Washington Post Another Editorial Demanding Trump Be Defeated Or Else

From last February: GOP leaders, you must do everything in your power to stop Trump – The Washington Post screamed while all the neocons who run the WP on behalf of global dominist conspirators, continues to scream at us to not vote for Trump at even higher hysterical levels.  The Great Oz behind the curtain is madly pulling at his levers to stop us from pulling back the curtain.  The Wizard of Oz is, after all, a very old story which was very political back when it was written.

We now know the upfront plan of the GOP world dominators to stop popular winners of primaries:  To defend our democracy against Trump, the GOP must aim for a brokered convention – The Washington Post says as this is a political coup plan which ‘may work’.  Already, the Democratic half of the Machine has shoved Hillary along despite a heroic and nearly-successful attempt at stopping her by popular support of the candidate with zero corporate money/media support.


Destroying anyone who ran against Hillary was simple: give her lots of press talking about how she is the inevitable candidate and use super delegates to tip the scales in her favor before even the first vote was cast and at the same time, pretending Bernie didn’t exist and when he was forced to be noticed, to uniformly say over and over in a hypnotic fashion, ‘He is doomed!  He is doomed!’


They didn’t do the character assassination or the outright assassination thing which is why the media was screaming about how Hillary was winning ‘big’ when she barely eked out a 2% or less ‘victory’ against the opponent who had all the deck stacked against him.  Now that Hillary is safe and sound (or so they all hope, these gangsters) they return to nonstop, rabid attacks on Trump and his voters:


DONALD TRUMP’S primary victories Tuesday present the Republican Party with a stark choice. Should leaders unite behind Mr. Trump, who has collected the most delegates but may reach the convention in July without a nominating majority? Or should they do everything they can to deny him the nomination? On a political level, this may be a dilemma. As a moral question, it is straightforward. The mission of any responsible Republican should be to block a Trump nomination and election.


Of course, they will block him but hate doing this because it exposes the elites to scrutiny in public.  It will be a total disaster for them and they know this which is why they keep demanding that everyone obey them or else.  Since a huge hunk of the GOP is ignoring these warnings, and since Trump is VERY popular with his supporters whereas the Cuban candidate is barely tolerated by most GOP voters, the only workable way to eliminate Trump is the tool used so frequently in the past to stop various Presidents or candidates: assassination outright murder.


We do not take this position because we believe Mr. Trump is perilously wrong on the issues, although he is. His proposed tariff on Chinese imports could spark a trade war and global depression. His proposed tax plan would bankrupt the government while enriching his fellow multimillionaires. But policy proposals, however ill-formed and destructive, are not the crux of the danger.


And why is Detroit dead?  Eh?  Why is Detroit the murderous, evil, fetid mess?  Why are most black males unemployable after a generation of not able to find jobs?  Eh?  If anything, this is the #1 reason to vote for Trump and voters know this!  They see reality because their grip on the economic ladder has been threatened by jerks who told us, trade deficits don’t matter and we don’t need industrial jobs.


No, Mr. Trump must be stopped because he presents a threat to American democracy. Mr. Trump resembles other strongmen throughout history who have achieved power by manipulating democratic processes. Their playbook includes a casual embrace of violence; a willingness to wield government powers against personal enemies; contempt for a free press; demonization of anyone who is not white and Christian; intimations of dark conspiracies; and the propagation of sweeping, ugly lies.


So, being popular by appealing to what voters want, is evil?  HAHAHA.  Real ‘democracy’ as seen by these conspiratorial globalists, is for voters to vote for pre-selected candidates sort of like how ‘elections’ were ran in the USSR before the dictatorship was overthrown.


And the ‘dark conspiracies and…ugly lies’ line is hilarious since this is what the Washington Post publishes every day. Total lies about Iran, Russia, anyone who is against global free trade domination, lies about race and sex, these constant propaganda stories are the bulk of what the WP publishes daily and are quite predictable, inevitable.


What is really funny is, these same people are 100% for aggressively stealing land, crushing native populations by imprisoning them on reservations and then starving them to death and shooting anyone who tries to escape, and religious bigotry, racism, etc…the WP is Zionist.  Below is a fascist leaflet from Jerusalem:

Screen shot 2016-03-17 at 9.06.06 AM

‘Dial one if you know a Jew dating an Arab’: Shocking Israeli campaign group set up ‘hotline’ to inform on ‘traitors diluting the Jewish race’: Lehava campaign group in Israel tried to split up Leo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli |


Virtually none of this shows up in US media.  The hour that the WP publishes a story about fascism and rank racism in Israel and in many Jewish communities in the US, is the day that the Apocalypse horn blows.


Here are some examples of comments by readers of the WP today:



The MASK is off, and here you see the “REAL” Washington Post, which abandons any pretense to being a “newspaper,” but just a power center for full-throated Elitists who hold DEMOCRACY ITSELF in contempt. This comes from the Privileged and Protected opinions of those Elitists who believe they are “Kingmakers,” who live in the Wealthiest Counties in America today.


I have been a Democrat my entire life, but what I reject is this anti-American Elitist views, that the will of the people should be held in contempt and disgust by an Elitist minority. I have learned about the Elitist Washington Post’s close relationship with the Totalitarian Communist China over the past decade, and have seen increasingly shameful efforts by the Washington Post to mock and condemn democracy itself – even to the People’s Daily in Beijing.


An anti-democracy arm of the Media is not “journalism,” and not a “newspaper.” Let us accept that Washington DC, our nation’s capital, no longer has a “newspaper of record,” with this open call against DEMOCRACY.



Wouldn’t it be better to put all the people who don’t agree with the WAPO Editorial Board in re-education camps? That would be much better for democracy.

Jason Oneil

The GOP was hijacked by the neocons and AIPAC. Americans want to change the party and are revolting.

I take it the WAPO oped board have seen the polling…. Clinton get’s crushed in the general. So, instead of celebrating the empowerment of the ordinary citizen, they suggest that the elite disenfranchise the average voter.


Christene Bartels

So let me see if I have this right. If I may paraphrase the Almighty seated on the WaPo editorial board; in order to “save” democracy, the democratic process must be destroyed. Charming. Lord, you people really do just reek of smugness.


You know, when all is said and done and the smoke clears on Nov. 9th (assuming the Washington Establishment and the Soros radical left don’t burn the country down before then) people will look back and realize the seminal moment in this country’s history Trump’s presidential run represented and encapsulated.


I don’t know what the outcome of this election will be and I almost don’t care, because whether or not he makes it to the Whitehouse, he will have accomplished what needed to be done; the complete unmasking of the corrupt, greedy, duplicitous, self-serving Elite Washington Establishment and the absolute contempt, revulsion and disdain it has for the very people it pledges to protect and fight for every four years. By the time Trump is through, the American people will see, as they never have before, what an utter cesspool of corruption, elitism, cronyism, and all consuming greed their nation’s Capitol and the political process it represents, has truly become. The Oligarchy is in for the fight of their lives.


Like the  1968 Democratic National Convention riots, despite the media attempts at blaming leftist attacks on Trump on himself and not on them for being violent, like the left did in 1968, their violent behavior and putsch style politics will cause another Nixon to win.


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29 responses to “Washington Post Another Editorial Demanding Trump Be Defeated Or Else

  1. ziff

    worse, they are so stupid , if they want o defeat Trump , paint him as the establishment candidate , get the ugliest and stupidest REpub [like Rommeny] to endorse him in a big way.t



  2. Petruchio

    To: jinmaryland2016, Bravo! Very well said. To Barbarossa: the elites feel they can ignore us commoners. Otherwise they WOULD use re-education camps. To Christene Bartels: I sincerely hope people will see who greedy, corrupt and self-serving the elites running Washington DC are, but who knows? Thanks Elaine, for posting these comments.

  3. floridasandy

    it is getting so ugly it is fascinating watching the establishment on both sides melt down.. They are definitely trying to INCITE VIOLENCE, though

    Look at this:

    Following their apparently delusional belief in the “success” of Tuesday night’s violent protests, anti-Trump groups are plotting “Democracy Spring” threatening “drama in Washington” with the “largest civil disobedience action of the century.” The operation, backed by Soros-funded MoveOn.org among others, warns on its website that “We will demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do – or until they send thousands of us to jail.”

    soros always was a vulgar man.

  4. floridasandy

    here’s the link:


    if they can’t win honestly, they try hitler’s scorched earth policy in Germany.

  5. Mike in Pennsylvania


    I agree it’s fascinating watching the meltdown, and “They” definitely are inciting violence, and in Europe as well with the migrant invasion. It could be a very hot summer in white countries .

    I can’t make out whether Trump is “for real” or whether this is a very sophisticated psy-op that they’re running, with plenty of unwitting dupes to pile on because they can be easily incited against Trump due to their mental weakness, and others knowingly playing along to drive people to Trump, who is obviously well-connected to the Tribe, as their ‘savior.’

    When I saw this about Trump being rated “one of the top ten global risks,” http://www.bbc.com/news/business-35828747?ocid=global_bbccom_email_17032016_business, my ‘Spidey Sense’ twinged a bit. This meme of “all the bad-guy globalists and leftists are opposed to Trump” just seems too convenient to me….sometimes. Sometimes not.

    RE the National Socialists in Germany: It helps to know the context for the formation and the rise of the “brownshirts” (SA), whose purpose was to guard the National Socialist speakers or leafleters against violent mobs of Communists that would try to disrupt their completely legal activities. During the years immediately after WW 1, Communists ruled the streets in German cities. (This is described in detail in “Mein Kampf.”) THEY are the 1920s equivalent to today’s Soros-funded leftist agitators — not the “brownshirt” SA.

  6. John Doe

    From now on they will heavily promote Mrs Clinton and try (if they can) to make Trump invisible. Only one person stands between Clinton and the nomination now and that’s the director of the FBI James Comey.


    The question is all about timing will he act at the behest of the Neocons and let Hillary through, or will he act under direction of president Obama and sink Hillary before the DNC convention so Bernie Sanders takes it.

    “Comey is a registered Republican who donated to U.S. Senator John McCain’s campaign in the 2008 presidential election and to Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012 presidential election.” So this guy is not likely to be in Trumps corner.

  7. Christian W

    I’m not sure they will try to make Trump invisible. Trump is getting, by far, the most media exposure of the GOP candidates. No media cone of silence for him.

    Like Mike in Pennsylvania I can’t make out if Trump is for real, or if he is just on a gigantic Trump Brand building campaign and will flop faster than his toupée in a gale when he is ordered to make way for Hillary.

    In any case I don’t see Trump as the man to stop the rot in Washington and take on the incredibly corrupt system to sort it out.

  8. floridasandy

    if not trump, then who?

    I think he is “for real”, because it would have been easier for him to run as a democrat (seeing how he has done so much business with democratic leaders in the cities) and he CHOSE to run differently.. He lost a voting number advantage by making that decision alone He is using his own money, also.

    I can only hope that he wants his children and grandchildren to have a country with borders, language, and culture because America has been very good to the Trump family.

    I know we do NOT want a soros-backed leader.

    also, i think hillary will get a pass because she knows where many of the bodies are buried, figuratively. They bring her down and she would have no problem dragging a lot of people down with her.

  9. Petruchio

    “Of course, they will block him but hate doing this because it exposes the elites to scrutiny in public. It will be a total disaster for them and they know this which is why they keep demanding that everyone obey them or else.” There’s no two ways of putting it: the elites who run the GOP are in deep doo doo. There are no good options here; if they attack Trump they will alienate a large bloc of their gullible voters. They lose in November. (Of course, in reality, the GOP elites REALLY don’t mind Hillary Clinton in The White House; she works for the same people GOP elites do). This opens up the possibility of a Third Party being created. I believe THIS is what really frightens the elites. Even if a Third Party gains 20, 30 seats in The House, that can make voting for the elites’ agenda much more difficult.
    As for the Ted Cruz, let me ask a question. When will the Clinton team bring up the fact that Cruz is a CANADIAN born citizen and therefore ineligible for the US Presidency? No earlier than July, GOP Convention time to be more precise.

  10. Jim R

    On another topic — another interesting chart. Elaine’s father, and the climate scientists are both correct. Solar output is down, but global temperature is up. Interesting times.


    ELAINE: Since when has the 1930’s super warm period become colder than the 1970’s???? That graph is STUPID.

  11. melponeme_k


    I think this proves that Anonymous is nothing more than a front for some deep black spook op. CIA? Homeland Security?

  12. Christian W

    Trump is just another sleazy oligarch, no?

    If the US (and by extension the puppet Euro states) want to have any kind of decent future people need to get real and break the oligarch death grip on our nations.

    Otherwise we will all descend into Ukraine style chaos where the only political option is to watch the oligarch fight between themselves while they pick the place clean and kick the people into the gutter.

  13. melponeme_k


    Well than by rights Anonymous should go after all the people who have been already elected and reveal their backroom deals. By going after the candidate that already has the elites barking at the moon, they have misstepped and revealed Anonymous to be a sham. Read the comments on DM, they are now done like the paper puppets they are revealed to be.

  14. floridasandy

    christian, trump has obviously been the briber, not the one being bribed.

    who has the real power? That is what they are afraid of-somebody who has seen the deals from the other side, not their own.

  15. Rob

    @Jim R
    Temperature is up, Elaine explained, because they have been putting the sensors in hotter places.

  16. Jim R

    Temperature is up because temperature is up. The satellites are *not* in hotter places, they are in the same places.


    ELAINE: Yes, in places once that were rural but now have become heavily colonized and thus, warmer than rural.

  17. Lou

    110 below in NYS.

  18. Mike in Pennsylvania

    Good interview with David Duke regarding Trump here on Red Ice Radio: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2016/03/RIR-160314.php . (This is only Hour 1, as you have to be a member to listen to Hour 2.)

    Duke is an eminently sensible man. And he knows a thing or two about being demonized in the media. He makes good arguments against the idea that Trump is a tool of the Tribe — they don’t need Trump to accomplish their goals for America, b/c they have already been succeeding wildly.

    Why would they want to let such “dangerous” ideas — the disaster of free trade, the dishonest media, political correctness, immigration, the migrant invasion of Europe — loose in the public discourse, emboldening others to speak up about them — and allow the radical leftists to expose themselves to the “silent majority” so blatantly?…Curioser and curioser….

  19. Jim R

    Yeah, wateva. 297°K in Austin today. But it’s practically Mexico anyhow.

  20. Jim R

    Here’s the article the chart came from.

    Record Temperature Spike
    — Unz review

    By Anatoly Karlin, a Russian expat living in Californi-yi-yay and blogging in English. Posting statistics from NASA. Make what you will of it. In his other posts, he doesn’t seem to support the “mainstream” narrative.

  21. Some very scary statements from a GOP official here. I’m afraid they are quite serious.

  22. ziff

    yup, spring 2 months early here

  23. Jim R

    When you post a youtube video, you have to wait a few minutes for the server to embed your link. Because that’s what it does with a youtube link. Makes a still frame in a little box, with a ‘play’ button on it. Just now, I am seeing two copies of the embedded video, and a plain link.

  24. Petruchio

    @#22 steve: Wow! What a surprise! The GOP leadership are going to try to ‘loophole’ Trump out of the nomination. I think the GOP leaders are counting on their supporters to be so anti-Hillary Clinton they will tolerate whatever kinds of shenanigans their GOP leaders pull off. It will be for the Republicans a “anybody but Hillary” themed election. That will be the GOP’s public face. Privately, behind closed-doors, where NONE of the Republicans gullible fools voters can see, GOP leaders will be thrilled with Hillary Clinton in The White House. And, of course, if all else fails, the elites (they are NOT Republican or Democrats) will simply sneer and assume an attitude of, “F#ck you, WE have the Power and you don’t. Deal with it.” BTW: WHO the F is Curly Haugland to dictate how a US Presidential election is to be run? What, are there two other Stooges running around someplace?

  25. Lou

    ELAINE: Yes, in places once that were rural but now have become heavily colonized and thus, warmer than rural. — On this we agree.

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