Kennedy Assassination Secrets Slowly Appear: Soviets Suspected Organized Conspirators Killed Kennedy

My father got to know President Kennedy personally during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  He was the final advisor on the subject of what the Soviet ships were taking to Cuba during the tit for tat sparring over NATO stationing missiles in Turkey, a country which Putin recently pulled out of NATO and into a deepening alliance with Russia.  I had a front seat view of the dark, hidden politics behind the Kennedy assassination and no one believes me when I tell them all the international junk surrounding that event.


There are a million conspiracy stories surrounding the Kennedy assassination.  To clear this all up, the CIA and every President and the Pentagon all conspired with the Bilderberg gang which overlaps all these organizations and positions, to keep everything SECRET.


This was hostile, insane and above all, stupid.  But they needed citizens to be uncertain, confused and not follow the obvious threads tying the assassination of the President to the CIA letting a killer to do the operation with zero hinderance.


Every President until the total outsider, Trump, would enforce this stupid secrecy and kept the files locked away from historians and curious citizens to my great fury but then, the Nazi rocket cave scientists had to be protected, too, while they built our space program and Operation Paperclip was hidden totally from view until very recently and this, after I have yelled nonstop about this since 1968.


It took only half a century to bring it to the public!!!  And it still isn’t totally brought to the public, only half of it which is stupid but then, hiding crimes is very important.  The half-baked conspiracy stories that grew out of this totally unacceptable secrecy are now impossible to get rid of and the paranoia it created has caused confused citizens to fall for following fake conspiracy stories to this very day, every event is consumed in a flood of conspiracy stories that get crazier and crazier while doing nothing useful to stop what is the underlying problem: the C…I…A.


He’s a maniac who’s going to get us NUKED: JFK files reveal how the Soviet Union feared they were going to get blamed for putting Lee Harvey Oswald up to assassinating Kennedy: How Soviet Union feared blame over JFK’s assassination | Daily Mail Online reports from London:


In one FBI document dated December 1, 1963, from director J Edgar Hoover, the agency reveals everything it has learned about the Soviet reaction to the JFK assassination and what its agents might have known about Oswald.


Dear old Mr. Hoover.  HAHAHA.  I was a real brat and would spend many an adventure trying to outwit the FBI for the sheer fun of it, being a teenager back then.  Hoover went down with the sinking of the Nixon Presidency.  Hoover was a criminal, himself.


All US and Soviet agencies spied on each other nonstop.  Right now, we have zero relations with Russia unlike during the entire Cold War because our insane rulers who assassinated Kennedy, wanted to restart the Cold War with Russia even though Russia is a top capitalist country today.  There are more communists in NATO than in Russia.


The tranche of documents reveal that the Soviets were just as obsessed with conspiracy theories surrounding Kennedy’s death as the rest of the world.


The entire Soviet Politburo was paranoid.  This had been true since Stalin took over so violently.  The Soviets were curious about why Kennedy was killed in Texas, the home base of the VP, Johnson.  I was very curious about this ‘coincidence’, too.


‘According to our source, officials of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union believed there was some well-organized conspiracy on the part of the “ultraright” in the United States to effect a “coup”.’


This is because the Soviets were very paranoid about Barry Goldwater.  Barry was a friend of my father and a big supporter of my father’s programs when they had to be funded by Congress.  We once lived next door to Barry and his family.


There was no way supporters of Barry Goldwater would assassinate Kennedy because by the time of the assassination, Barry got along with Kennedy and this is why my father could work with both men very easily.  Why would Barry or his supporters kill Kennedy when the next person was LBJ?  That made zero sense.

The Soviets were correct to be paranoid.  Since Oswald had gone off to the Soviet Union only to be kicked out again because he made them nervous, they knew they would be blamed for the assassination.  Of course, I knew back then, even in my childhood when this happened, it was a silly story.  Why?


Sheer logic!  They successfully negotiated with Kennedy to pull their missiles out of Cuba with the US pulling them out of Turkey!!!  They had finally opened the door to real diplomacy and hoped to keep it open for the Soviet Union needed more open systems to recover from WWII damage.


This prompted further opinion of the Soviet officials that only ‘maniacs would think that the ‘left’ forces in the United States, as represented by the Communist Party, USA, would assassinate President Kennedy, especially in view of the abuse the Communist Party, USA, has taken from the ‘ultraleft’ as a result of its support for the peaceful coexistence and the disarmament policies of the Kennedy administration,’ the document reads.


Later, when I was a teenager, I got to know the old ‘ultraleft’ and yes, they were all ‘peaceniks’.  The radical left hated the Soviet Union and loved Madame Mao!  They were insane, dangerous and stupid.  The older left was appalled by the New Left.


Khrushchev believed that the Dallas Police Department was an ‘accessory’ to the assassination.


The CIA source ‘got the impression that Chairman Khrushchev had some dark thoughts about the American Right Wing being behind this conspiracy’.


OK: the CIA was tracking all this secretly to see if anyone could figure out what was really going on here.  They were very pleased that they fooled the Russian leaders.  The Russians had no idea that the CIA itself would kill a President.  It just didn’t occur to them.


When the source said that Oswald and his eventual killer Jack Ruby both were ‘mad’ and ‘acted on his own… Kruschev said flatly that he did not believe this’.


And he was correct. Now remember, all this was written up by a secret CIA agent in Russia.  I am betting the KGB knew exactly who this person was and fed him false information, they did this all the time and so did the CIA.


In this murky world of lies, the key feature was, the agencies, both the CIA and KGB lied to their own leaders!!!  The CIA still does this.  When they brief Presidents, they give whatever information they want to feed to get results and are not at all shy about lying.


The White House released 2,891 documents related to JFK’s assassination that have long been kept secret.


But some are being held back by the president, who said he’s allowing intelligence, law enforcement and military agencies to take the next six months to justify their requests to redact specific pages.


HAHAHA…the CIA gets to censor all this, still.  And Trump was persuaded to cooperate with their now frantic attempts at redacting important information.  Here are some samples of the files released last night:


The KGB is all about paranoia.  So is the CIA.  The Soviets thought in political terms instead of suspecting secret police would do secret stuff to leaders and I suspect, and I have known former Soviet officials (ditto, Chinese) over many years, that the idea that their own secret police would pull coups at home, didn’t occur to them until much later in life.


I, on the other hand, suspected this since childhood.  I am very paranoid about secret police and the CIA is now a gigantic monster operation that has been openly trying to overthrow the recent election and remove Trump and now is in total panic because he is pulling back the bed sheets to reveal who and what they really are: monsters.


The CIA should have been totally turned inside out after the Kennedy assassination.  Instead, they were allowed to dictate who gets to know what information about the assassination.  This way they can continue their coverup of their involvement in this event.  They wanted to get rid of Kennedy precisely because he was doing real detente with Khrushchev.


The KGB got rid of Khrushchev and so he left the world stage and everything was finally set up for the confrontation in Vietnam which the CIA and KGB cooked up to keep us at war with each other for on and on and on.

I said all my life that the USSR was pleased with Kennedy’s diplomacy.  They were very displeased with LBJ’s warmongering.  Do note how the CIA and mainstream media colluded all this year to smear our President because he wanted better diplomatic relations with Putin!


This was made so impossible by the conspiracy of Congress, the media giants and the CIA that we have zero diplomacy with Putin today.  All systems are totally shut down by the conspirators who killed Kennedy when he tried real diplomacy.  This is why I keep saying, the end game is for them to kill Trump, too.  Only Trump knows this and is taking measures including not letting the CIA guard him, to avoid death.


Back to the Daily Mail story: the December 1, 1966 note included unconfirmed speculation that the KGB was ‘in possession of data purporting to indicate Johnson was ‘responsible for the assassination’.


It was forwarded in a message to the White House called ‘Reaction of Soviet and Communist Party officials to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy’.


It said: ‘KGB headquarters indicated that in view of this information, it was necessary for the Soviet Government to know the existing personal relationship between President Johnson and the Kennedy family, particularly that between President Johnson and Robert and ‘Ted’ Kennedy.’


The FBI memo, dated December 1, 1966, quotes a US intelligence mole in Russia as saying that the KGB ‘was in possession of data purporting to indicate President Johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy.’


The message, forwarded by Hoover to Johnson’s aide Marvin Watson, says Moscow believed JFK’s murder was a ‘well-organised conspiracy on the part of the ‘ultraright’ in the United States to effect a ‘coup.’


‘They seemed convinced that the assassination was not the deed of one man, but it arose out of a carefully planned campaign in which several people played a part,’ says the memo.


It was a classic ‘open door’ event.  The CIA, exactly like on 9/11, deliberately looked the other way and all systems set to protect us mysteriously function badly until the event is finished.  This is how the CIA always operates!  This is the ideal operation: murky, yet obvious, enough confusion to prevent people from figuring out how the CIA engineers all this stuff.


This is their specialty!  They train themselves to do this stuff!  They study this stuff so they can improve it.  The ideal operation is to have a dangerous tiny gang or individual outsiders to carry out events the CIA wants to succeed.  This is why they are dangerous: they secretly leave ‘open doors’ for events to happen and guide these via setting up ‘paths of least resistance’ to lure various players to create ‘events’ that then allow the CIA to run riot all over the planet earth.


Note how the Saudi attack on the Pentagon, NYC and the fourth jet shot down, how they enabled the CIA and the President to attack a totally innocent third party, Iraq and Saddam.  This, in turn has opened this vast can of worms leading to the CIA running wild all over the Middle East and Africa doing all sorts of coups and invasions killing MILLIONS of people and flooding Europe and the US with illegal aliens who hate us and are now systematically attacking us.


Hell’s bells, this is so painfully obvious.  And yet, people are tricked into believing goofy conspiracy stories that totally conceal the actions and methods of the CIA and their bosses, the Bilderberg gang of international looters and criminals, to push us from one war crime to another.  And here is today’s news about the elder Bush war criminal doing stupid things yet again:


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34 responses to “Kennedy Assassination Secrets Slowly Appear: Soviets Suspected Organized Conspirators Killed Kennedy

  1. Melponeme_k

    David Cop A feel is a senile old man who is lucky he knows his own name. What is it with all these crazy HE-SHE Trans faces getting all upset about their man asses getting pinched?

    These things only WISH men would pinch them without being paid to do so. They should thank Bush is senile enough to do so.


  2. Jim R

    It’s hard to believe that, with 50 years to do it, all of the CIA’s documents have not been ‘sanitized’.

    What happened in 1963 was a coup. No doubt about that … you can argue the details until the cows come home. But it’s clear that they engineered the coup, and we have had a deep state junta in charge for the last half century. When they did that in Iran or Chile, well, you could argue that they were doing it for the good of the country, but when they killed Kennedy, you can not.

    I suppose it’s too much to wish for, but several of the agencies of the “executive branch” need to be shut down, everyone fired, and many prosecuted for this treason. Even if they started working for it in the 2010s, they are guilty by merely joining an outfit with such a filthy reputation, and not blowing the whistle on them.

    I don’t think Trump is really strong enough to drain the swamp all by himself, but perhaps he can inspire others. . .

  3. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    It is called a Constitutional Convention. There would be a temporary halt to government while the states debate government agreements. Obviously all representatives could be recalled etc.

    However the convention would only be as honest as the people who are in charge of it. Considering our leadership these days. They are all rotten to the core. A convention could be extremely dangerous.

  4. Jim R

    If there were a Constitutional Convention today, you could kiss the Bill of Rights goodbye. It would simply be taken over by the corporate interests, the MIC, and other oligarchs, and reworked to their low standards.

    But the Constitution was not needed to create the CIA, FBI, or NSA, nor the Pentagon. And no change to the Constitution is required to end them. In theory, an act of Congress or perhaps just an order from the President would be all that is required. Of course, it would also require a large army of marshalls to round up all the miscreants that currently occupy those institutions…

  5. Look, the ‘conspiracy’ here is obvious to me all my long life: the CIA enabled the assassination of Kennedy. They set things in motion and didn’t protect the President, they hated him, they hate Trump and don’t be shocked that Trump agrees with me about all this thus he forced them to cough up all this ‘secret’ stuff which took a ridiculously long time to let us see it…what little we get to see!

    This is highly dangerous for Trump but he accepts this, I think. He knows he will die some day, some way. Better to go down fighting and not like the senile Bush criminals who just putter along merrily, going insane.

  6. Petruchio

    The FBI and the CIA are asking President Trump to withhold the release of some JFK Assassination files, citing “National Security” issues. The assassination occurred 54 years ago. The Warren Commission issued a formal report. Most of the people who were in Government in 1963 are dead, such as LBJ. HOWEVER, George H.W. Bush is STILL alive. Coincidence? I doubt it.

  7. Jim R

    I suspect they are even more afraid of the real story of 911 being released. And Trump probably knows some things about that, being a New York real estate man. It was obviously the same deal — argue all you want about the details, they paved the way for it to happen.

    And, many of the perps are still alive.

  8. ziff

    i agree its a good plan to let Oswald , 9/11 guys just do their thing , with Oswald he seemed a bit unstable , how could they be sure , he would go through with it or even know he his intentions and that he would hit the target ?

  9. Jim R

    Well, ziff, this is where Elaine always insists on being wrong. In both of these events, the official narrative is demonstrated to be a lie, and in both events, the key piece of evidence is video.

    In the Zapruder film, you can see that JFK was shot from the front, while the Book Depository was behind the limousine. And in the many 911 videos, you can plainly see buildings falling in a perfectly symmetrical fashion, straight into their own basements.

    And in both cases, public displays of the videos are accompanied by “expert” advocates for the official narrative, instructing viewers not to believe their eyes. Is Elaine one of these disinformation agents? I do not know.

  10. Petruchio

    @#9 ziff: Excellent point! Why on EARTH would conspirators put something as important as succeeding in assassinating a US President in the hands of a.) just ONE assassin and b.) someone as incompetent as Lee Harvey Oswald? We know for a FACT how incompetent Oswald was with a rifle; he was in the US Marines! Oswald couldn’t even hit the target in rifle training in the Marines and most people can at least hit the target! Even if they have little or no experience with a firearm. Also, Oswald’s brother testified that when he and his brother Lee would go hunting he would have to shoot animals for his brother Lee because Lee could hit any animals with his rifle. I suppose you can explain these stories away as part of some elaborate False Story, but does that really make sense? One more item. How could Lee Harvey Oswald have known that the travel route of the Presidential motorcade was going to be changed at the last minute and pass by the building he was working in? Many casual observers of the JFK assassination don’t realize that Lee Harvey Oswald actually WORKED in the Texas School book Depository. That’s why he was in the building.

  11. Simple: it is nearly ALWAYS one or perhaps up to a dozen who do these deeds. Always.

    This is NORMAL not UNUSUAL. There is an iron rule of all ‘underground operations’ including very dire spook operations: the fewer who know what is going on, the better. The best is to have one operator and one handler!

    I know that outsiders find this very hard to swallow. Great events are supposed to be armies of conspirators! This is a natural human emotion but it is illogical and worse, inoperative. Understand: IT CAN’T WORK.

    Lone wolves are highly prized as assassins.

  12. On the other hand, an army of conspirators do work to cover up events. They buried the Kennedy Assassination information, for example. They spread false stories, too, and this requires an army of co-conspirators and they have a name: the Bilderberg gang! This is why I hammer away at that gang which are all international conspirators who meet in great secrecy in order to run the world for their own power and amusement.

  13. ziff

    my guess is they told Oswald to take a position to guard the Pres

  14. Pete

    SS pulled off Kennedy right before shots fired:

  15. Ken

    Of course the Soviets believed that Kennedy’ assassination was part of a coup. That’s how their system worked, and that affected their whole world view. Their belief that a conspiracy existed is hardly reliable evidence.

  16. Ken has presented a “straw man.” No one is claiming that something Soviet intelligence believed at the time is evidence that the assassination represented a coup. There was already so much overwhelming evidence; no more was needed by this release of documents to show that it was indeed a coup. The CIA & FBI have had more than 50 years to clean up the files, 25 since the release law was passed; and they’re still not ready with some of the documents! That also is not evidence, so don’t claim I’m saying so. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

    “Back and to the left. Back and to the left.” That’s a good place to start.

    Elaine starts with the conclusion that Oswald *had* to be the shooter, because….reasons. Therefore anything that suggests otherwise is obviously fanciful. (” it is nearly ALWAYS one or perhaps up to a dozen who do these deeds. Always.”)

    I was disappointed the other night when Tucker Carlson invited two guests who took a similar approach. They start from the premise that, obviously the official story is correct, because it *has* to be; therefore all these new documents being released can only muddy the waters and spawn new conspiracy theories. Sadly, Tucker seemed to agree with them.

    #9 Ziff’s point is so obvious, but apparently it only occurs to crazy conspiracy theorists….

    I again recommend “Evidence of Revision” for some pretty revealing news footage at the time. Besides the Secret Service, the Dallas police also “stood down” to a degree on that day. That’s “nearly always” how these things work.

  17. Petruchio

    @#12 Elaine: Conspiracies really DO happen! Take for example the assassination that started WW1, the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Gavrilo Prncip fired the fatal shots that killed the archduke and his wife Sophie. Princip was assassin #3 in this plan to kill the Archduke. Not unheard of to have a back up assassination plan if #1 fails. In Princip’s case, the firat assassin threw his bomb and missed. The second assassin saw #1 assassin getting busted by the police and so assassin #2 decided to split the scene. As did Princip. Princip went to the Rendezvous point, had a sandwich and as he exited the shop who does Princip see, but the Archduke himself, his driver completely lost. One of the saddest coincidences in History.The point? It is not hard to believe AT ALL that the JFK assassination conspirators would have back up assassins ready to kill if the first plan went haywire somehow.

  18. Yes, you can have some multiple assassins…BUT in general, it is singular or two people because it is tons easier to keep secret. The people ‘guarding’ the victims…THAT is where the ‘collusion’ hides!

    For example, Caesar: he had body guards but they stepped back when he was with ‘friends’ and they killed him.

    The fact today is, one can use powerful tools to kill and this means fewer assassins. One bullet from one assassin can do the job. A big bomb works, too.

    9/11 was very creative: they did multiple attacks and did it with fair secrecy except this was plotted next to Jupiter Island in Florida which is where there are more CIA agents than anywhere on earth outside of their headquarters.

    THAT was a top ‘collusion’ event. The Bush/Cheney gang were very aware of it which is why they did nothing until the Pentagon was hit.

  19. Jim R

    If there is one assasin, it wasn’t Oswald in the Book Depository.

    Because JFK was shot from the general direction of the front of the limousine. You can plainly see it in the Zapruder film, and in the autopsy pictures, there is a huge exit wound at the back of his head.

  20. Ziff

    This sounds legit to me , watch the end , ” the frenchman ”

  21. Shawntoh

    “JFK Files: Trump Blocks Release of Hundreds of Documents Under CIA Pressure”

  22. Yes, the obvious stuff is being hidden still and I keep noting that the BIGGEST hiding operation has been the dissemination of fake stories about this and other CIA-operations.

    This way, they are totally cloaked from real view. I complain about this all the time and no one believes me, they all want desperately for the fake stories to be real because they are complicated and make the person believing in these fake stories into thinking they are so much smarter and other people.

    This is a very old propaganda trick. People cannot believe that the CIA itself cooks up these fake stories. The CIA even makes fake stories about itself!

    The people running it are very amused about all this. This is also why I am never ever in the news even when I was camped right next to the UN raising an international diplomatic storm. Total silence was the rule for the Bilderberg gang media members cooperate with the CIA in producing…FAKE STUFF!!!

    Just understand, the more simple something is, the more the CIA will toil to make it complicated with a million lies.

  23. Oh, and that despicable Jack Parsons: he hated my father. He wanted to go to the Nazi rocket caves very badly. He messed up my family and even messed with me when I was a child, trying to take revenge.


  24. Jim R

    The simple fake story is that it was a solitary deranged shooter.

    The simple real story is that it was treason, abetted by hired professional hitmen.

  25. Rolling my eyes. The killer, Oswald, was a sharp shooter trained to be a killer. You don’t need a dozen of these to kill from a tower or a high hotel, etc.

    Trust me, I use guns not to mention arrows and axe throwing.

  26. And the concealing of all information by the CIA and the government and even now, unable to release it fully, is the conspiracy. When you run off on wild goose chases after phantoms, you get lost in the dark woods of insanity.

  27. JFK: Back and To The Left

    For the absolute definitive proof of the conspiracy, it’s the late comedian Bill Hicks:
    Bill Hicks on the JFK Assassination

  28. Shawntoh


    It may be that there were at least two shooters possibly in the killing of JFK.

    From recent records released, I note this in the 1964 FBI memo dated January 21st–

    “… the first bullet entered the President’s throat below the adams[sic] apple clearly showing that two persons were involved with the first shot being fired from the bridge across the park way in front of the car…. there was a bullet hole in the wind shield of the President’s car….”

    The so-called “single bullet” (or “magic bullet” as the critics called it) IS PROBABLY bogus, IMHO. I think Oswald had some help in carrying out this horrible deed.

    What do you think?



  29. Jim R

    Secret Service men at Grassy Knoll

    Ed Hoffman, a young deaf and mute man, was watching the approaching motorcade from the flyover overlooking the knoll. Hoffman says he saw a puff of smoke emitting from where a gunman was standing against the stockade fence just as the president’s car was approaching. The shooter then quickly moved to rail lines behind the knoll where he threw his rifle to another man dressed in work overalls. The second man disassembled the rifle in a twist, shoved it into a holdall bag and proceeded to walk along the rail track away from the knoll. The shooter then swiftly walked back to the stockade fence. Several police officers on duty that day, who immediately ran towards the knoll on hearing the gunfire, reported that they were confronted by men purporting to be secret service agents. Ed Hoffman’s testimony was ignored by FBI investigators when he voluntarily came forward. But his account was verified by a railroad operator named Lee Bowers who also observed the shooting from the Grassy Knoll from the vantage point of a control tower he happened to be working in. Bowers testified his observation to respected JFK researcher and author Mark Lane. Four months later, in 1966, Bowers was killed in a single-car accident. This fate of untimely death has met several other people who spoke out about circumstances of the shooting which did not fit with the Warren Commission narrative.

    Just because witnesses kept dying/disappearing does not mean that they were wrong. If anything, it means that they were correct. Remember Dorothy Kilgallen? In fact, the Church committee found them to be correct, but quickly dropped the investigation.

    Today, it seems that there are not enough interested parties amongst the congressmonkeys to convene another Church committee.

  30. Good lord, everyone eventually thinks they see everything. This is very common in all events. PROOF is missing. There was plenty of forensic evidence pointing to one shooter. There is plenty of speculation that there was an army doing the shooting based on zero real evidence. I don’t understand how hard this is to understand.

    It is all very emotional: how dare one person do this!!!! People just cannot accept this in any acts of historic violence.

  31. Jim R

    In other words, you are still playing your small part in the disinformation campaign.

    Congratulations on your tenacity, I suppose..

  32. Read my latest story! It turns out that Oswald and Ruby knew each other before the assassination. Wow. You see, like a Russian doll, one inside the other, it is INDIVIDUALS playing games which the powerful want to happen, doing the dirty work while the Real Rulers set things in motion.

    NO NEED for ‘multiple guns’ and an army of assassins, I keep pointing this out. The assassin was killed by another assassin to shut him up! They didn’t have to beat Oswald to death, this surprised the cops escorting Oswald but I bet it didn’t surprise the CIA operatives lurking in the dark.

  33. Shawntoh

    Good-bye, Elaine, I need to leave for a while and I don’t know when or if I’ll ever be back (–not that anybody really cares anyhow).

    So, I will leave you with this–

    “Minds are like parachutes, they work best when open and minds can be like ovens, leave them open all the time and everything comes out half baked”.


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