Psycho Hyena Harris Laughs At Everyone And Everything


We have a senile old coot as President and next in line is his choice: a female who laughs like a hyena especially when talking about horrible messes she and her buddy are creating.  Namely, in this case, they are not banging on about the coronavirus which they obviously think didn’t come from China, to laughing about mass invasion by foreigners who cynically use children to gain entry, illegally.  This is no laughing matter, it is deadly serious.



Ipso facto President Harris fired some people the other day due to past pot use but she, herself, admits she toked pot, too, in the past!  This is so bizarre.  I didn’t smoke pot 50 years ago, I ate it, for example.  True fact: I made a popular dish of spaghetti with pot sauce, sprinkled it like oregano.  It was very popular in SF many years ago.


Explaining how Harris laughs all the time is a topic for psychiatrists or criminal investigators.  She has this cruelty streak a mile wide, I bet she laughed this way when drowning kittens when she was little?  Who knows!  It is just the creepiest thing about her.  On the other hand, we elected as VP and then P senior Biden who was a Skull and Bones grave robber! I yelled about that for years and years and…years.


Since old Biden who wasn’t a grave robber, thinks pot smokers are bad for him, what on earth is he doing with Kamala Harris?  When is he going to dump her?  And what about Biden’s druggie son?  Eh?  EH?  Why are these drug users doing these stupid things?


Because they can!  The mass media giants are OK with out of control, laughing lunatics as our ‘leaders’.  They are too dimwitted to understand what happens next.  There is an easy source material for this: Gibbon’s famous book, ‘The Decline And Fall Of Rome,’ of course!



Of course, it is a total lie about ‘former Presidents’ not commenting because all of them did this to Trump, of course.  But that piece of information has to be shoved down the memory hole!  I am gobsmacked how many reporters cannot remember last year or last week, for that matter.  The Bilderberg gang obviously only hires and rewards ‘reporters’ who suffer from severe Alzheimer’s disease.



Trump now appears on alternative, rising news systems which are not run by Bilderberg gang conspirators who meet secretly with foreign powers to decide how to report US news to citizens via lying about everything and pushing open borders. Now we have utter traitors running our country and enabling invaders!  This is insanity.



Chaos spreads as Hyena Harris and her puppet, Beijing Biden try yet again to start WWIII.  This is insanity.  Our Real Rulers really are insane.  I love how our President, Trump, is being ‘memory wiped’ by desperate gangsters yet they continuously talk about him, defaming him, of course.  He is blamed for problems they created, themselves.


Prime example is the ‘border crisis’: it was nearly solved by Trump despite massive resistance by rich and powerful conspirators who hate citizens.  He was winning!  So they cheated in this election and got enough power to force things off the rails!  Now…everything is crashing.  Duh.


They blame him for this, too!  That is most astonishing.  They even have the cheek to blame the flood of invaders on Trump, not on themselves.  How utterly ridiculous.  The story of the Governor of South Dakota who suddenly, with no warning, changed her mind and vetoed the ‘protect women’s sports’ bill in that state.  Noem, the Governor, is scared of lawsuits.



She says her chances of winning in courts is very low which is true, thanks to the DNC deliberately doing all this stuff and being quite doctrinaire about it all even as they, collectively, refuse to follow their own rules and laws!  The governor feels that fighting back legally is a waste of time but it is not!


Exposing the left for what they really are is 100% worth it!  Showing citizens that the DNC courts are a coup is worth it!  I am also not sad, women’s competitions of every sort including ‘beauty pageants’, chess matches, art competitions, scholarships all collapse to nothingness as males invade because the people at the top of everything are nearly 100% males.


Males are better at ALL things we compete for and why is that?  Simple evolution, of course.


Males MUST compete to gain access to females to mate!  All male creatures large and small have to focus entirely on being the best at everything in order to access females who sit as judge and jury.  This is the immense power of females at work.


Women simply have to allow sexual access to ‘win’.  Literally, doing nothing wins!  So why struggle to be the best at anything?  Passive value wins passively, active struggle leads to being best at everything.


All ‘female only’ processes and awards and systems will be run 100% by males claiming to be ‘females’ in the not distant future.  Will women passively wait to be totally sidelined?  I believe not.  But right now, the vast majority of young women, probably 80%, demanded this mess and they are getting it, in spades.  They deserve what happens next.  They will be ruthlessly shut out of the winner’s circle in any endeavor, forever.  Isn’t this just amazing?


By the way, all my long life, I competed with MEN in both sports and ‘men’s work’ and thrived.  But I was NEVER ‘the best’ at all.  But I did put up a good, hard fight and did gain respect for this which is worth something, to me.


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19 responses to “Psycho Hyena Harris Laughs At Everyone And Everything

  1. lou

    This is no laughing matter, it is deadly serious.–agreed. amazing that citizens tolerate the end of their land via criminal mass invasion.

  2. lou

    off topic, for Zeke especially,

    Biden Team Preparing Up to $3 Trillion in New Spending for the Economy…
    do you all know that 25% of all USA money is new? created since 1-2020.

  3. Petruchio

    “All ‘female only’ processes and awards and systems will be run 100% by males claiming to be ‘females’ in the not distant future.” This is all about a War on Heterosexuals, especially White Heteros. Take a close look at the LGTBQ movement. Now what is the only group it does not include? Heterosexuals!! For a group that likes to brag about “Inclusion” this is kind of a stunning omission. As for the attack on Women only Sports, this should be no surprise. The LGBTQ crowd has already made their deep, bitter hatred of Males known, but the LGBTQ crowd is a hatemongering group; they hate Hetero Women as well. And this is really very strange–in a way I guess. Unless you can pick up the “logic” of the LGBTQ movement. Members of the LGBTQ are the SAME people who were and are pushing for ‘Inclusion’ These are the folks who demanded the NCAA give Women’s Sports equal money and Scholarships as the Money making Sports like Football. Some College Sports, like Cross Country had to close down because money was being diverted to Women sports that were not making money by way of fan attendance. Destroying Institutions are what these groups are all about, not “Equality” or “Diversity” or “Multiculturalism”. They are about Destruction.

  4. Zeke

    For “Off Topic Lou” especially,
    No $hit, $herlock.

    Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa (AAAA) identified as suspect in Colorado massacre.
    Sanctimonious brain dead ole wobbly (‘That’s not who we aarreeeee’) Joe of hair sniffing infamy said he would end the ‘Muslim ban’ “on day one”.
    It seems Ole Wobbly Joe forgot the reasons for the ban. So now it’s ‘open season’ on infidels again.

    Thanks, Joe !

    You worthless PoS. Go find some stairs to fall up. His excuse – he was chewing gum?

  5. Jim R

    In mass shooting news today,
    : The suspect in the Monday afternoon Boulder, Colorado supermarket shooting which left 10 dead is 21-year-old Ahmad Al-Issa from Arvada, Colorado,

    So, make what you will of it. Obviously not a disgruntled Trump supporter.

  6. Zeke

    Jihad Joe has declared “open season” in the hunt for infidels by his removing the so called ‘Muslim Ban’ “on day one!”

    Ole Wobbly Joe has declared “open borders” with a Welcome sign on southern border encouraging all the World to invade and evade and be scofflaws violating our national sovereignty.

    Even if he has to take a chairlift up to Air Force One, PoS Biden MUST go to visit southern border to see what HE caused. He MUST visit Colorado to speak with survivors of victims to see first hand what HE has wrought.

  7. lou

    California starts year 2 of the lockdown, today.

    from Breitbart,
    Coronavirus lockdowns are a preview of what would be permanently imposed on Americans if the Green New Deal were to be enacted as law, explained Marc Morano, author of Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse than You Think and editor of Climate Depot, on Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

  8. Zeke


    Diminished Capacity (Empathizer-in-Chief) Joe is twisting the Colorado massacre into his preaching for more gun control, background checks, bans on “assault weapons” and large capacity magazines, etc.

    ‘Disarm everybody’ seems to be his shtick.

    Instead of “secure the borders”. Frustrating.

  9. Jim R

    Now now, Zeke, you mustn’t talk about your Dear Leader that way.

    People may interpret that as disrespect.

  10. Zeke

    That’s called ‘transference’ in psychological terms. Unlike you, I have no Leader, Dear or otherwise. It’s an attempt on your part as a Trump Worshiper, Cult of Personality Trump Cultist to distract from your affliction.

    I have NEVER accepted the ‘divinity of Trump’ – cannot make a mistake immaculately error Free and cannot lose anything ever – so it must be stolen. Even the ‘Kracken Lady’ now says she was punking you, the rubes.
    You shouldn’t be mad at me; you should be FURIOUS with her.

    . . . . AND

    If you could read, you would see that I’ve NEVER had anything good to post about Biden.

    Don’t mistake antipathy for Trump for affinity for Biden.

    If you weren’t so involved with sleezyboob and another in your ‘Junior Achievement’ level cringeworthy struggle attempts to read above yur grade level popular science journals and feigning expertise in virology and meds. you maybe would have known that.
    I’m embarrassed for you two as you even admit you don’t understand what yur reading.

    Zeke has loathed both duopoly dummies. That may be too large of a concept for yur low iq, big ego, mind to comprehend.

  11. snoosebomb

    @ 10 ,, waiting for Jesus

  12. snoosebomb

    Or maybe 10 is an anarchist ? who knows !

  13. Jim R

    10 was here a few months ago, singing the praises and announcing his devotion to his Fuehrer, every day. Buyers’ remorse, much?

  14. Timothy Carroll

    Why Zeke, you must be mistaken……..perhaps you should lie down for awhile. You appear to not be well…..please…..relax……..
    we are here to help you.

  15. Zeke

    Jim R

    You’re a liar. A lying sack of $hit.

    I NEVER posted ANYTHING good about PoS Biden.
    NEVER. EVER. And I can PROVE it. Cut & Paste any such comment. They’re archived. Your failure to paste sample is my proof of your lying.

    Again, you’re ‘transferring’ and are pissed that I called out your subservient adoration of Your Worship Master, Your Lord and Savior, D J Trump.

    Get off yur knees Jim.
    Zeke worships no man. Not only is it unAmerican; it’s unmanly.

    PROVE IT; Put up or Shut up.
    Jim (R)ectum of Trump.

  16. Timothy Carroll

    This is dedicated, to the one I love……….Zeke, baby……layin some ’70s mojo on you azz, beeyatch!

  17. Zeke’s solution is…NOTHING.

    We all make CHOICES. Some people like to bitch. This is why they are called ‘bitches’. When presented a clear choice (Trump was protecting US jobs and our borders while forcing our fake allies to pony up and pay for their own protection) whereas Biden is ‘open borders/ US pays for everything on earth at the same time/bow to China communists.’

    Can I be clearer than that? No.

    So, there IS A DIFFERENCE between Trump and Biden. It is the size of the Grand Canyon.

    Zeke and others here like to imagine there was no difference at all which is INSANITY. Seriously, you dudes should get checked out. If you can’t see the obvious, you need better glasses.

  18. Unlike most humans, I have had direct contacts with the Bilderberg gang and Skull and Bones all if it highly dangers and utterly evil (rape, for example) so I have a very clear idea, who they are and what they like to do (raping children seems to amuse them). This isn’t me harping online based on what I read, this is all about reality I grew up inside of, my father was friends and worked for several Presidents and was near the top of the power pyramid.

    I even interacted with Trump when he lived in New York City and ran his casino in New Jersey! This isn’t stuff I see on TV, this is real life.

  19. Zeke

    You don’t understand.

    Zeke foresaw the problem with Trump.
    (btw – Zeke was and remains a ‘Never Hillary-er).
    Like that mass murderous monster creep in Norway who murdered all those innocent children at camp trapped on an island. His pervert mind saw that as anti-immigration. It backfired.

    Zeke saw Trump as likewise not a worthy messenger. Like some of my black former coworkers might say: ‘He’s working for his own dick and belly’.

    Now the bankruptcy artist disgraced failed former president has left the country worse off for him having squatted for four years behind the Resolute Desk in the White House. More broke and broken for it having been there.

    Caveat: Don’t equate antipathy for Trump with affinity for Biden. They’re BOTH scum – along with Hillary.

    I also lived in NYC. I remember D J Trump begging Howard Stern for airtime. Even ceegar chomping Lush Limbaugh’s EIB hq was there. I remember Giuliani as prosecutor – his best years – cleaned up the ‘carting industry’ and took on the mafia, etc. It was all down hill afer that. His best years were already behind him. Descent into madness associating with the Kracken Lady, et al. Who has now confessed she was punking y’all.

    Ya don’t ‘get it’. The Duopoly has failed us. We have to keep switching Monsters.

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