troops have been involved in preparing Afghan troops for combat, and the two forces have been working side by side in Helmand, where 9,000 British troops are based as part of the Nato-led force targeting Taliban insurgents.


Each fortnight, up to 600 Afghan national army recruits arrive at Camp Bastion after completing basic training at a military training centre in Kabul.


ΩΩLike in Vietnam, we are training the rebels who attack us.  We even pay them.  This is a win/win situation for them.  Just as the US infiltrates many countries and works hard to corrupt officials and turn the armies against their own people, so do the rebellions.  They know the key to the front door is a great thing and the closer they embrace the enemy, the easier it is to slit the enemy’s throats.  England’s government just changed.  The changes in military policy is…more wars, more killing, more money spent on wars.  Just like in the US.  I seriously doubt this plan is popular in the UK.


Life on a British base in Sangin, Afghanistan – Telegraph

For the past three months, Recce Troop’s existence has been confined to this dusty half-acre compound and the few hundred yards beyond it where heavily-armed patrols can venture with a reasonable prospect of making a safe return…Life inside is a strange combination of liberation, from the fear outside, and incarceration



ΩΩSo British soldiers hike off to Afghanistan to live in mud huts surrounded by barbed wire.  In Israel, the natives are forced to live in mud huts surrounded by barbed wire but the UK and US can’t seem to flood Afghanistan with 10 million colonialists so the military has to be content with living inside of self-imposed prisons.


.The prisons in Iraq are much more elaborate.  But are still prisons.  Whenever our troopers try to move about, they are attacked in novel ways and of course, Iraq has no real government and what shreds it does have are very corrupt and busy, like the Afghani rulers, piling up crates of US dollars and shipping these to Dubai.  Eventually, all of the leaders will flee the country due to the citizens hating them.  Elite wealth is the name of the game.  Piling this up in nifty places is the main plan, most of these places are offshore islands run by the Queen of England.


Spain’s World Cup Win: Final Brings Spaniards Together – TIME

Of all the stories, the nationalist one has received the most attention. In a country where the provinces of Catalonia and the Basque country — each with its own language and heritage — strive for ever greater autonomy from the central government in Madrid, soccer has long been an arena for symbolic politics. The famously vicious rivalry between Barça (pointed slogan: “More than a team”) and Real Madrid derives in large part from the fact that support for the Barcelona team was one of the few means that Catalans had during the 40 years of Franco’s dictatorship to express their regional identity (Franco was a big Madrid fan). And many Catalans, who dream of one day fielding their own team at the World Cup, have been loath to support any team bearing the name of Spain….


…This year, however, with five members of the Spanish team from Catalonia, things were different. It’s true that only the day before the final, Barcelona held a massive demonstration (anywhere from 60,000 to 1.1 million people attended — participation counts, like so much in this country, are politically determined) to protest a recent decision by Spain’s constitutional court that declared that the region, although entitled to an extensive degree of autonomy, did not have the legal right to call itself a nation nor to privilege the Catalan language over Spanish.


ΩΩI am including this tidbit because a bunch of guys playing a child’s game (all sports were for very young people to play until they grew up and did serious stuff like work) happened to win (with the cosmic assistance of a German octopus and the drone of a million vuvuzelas) all divisions vanish and the people unite, loving each other very briefly.  Why do the Spanish love each other?


ΩΩThey are all ‘winners’!  They are better than other people.  Pride!  Yes, humans are rather funny, aren’t they?  Only after Catalonians were on the winning team, could the citizens of this part of Spain feel pride.  Of course, in US basketball and football, people attach pride to various teams which bring together whole populations to root for something.  But this is a very thin veneer.

. – Governors: Obama’s Immigration Suit Is ‘Toxic’

Democratic governors expressed “grave” concerns to White House officials this weekend about the Obama administration’s suit against Arizona’s new immigration law, warning it could cost the party in crucial elections this fall, The New York Times reported late Sunday.


The closed-door meeting took place at the National Governors Association in Boston on Saturday, according to two unnamed governors who spoke to the Times.


“Universally the governors are saying, ‘We’ve got to talk about jobs, and all of a sudden we have immigration going on,'” Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, a Democrat, was quoted as saying. “It is such a toxic subject, such an important time for Democrats.”


ΩΩAS I PREDICTED, to the fury of some of my readers, the Democrats must back track on who they support.  That is, supporting illegal aliens who displace citizens at their jobs, is very, very unpopular with a very large portion of the citizens of this country.  DUH.  Naturally, this meeting was secret.  How disgusting is that?  The AIPAC meetings are also quite secretive.  That is, Jewish-owned media won’t report about these AIPAC gatherings or their threats and letters and arm twisting.  The Democratic governors should have held a press conference and explained to their leadership, via our media, why they don’t want their party to be pro-illegal aliens at this time (or any time, for that matter).


ΩΩAll the information flowing in clearly shows that the Democrats are committing suicide if they are for more war spending, illegal aliens and protecting Wall Street, they will go down in flames.  Not that this will change even one thing, slightly.  The far right ruled us for 6 years and they let in a flood of illegal aliens, offshored massive numbers of US jobs and drove us into debt while running many wars.  So have the Democrats.


Gabriel J. Chin and Kevin R. Johnson – Profiling’s enabler: High court ruling underpins Arizona immigration law

Supporters and opponents of S.B. 1070 assume that racial profiling is unconstitutional, largely because many Americans believe that it ought to be. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court has approved the racial profiling permitted — indeed encouraged — by S.B. 1070.


In a 1975 case regarding the Border Patrol’s power to stop vehicles near the U.S.-Mexico border and question the occupants about their citizenship and immigration status, United States v. Brignoni-Ponce, the high court ruled that the “likelihood that any given person of Mexican ancestry is an alien is high enough to make Mexican appearance a relevant factor.” In 1982 the Arizona Supreme Court agreed, ruling in State v. Graciano that “enforcement of immigration laws often involves a relevant consideration of ethnic factors.”


ΩΩI see no reason, political or legal, for Obama’s Justice department to go after Arizona.  If the US public hates Arizona for trying to stop illegal aliens, social pressure will do the trick but of course, there is little social pressure because stopping illegal aliens is popular with the citizens who pay for this country and who still have the right to vote even if voting is often futile.  I watch in wonderment, waiting to see what will happen next.  We have the internet but it seems to have dispersed people, not drawn them together at all.  I see political websites crash and burn during each election as the people visiting various sites get mad at each other or the tiniest of details.


ΩΩOften, people are sucked into various dead end points due to trivial issues.  That is, instead of focusing on the bigger dangers (WWIII, the collapse of civilization, the destruction of our ecosystems, etc) we focus on very little things.  And often,  very small things like more sales taxes in Japan, leads to political upheavals which change nothing at all, too.  That is, real change is very hard.  China did this three times in the last 100 years, for example.  Which is why their culture is so dynamic and the people so restive.

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15 responses to “Voters In Many Countries Are Given No Good Choices

  1. eso

    For what it is worth, I do not believe that WWIII is likely though there are many signs which point to it. I believe it is more likely that the economies of the world will collapse, and the resultant chaos in our overgrown cities will lead to ….(?)

  2. PLovering

    “The vaccine for smallpox is not safe—during the years before the eradication of smallpox disease more people became seriously ill as a result of vaccination than did people from smallpox[218] — and smallpox vaccination is no longer universally practiced.[219] Thus, much of the modern human population has almost no established resistance to smallpox.”

    Quote for Wikipedia on the virus.

    Did someone say “Colloidal Silver” ?

    Or maybe, Ozone?


    ELAINE: You have to be the spokesperson (?) for the Virus Empire! We eradicated that damn disease using vaccinations.

  3. DeVaul


    Can you explain to us what the hell kind of connection colloidal silver has to the article Elaine wrote above?

    Are you a salesman for colloidal silver? Can you at least pay Elaine for the right to advertise your product on her website?

    I don’t think that is asking too much from someone who is freeloading off of an independant blogger.

  4. tom paine

    depression 1893. . spanish conflich 1898
    prosperity 1914. brief recession 1920. .
    ww2 ‘started’ 1931 as militarists
    entered Man. –
    cchuria despite League of Nation concerns.
    Ethiopia 1936 etc. police action 1950-53
    followed ‘brief’ shallow recession 1946 by
    4 years. can you list peace organizations?

  5. MikeM

    World leaders can’t tell us how to think, they can only hope we’re as stupid as they’d like, and they babble accordingly.

    They will eventually suffer horrible deaths, I’m pretty sure, and it will be at the hands of us ‘commoners.’ Free communication of ideas today between ‘commoners’ is exponentially larger than at any time in history, not to mention it’s done in milliseconds.

    They just don’t quite know how to deal with the internet. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA

    If they ever were to successfully shut down the internet, it’d be time to use up all that stored ammo, for the end of true free civilization would be at hand. Read up on our founding fathers… their convictions and dedications. IMO, my life is nothing in contrast to a genuinely free society.

    Our current batch of clowns have made the mistake of thinking that because we (wage earners) are not fabulously wealthy, we are not intelligent, or willing to act. BIG MISTAKE.

    I’ve said before here that I believe the next U.S. revolution will more likely resemble the French Revolution than the original U.S. revolution, and I’m sticking to it. I hope to participate in it. I recognize the negatives involved. I don’t care if I have to walk there, as I’m prolly on the “no-fly list.” HAHAHAHAHAAAA Like I care.

    I only wonder how many neighbors I’m going to have to drag kicking and screaming into the maelstrom. Just like in the 1770s…

    Re: Nippon….I’ve been there many times over the years. I don’t know why they won’t get their shit together as a populace. I worry greatly that the global elitests look to Nippon as a blueprint for what they plan for us here in the U.S.

    PS In the last two weeks I’ve talked with some citizens of Arizona. Man o’ man… these people are SERIOUSLY PO’s about the misinformation that the mainstream media is putting out. And that’s a gross understatement.

    This is a hot issue BIG TIME.

  6. nah

    my readers, the Democrats must back track on who they support. That is, supporting illegal aliens who displace citizens at their jobs,
    and the NAACP calling tea party racists… why not the republicans jeez man…
    and the democrats just sit back when they should support the tea party… the intentional delegitimizing of every anti-status quo piece in the MSM is bizarre…
    like i never read 1984 <– not a fiction guy
    but every time i read the media 'war is peace, love is hate, money is garbage, stocks are indexes, old is young again' its surreal… that the premise of a future so phony is like being adopted by fools who REALLY think its modern???
    this is America… guns are legal… they cant steal anything from anybody but the rich credit whores… who are stealing from the poor…… there is just no way anyone should care about the money side of things, if they want us to take worldos we can just quit…. their credit is no good
    which brings me back to my only conspiracy theory… billionaires have enough wealth to kill all of us and truly steal the land, that is NOT a joke… hope the CIA is on top of that buddy
    fools make bad leaders, serious just give it a little time… the chips are down… question is are they gambling???

    diamonds are a girls best friend

  7. larry, dfh

    About HIV: There is a theory advanced by a Veterinarian named Dr. Robert Strecker (who may be a little beyond the deep end by now) that HIV came about during the WHO effort at smallpox eradication. According to this theory, corners (certainly) were cut in the generation of the vaccine, in which cattle are cut on their undersides, and virus-containing solution was rubbed in the wounds. The wounds were bandaged, and the exudate from the wounds taken several days later as the vaccine. The corners cut were that sick animals may have been used; animals sick with bovine leukemia virus. A combination of the various viral products from the two infections could result in HIV, afterall, it is not unreasonable to assume that proteins transcribed from two different vial genomes can find their way into the same viral capsule. The first official isolation of HIV was made by Dr. Robert Gallo, after he stole the sample from French researchers. He named it HTLV-III, Human Type Leukemia Virus-III. He was an expert on Human Type Leukemia Viruses, having stolen HTLV-II from some Japanese researchers. But Gallo saw enough similarities between HTLV’s and HIV to name the HIV as a Leukemia Virus.
    I’m not going to argue about having sex with Green Monkeys, or getting cut while butchering Green Monkeys, or whatever new theory Tony Faucci comes up with to define the party line. In the late ’80s I worked with an outfit that did HIV research, and have been suspicious of the party line for a long time (i.e. giving AZT, a failed chemotherapeutic, mutagen, and probable carcinogen to pregnant women). To me, Strecker’s model makes alot of sense, especially considering where and when outbreaks were believed to have occurred. I am not going to dispute the usefulness of vaccines; there was a highly political aspect to the Smallpox Eradication, and there could have been pressure to cut corners.


    ELAINE: No, AIDS did not start that way. Sheesh. Talk about stupid.

    AIDS evolved like any disease. The virus world has one very powerful weapon: evolution. That is, the speed at which diseases evolve can be lightning fast due to the simple fact, they have shorter ‘lives’ than say, whales, who evolve slowly due to long lives and few births. The way evolution works is, if there is a niche to exploit, germs will fill it. Wild sex is a huge disease niche! Which is why…it has been very, very active for germ evolution for the last 3,000 years due to world population explosion thanks to the invention of agriculture, etc.

  8. PLovering

    “Can it be believed that the democracy
    which has over-thrown the feudal system
    and vanquished kings will retreat before
    tradesmen and capitalists?”

    —— Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

  9. larry, dfh

    sorry, Elaine, but what’s ‘stupid’ is your response.


    ELAINE: You cite some of the least credible information on earth and get mad? HAHAHA

  10. PLovering

    @larry, dfh

    in April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo filed a United States patent application for his invention, the HIV-AIDS Virus. The Patent number for the invention is 4647773, details of which can be found at the US Patent Office website.****

    in 2001 Dr. Gallo conceded his role as “Project Officer” for the federal virus development program, the Special Virus.

  11. itrucker

    Anal cream pie and you die!

  12. Ha ha ha

    You are most welcome…ha ha ha.

    For people which more religious, that sign of our doomsday is nearer. We have no choice but to vote in-competent goverment. Honesty is gone and our mind being blind with incorrect news. What left is hope…ha ha ha. Good luck world.


  13. flipspiceland

    No country is given good choices for politicians.

    They come from the least of us. And a lot less than us.

    Inherent in election is the fact that the elected are not subject to the laws they write. The Rule of Law has been sabotaged and without that, elections are meaningless. No matter the country.

    In a country with the rule of law Ted Kennedy would have been sent to jail for vehicular manslaughter.

    Politicians like Murtha, may he not rest in peace, who are corrupt to their core, would be executed in countries with genuine rule of law.

    In a country with the rule of law, George H.W. Bush would never reach the upper echelons of government.

    What strikes me about everything is how little we really know about what is going on
    what is actually happening in our government at state, national levels given the MSM ostrich reporting that appears to be getting worse with each passing day.

    The front page of our paper touts the fact that Rendell is in town to sign a bond issue taking on more Public debt, to pay for the erection of a library dedicated to Arlen Specter. Meanwhile, Rendell’s hometown, Harrisburg is considering filing for bankruptcy. Then a week later on the back page the paper writes that it is not a very good idea to use public funds to build a library for Specter.

    What the paper refuses to admit is: this isn’t about a library at all. It’s about paying off the architects, designers, builders, unions and others who will be involved from the land it will be built on to the accountant who sends in the check to pay for it, who supported Specter in his ignominious career as sleazebag politician. A Bribe after the fact.

    Elections have devolved into an outrageous trick played on the people.

  14. emsnews

    What baffles me is how useless libraries are becoming. Putting all of their data online, we can finally access everything easily. Instead, we have these buildings…many of which, today, are empty. I was a very heavy library user most of my life and I never go there now. And over the last 20 years, I have have seen people less and less in these buildings which are rapidly becoming literary mausoleums. In colleges, they echo with the sounds of rare footsteps.

  15. DeVaul

    Yes, libraries, especially local ones in small towns are closing fast. I just hope they don’t throw away any local history books before they are microfilmed or at least scanned. They provide valuable info on our ancestors and how they lived.

    When I entered the law school library at UK in September of 2003, it was completely vacant — empty chairs, tables, desks — not once person in the whole library area. A few students were outside in the lounge using laptops, but that was it. 15 years ago it was jammed with students reading books.

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