Over the years, I have noticed a dynamic online: all forums run by various groups tend to collapse when people have to make real choices. For example, in the last election, ‘Democratic’ web sites were rent asunder by the faux choice between two war mongers, Clinton and Obama. All sorts of ugly debates were viciously hammered while ignoring the true nature of the principals involved. One of the biggest dividers of the Left is the topic of Israel: it leads to total meltdowns and in the end, surrender to fascistic goals and thinking.


I periodically visit the Daily Kos zoo to see how they handle world events. As usual, they have the exact same meltdowns all other ‘liberal’ sites have when discussing wars and fascism. Namely, there is this dual system whereby fascism is evil BUT not evil when Jews practice it. This theology is rapidly destroying liberalism.


So it is time first to define ‘liberalism’: a liberal is a person who does NOT use ethnic or religious identity politics but rather, believes in freedom and democracy for all people. The belief that civil rights should be granted equally to all people, not just in one nation, but for all humanity, is the shining star of liberalism.


Liberalism is also very weak. When the issue of socialist systems to protect the poor, systems to protect labor, systems to curb lending, all these economic matters gets liberals all tangled up. This is why I append another concept on liberalism: Libra. Liberal comes from Libra and Libra is judgmental. Libra is all about balance. Too much ‘liberality’ leads to chaos. Balancing conservatism with liberalism is a Libra goal.


There is no infinite money or infinite wealth to pour onto all problems. There is not infinite land or infinite expansion. Even if we go into space, the ability to do this has severe limits and thus, will increase the battle over access and controls. On this very limited planet, we have a long history of struggles for power and control. And this brings us to the latest example: the very, very lopsided war being waged by Jews in the West against the residents of Palestine who have virtually no money, no arms, no power and no lands.


This latest chapter in the ongoing tragedy which will be called ‘WWIII’ or ‘The Apocalypse’ has simply made the world a much more dangerous place. Far from insuring the safety of anyone, it has made things much worse in the future. For the future is a world not run by the US at all but one where all parties held at bay by US arms and the deals we made to keep everyone friendly by destroying our own economy so everyone would be our allies, once this ends with the bankruptcy of the US, we will see an all-out global struggle for dominion.


For the bankruptcy of great empires always causes all other rivals to surge forwards. Israel will not surge forwards due to its total reliance on US power. This collapse will cause Israel to collapse just like the collapse of the ability of the US to take on more debt for consumer goods will destroy Japanese industries.


Livni: No legitimacy to Hamas through truce talks – Israel News, Ynetnews

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told French counterpart Bernard Kouchner Thursday that Israel was rejecting his country’s‘ humanitarian ceasefire’ proposal.



Officials in Livni’s office said no humanitarian crisis exists in Gaza, therefore there is no need for a ceasefire of this sort. 

Livni with Kouchner in Paris (Photo: Reuters)


During their meeting in Paris Kouchner condemned the rocket fire from Gaza towards the southern communities of Israel and said that his country sees Hamas as a terror organization. However he also warned against allowing an escalation of violence.

Livni supplied Kouchner with data on the humanitarian aid that Israel has been transferring to the Strip. She said no humanitarian crisis existed in Gaza as Israel was continuing to send in supplies throughout the operation. Hamas is the organization responsible for the suffering of the residents of the Strip, she told Kouchner.

Buried deep inside of the European/American invasion of Palestine is this meme: the people doing this are ‘coming home’ because they are Semites. Anyone opposing this action is an ‘anti-semite’. But then, this brings up the horrible question of, ‘Who is a Jew?’ And anyone discussing that is instantly attacked for either being an anti-semite or ignorant. Shutting down this vital discussion is one of the top priorities of much of US media. And discussing this is shut down at almost all political web sites.


Only when there is an obviously racist war raging in the Middle East, do these things get any airing at all. This is an important question because the people who live in the lands the Europeans and Americans have been expropriating are nearly all Semites. If we used modern genetic screening to determine ‘who is a Semite’, nearly 100% of the Palestinians would pass and perhaps about 20% of the ‘Jews’ will pass. We don’t know, of course, because no one dares to do this test.


Iceland has been host to extensive genetic testing because they are a very closed community, nearly all ‘Norse’ but even that is false. The Icelanders took in a number of Irish and Scottish slaves. The subject of genetic tagging of ethnic groups is fascinating and fearful. For example, in my own family, my father wants desperately to believe that we are not Africans. The concept of all homo sapiens coming out of Eastern Africa frightens many whites. Who will also claim, they are not racist.


Look at the picture in this story today: Livni looks like a Ukrainian, she shows very few features seen in nearly all native Semites who live in Palestine. She considers the natives to be foreigners because they are…to her. Mr. Kouchner is ‘half Jewish’ and he is the founder of ‘Doctors without Borders’. He is in Israel to ask Livni to be more ‘humanitarian’. Note how they are holding hands.


She, of course, merrily tells him to forget about it, bub. Mr. Kouchner, like many Jews, is very divided about what is liberalism and humanitarian. For example, he supported the US actions in Iraq. He likes to pretend, this was done to save the people there but of course. The fact that the health and welfare of the people there was greatly degraded due to the US embargo, bombings and then invasion, is immaterial to this humanitarian giant. They are, to him, probably not very human to begin with. So the ‘humanity’ part is immaterial. He hides behind the veil of ‘diplomacy,’ preferring to use that, rather than brute force, when ‘saving’ people.


Of course! Who wouldn’t? It is a lot easier to STARVE a people and thus, replace a pesky government! Claiming to do this to save the people we are starving is really cool. Lends some delicacy to the whole business. For example, the US is starving Cubans. To fix their leadership problems, of course. So what, if they all die? We are saving them.


Humanitarian heroes who are not all that humanitarian is nothing new. In the Jewish community, there are many organizations that have been set up to stop fascism and Naziism, for example. Yet, they don’t do this at all since they simultaneously protect and support Naziism in Israel. We have watched in horror as Israel moves relentlessly to the right. From day one, there was this tendency.


For example, socialism was always predicated there on one’s ethnic identity. Socialism for Jews, nothing for the sub-human Semitic people living alongside the Jews. Naziism is all about such socialism: the state nurtures, protects and advances only selected people based on their ethnic/religious/political connections.


Mr. Kouchner would be doing a bigger favor if he were to confront Livni about her nation’s strange laws. For example, if a Semite in Israel who is a ‘citizen’ marries any Palestinian Semite from the ‘Occupied territories’, they are immediately DEPORTED. They lose their citizenship! Their children have no right to return to their parent’s home, either.


If a Palestinian Semite gets work overseas, within a short timeframe, they lose their citizenship! While any and all ‘Jews’ get instant citizenship and worse, can have dual-citizenship like Emmanuel, Obama’s political nursemaid or Chertoff, the Israeli citizen who runs our entire national security systems.


Now, Daily Kos is the political website that exists for one purpose: to elect Democrats. But it has a secondary role: to remove and eliminate opposition within the Democratic party that questions the sorts of things I talk about here at Culture of Life News. I support no political party nonstop because none are capable of carrying the load I carry, myself. I do prefer some parties over others, for the most part.


But the Republicans and Democrats are both being undermined by forces they cannot control anymore. Both are now two horses hitched to the same Chariot of Fire: both support and are enabling the Apocalypse. At the Daily Kos, people are herded about by each other and the hosts of the web site. People are always reporting each other to their master controllers. Calling each other names, demanding ideological uniformity, etc. I am horrified by all this as well as amused.


Watching them attempt to brainwash each other is funny. It is also a good way to see how groups can intimidate and control others, even when flying in the face of the supposed goals of the organization. In the case of Daily Kos, it wants to support ‘liberalism’. Only the definition of this is up in the air.


Like many liberal sites, the definition collapses totally when it comes to simple things like explaining Israel to each other. Below is some samples:


Daily Kos: Dog Whistles- an Anti-Semitism Primer (a timely repost)

by dhonig

Thu Jan 01, 2009 at 05:48:33 AM PST

[Repost from ’07. With I/P wars heating up again, it seems worth doing. Please note, I give no opinion as to what is happening in Gaza now.]

I am going to attempt to address a single issue which continuously arises in I/P debates, to everybody’s consternation- accusations of anti-Semitism, and cross- accusations of abuse with same.  I am going to write about the “dog whistles” of anti-Semitism.

The comments contain amazing examples of name-calling and hysteria.  The hysteria is obvious: Jews do NOT want to look in any historical mirrors!  They want to look out a window that lets them frame reality and in the view of this window are all the horrors of Naziism.  But only as it refers to the Jewish people.  The whole problem with this is obvious: the racism of the Nazis is clearly echoed in Israel itself.   At Daily Kos, anyone brave enough to point out this painfully obvious truth is ruthlessly disciplined by the Cadres.  These cadres are very much like Madame Mao’s cadres in China.  


What is worse, is the Daily Kos front page: for the last week, the controllers there have not ‘headlined’ a single story about the present Holocaust in the Gaza/Warsaw Ghetto.  Not so much as a peep.  Indeed, they have been reduced to repeatedly posting, ‘Open Thread’ headers.  Not one picture or video of this carnage is on the front page of Daily Kos.  If one read only that site, it would appear as if there is no war going on at all!  


The reason we have no more anti-war demonstrations is due to this split within the liberal movement.  It has always been there but in the last 10 years, has gotten much, much worse.  And on top of all this, people wanting to get the Jews who support ethnic cleansing in Israel to look closer at Hitler’s efforts and to either stop flogging the Holocaust business or to fez up to what they are doing, this gains one unending hatred from most of the Jewish community.


I have gotten more than one email begging me to stop talking about all this from Jewish readers.   They want it all swept under the rug.  For example, they want me to talk about money but NOT about how this money flow is connected to Israel and the Jewish desire to control all events, using wealth.  The Madoff affair has exposed much of this: the many ‘charities’ this guy’s goofy funds supported, many of them are Zionist operations aimed at destroying the Semites in Palestine and replace them with ‘Jews’.  


We can’t ignore all of this because it is all part of a much bigger system: Asia is, by itself, a massive, massive economic force, too.  Ditto, the old European imperial fragments that are trying to reassemble the Holy Roman Empire.  All of these forces matter and have a huge impact.  And certainly, Jewish economic power is part of all of this.  I cannot penetrate the veils of history and logic without also talking about all these many things and how they exert forces on each other.


The OPEC kings and princes are yet another force at work here.  The Islamic ones have been co-opted by wealth and power.  But they rule masses of people who seethe with anger and who are, like hungry wolves, watching the fat, pampered rulers, stumble and fall.  I know these people will be eliminated in the long run.  It is only a matter of time.  The price of oil has to be high for them to keep in power.  The price of oil keeps Islam boxed in.  But when the Hubbert Oil Peak really begins to hammer us, the ‘Arab street’ will rise up.  US power can contain this but we are losing power.


Our support of Israel is weakening the US, too.  This is very important to me since I live in the US.  Daily Kos cannot talk about any of this.  For example, if anyone dares to mention the obvious, a fact that Jews, themselves, celebrate periodically, that Jews own much of Hollywood as well as most of our major media, at Kos, these poor posters are hammered down.


Not via facts, simply be being called ‘trolls’ and ‘anti-semites’.  The need to hide this vital information is a conspiracy.  Mr. Kos himself should explain to his merry band, that yes, the media IS owned mostly by Jews.  And  Jewish commentators outnumber all other groups, big time.  And that neo-con Jewish commentators are mirrored by liberal Jewish commentators AND THIS IS VERY BAD.  Since both do not give us any room to discuss Israel in any sane way, shape or form.


Here is another article from deep inside of the Kos community [it is not on the front page, of course, only these insipid ‘Open threads’ are there]:


Daily Kos: “What is a Jewish democratic state?”


Sun Dec 28, 2008 at 04:48:33 AM PST

The above quote comes from the article Once a Political Riser, an Israeli Challenges His Country’s Identity written by Ethan Bronner in the December 20, 2008 issue of the New York Times.

“I realized something about myself and Israel that frightened me,” he (Avraham Burg) said recently, looking back over the past few years. “I realized that Israel had become an efficient kingdom with no prophecy. Where was it going? What is a Jewish democratic state? What does it mean that Jews define themselves by genetics 60 years after genetics were used against them?”



These are important questions that tend not to be addressed. Avraham Burg is an Israeli who is asking them and more including:

This particular thread barely discusses the main point here, of course: how on earth can one have a JEWISH state and also have it ‘democratic’?  Of course, the method used by all ethnic groups in Europe like, say, Yugoslavia, was to forcibly remove, terrorize or kill any competing ethnic groups.  Then, one could have a state that benefits a particular group!  Simple as pie.  And bloody in reality.  


Anyone on that long thread that suggests that Israel is not a real state but a terrorist organization set up to ethnically cleanse a populated region…boom!  They are in trouble!  People, frightened of losing status within the Kos empire won’t discuss this.  Normally, at Daily Kos, people post pictures a lot.  In the case of these threads I refer to, there are virtually no pictures at all.  And NONE of Semtic Palestinians.  This self-censorship is a sign of the issue being one of the most important, not least important.  The US struggles under a huge amount of censorship.  


For example, discussing the USS Liberty is a lonely affair.  Few places allow this to come up at all.  The muzzling of any commentary concerning Israeli Jewish crimes is destroying liberalism.  For the entire planet considers  us to be a bunch of hypocrites.  And we certainly are.  Below is another off-the-front-page posting at Daily Kos that has a lot of readers totally missing the point of the story and I fear, even the author doesn’t quite grasp what he is doing:


Daily Kos: Who owns the Holocaust? [update]

by litho

Wed Dec 31, 2008 at 08:42:09 AM PST

People who read my comments know that for the last week or so I’ve been recommending and citing from Avraham Burg’s new book The Holocaust is over; we must rise from its ashes, an extended meditation on how the memory of the Holocaust has shaped and distorted Israeli society.  

While I’m still reading the book, I’ve found it incredibly powerful.  Burg is both an impassioned writer and a sensitive observer of his society, a combination that leads to an insightful, moving account.

Last night I came home from a dinner party to read his ninth chapter, on “Owning the Holocaust,” and I felt for a moment as if Burg had predicted the conversation we would have…..But first it was mrs. litho’s turn.  My wife is not Jewish — she’s from Chile, and a Catholic.  But she was listening to our talk, was moved by it, and wanted to share.  So she told the story of her uncle, who was in the Chilean Navy on September 11, 1973 — the day Augusto Pinochet bombed the Presidential Palace and overthrew the elected government of Salvador Allende.  My wife’s uncle supported Allende, and his officers knew it.  He disappeared for five years, and emerged from Pinochet’s dungeons a changed man.  I tried to take the opportunity to build off my wife’s story, to tell the story of my friend Antonio, the only other person I know personally who suffered at the hands of Pinochet’s torturers.  But mom felt it was time to move on, and she interrupted me to tell about her Tanta Rivke, her socialite aunt, who left the fast life of New York behind to move to a moshav in the Yishuv (as the Zionists called Israel before the state was formed) with her Polish husband in the late 1920s.

Now, I do understand why my mom wanted to change the subject, but even before she did I felt there was a dissonance between my wife’s story and the others and I wonder why it is there.  There is of course a question of scale, as the enormity of Hitler’s crime — the genocidal destruction of European Jewry — makes Pinochet’s — the destruction of the dream of a democratic transition to socialism — pale in comparison.  But on a different level, on the level of human tragedy, of human suffering, of the way we as individuals experience the pain of these huge national and international crimes there is in fact something similar between what mrs. litho experienced when tio Garo was carried off and what so many Jews lived through in Europe in the 1930s.

The poor wife from Chile!  I know exactly how she feels.  Cut off nearly immediately.  Instead of being interested in her story, they turned their basilisk eyes on the woman and turn her to stone.  They had no desire to hear her because she really isn’t ‘one of them’.  As time passes, she will fade from this family group and the possibility of divorce will arise.


The Catholic generals in Chile and Argentina, for example, did hideous and ferocious things to Jewish scholars who were liberals.  Anti-semitism is very real and extremely ugly.  But then, the exact same things these Catholic generals did to Jews, Jews do to Palestinians in their own dark prison system.  Just like reporters were locked out of Gitmo, reporters are not allowed to snoop around Jewish prisons.  We know from the brave actions of both Jewish activists and Palestinian victims living inside the Israeli police state, we have a number of videos of military and police forces that are all Jews, torturing and abusing Palestinians, just for fun. 


We have seen videos of little Jewish boys throwing rocks and tripping up elderly Palestinian ladies in the streets, for example.  The terrorizing, mocking and abusing of the natives is exactly like the stuff Nazis encouraged in Germany.  Teaching little children to spit on, throw rocks and and curse is very evil.  In the deep south, in my childhood, blacks were not allowed to respond if white children threw rocks at them or spat on them, just for example.


The US right wing loves to tell stories about anti-war pacifists spitting at vets.  Which are utterly stupid as well as unbelievable.  After all, we were always beaten up by the police!  And people who hated has had no barrier to beating us up!  And they did!  But whites did spit on blacks.  Right wingers seldom, if ever, mention this ugly fact.  And this is how the liberal Jewish community mirrors the right wing community!  They feel they can abuse in the name of Zionism but we can’t strike back.  Here is a story from nearly exactly one year ago, how people who beg Jews to stop flacking the Holocaust while abusing Palestinians, are treated:


Religion News: Gandhi Chased Out By Jews In Denial

January 26, 2008

The Washington Post has this ‘On Religion’ column that is supposed to talk about religious matters. Most often, this means some sort of story about how wonderful Judaism is and how nice it is for other religions to get along with each other and not fight over ownership of olive trees and mud huts. But when Gandhi’s grandson dared to request Jews to please stop using the Holocaust as an excuse to steal and kill in the Holy Land, he was attacked and driven out of the ‘Peace Institute’ he led just as Jimmy Carter has been ‘vanished’ by the media for doing the same thing. War grows nearer as the battle heats up in Gaza.


Picture_13_2Arun Gandhi Quits Peace Institute in Flap Over Blog Posting By Michelle Boorstein

The grandson of Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi resigned yesterday as president of the board of a conflict resolution institute after writing an online essay on a Washington Post blog calling Jews and Israel “the biggest players” in a global culture of violence.


In his resignation letter to the board of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, founder Arun Gandhi wrote that his Jan. 7 essay “was couched in language that was hurtful and contrary to the principles of nonviolence. My intention was to generate a healthy discussion on the proliferation of violence. Clearly I did not achieve my goal. Instead, unintentionally, my words have resulted in pain, anger, confusion and embarrassment.”

The poor man groveled and whimpered like a whipped puppy.  To no avail.  He was driven out of the Temple.  Like Jimmy Carter, who dared to tell the truth about the Jewish apartheid state.  I notice that Daily Kos doesn’t mention him.  And that the one-time heroine of Daily Kos, Cindy Sheehan.  She wanted to talk about Palestine and oops.  Off the radar screen with her!

Pro-Palestinian Activists Picket Obama Compound in Hawaii | 44 | washingtonpost.com


It’s a far cry from Cindy Sheehan’s tent city near President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Tex., but a half-dozen pro-Palestinian activists demonstrated Tuesday morning outside the Kailua compound where President-elect Barack Obama is vacationing with family and friends.

Holding signs urging Obama to take a new approach to Middle East policy, the protesters gathered early in the morning just beyond the security perimeter of Obama’s estate, hoping the president-elect would see them when he left for his traditional morning workout. But as of 9:20 a.m. Hawaii time, Obama had not left his residence.


The Daily Kos pretended to be antiwar for a while but ever since the Democrats swept into power, the antiwar impulse has nearly totally died at that site which seems to be more about feeding money into the system of empowering Democrats rather than having any discernible goals at all.  One would think that this Washington Post story would be echoed at the Front Page of Daily Kos!


Not the goofy, feeble, ‘Open threads’ that seem to predominate there, lately.  Poor Cindy Sheehan!  She has been working with another non-person, McKinney, the US black Representative who was chased out of office by the Powers that Be.  She was on a ship that was strafed and rammed by the Israeli Jewish navy in international waters, a la USS Liberty.  


No mention of that, either, at Daily Kos front pagedom.  But this demonstration against OBAMA should have woken the sleeping crew there!  But then, we are supposed to be 100% behind this AIPAC-owned guy.


















War And Peace: Who Will Answer The Angel Of Death’s 3am Phone Call?

March, 2008

How Do You Prove You’re a Jew?

One day last fall, a young Israeli woman named Sharon went with her fiancé to the Tel Aviv Rabbinate to register to marry. They are not religious, but there is no civil marriage in Israel. The rabbinate, a government bureaucracy, has a monopoly on tying the knot between Jews. The last thing Sharon expected to be told that morning was that she would have to prove — before a rabbinic court, no less — that she was Jewish. It made as much sense as someone doubting she was Sharon, telling her that the name written in her blue government-issue ID card was irrelevant, asking her to prove that she was she. 
In recent years, the state’s Chief Rabbinate and its branches in each Israeli city have adopted an institutional attitude of skepticism toward the Jewish identity of those who enter its doors. And the type of proof that the rabbinate prefers is peculiarly unsuited to Jewish life in the United States. The Israeli government seeks the political and financial support of American Jewry. It welcomes American Jewish immigrants. Yet the rabbinate, one arm of the state, increasingly treats American Jews as doubtful cases: not Jewish until proved so.


Recently, the NYT ran this very popular article about how the Nazis within Zionism has set up this committee who gets to decide who is really a Jew. I and my family who is half-Jewish are not Jews according to this hyper-racist ethnic cleansing committee. It is straight out of the German Nazi ‘who is a real Aryan’ playbook. It is also extremely nauseating to read this article. It infuriated me for the author, who is a Jew, didn’t find this whole thing utterly disgusting, horrifying and a perfect mirror of the Nazi race laws. Instead, it ends happily for the couple who want to marry and be Israeli dual-nation citizens.

This old story from the last election says it all.  The topic of ‘who is a Jew’ was very much in the news.  The NYT ran an article about the Nazi-system set up by Jews in Palestine.  I was horrified by the story.  Horrified about the ‘3am phone call’ garbage.  Note that the phone has been ringing OFF THE HOOK and neither Cheney, Bush, Hillary Clinton or Obama is answering it.  ‘No comment’ seems to be their modus operandi.


They tell the weaker side, the ghetto, to stop fighting the occupiers!  All the major imperial powers want the Palestinians to surrender.  The US hates the Palestinians.  Free Tibet!  Enslave the Palestinians!  This is our hysterical response to historical forces.  


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  1. Bear of Little Brain

    Keep up the good work, Elaine.
    Happy New Year, everyone. Well, we can hope. 😉

  2. nah

    Emanuel’s 81-year old father was quoted as saying, “Obviously, he will influence the President to be pro-Israel. Why shouldn’t he do it? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floor of the White House.”… after the 1996 election, “Emanuel was so angry at the president’s enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting ‘Dead! … Dead! … Dead!’…Democratic congressman Emanuel should not be held responsible for everything his father says, Emanuel apologized to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee which had asked for such an apology, stating “From the fullness of my heart, I personally apologize on behalf of my family and me. These are not the values upon which I was raised or those of my family.”… He is the son of a Jerusalem-born pediatrician who was a member of the Irgun (Etzel or IZL), a militant Zionist group that operated in Palestine …. CHARMING CHARACTER not a dual citizen tho, however this appointment for above reasons displays a clear CHOICE on the behalf of Obama hopefully its not to have this attitude within the whitehouse which regardless of citizenship hints at leading american policy from a standard bearer into a ‘son of sons’ US clique of which we are responcible for the lumbering souls ignored ‘un militant US slav’…..
    In September 1986 as Assistant U.S. Attorney, Chertoff together with U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Rudolph Giuliani were instrumental in its crackdown on organized crime. The prosecution of Arthur Andersen was controversial, as the firm was effectively dissolved, resulting in the loss of 26,000 jobs….. Maybe he will prosicute Emanuel someday for me.
    From the perspective of a born citizen of the US ‘who cannot be an Israeli’ it is not SAFE to have offices of the presidency filled with any citizens of other nations as they conceal thair service to me. Also as a strong militant power in the world abuse could be exerted as ‘short change’ desintigrating my foreign policy and leaving the children of THIS nation exposed to bad planning and execution.
    hehehe free tibet wonder how long till chinese americans start getting up in arms over this one lol…

    WE are all boat people now!

  3. nah

    happy new Yizzle’

  4. Peter

    thanks again for patiently exploring this strange reality. The degree and depth of the programming is noticed as I watch my initial, unconscious reactions to the recent events in Gaza. “Well, they’re firing rockets,aren’t they?” my mind so easily offered up-and I consider myself a pacifist, anti-statist aware semi-intelligent human-yet I’m appalled at the ease with which my pro-Israel attitudes have been shaped over the course of my life. I can only imagine the types of responses you get-I admire your courage, and am indebted to you for continuing to shake me till I woke up.
    But, to borrow a page from Jay Hanson’s philosophy, it really isn’t about “Jews” or “Nazis”,is it, but this strange propensity we “higher” primates have to lie and murder, and employ whatever excuse is convenient to justify it……Alas, Babylon.

  5. DrKrbyLuv

    Nice work Elaine…keep up the investigative journalism!
    Good video on the lying Zionists:

  6. John

    Excellent information and an informative contribution from nah!

    Reading your blog and talking to friends I am beginning to be persuaded that the notion of Jewish
    propaganda and control has real substance and is not
    simply neo-Nazi nonsense.

  7. Grok1

    Elaine…ditto on the kudo’s for addressing this issue. Tribalism/religion is no longer rational, and hasn’t been for years, in the world today. Tribalism, religion, nationalism, et. al., only serves to divide humans. Magical beings from the sky and artifical geographic boundries serve no purpose other than to divide us. 99.9% of the people on earth do have something in common. That is, they are not born into the propertied ownership class. The very small percentage of those born into that propertied ownership class use religion and geographical boundries to alienate and divide the masses. And God, Allah, Brahma, Thor, Jehovah, Yahweh, Zeus and L. Ron Hubbard help them if the massess ever realize it.

  8. emsnews

    There is bad stuff going on all over the planet, we are mere humans, after all. But the Middle East is a very dangerous kindling point and I strongly feel that the passions behind Christianity, Judaism and Islam will ignite in WWIII. WWI and WWII was not all about religion although the Nazis and the Japanese were trying to perfect a nationalist-religion system that was ‘tribal’.
    One would think, after the tribalist Japanese and Germans were defeated, this ideology would be dead and buried. Instead, it has new and even worse life as the ‘Israel is for Jews’ concept.

  9. It has been amazing to watch over the years the number of people who have been attacked, belittled, and marginalized mearly because they noted the obvious, the inequality between the jews and palestinians. Carter wasn’t even allowed near the democratic convention due to his latest book. Alan Dershowitz (who not that long ago I admired – another conflicted liberal mind) boasted of his success in keeping carter out. And this was the guy who brokered Israel’s first peace deal with it’s neighbor. Cynthia
    Mckinney was attacked because she dared to question the 9/11 narrative that the government puts forth. (I’m sure many of you have also read of the possible ties to Mossad on that one- I leave that debate alone for now!)
    Who else? I think Hader in Austria was a possible assassination (not that I supported his far right views).
    Norman Finkelstein was forced out of Depaul university (again with Dershowitz’s help)…
    I’m sure we could add a few more names as well. We could make a wall memorial to the fallen ones!

    Happy new years all by the way,
    peace out!

  10. Gary

    Mr Flat-Earth Friedman should write a new book called,
    “The Bulldozer and the Olive Tree”

  11. This story needs no comment!

    Madoff’s assets to be kept secret
    David Scheer
    January 2, 2009

    THE US Securities and Exchange Commission, which sued Bernard Madoff last month for allegedly directing a $US50 billion ($71 billion) fraud, is to withhold public access to a list of his assets filed on Wednesday.

    A federal judge ordered Madoff to provide the commission with an account of all investments, loans, lines of credit, business interests, brokerage accounts and other holdings. The court

    did not authorise its public disclosure, said a commission spokesman, Andrew Calamari, who confirmed receipt of the list.

    “I think one of the fears here is that much of this money may be in offshore funds,” said Professor John Coffee, of Columbia Law School, adding the commission wanted to keep the assets secret to protect them. “There is the danger that foreign regulators and foreign creditors may seek to seize that money if the names and sources are made public.”

    Madoff was charged last month by federal prosecutors with directing an alleged Ponzi scheme through his New York investment firm. His lawyer, Ira Sorkin, has said Madoff’s company is co-operating with the Government.

    Shortly before he was arrested, Madoff allegedly told employees that he had $US200 million to $US300 million left, according to an FBI complaint. Mr Sorkin declined to comment on the amount of Madoff’s remaining assets.

    Madoff’s firm collapsed after he was arrested on December 11. He told his sons that he directed the Ponzi scheme, in which old investors are paid off with money from new ones.

    The firm is in liquidation under the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

    The list of Madoff’s assets may be attractive to his investors, including hedge funds, celebrities, universities and charities, as they sue to recover their money. His advisory business could have had more than 4000 customers, investigators said.

    Losses disclosed by some clients could have been inflated by gains held in their accounts with Madoff.

    Yeshiva University, which had valued its holdings with Madoff at $US110 million, said this week its net investment was about $US14.5 million before inflation by “fictitious” profits.


  12. charlie the jester

    All wars are about money. For example, even the crusades were fundamentally about money, not religion.
    The idea that people are naturally inclined towards hatred and killing is bunk. In fact, the opposite is true. They have to be manipulated into killing.
    Otherwise, why would the Army feel the need to induce its recruits to chant “blood makes the green grass grow”, for example?
    Incidentally, since that is obviously a lie, if the troops were in a right mind they would turn on their commanders right then and there.
    I sent Cindy Sheehan a contribution, BTW. If you go to her web site you will she that she was subject to intimidation and harassment during her campaign. Democracy in the US is under tremendous pressure, there is no doubt about that. But being armed for self-defense is one thing; the instigation of violence is another.

  13. I’ve always held up David Ben-Gurion’s definition of a Jew: anyone crazy enough to call himself one. I so wish the Orthodox had maintained their original position on the recreation of sovereign Israel. It seems the average voter in Israel is as powerful as his counterpart in the USA. He seems to be more atuned to reality, though–I guess having rockets launched at you every day makes a difference in your interest level.

  14. David


    Thanks for having the courage to dive into this firestorm. It is apparent that both the US and Israel are like zombies caught up in a totally foolish alter reality where they are ignoring the US decline which might, at some point, trigger the destruction of Israel itself by the forces that Israel provokes daily throughout the Arab world with its violence.
    Political power systems always deteriorate and most eventually fail. The course of protecting a nation’s ethnicity and homogeneity by oppressing perceived outsiders (while you are smack dab in the middle of all of them) is a downright stupid one to pursue in a dangerous, multi-layered, multi-cultural world. Such a course always brings about anger, violence and eventual self-destruction. If a people do pursue such a course with harsh violence, they are begging for their own eventual destruction. However, humanity has many suicidal impulses.
    Other less sympathetic nations are watching this downright stupid, but brutal sideshow with great interest and they are not commenting on this at all. That is probably a very bad sign. They might not want to directly offend, but you can bet they are watching and each has its own opinions about this.
    In earlier times, US allies would have had numerous diplomatic initiatives going in order to reign in the obvious single-mindedness of US policy where Israel and its supporters in our government have diverted US defense systems and most diplomatic efforts in a single direction while increasingly ignoring the rest of the world around us. This is a recipe for diplomatic, economic and military disaster.
    As we all watch our nation and its leaders concentrate on US and Israeli joint policy toward subduing the Middle East for Israel, the rest of the world continues with it’s business, but if one reads online news from around the world as I do, other nations see the US as the dog that is being wagged by the tail that is wagging it, Israel. We are causing enormous economic problems for other nations, because we’re not minding the store. We’ve conceded too much wealth and diplomatic effort to propping up Israel.
    Russian and China now have a hotline to coordinate military strategies and common defense initiatives, and no doubt to keep their equipment standardized as well as having a common chain of command structure well coordinated in the event of trouble. Both, according to their online news organizations, are rapidly pushing forward as fast as possible with new, high tech defense systems. While they have economic difficulties, they are stable compared to the US which is deep in debt.
    Iran is appealing to the US and Europeans to keep things under control, but Israel appears to be seeking confrontation with Iran which it hopes the US will join. Even with Iran subdued, it is doubtful that Israel can ever dominate the Middle East without outside help, and the US is the only force that is willing to back it up, and we are in decline. If I were an Israeli, I would be considering these things.
    South America is quickly slipping out of US control. And many countries there really do not wish us well. They see the US as being a lot like an old, sickly, ill-tempered dog in the middle of the pack. It still wants to be the leader, but its growing weakness is obvious to other pack members and to other competing packs as well. Other younger dogs are snarling and growling a bit. They are aware of the old dog’s sharp teeth, but they also anxiously await an opening to deliver at least a small wound to the old dog’s flanks when it is distracted.
    The US is distracted. That’s certain. When key US officials are dual citizens of Israel and the US who seem to be working more in Israel’s interest than in US voter’s interest, that can be called a distraction.
    There is one way and one way only that Israel will ever be allowed to exist in the Middle East in peace. That way is to set aside all barriers and ethnic and religious restrictions against its own people becoming a part of the overall Middle Eastern population. Its citizens need to give up their fearful determination to have a homogeneous, sovereign Jewish only nation and gradually blend in with the other peoples of the Middle East. History should tell them that.
    Nearly every time Jews have gained excessive control of most of the levers of power in governments around the world, they have provoked their demise by their own cliquish aloofness and exclusion of others around them, as Elaine explained. After the US eventually fails economically, its critics will want a visible scapegoat to blame. Americans love their scapegoats almost as much as they love apple pie. Guess who that scapegoat will probably be. Oh! I’ve heard people say that such things can’t happen here. I once believed this also, but events and draconian restrictions imposed on Americans after 9/11 have caused me to change my mind.

  15. PLovering

    “Darwin pretty clearly says in THE DESCENT OF MAN that it’s tribe against tribe … most likely the best explanation of endemic warfare, which humanity has engaged in since prehistory.”
    So says famed Harvard Professor of Sociobiology, Edward O. Wilson who thinks that some combination of genes and environment finds a valuable resource — so that it pays a group (tribe) with social organization to defend and exploit it.
    E.O. Wilson concludes: the tribe with the valuable resource will endeavor preventing other groups from becoming fully social, and thus dominate the world.

  16. igneous

    Wasn’t Palestine a multi Ethnic society. Didn’t jewish people have a full set of rights in common with their muslim and christian neighbours.

    Historical myth is interesting. Askanazi jews come from the kingdom of Khazaria which converted en mass to Judaism. The kingdom was conquered by the Rus a viking tribe who settled early Russia. Many of the jewish Khezarians fled and became displaced. This historical event gets combined into a mythic history which distorts it to say that the jews were exiled from Judea.

  17. cognitis

    Man lives in communities to defend families; Man constructs institutions to regulate community members and to govern the community. Communities contend with other communities for rights by force, which force afflicts community members.

    To understand fully any community or tribe, just look to the tribe’s full political history. To understand Jewish traits, look at the Jews’ continuous expulsions, depopulations, dispossessions, enslavements, humiliations. See how Jews’ continuous status as disposable minority causes Jews to seek notice (stardom, copyrights, eponymous businesses), as Jews all have an instinct to make themselves indispensable to an integral community. To understand German traits, look at the Germans’ continuous invasions from north east south and west. See how continuous depopulations, dispossessions, rapes, burnings of villages cause Germans to both hate and fear all aliens: Hitler, elected by the German people, was a true German and good example of effects of Germany’s history. Communities’ political history of force forms each member as a sculptor’s hands form clay. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

  18. nah

    Many media experts predict that 2009 will be the year that newspapers of all sizes will falter and die, a threat long predicted but rarely taken seriously until the credit crunch blossomed into a full-fledged financial meltdown.
    What david says way up there has merit we cant squash people unless we want to open that can of worms, the world is changing. If we cant have a flexible monetary system to expand and contract ‘as OPPORTUNITY changes’ we will become MORE useless than we are already ‘were actually not that bad off currently’. We can no longer pretend that financing debt for value existentialist losers ‘WHICH IS PROVING MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE CAUSE FOR WHICH WE PROVIDE’ is a dirty task inherent in a functioning system of government. Believe it or not we are loosing our freedom.
    vote your paycheck

  19. Zorro

    Igneous you beat me to it!
    Was spending time reading about the Khazars.
    Fascinating history!
    Ashkenazi Jews are not Semites they are
    Turkic Khazars from East Europe




  20. David

    Considering Liberalism:

    Elaine is right when she says that US Liberalism is split and it is weak.
    The movement once was a thriving, ideological powerhouse when it was united against the Vietnam War…but that has changed.
    By the by, stories of “unpatriotic” hippies spitting on returning vets is, for the most part, a popular myth promoted by conservatives who wanted to promote continued militarism after the war. The people who abused me most when I returned from Vietnam were conservatives, and that is fact. (They viewed returning vets as well-trained,low class factory fodder to the used and abused and then discarded.) Nixon promised to end the war so I voted for him. He kept it going for another six years and filled three fourths of Southeast Asia with bomb crater duck ponds that are still there today.
    Nixon downgraded VA education benefits until I think I received a total of $1,500 dollars for some on-the-job training(for something I was already factory trained to do)at my job. I was led to believe I had to accept these benefits. I had a young, unemployed wife and a new baby, so I didn’t question things. My conservative, Republican boss received $1500 also. In other words, the Republican controlled VA and my Republican employer teamed up to screw me out of my VA college education benefits….I later earned 3 degrees which I paid for completely out of pocket. So, I have a very bitter taste in my mouth toward conservatives, but I also remember that Democrats didn’t mind sending me to Vietnam and were originally responsible for the deaths of over 3 million people who died there because of their damned war.
    I was part of a liberal studies program at a major university back in the late 90s. The founder of the program, a fine old Liberal gentleman, came from Columbia. He apparently knew about the nasty turn things were going to take. We even discussed the apparent decisions being made at the University of Chicago to outsource American jobs. Most of us could not believe that Americans would ever allow that to happen. Also, I remember one political science professor telling us that Hillary Clinton was being groomed for president. This was nearly 10 years before she ran. At that time, Hillary was the Liberal movement’s golden girl, and she still is.
    President Obama might have been the backup candidate in the event Hillary couldn’t grow big enough wings to fly or in case the Republicans screwed up so badly that he could be elected (which they did). In any case, what is happening now has been in the works for a long time, and even good intentions have been distorted by greed, money and preverse ideologies and religious ideals.
    I think that the original Liberal movement fell victim to those who attempted to enlist the support of too many powerful, moneyed organizations. In other words, it tried to go “mainstream” in the super agressive, capitalist USA. It tried to curry favor and kowtowed to moneyed elites rather than standing on its magnificent original anti-violence, multicultural, diverse thinking, reason and progress based principles. It stopped opposing all forms of violence and unjust offensive warfare, and even seemed to accept the execution of criminals. It allowed itself to accept that which it had once opposed with all its energies. I think the old professor who came from Columbia knew this. He told us all that he deeply feared for the future of true Liberalism. I think this is why many universities have attempted to start liberal studies programs. However, in my view, some of those programs are a bit suspect, because they try too hard to be too inclusive of people who do not hold basic Liberal philosophical ideals, and they fall victim to anti-liberal, conservative and religious bias in the Universities themselves.
    True Liberalism teaches acceptance of all peoples and considers their worth based on how those peoples view the acceptance of others who might be different from themselves. This includes religious tolerance, but excludes religious beliefs that promote violence and hatred. Elaine is absolutely correct in denouncing religious intolerance and violence.
    True Liberalism is founded in science and reason which came about during The Enlightenment and which pushed aside religious dogma that had stagnated human thinking for hundreds of years.
    Right now, there appears to be a movement back toward those dark days of yesteryear. And this movement appears to be worldwide. I occasionally correspond with a lady from Ukraine, and she noted this tendency also happening there, and she also believes that a new worldwide feudalistic system is being implemented.
    Oh! by the way, I once actually met Arun Ghandi and also Dr.Gogoli who helped Mohandas K. Gandhi plot the overthrow of British rule in India. At that time, Dr. Gogoli predicted that the US would undergo difficult times in its future, with a good deal of factionalism and religious turmoil, somehwhat like occurs in India. He said he thought that such factionalism is a rather normal part of a diverse society like the US, and the main challenge, one that Ghandi approved, was to work to bring people together rather than separate them with hatred and violence.
    I apologize for the long-winded dialogue, but this topic is very dear to my heart.

  21. seraphim

    One may wonder wether all these “liberal” forums are not a decoy ment principally to deflect the “criticisms” FROM the Jews. There are hardly criticisms of the Jews which are not immediately qualified, most of the times turning the blame against Christianity, which appears like the ultimate villain. Anything that the Jews have done wrong was because, somehow, the Christians put them in that situation! Well, they have not been kicked out from Russia. They left of their own accord because they could not live toghether with the Christians. They wanted a state of their own where to be free of any taint from contact with the goyim (unless they were the masters!). The atempt to create it in Russia, although promising after 1917, met gigantic hurdles. Even after the ethnic cleansing of Russians and Ukrainians, too many Russians remained, animated by “visceral antisemitism”. Russians are a retarded people who could not understand that the Jews who were killing them were acting out of the noblest intentions (universal brotherhood, tolerance e.a.). Due to their numbers they could say: Russia to Russians and implement the ideea. Eventually Russians had more arms than the Khazars (because these are the “Jews”).
    So,logically, they chose a field where they would meet minimal resistance. It is military common sense to attack disarmed adversaries. That’s how Israel was born.
    The ideea of their eternal victimhood, with which they brainwashed innumerable minds, has become a reflex. It is always the mitigating circumstance. Yes they do, they have done, they will do terrible things, but have they not suffered the same from the hand of Christians who are thousand times more guilty because they are “antisemitic” and accuse them that they killed the Christ?
    The liberals could not address that problem because they believe that Christ did not even exist. They are on the same level with the Jews, they have the same enemy.

  22. nah

    Hamas Rockets Put Israel’s Nuclear Facility in Battle Zone!!!
    OK OK OK OK not really but the Israelis are scurred.
    On Thursday an Israeli warplane dropped a 2,000-pound bomb on the home of one of Hamas’ top five decision-makers, instantly killing him and 18 others
    OMG israel has bombs and airplanes dropping bombs on PEOPLE!!! LOL talke about ‘perspective’
    “Oh fighters, know that you will be victorious,” he said. “God promises us either victory or martyrdom. God is greater than they are, God is greater than their planes, God is greater than their rockets.
    The crazys speak of victory and strategy
    vote your paycheck

  23. criticalcontrarian

    And while the Palestinians face their Holocaust this is what the Arab “royal turds” are up too: Common Gulf currency project edges ahead @ http://tinyurl.com/9tltbd
    The concern and compassion they profess and show their brother Muslims is so touching. They must be from Isaac’s line of descendants from the looks of it!
    For a good laugh that perhaps is more truth than satire, read: Israel Attacks US @ http://tinyurl.com/74vctt

  24. nah

    IF its not as much fun as youd like
    aparently its better to do ‘the paulson’
    vote your paycheck

  25. Tell

    Juat looking through some old links (got nothing better to do) I came across these…thought some of you might like to read them…

    Part 1…


    Part 2…


    Oh and this…


  26. Tell

    Off topic.

    Friday, January 02, 2009

    “Craig Murray’s site hacked again
    Craig says that sometime between 3am last night and now, his site (http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/) seems to have been hacked yet again. Every comment ever made had vanished, and he can’t find them inside the system anywhere. He can’t post anything either…. but it appears possible to view te site without problems.”

    “Grateful if you could post a notice to get word round.”

    “Please pass on”….


  27. WNC Observer

    One land – Palestine. Two peoples want it – all of it. And each wants the other gone.

    This is the reality of the situation. No-one likes to think of it, everyone glosses over it, but this is the reality.

    There are only four possible outcomes:

    1) Israelis take all, Palestinians go into exile/extinction. (A.K.A.: Israeli ethnic clensing)

    2) Palestinians take all, Israelis go back into exile/extinction. (A.K.A. : Holocaust II)

    3) The two sides continue to fight each other, as they have for half a century and are doing today, forever and ever, war without end, Amen.

    4) The land is partitioned reasonably equitably and justly (i.e., more or less according to the original UN partition plan), and the two populations commit to working and living together peacefully. (A.K.A. “Fantasyland”)

    It is a mess, and I have no solutions. I don’t believe anyone does. My best guess as to what will actually happen is that #3 will continue unless or until #1 or #2 happens. That is what we have seen over and over again throughout history. I would prefer #4, but a snowball in Hell has a better chance.

  28. ralph

    Jews are racist. Blacks are racist. Indian Hindus are racist. Blue blood whites are racist. Chinese are racist. Japanese are racist. However, GOD is not. GOD does not “love” anyone more than anyone else. Can you love one of your children more than the other??? This whole “race” thing is a barrier. It divides, so it conquers. WAKE UP!!! We the people of the world are all brothers and sisters. We all come from sperm and eggs. All our shit stinks. Freedom unites us. Love of liberty unites us. The rule of law unites us. I love everyone. Happy New Year to all, GOD bless all of you. Elaine, you rule. Keep up the good fight!!!

  29. rockpaperscizzors

    Thomas Paine, “Each of those churches show certain books, which they call revelation, or the word of God. The Jews say, that their word of God was given by God to Moses, face to face; the Christians say, that their word of God came by divine inspiration: and the Turks say, that their word of God (the Koran) was brought by an angel from Heaven. Each of those churches accuse the other of unbelief; and for my own part, I disbelieve them all.”

    “All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”

    Karl Marx, “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people.”

    Mahatmas Gandhi,”My religion is based on truth and non-violence. Truth is my God. Non-violence is the means of realising Him.”

    Doris Egan, “Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be religious people.”

    Personally, I stand with Thomas Paine, “I disbelieve them all.”

  30. emsnews

    I like Doris Egan. 🙂
    I went back to the Daily Kos play pen and noticed that there are absolutely NO Gaza Ghetto war diaries in either the front page or ‘recommended’. HAHAHA. I guess, the little dose of fury and fume irritated the controllers there! So they decided to delete this part of reality.
    And of course, the election of many Democrats has not done the SLIGHTEST thing to stop the wars, stop the war spending or stopping the killing which is not only accelerating in Gaza but also in Afghanistan, Pakistan and even in Iraq, yet again!

  31. Bear of Little Brain

    Been wondering about the deafening silence from Hawaii?
    From a speech by the Messiah, given to AIPAC, June 4, 2008 (via whatreallyhappened):
    “Now is the time to be vigilant in facing down every foe, just as we move forward in seeking a future of peace for the children of Israel, and for all children. Now is the time to stand by Israel as it writes the next chapter in its extraordinary journey. Now is the time to join together in the work of repairing this world.”
    Complete text:
    Hope he’s satisfied with the peace being delivered to Palestinian children of late.
    Change you can believe in? Bought and paid for, as usual.
    There is one four-letter word that is still taboo in our language. That is the only change this man will achieve.

  32. Worse. Obama is now seen nearly universally by all the top powers on earth as a PATSY.
    He was a fool to stay silent. He thought, perhaps, his Jewish handlers would not launch a full out attack on him. True. But instead, the entire US nation state will suffer the blows. A strong leader punishes FRIENDS and puts ALLIES in their place.
    Like Eisenhower did to the Brits and French during the fifties. They wanted us to enforce their old empires.

  33. 11327get paid for signup’s




  34. “Been wondering about the deafening silence from Hawaii?”

    Bear of Little Brain


  35. Bear of Little Brain

    Nearly mistook him for Tiger Woods:


  36. Tell

    Bear of Little Brain


  37. emsnews

    Looks like Obama hit the ball into the rough and lost it.

  38. David


    You pointed almost directly to a problem that is at the root of all of this warfare and violence. And that is people injecting religious objectives in government policy and the rule of law.
    Our Constitutional founders tried to keep religion apart from the rule of law, and we were moderately successful for awhile.
    Perhaps the golden years, at least in my lifetime, for the US was the few years just after the Vietnam War when “secular humanism” gained a small foothold in the US. For those Liberals who like to look back at the good old days, there was a very short little time period when US citizens attempted to get along with others and actually wished other people around the world well. During that time period, the US had been humbled a bit by its defeat in Vietnam.
    Still, I do no delude myself about even that time period because all kinds of covert actions were being taken around the world without US voters being aware of what was going on. This all exploded and was destroyed with the Iran hostage crisis and with Reagan gaining power and the destruction of US labor unions.
    Oh, but we heard desperate cries from Jews and Christians alike that secular humanism was destroying traditional American values, and how we needed prayer in schools and on and on.
    Well, the Judeo-Christian alliance got its way and “secular humanism” was pushed out of government affairs, and religious motivations were allowed to entangle themselves in our national affairs.
    Now just look at the damned mess we’re in. We have a tiny Middle Eastern Nation the size of one of our smallest states dictating much if not all of our foreign policy and partially controlling many of our government functions.
    American voters desperately want change; a halt to our national economic decline, an end to unnecessary warfare, and a government that works to have a safe and sane future for us all, but we voters seem to no longer have a voice in the affairs of our own nation.
    I say we need to again separate religion from our government and bring back ideals of secular humanism.

  39. Rowan

    It will never be possible to change anything until the corruption at all levels of government EVERYWHERE is adressed. That would be a “New Paradigm” which many people could live with. Who is paying all these politicians off…where does all the money come from? It`s time for Reform. Institutions always reach this point where the balances have to be brought into play again (thanks Elaine, for teaching me this). By the way, I`m really enjoying the correspondence at this time, so many references to real historical experience on the ground without journalistic filters. It`s so interesting.

  40. “To Lebanon With Love (More Time To Bomb)”…


    “Amnesty International USA”…


    Please sign

  41. A host of links …


    This will keep you busy.

  42. “The Origins of the Overclass”

    “The wealthy have always used many methods to accumulate wealth, but it was not until the mid-1970s that these methods coalesced into a superbly organized, cohesive and efficient machine. After 1975, it became greater than the sum of its parts, a smooth flowing organization of advocacy groups, lobbyists, think tanks, conservative foundations, and PR firms that hurtled the richest 1 percent into the stratosphere”

    “The origins of this machine, interestingly enough, can be traced back to the CIA”…


  43. emsnews

    Ah, yes, the corporate CIA which grew out of the OSS….HAHAHA. And my home base!
    The CIA was always an arm of corporate America and was always quite pro-fascist. Still is. This is why we only get pro-fascist rulers here. Anyone else is hammered by the CIA arm, the media! Look at how Kucinich and Ron Paul are presented to us…or rather, cut out of the news.
    Kucinich gave a good speech about Palestine. No one in America heard it. Except users of the internet and users of You Tube which the Zionists are now infiltrating like crazy.

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