Olympics Bankrupt Brazil, Bankrupted Greece…35 Million Riot In Brazil Last Night

 Chaos Breaks Out In Rio De Janeiro – YouTube


Like dominos falling, every country and every city that hosts the bloated, over-priced Olympics either goes bankrupt or struggles to pay off the bills afterwards for years and years.  It has become a painful ‘event’.  Now, women are being systematically eliminated as fake females who are really men, take some hormones before the Olympics to qualify as ‘females’ and that is a huge kick in the ass for women.  But then, this is the fault of the fake liberals.  They did this.  The addition of ‘sports’ to the games over the years has become very expensive and TV watchers/people in the stands are in the very low figures for most of these events and they cost a lot to run.  So the Games are dying rapidly though, for propaganda purposes, these are still popular in…Japan and China!


One would imagine the Japanese are great sports people but that is not true.  The country is dying of old age now and has financial troubles that are carefully hidden by the elites there who are far rightists.  They set up this regime whereby the workers are herded into substandard housing while marriages collapse due to men unable to afford to have wives and children anymore.  The birth rate has fallen into the cellar.


2024 Summer Olympics

According to a report by CNN, the IOC named five host city candidates for the 2024 Games late last year: Los Angeles; Rome, Italy; Paris, France; Budapest, Hungary; and Hamburg, Germany. The winner will be announced in September of 2017.


If Paris, which is also burning down like Athens did last year and Rio is this week, hosts the Olympics, this will end France as a sustainable government and it will join Italy…who also wants to commit mass suicide the same way…in bankruptcy.  Yikes!


Hungary can’t afford Olympic hosting, either.  Neither can Los Angeles which is filled with rage at Trump because of illegal aliens voting there against the President.  Oh, he will bail them all out, won’t he?


I recall this country called ‘Yugoslavia’.  Sarajevo’s Abandoned Olympic Sites: in 1984, they hosted the Winter Olympics and then went bankrupt and then collapsed entirely as a country in less than ten years.


The new government replaced the Olympic government and is now, in a matter of months, collapsing badly:  Brazilian government’s approval rating falls to 10 pct – Xinhua reported nearly a month ago.


Temer’s personal approval rating stood at 20 percent, with 73 percent disapproving of him and 7 percent not answering. Just 17 percent of respondents said they trusted the president.


In comparison to the government of his predecessor, Dilma Rousseff, 18 percent said Temer’s administration was better, 41 percent said Rousseff’s tenure had been superior and 38 percent found them the same.


Temer succeeded Rousseff last year, provisionally in May and definitively in August, when she was impeached by the Senate for fiscal irregularities.


Bribery is rampant in South America.  Bribery is also…rampant in the US.  Everyone knows that if you do the bidding of the super rich, they hand out millions and millions of dollars in outright bribes when they ‘retire’.  Look at dear old Obama, Mr. Clean, hands out for his bribes and hobnobbing with the super rich on their private islands while chiding Trump.  How embarrassing is this?


Arrests of leaders and many riots are not new, this is common in Brazil and will be increasingly common in the US and EU because our rulers have gone mad with bribery, criminal warping of the news, censorship, disarming citizens, open borders to violent, illegal aliens who hate the native populations of citizens, etc.


Why do the rich want this destruction?  Do they imagine they will survive the barbarian hordes they are letting in?  I must contact the ancient Romans and ask them about all this…naw…will have better luck contacting my Viking ancestors and hear them joke about all that fun they had back 1,200 years ago.


So, in today’s news is this massive, gigantic national strike by nearly 50% of the workers: Brazilians clash with police during national strike | Daily Mail Online


Thousands flooded the streets in anger against labour law and pension reforms, raising questions about whether President Temer will be able to push his proposals through Congress.

Temer’s administration argues that more flexible labor rules will revive a moribund economy and warns the pension system will go bankrupt without changes.

Unions and other groups called for the strike, saying that the changes before Congress will make workers too vulnerable and strip away too many benefits.

Buses burned and roads were blocked in a raw demonstration of anger against corruption, and the strike was called as Brazilians worry about the future amid a deep recession and rising unemployment.

And this is what inevitably happens with nearly all countries running Olympic events:  Hosting Olympics Bankrupts Another Place: Rio De Janeiro Declares Financial Disaster:

It’s one of the standard tropes of politics, that hosting the Olympic Games, or other such festivals for sportsmen like the World Cup, will boost the local economy. It’s one of the standard tropes of economics that hosting the Olympic Games, or other such festivals for sportsmen like the World Cup, is a financial loss maker that has the ability to bankrupt places with less than rock solid finances. That London hosted the Olympics recently was lovely in one manner and financially lost some couple of tens of billions of pounds. Britain’s a big and rich economy and that sort of loss is annoying but not existential. The same cannot be said of some other places. Like, for example, Rio de Janeiro, where the state governor has just declared a financial disaster.

And this is exactly what happened recently to another host country in the EU:  How the 2004 Olympics Triggered Greece’s Decline – Bloomberg

As they watch the London Olympics, many Greeks may wonder how their country went from the international glory of the Athens Games in 2004 to the recriminations of today’s crisis. Hosting the event cost almost €9 billion ($11 billion at today’s exchange rate), making the 2004 Games the most expensive ever at that point. Greek taxpayers were on the hook for €7 billion, which did not include the cost of extra projects such as a new airport and metro system.


Within days of the closing ceremony, Greece warned the euro area that its public debt and deficit figures would be worse than expected. The 2004 deficit came in at 6.1 percent of gross domestic product, more than double the euro-zone limit, while debt reached 110.6 percent of gross domestic product, the highest in the European Union. (Today, Greece’s debt is 165.3 percent of GDP.) Greece became the first EU country to be placed under fiscal monitoring by the European Commission, in 2005.


Greece is still a total mess.  The people there are rioting, they are furious, they are bankrupt.  The young ones are fleeing to other EU countries and making them further destabilized.  All of Europe has this problem which is why English voters went for Brexit.  Too many refugees and criminals crossing borders causing crime and chaos, this is the only sane solution which takes us to France which is trying to get the Olympic poison for Paris: Football legend Zinedine Zidane orders fans to vote against Marine Le Pen because his bosses are scared to death that things will change.


Note the football player’s non-French name.  This won’t cause voters to choose the Bilderberg banker.  Zidane isn’t French at all, he is in Spain and plays with Real Madrid!  HAHAHA.  So much for ‘nationalism’ on the ‘left.’.


There is none.  This football player was born in Marseilles  in Southern France to foreign parents but he left the country to make more money.  The entire EU business is like that.  The new President of Austria has attacked the citizens who are women there, ordering them to eventually wear burkas and I am more Austrian than he is, for example.


Seems that football players in the US and in Europe (soccer) should beware of endorsing political positions totally at odds with sports fans.  Boycotts do happen.  I read the male comments to the article and all were very angry with Zidane.


I am witnessing so many icons and systems failing this last few years and it is being torn asunder by the left and the right only the oddest things are happening, the ‘left’ is anti-worker/anti-China/Russia like old time conservatives/outright fascists while the right sounds more and more like patriotic/worker’s rights people!  Total reversal of positions that is amazing to watch in action.


The pressure on the new right is rising and their power is growing thanks to attracting workers while the left is flying off the handle, going insane trying to impose language systems and other irritating things on the masses who increasingly hate leftists.


The only allies left for the left are anti-liberal Muslims who intend to eradicate the very things the liberals love the most and the unemployable populations in the inner cities and even funnier, Hispanics who tend to be much more conservative but want to keep illegal entry so they support leftists who are suicidal.


What fun for the rest of us.




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29 responses to “Olympics Bankrupt Brazil, Bankrupted Greece…35 Million Riot In Brazil Last Night

  1. Lou

    Olympic strength, I looked at this and thought of Elaine, building houses;


  2. melponeme_k

    “Hispanics who tend to be much more conservative but want to keep illegal entry so they support leftists who are suicidal.”

    The Hispanic Catholic population has been indoctrinated en masse by the breakaway Jesuit sect who became rabid communists. I’m now reading Malachi Martin’s “The Jesuits” which was published in 87. Apparently the Jesuits took a large part in promoting Socialism/Communism via Nicaragua. From that platform they worked to spread communism to the rest of South America. What we are dealing with in the United States today are the children of Jesuit indoctrinated Marxists.

    More disturbingly, Martin noted the assassination attempt of John Paul II was during a very tricky time of him trying to regain control of the Jesuits. Martin only notes that the attempted assassination was a paid attempt. Then he goes no further. Now we know today the Bilderbergs have totally infiltrated the church. The Sandinista mess of the 80s is exactly them and their work.

    Recently I noticed one of my local Catholic neighborhood church offering sanctuary to illegal aliens.

    This is obviously another prong of Globalist attack by allowing the massive influx of South American catholics into the U.S. They must overwhelm the remaining patriotic Protestant and Catholic citizens. We will see the exact same thing happen here as it did in Nicaragua.

    Also there will be no one even like John Paul I (died mysteriously while opposing the Jesuits) or John Paul II allowed anywhere NEAR the papal throne again.

  3. Petruchio

    Remember when Mitt Romney was campaigning for President and bragged about what a good manager he was because of his work on hosting the Olympics in Salt Lake? LOL. Someone should investigate and find out the “nuts and bolts” of just how the financing for the Salt Lake Olympics went down. Now THERE is an interesting topic.

  4. Christian W

    Fake liberals did this

    Fake liberals are being used to do this. They are one of the tools the elites use to systematically dismantle our societies. Economically, socially, culturally, geographically, sexually, demographically, in just about any way you can think of.

    I see the Berkeley nonsense as part of this – two forces controlled by the elites set against each other to create drama and stir up emotions, yet both forces are fake tools being promoted to distort and degenerate society as part of a much larger movement.

    It is interesting to see how Russia is defending itself against this onslaught. The Russian elites are promoting the Orthodox church as a safeguard. But Russia is also going over the top in the other direction, ie anti-gay legislation, making it legal for husbands to beat spouses in domestic quarrels etc.

  5. melponeme_k



    Years and years ago I used to argue with tech people about not protecting their jobs with unions. They would all scream me down and spout Ayn Rand crap. Well now look at the tech industry today. A rats nest of H1B visa foreigners working for slave wages just so they can get over here and pop out anchor babies.

    I applaud these lawsuits. But it is rather like closing the barn doors after the horses escaped. If they had all unionized when I was haranguing them online years ago, the fight would not have been so critical as it is now.

  6. Claudeeyah



    Humans….always a day late and a dollar short. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn the clock back to 1964, before immigration in this country was opened up to third world countries? In another fifteen years we will be Somalia. When you live in a third world hell hole, dire poverty in this country looks like a king’s paradise. “Free” sh*t for everybody!

    Sure…..the gubmint will take of all of you….more so than you would ever believe. That’s been the plan ever since Johnson landed in office.

  7. Petruchio

    @#5 Mel: BRAVO!! You post is excellent! All these guys in the ‘Tech’ industry thought they were skilled workers and didn’t need a Union. I guess none of them tried to make it as an Electrician or a Plumber. It’s too late now, though. I’ll bet all those now-out-of-work-because-they-have been-outsourced voted Republican. Maybe they are blind enough so they still do. This is kind of like a Black family trusting the Ku Klux Klan to serve their best interests.

  8. Christian W

    @ Mel

    I wrote a long reply to the Communist Catholics post but it got lost on cyberspace apparently.

    Long story short I call BS on all “it’s a Marxist conspiracy” crap. Marxism – Red Scare, racism, Islamophobia etc are elite tools to muddle and confuse.

    The only way out of this mess is for Whites to admit their part of things in the mess and start over. White America sold out to the elites out of pure Greed. That is the fact of the matter.

    Now Whites need to admit what happened, sort their own elites out and impose international law on the elites.

    The reason the elites put Saudi Arabia on UN human rights councils and women’s rights panels is exactly to flaunt their contempt for human rights and international law, their number 1 enemy. Also to show how powerless human beings (people with heart and understanding, non psychopaths) are to stop them.

    If Whites don’t admit they sold out, nothing will change, the elites will continue to divide and conquer using racism, demographics etc etc as tools to feed White arrogance, hubris, greed, fear, projection, narcissism, survival instincts etc to destroy the US and the world. This has worked magnificently for about 4 decades, time to end that delusional nonsense. 1964 America will never return.

    I know this will trigger some, but we can only work with ourselves and admitting culpability and imperfections is a must if you want to return to Truth.

    The US will NEVER get sane leaders until you do.

  9. Melponeme_k


    Read Martin’s book and also “Keys to this Blood”. The Jesuits were in total insurrection. THEY TOOK POSITIONS IN THE JUNTA GOVERNMENT! And looked away as people “disappeared”. That has NOTHING to do with regular white church goers in the United States. Nor did they encourage the Jesuit protected COMMUNIST government in Nicaragua to train guerillas to infiltrate every other country in the vicinity. Nor did they tell the Jesuits to rebel and become Marxists.

    Communism is the Elites dream come true. They push us toward it every day. Because it centralizes power in the government. The government they can control. Even now they rage that we have wiggle room to complain on the internet.

    Do you know how long it takes for people to wake up? Not because they are stupid or greedy. But because most don’t want to believe that so many rich are so evil and venal. Not only that, all of what was done was done in secret. The only people who knew were the OCDs like Alex Jones who dug through every white paper. What average person has time for that?

    And I’m sorry, the only culture that is holding together is the WHITE culture. Every minority has made a crap stain of their own country. EVERY ONE. Even my people have turned their living areas into CRAP HOLES. I don’t overlook this problem and blame whites. We all have free will.

  10. Lou

    And I’m sorry, the only culture that is holding together is the WHITE culture–under attack by Jews.

    Communism is the Elites dream come true. –and who created communism?
    Lenin, Marx, Trotsky, etc. All jews.
    Goldman, lazarus, Alinsky.

  11. Christian W

    Communism is the Elites dream come true. They push us toward it every day. Because it centralizes power in the government. The government they can control. Even now they rage that we have wiggle room to complain on the internet.

    That is not Communism though, nor is it Marxism. You might rather say it is the end station for Capitalism. Complete monopoly over everything. A major goal of Marxism is the end of the ruling elite, ie the opposite of Capitalism. What you have now in the US is an Oligarchy, laissez faire capitalists who have joined up in looting everything operations.

    And it’s a fact that nobody had killed more people to empower themselves than the AngloUS Empires. Spanning centuries these Empires have exploited every part of the globe and killed hundreds of millions for nothing but profit.

    The English industrialized by looting India to the tune of $Trillions in today’s money. When the English invaded India had 20% of the global GDP, after it left India was left with tens, if not hundreds, of millions dead and 4% of global GDP. It’s easy to look good when you outsource death and misery for profit.

    India, Africa, the Americas, China and the Middle East, the Far East (Asia) were all looted. Europe and NA is being looted now because the worm has turned on itself.

    White culture is destroying the planet and that’s a fact. That doesn’t take away from the fact that other cultures are doing the same thing, but most of them nowadays are following the white culture pattern of destroying the earth for profit.

    White insanity is the narcissistic belief that the white brain is above nature.

  12. Melponeme_k


    So what other culture has there that has driven innovation? Hmm? What hallowed people are there to take up the reins?

    China was in severe decline long before the Europeans arrived in the 19th Century. Everywhere else, Africa, India, and SE Asia, the people will still living in mud huts dancing around fires. Maybe you would have preferred the Aztecs or the Mayas? They practiced blood sacrifice in the open. That is what led to their downfall. Actually most historians state that these societies were COMMUNIST. Before it even had a name. The people HATED it and thought the Spaniards were great. Until the Spaniards turned on them and took advantage of the education differential. What did the people do? NOTHING. They even had the Jesuits come in and try to EDUCATE them. Did that work? NOPE.

    I’m sorry, the time for self flagellation is OVER. CLEAN SLATE time. I prefer to choose the culture that works that created Shakespeare, working sewers and hot running water.

    You can choose suicide by barbarian and apologize for whiteness. Go Ahead. It worked out so well for the Romans. Please note we didn’t get anywhere near their standard of living until the 1800s. Fall of Rome about 418 to first modern sewer system 1856. That is a LONG time. Please note, our coming conquerors use their bare hand to wipe their butts clean. This from a people who were once civilized before a hick, who liked to marry children, conquered them.

  13. Christian W

    White culture never had a problem genociding other people and cultures. It still does so. Only in so doing it is genociding itself. Maybe it would be a smart idea to stop this crap while it is still possible and before White Culture Nukes wipe out what is left?

  14. Christian W

    Oh the White Man’s Burden argument. Sweet.

    I am not arguing against Whiteness. I am arguing against Insanity. I don’t see Rome as a shining example. The Romans used conquered and cultured Slaves for their thinking. Roman “culture” itself was murderous and brutal who depended on looting other cultures to sustain itself, the essence of what in my view is “barbarism”. It was no shining light on the hill, it was not a sane nor balanced culture. It could not sustain itself in balance and harmony with nature. Greed and Narcissism destroyed it. It is no coincidence that White culture glorifies it because White culture has the same flaws. An insane culture with plumbing is still an insane culture.

    It is a matter of the human condition. To be human is to rise above the limbic system and primitive instincts. Human beings are able to access the higher functions of the brain. But we can see from human history that most humans, especially under stress, are functioning from the limbic systems fight/flight systems ie the primitive part and Roman culture was very defintely a very primitive one where it mattered.

    If you use this kind of primitive thinking, we are better superior to them, you will always be caught in the narrative of conflict, meaning ultimately it comes down to who is stronger/has more power. This is the root of the fascist mindset. If that is so, then you cannot complain if somebody else defeats you, it simply means they were stronger and fitter than you.

  15. Ah, all these comments remind me of a very interesting era in England: the battle of the Elites over Church and State issues!

    As I recall (and this is why my family fled to Holland and then the totally wild frontiers), the Catholic Church gained vast lands, wealth and holdings via elites giving this to them all. That is, land grants after the Norman Invasion.

    The place where extra sons and daughters were parked was the Church so it was totally run by the elites back in the Middle Ages.

    As the Church got richer and more powerful, it contested power with the Kings of England who…with King Henry VIII who wanted to get rid of wives one way or the other, he needed loot and so he eliminated all the Church property where the nuns and priests lived and controlled.

    This poured a gigantic tsunami of wealth on the Crown and led to many wars, of course, and then the Protestants had wars, too, and witch burnings, etc.

    This was all over wealth issues: lots and lots of land was handed over to the Elites when the Church was looted. They lived off of this for about 350 to 400 years and became lazy and sloppy due to no real hard work, the second sons were sent overseas to conquer the earth while the eldest stayed home and rotted away.

    There are many Elites today who are not dottering, tottering, semi-mental lunatics like the old royals who grow stupider each generation…the New Elites want to ape the Old Elites and rule via family forever and ever which is why our elections feature often the same damn and stupid families over and over again, ditto is happening in Canada, England, France, etc.

    The New Guard wants the peasant/ruler relations the Old Guard want. There is no ‘white/black’ issues here, these are to keep the masses at each other’s throats while the Elites feather their own nests.

    They cannot tolerate even the smallest reaction. Note how they freak out over Trump who is an ‘outsider’ but rich like them! He isn’t going for their goal which is to destroy white males (who scare them) and then destroy black males (who will be killed off by Catholics or better still, Muslims).

    They are nutty, though. The ‘allies’ of the Elites are people who hate them. Oh, they can use Chinese people instead.

    Except the Chinese have a fairly high IQ in general and ran empires for many centuries and are eager to take over, I don’t blame them at all. Someone has to do something! They can run all systems but they won’t be the slaves of the European Elites who are pulling this crap.

  16. Christian W

    Therefore, ultimately the “Barbarians” had a stronger and fitter culture, because they defeated the Romans.

    To use the “we had superior creature comfort systems” as a measure of culture is insane.

    The reason the Romans were wiped out, in England and in Rome, is because they were hated for their brutal psychopathic ways never mind that they could read and had plumbing.

  17. Melponeme_k

    “Roman “culture” itself was murderous and brutal who depended on looting other cultures to sustain itself, the essence of what in my view is “barbarism”. It was no shining light on the hill, it was not a sane nor balanced culture.”

    Who said it was? However they did have Virgil and hot Baths and hot/cold running water. I’m sure everyone would have liked that. Too bad the non-murderous and brutal Vikings killed everyone who would have voted for hot baths.

    “To be human is to rise above the limbic system and primitive instincts.”

    Can’t be done Dear. Not when you have barbarians who see nothing wrong with themselves. Being an integrated person does not mean you can’t defend yourself. The Muslim invasion requires brute force. Because they look upon kindness, compassion and understanding as WEAKNESS. We saw what charity inspired in them. RAPE and PILLAGE.

    “If you use this kind of primitive thinking, we are better superior to them, you will always be caught in the narrative of conflict, meaning ultimately it comes down to who is stronger/has more power.”

    We can only rise above Primitive thinking when there are no primitive people. The first step toward that is fighting the Bilderbergs not the general public. Then the public must act to defense against barbarian illegal aliens of all nationalities. A country can only protect and nurture itself. I’m sorry, I see little reason why I have to worry about Mexico or any other country. They certainly aren’t worrying about me or mine. In fact they would very much like to kill me.

  18. Christian W

    I’m not saying we are not allowed to defend ourselves. But we need to admit when we are “the barbarians who see nothing wrong with ourselves”. That doesn’t mean other “barbarians who see nothing wrong with themselves” exist either. That is why we need International Law and human rights because the right to defend ourselves is a human right. Do note that the people we conquer do not have the right to defend themselves, if they do they are invariably terrorists and monsters.

    It’s interesting that it was under the pretext of defending international law and human rights that the West attacked Nazi Germany. In reality Nazi Germany’s crime was that they were COMPETITION, not that they were doing something that the UK/US/French Empires were not already engaged in.

    The barbarian invasion facing the west is but a reflection of our society. We pay lipservice to being superior and humanistic, but we are not. We cannot complain about Syrian refugees when we have smashed Syria (and Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan etc) to pieces.

    And, in my experience, the majority of Muslim refugees are normal human beings looking to live their lives as part of society (Syrians and Iraqis). The problem, beside the basic one of too many refugees, is the criminal element that comes with the majority. Also the Wahhabi element that is introduced to subvert Western societies. These are legitimate concerns. But the way to fight them is to have them stay in their own nations instead of destroying them for our profit (meaning the profit of OUR leaders, and the profit of the puppets installed by us on the ruins of the smashed nations).

    When do we take responsibility for what is done in our name?

    Since we do not admit that we have criminal leaders, we cannot stop the rot in our socities. We cannot stop the distortions of reality imposed on us by our criminal leaders.

    As long as we operate within the frame created for us by our criminal leaders, all action we take, even to defend ourselves, will only strengthen THEM and weaken US. That is the root problem. Admitting that our system is rotten and criminal, allows for us to begin to clean out the rot and criminality. But as long as we only react to the machinations of our elites, we will be limbic robots perpetuating our own decline.

    That is what destroyed Rome.

  19. Melponeme_k

    “The barbarian invasion facing the west is but a reflection of our society.”

    Moral Relativism. Sorry, that doesn’t fly. That is WRONG. Unless you think it is fine and dandy for a star chamber called Sharia law to overrule your national court. Unless you think we are the equivalent of people who mutilate the genital organs of small female children. Out of the two, the west is the more moral choice. As much as you don’t want to admit it.

    We are NOT the same.

    “And, in my experience, the majority of Muslim refugees are normal human beings looking to live their lives as part of society (Syrians and Iraqis).”

    Not one of them have ever stood up to their religious fundamentalists. Not one. The western people HAVE and paid a bloody price for it but we won. It doesn’t seem that the same courage exists in Muslim refugees. If it did, they wouldn’t be here.

  20. Christian W

    The Sharia law problem, in the West and now elsewhere, is 100% a result of Western (UK/US) action.

    The Muslim refugee problem for Europe is 100% a result of US/NATO actions.

    The UK (glorious white culture) gave Wahhabism a platform to grow and spread.

    The UK (glorious white culture) gave Zionism a platform spread.

    The US invaded Afghanistan etc resulting in the refugee waves bringing the rapists lunatics to the West.

    Action and consequence.

    And, nobody on this planet is fighting against the religous fundamentalists harder than the Syrian people right this minute.

  21. Melponeme_k

    “And, nobody on this planet is fighting against the religous fundamentalists harder than the Syrian people right this minute.”

    It is not only a fight for Syrians. But for every non-fundamentalist Muslim who want nay NEED reformation. They haven’t made a move, they haven’t even gotten past the stage of STARTING to think about it.

    “Action and consequence.”

    The people had no control over either. Both were started by the Bilderbergs to serve their own ends. I’m sorry, I’m not going to let my country lay down and die because of wars long past. I’m thinking of now. I’m thinking of MY people. The ones the Bilderbergs want to destroy with invasion. The Muslims have long since shown themselves to be hateful of the western countries that welcome them, down to every man, woman and child. No protest means assent. Pure and simple.

  22. Melponeme_k

    Saudi Arabia was part of the Rhodes plan for an Anglo/American empire now called The Bilderbergs. You can call them the Tri-Lateral Commission. You can call them by any of the names of the bogus think tanks they use to hide themselves.

    The point is, the people haven’t had a choice in a long, long time. They haven’t even known about this cabal clearly until this decade. So stop with the moral relativism against the people.

  23. Christian W

    I disagree. It doesn’t take much to know that US aggressive warfare is wrong. People should have been able to see this with the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. A lot of people did in fact.

    People knew the war in Vietnam was wrong.

    People in America did not want to join WWI and WWII, correctly seeing it as British/elite manipulation.

    In all cases the US government fooled them into war. Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 etc.

    In every age there has been people who has seen through the elite charade and spoken out against it.

    In the 1930’s Smedley Butler pointed out that the US was run by essentially the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street. Nothing is new, all is well known.

    The real moral relativism is when people simply don’t want to know but prefer fairy tales of moral superiority and evil enemy pictures over reality. The real moral relativism is to ignore the shadow side of ones own culture and adapt a straw man for other people’s cultures.

    In my view it is essential for us who do know to educate those who do not know. The problem of course is the tremendous amount of government propaganda directed so shut down the minds of those who do not want to know (which is why such large parts of the US population were pro-invasion of innocent nations).

    That is why we need to start with exposing our own leaders and their crimes, or we will never get out of the destructive loop destroying our nations.

    If American people are destroying other nations out of ignorance, how can you complain other ignorant cultures are destroying yours?

    It’s time for people to wake up out of their ignorance, no?

  24. Humans fight. Humans kill. Fighting and killing have been gigantic movers of human evolution. The most dangerous animal a human can encounter is…another HUMAN!

    The most dangerous person for a baby to meet is an insane parent.

    Humans have this serious problem with killing and eating animals in that we do this to each other even the most intimate relationships can lead to murder.

    Look, please, at the history of the kings of England from 1055-1650. And the few queens who got to kill. They did this A GREAT DEAL and to family members.

    Some of the most chilling stories of murder within the royals were aimed at little children…killing future kings was a terrible thing and done with zero mercy.

    The present rulers of our lives are not nearly so deadly, they kill mostly total strangers. But when there is an uproar inside the castles and kingdoms, off come the gloves and full scale murder happens.

    I see…VERY CLEARLY…that our Real Rulers are terrified of ‘white males’ and even moreso, utterly scared if they join with the Chinese to fight the destruction, the Chinese want the US systems intact, not cities lying in ruins.

    Just for example. The Hispanics want chaos because they are used to chaos, it feels familiar, they are used to living in homes that look like prisons, go check that out in any Hispanic city in Europe or the Americas…The Chinese perfect home is a high walled estate with guards and a bridge surrounded by water with ducks and fishes and snails.

    My background is to live on a hill where one can see everyone else and frankly, all my long life, with my parents and now on my own mountain, this is how I live and I love it, I can see all over and ‘lord it’ over others.

    These cultural differences are very powerful forces. My grandfather used to say, ‘If you can see your neighbor, they are too close’ only to live in what became Pasadena and LA 140 years ago and it grew into a vast city around him and he HATED this with a passion, a bitter hatred.

    HAHAHA. This is how things operate: humans are always confused by historical forces. I grew up around natives of Arizona who remembered the Terrible Drought that destroyed the Anasazi cities, for example.

    This sort of drought can happen again. All the people living in the dry states should fear this possibility.

    Humans are basically irrational animals who have the capacity to be ‘rational’ and we can…but only to a limited degree. Usually, we humans are quite irrational. This is because our brains are big and we can imagine things which is our strength and our weakness at the same time.

    We do not have the cold rationality of say, a pack of wolves or a pride of lions. But we can form a pack that hunts and kill…

  25. Christian W

    That is true when people are caught in their primitive parts of the brain. That is one reason why the US is so violent (by design). Many people are so constantly triggered they hardly ever access the neocortex, the truly human part of the brain.

    This is another reason why the elites constantly sell fear, fear of losing your house, your job, your economy, fear of blacks, muslims, terrorism, North Korea, Russia never ending fear.

    I saw a US congressman (Trump nominee) make a speech to Tea party members. He said the Muslims are coming, and the CIA, FBI, NSA etc cannot possibly protect them (Tea party members). Ie the Tea party members need to be afraid and constantly vigilant, ie the Tea party members must be in a constant state of fight/flight.

    This is a propaganda trick called Amygdala Hijack. The US government uses these trick constantly. The MSM is selling this 24/7 full blast all channels.

    With all respect Elaine. It is easy to see when you are caught by lower mechanisms. You can write fantastic posts when you access your higher functions, but almost every post about the election eg and your NY vigilante days are much more “primitive”.

  26. Lou

    At 3 to 5 minutes. What happened to the homeless in Rio?

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