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Panda-politics-bigThe New World Order of the Chinese is rushing forwards during this global trade retraction while the Old World Order holds many secret meetings, hoping to harness the Chinese and control world populations.  The delusions of the Old World Order gang are actually hilarious.  The only way they can keep their wealth is to undermine their imperial home base, the US/UK global empire.  So, this is what they do!  Imagine that.

First, despite a global downturn, or maybe even, thanks to the global downturn, China’s diplomacy surges ahead.  The US media giants have, as per usual, studiously refused to look at the news that Taiwan and China are rapidly reaching unity.  Like when first, the Berlin Wall fell, then, without consulting at all with the US, Germany suddenly reunited, so it is here: China’s big breakthrough when the KMT opposition leader suddenly took a phone call from Hu, has led to the election of the KMT on a platform of closer relations with China and now, the bid Official Visit.

Picture 5

Hu has a consummately astute and careful diplomatic organization which is tremendously successful.  Even as the US tries to corral the world into insulting China all the time, for example, blasting China for censorship while Europe not only has very severe censorship, authors, politicians, historians, filmakers, all sorts of people are even put in prison or forbidden travel due to unpopular views about religions of various sorts.

Meanwhile, Western media hammers the Chinese government for suppression of religious conversations?  Or how about the US hammering on China for being mean to the Tibetans while at the same time, butchering Muslims on the borders of China!  As well as the US refusing to punish itself for violating a host of international laws concerning torture and warmongering?  No, the holier than thou machine of the West cranks out continuous attacks on China.  I fail to see much difference, personally.


That is, the fading remnants of our own First Amendment rights of free speech are rapidly being eroded as it has been totally destroyed, in Europe.  Our Second and Fourth Amendment rights are also heading down the tubes, too.  We can’t accuse the Chinese of torture, for example, without looking like total fools.


Since there is very little ideological differences between the US and the Chinese communists [US right wingers are more communistic than the Chinese, even] the thing we must examine is what is working for the Chinese as well as what is failing for the US.


Top political advisor meets KMT chairman_English_Xinhua


 Chinese top political advisor Jia Qinglin met with Taiwan-based Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung and his delegation at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing Monday afternoon.

Right now, the US is so embarrassed by our Presidents being utter puppets of our allies, they no longer have big, fancy diplomatic events.  The greater the power of the alien leader has over our puppets, the quieter the receptions they expect when slipping over here to give orders.  Case in point: Israel’s latest visit.


 Jia, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said the cross-Straits relationship had made breakthroughs after a historic turning point in the past year.

Actually, this goes back to 2005 which was three years ago.  As usual, I was right on top of things back then and correctly analyzed it:

March 25, 2005:  Culture of Life News II: Breaking News: For the First Time Since 1948, China and Taiwan Will Meet Directly

  • Wow. The Chinese leadership is moving at lightning speed now. They disciplined the Japanese and now Taiwan has seen the light and is learning to kow tow properly. Of course, the Chinese leaders want a happy union and as little blut und drang as possible so they will be most accommodating.

  • This is an IMPORTANT MOMENT IN HISTORY. Mark this day down on a calendar. The Nationalist Party narrowly lost the last election. This election was as disputed as the Gore/Bush election here in America. It is a clear sign that Taiwan is utterly divided in serious ways. A divided nation is a weak nation.

Instead of being smart, the US diplomats picked up speed in criticizing China over human rights issues while simultaneously, trying to use China to get the rich Bilderberg gang, richer.  Here is an old story and cartoon I did a year later:

From February 2006:  Culture of Life Breaking News: Misunderstanding Diplomacy, American Zoos Whine About Pandas Lent By China

Panda-politics-bigThe first pandas were brought over to America to demonstrate joint friendship and a desire to form alliances. But now this is all gone and we are trying to shove the entire planet into eternal wars with all of Muslim and all Chinese as well as kicking in the Russians, Venezuelans and a host of other people, seemingly endless list.

The American zoos are under the impression they were making a business deal to make easy money for themselves sort of like how we kidnap killer whales and put them into clown acts at aquariums. The Chinese have stringent rules for their cuddly diplomats so they can’t be forced to dance or jump through hoops or in other ways, entertain drooling masses of screaming children.


China tried sending a panda to Taiwan and the previous government rejected it.  But they had an election and the KMT won and immediately, asked for the Diplomatic Panda and got it.  Here is another article I wrote about the impending merger of Taiwan with China:  January 2008:  Diplomacy: Taiwan And China Will Join In This Decade!

Back to the original article here:

    Improved relations had yielded practical benefits for people on both sides, and cross-Straits peace and stability had been highly praised by the international community, said Jia.

    The KMT and the Communist Party of China (CPC) had shouldered greater responsibility in promoting the cross-Straits relationship, said Jia, also member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau.

Just as when Germany reunited, this utterly changed the balance of powers in Europe, so it is in Asia: Japan and South Korea fear the impending Chinese union and instinctively know, that China will rule the roost just as Germany now dominates all of Europe.


I strongly suspect the European Union as a ‘state’ or rather, a ‘confederation’ was rushed through by alarmed neighbors of Germany.  This way, Germany’s potential power is neutralized and watered down by a host of smaller economic units.  This can’t be done to China.  China dwarfs its neighbors in all potential realms: military, financial, industrial and population levels all are immensely greater if we project into the future.    China is, during this depression, flexing its muscles:


China warns Federal Reserve over ‘printing money’ – Telegraph

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, said: “Senior officials of the Chinese government grilled me about whether or not we are going to monetise the actions of our legislature.”


HAHAHA. The stupid Federal Reserve official who wants to cut US social services and increase military spending, is being called on the carpet by his Chinese masters! HAHAHA.

“I must have been asked about that a hundred times in China. I was asked at every single meeting about our purchases of Treasuries. That seemed to be the principal preoccupation of those that were invested with their surpluses mostly in the United States,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

No kidding! These are the sorts of questions angry fathers ask wild spending sons who come to beg for a bigger allowance! These are the questions powerful bankers demand answers to from third world nations! His recent trip to the Far East appears to have been a stark reminder that Asia’s “Confucian” culture of right action does not look kindly on the insouciant policy of printing money by Anglo-Saxons.


This is unfortunate because Evans-Prichard is the son of the British Empire, that rotting carcass offshore from France. China invented paper money. China also discovered that this permitted governments to spend more on wars. And China discovered, this led to inflation and the collapse of the economy [inflation is very evil in the long run!]. All this, while the Brits were still running around, fighting William the Bastard and losing in 1066 AD.

Mr Fisher, the Fed’s leading hawk, was a fierce opponent of the original decision to buy Treasury debt, fearing that it would lead to a blurring of the line between fiscal and monetary policy – and could all too easily degenerate into Argentine-style financing of uncontrolled spending.

He is correct in his belief but stupid when it comes to what we must cut.  Running immense deficits to pay for distant wars is insanity.  He thinks it is hunky-dory.  Today, at the Berlin Memorial Day parade here in NY, I chatted with a severely brain-damaged young man who was a classmate of my son.   He used to be very athletic and participated in sports and other school activities.  He went off to Iraq, got blown up and now is barely able to lift his head and has to use oxygen bottles to stay alive.


He costs the government over a million a year to keep alive.  I know how this works: over time, the government will be disgusted that he still lives, hasn’t committed suicide or died of drugs or alcoholism.  Once his poor mom gets too frail to keep up caring for him, he will end up on the streets except he won’t stay alive for even a week.


This young man should have led a productive life and had a family and built himself a house on his mother’s farm and done all the things healthy people do.  All the chatter I hear lately is how can we get rid of these people who can’t work, etc.  This is horrifying.  By the way, someone else is going to China and smiling and making smooching noises at the communists:

Picture 13

Vice Premier: China hopes for more investment from multinationals_English_Xinhua

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang (R) meets with visiting General Electric (GE) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt in Beijing, capital of China, on May 25, 2009.(Xinhua/Pang Xinglei) 

Yes, our very own top elites, those guys who own Congress, are the bestest of buddies for the Communist Chinese leaders!  So much for all our domestic propaganda about how mean the Chinese are and how dangerous it is to do business with the commies.


How The New ‘Yuan Carry Trade’ Will Add To China’s Global Muscle, And Possibly Even Accelerate The U.S. Recovery | Daily Markets


Beijing finally lit the fuse.

HAHAHA.  First, the Japanese did the ‘carry trade’ number to us, now the Chinese?

By announcing the launch of a new market for dollar-denominated bonds that are issued by non-financial firms, China has now taken a major step toward modernizing its capital markets. All planned out, long ago.  The move hasn’t made much of a splash here in the United States. HAHAHA…isn’t our media a wonder?  Free press…pffft—But I was in China, heading my annual investment tour of that country, when the announcement was made. And believe me when I tell you that China’s company executives, investors and government officials fully understand the implications of what’s just been done….

Duh.  They immediately understood because they know about the 50 Year Plan. They were probably ecstatic, the government was green-lighting this particular stage of the game. 

Given what we know about China’s global natural-resource-acquisition ambitions, the first entrants into this new market will likely be one or more of China’s huge natural-resource concerns that are presently scouring the globe, creating captive supplies of the very commodities that will be necessary to ensure China’s future growth. Intelligence at work, I may add.  My experience here suggests that high-tech and infrastructure companies will follow almost immediately. This is why GE was visiting. Many of those firms may head straight for Taiwan, —see all my old China/Taiwan articles predicting this—thanks to newly inked agreements that make it easier for Mainland China companies to invest across the Taiwan Straits for the first time in decades. After that, these firms will direct their appetites for acquisitions elsewhere around the world….

United, they will dominate everyone.

Call it the “Mother of All Carry Trades” – only this time it will be yuan-based, instead of yen-based….

The Japanese will restart their part of the carry trade.  Both expect the US to run much higher interest rates in the near future due to too much money printing in the Fed Reserve.  Oil and gold are climbing, gold is assailing the $1,000 an ounce level this last month.

First, it’s conceivable that the sheer volume of dollar-denominated bonds could indirectly prop up the U.S. dollar. Not only would that potentially wreck traders who are betting that it’s headed the other way, it could actually solidify U.S. and global markets that are still searching for an anchor. By implication, this could also wreck the “gold bugs” who are betting the farm, instead of investing in the precious metal as part of a disciplined investment strategy.

Um, this guy is STUPID.  HAHAHA.  The price of gold was very flat during the Japanese Bubble years.  Then, during the beginning of the Japanese carry trade, gold still was flat.  But when the Asian Currency Crisis hit, gold began to climb and with the ZIRP system, it rose higher and higher and is going for $1,000 again.  


The resumption of any carry trade will certainly cause things to move again but I suspect the US will not be the happy recipient of this loot.  Namely, we are rapidly becoming tapped out. All we want now are loans for our empire so we can go to war.

Second, for those on Wall Street who continue to believe they are the “masters of the universe,” the strength and ferocity with which China’s dollar-denominated bond market may develop will probably come as a rude shock. Not only are the vast majority of Wall Street firms likely to be cut out of the underwriting process, but chances are very good that they’ll probably be relegated to the back seat when it comes time to pony up in the never-ending game of global one-upmanship.

When Zeng said to me, ‘I be bank’, long, long ago, I was amused.  Now, I am grim.  China decided not to be just another player in the international financial games, they collectively decided, they would RUN the world’s ENTIRE financial system and be the hub of all banking….back in 1984.  Not recently.  This stunning success in this long range game plan of there still amazes me.  They actually are doing it.

And third, depending on the ultimate size of this new bond market, the prices of resource-based companies and commodities could go sharply higher as investors realize there is a potentially unlimited source of funding chasing relatively few quality assets. To the extent that Chinese companies mirror Beijing’s plans for the future, the same will be true for technology, medical and infrastructure plays.



This carry trade money will not flow to the US.  This capitalization process will cause money to flow into the hands of the Chinese. The Chinese don’t mind inviting the head of GE to negotiate surrender.  They want these guys to help them in implementing their 50 Year Plan. The rewards are great.  Anyone assisting the communists get whatever bonuses they desire.  They get to write their own checks and being creepy gnomes, they jump to do this.  So they collect immense fortunes while throwing away all the tools, controls, powers and systems that built their home bases, long ago.  And they really imagine, the Chinese will pet them and protect them, later.


Below is a chart I heavily modified:


Yen Chart, Yen Candle Chart, 

history yen vs dollar

Go to bottom of page to see enlarged graph.

The post-Nixon floating fiat currency regime has stabilized in a downward spiral.  That is, everyone is seeking to weaken their currencies vis a vis the US for trade advantage but this is now folding into itself like a  Möbius strip run over by a dump truck.YouTube – moebius animation 5

There was no ‘carry trade’ in 1971.  There was the ‘get the gold from Fort Knox’ system which is why the US terminated the gold standard.  The value of the yen increased as we see from the dollar/yen graph above.  


London Fix Historical gold – result

gold and Japan carry trade

OK: if the author is correct and a carry trade focused on China will develop, how is this going to kill gold prices?  See what happens when we don’t look at the data.  While the yen was stable, with only a small change vis a vis the dollar [but dangerous variations!] the price of gold as valued in yen, rose relentlessly during the carry trade era.


Japanese asset price bubble – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In the decades following World War II, Japan implemented stringent tariffs and policies to encourage people to save their income. With more money in banks, loans and credit became easier to obtain, and with Japan running large trade surpluses, the yen appreciated against foreign currencies. This allowed local companies to invest in capital resources much more easily than their competitors overseas, which reduced the price of Japanese-made goods and widened the trade surplus further. And, with the yen appreciating, financial assets became very lucrative.[2]

With so much money readily available for investment, speculation was inevitable, particularly in the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the real estatemarket. The Nikkei stock index hit its all-time high on December 29, 1989 when it reached an intra-day high of 38,957.44 before closing at 38,915.87. Additionally, banks granted increasingly risky loans.

Prices were highest in Tokyo’s Ginza district in 1989, with choice properties fetching over 100 million yen (approximately $1 million US dollars) per square meter ($93,000 per square foot). Prices were only marginally less in other large business districts of Tokyo. By 2004, prime “A” property in Tokyo’s financial districts had slumped to less than 1 percent of its peak, and Tokyo’s residential homes were less than a tenth of their peak, but still managed to be listed as the most expensive in the world until being surpassed in the late 2000s by Moscow and other upstarts. Tens of trillions of dollars worth were wiped out with the combined collapse of the Tokyo stock and real estate markets. Only in 2007 had property prices begun to rise; however, they began to fall in late 2008 due to the financial crisis.


As exports soared, Japan’s domestic markets sat mired in deep depression.  A 90% loss in value vis a vis the bubble’s easy credit era.  Think this isn’t our own fate?  Of course, it can be and probably will be.  Japan could declare bankruptcy. After all, its debts are immense.  It lost trillions in bad loans.  But unlike the US, it has one thing running in the green all the time except this year: trade.  And trade is the key!  If you run a trade profit surplus, you can run governments in the red.


The US and UK are experimenting with running the trade and the government in the red at the same time.  Not a sane choice.


China to ease controls on investment approval, top planner says_English_Xinhua


China will ease government controls this year to stimulate private-sector investment amid an economic slowdown, the top economic planner said in an online statement Monday.

    The government would narrow the scope of projects requiring approval “by the maximum extent,” the National Development and Reform Commission said in its 2009 plan on deepening economic reforms….

    The power of approval will also be transferred to lower government levels to spur private investment.

    The government encourages the use of non-governmental capital in such key sectors as petroleum, railways, power generation, telecommunications and public facilities.


See?  As the US is forced to tighten standards and pass laws regulating things, China is loosening up.  Which is what you do in a depression.  The US must tighten up because this is what you do after creating massive bubbles.


2 or 3 more overseas banks to go local_English_Xinhua


The unnamed banks from France and Japan are expected to set up their Chinese mainland headquarters in Shanghai to expand their China business, said Yan Qingmin, head of the Shanghai Bureau of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, on Saturday.

    The city has aims to attract more institutions to boost the city’s global financial center ambitions.

    “Shanghai is ready to be a major financial hub with its concentration of banking, non-banking and market infrastructure facilities,” Yan said.


Zeng, the guy who told me, ‘I be bank!’ is one of the Shanghai gang, the guys who basically decided, after hanging out in Manhattan, they wanted to take Manhattan and Staten Island, too.  And I expect, when the WTC II is finally finished, they will take over that, too.  And not let anyone wreck it, too.


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  1. bringmethefinestwines

    Nice chart Elaine…fxthoughts is a nice little website.

    I wonder what the outcome of this is. I was thinking that the Yen could do a mirror image of the rise to the 70’s highs…if the falling dollar caused mucho inflation.

    I’d like to see a bit of revolution in Japan..this could trigger that kind of thing?

  2. bringmethefinestwines

    Its Richard by the way….getting back down to earth again.

  3. emsnews

    Hi, Richard! Glad to see you, how is it going in England with all the political wreckage due to duck houses and moat cleaning?

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  5. PLovering

    UK to review combat ban for female troops.

    A new Brit study will decide whether to lift a long-standing ban on female soldiers, sailors, and air force personnel taking part in close-quarter combat.

  6. bubba

    Doubtful China is taking anything in the long run.

    The western elites most likely plan a nuclear world war before they give up global hegemony.

  7. nah

    oil, banks, and aging populations are no match for the chinese diabolical master plan… let north korea blow up 200kt nuclear bombs just off their borders freaking everyone out while they turtle up… id say china is pretty hands off on their investments and relationships ‘if only because it can loose money’… is north korea for real
    next on the communist agenda, crazy inverted exported ideology’s to extort capitolism

  8. Simon

    I’ve heard this nuclear Armageddon before when the Soviets collapsed without firing a shot.
    Truth is, those who talk the talk, often don’t walk the walk

  9. criticalcontrarian

    You forgot one thing Elaine. When at the peak of the Tokyo bubble, the Japanese elite leveraged and brought their money out and bought up and invested all over the world. They got their money out. When the bubble collapsed they waited for the low and renegotiated their loans, or allowed them to default, waited for bottom then bought back up (land, stocks, etc.). But the important thing is how they were able to position their factories and manufacturing around the world at 100x asset value when their assets could get them best bang for buck. I am not even talking tax savings here. You do the math. Not unlike the game your masters are playing on you now. Same M.O. Pretend is a super game if the ones seated opposite you are gullible and pliable. 😉

  10. criticalcontrarian

    In Spain there is a very old adage that aptly fits this situation, it reads, “El listo vive del tonto, y el tonto de su trabajo.” (The smart man lives of the stupid man, and the stupid man lives of the sweat of his work)

    I do not agree with this type of thinking, but it gives you a clear picture of the entitlement issues the elite have, irregardless of country.

  11. JSmith

    “China Be Bank”

    Bank wantg to be careful, so bank don’t be left holding bag.

    “Actually, this goes back to 2005 which was three years ago.”

    Four years, according to the form of arithmetic I use.

    “These are the sorts of questions angry fathers ask wild spending sons who come to beg for a bigger allowance! These are the questions powerful bankers demand answers to from third world nations!”

    These are the questions any lending institution should ask its borrowers, but so few do.

  12. criticalcontrarian

    @ZAK: I believe the Japanese are much more advanced in robotics than anyone in the world, and have been for a very long time. They keep their cards close to their chest. Lots of surprises in that department. Both commercial and specially military hardware. With the Japanese timing is given utmost importance. Methinks the time for this technological change is almost upon us.

  13. Simon

    The problem with your theory is, the Japanese still don’t control anything when the chips are down
    To do that they need an army

  14. criticalcontrarian

    Yes. A robot army. 😉

  15. Simon

    Wake me up when they invent Transformers

  16. nah

    Israel: anger over proposed laws
    (02:04) Report
    May 25 – Israel’s far-right foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman calls for new laws to force Israeli Arabs to swear loyalty to the Jewish state and make it illegal to commemorate the Nakba.
    like stop recognizing MLK and swear loyalty to the state as you watch your people be pigeon holed for 5-10 more yrs we promise…
    imean US ally? or lizard nation… national security is becoming the cure all for any borderline lunacy… like what are we nationally securing some deep funk of foreign policy at the tune of 700BILLION a year…
    imean whos going to tell israel to get real with all their racist inequitable foreign policy
    not everyone can be king, unless your disrespected by your peers, elitist in procedure, and laze-fair in execution. and thats why bank regulators need new international leadership that can carry the respect of their creditors and the general public

  17. Simon

    Hey, Israel means fighting with God, so there is their problem straight away 🙂

  18. RobG

    China warns Federal Reserve over ‘printing money’:

    Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, said: “Senior officials of the Chinese government grilled me about whether or not we are going to monetise the actions of our legislature.”

    “I must have been asked about that a hundred times in China. I was asked at every single meeting about our purchases of Treasuries. That seemed to be the principal preoccupation of those that were invested with their surpluses mostly in the United States,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

  19. nah

    its not only a political war when y0u wake up and realize that you have no idea what the conditions of victory are

  20. Simon

    This posturing over North Korea nuclear capability is just forcing Japan to quickly pick a side
    Or see North Korean missile technology get mysteriously upgraded to cover all home island. Japan’s “ally” won’t help with Japan’s nuclear technology, since it is the one that bombed Hiroshima to smithereens.
    Oh the Irony of it all ;P

  21. nah

    yeah… like israel must think the US is god… stupid but laughable

  22. Matheus

    Japan rearming ? So it will be the grandpa army 😛
    They don´t have youth people. As the old world order is up to die. I think that the new alingment would be EU-US-UK vs REST of the world. If US kick the bank and bomb every creditor , i think that will be the war alignment.Everybody dies of course.

  23. emsnews

    Robots are very, very expensive. We are using them in our war with the poorest peasants on earth and we are going bankrupt.

    Humans are frankly, much cheaper than machines.

  24. criticalcontrarian

    Robots are only expensive when you flip them to the taxpayer at 30-40x production cost ala the MIC boys. That’s a lot of bakshish. Imagine how many aircraft toilet seats @ $3,800 a pop. Or the $2.7 trillion unaccounted for in the Pentagon for ordnance, hardware, even a couple of nukes. That is the difference between China’s $65 billion and America’s $625 billion defense budgets. One builds one, the other builds one and bills ten. I suspect the Japanese are more nationalistic than that, they have to be, they were nuked. And it’s understandable that you worry about them, after all you cannot change the fact that you nuked them. But don’t loose your objectivity doing it or you won’t see the Transformers coming at you… But then I could be dreaming, just like bin Laden, heh. BTW, have you ever tried to figure the cost to bring down the WTC? A handful of box cutters, a few airline tickets, and treason. 😉

  25. flash

    “El listo vive del tonto, y el tonto de su trabajo.”

    cc- I just noticed the parable you posted in the JINSA comments. I think this chela is still too much a tonto to go looking for gurus. But it’s all good. Que sera sera.

  26. Blunt Force Trauma

    How to blog like an idiot on the economy (not recommended):

    Case-Shiller Sucks. But Who Cares, That’s Just Backwards Looking (May 26, 2009)

    Joe Weisenthal, Editor, Clusterstock

    I won’t spoil it, but you have to read the lunacy of this man who thinks “…today’s gain means good stuff 6 months from now”, based on “sentiment”, er, feelings.

  27. emsnews

    Robots are still much more expensive than humans. Even cheap robots are more expensive, as far as the rulers are concerned. The rulers have to have the robots built out of materials and then supervised by humans. But humans are produced at the cost of the mother and father and then TAKEN AWAY via the draft, by the State. See? Big, big difference. Even the schools are paid for by the parents, not the State via home taxes.

  28. Simon

    Japan is a big target, not some amorpheous group like the Bin Laden Pty Ltd see?
    Once it does anything state sponsored, Hiroshima should be the least of its worries

  29. criticalcontrarian

    Anyone who believes bin Laden did WTC has an amorphous mind. Who said anything about state sponsored, that is your assumption. Bin Laden took credit for WTC, the actual people who executed that op love people like you. You clearly dislike the Nihon-jin Simon, but you like watching Transformers, eh? 🙂

  30. Simon

    Whoever did the WTC cannot be targetted, see?
    Does not change my statement, you can only hope to get away with attacking if you are a small target.
    Attacking is always easy, it’s the defence that’s hard

  31. emsnews

    Fighting spooks in the dark is dangerous. Using the CIA spooks to do this is insanity.

  32. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine, I repeat, robots flipped to the taxpayer at 30-40x production cost ARE expensive. A Pentagon audit comped against a Lockheed Martin audit will validate this. Robots that are difficult to destroy or even hit can cause 30-40x more damage than a grunt.

    Besides what choice do you have when your population is geriatric, do you just roll over and die? Never forget that even in geriatric mode the Nihon-jin are bushi. The math is simple, believing what you do not see is complicated. I sincerely hope I am wrong. I will leave you with this perspective:
    During the civil wars in feudal Japan, an invading army would quickly sweep into a town and take control. In one particular village, everyone fled just before the army arrived – everyone except the Zen master. Curious about this old fellow, the general went to the temple to see for himself what kind of man this master was.
    When he wasn’t treated with the deference and submissiveness to which he was accustomed, the general burst into anger. “You fool,” he shouted as he reached for his sword, “don’t you realize you are standing before a man who could run you through without blinking an eye!” But despite the threat, the master seemed unmoved.
    “And do you realize,” the Master replied calmly, “that you are standing before a man who can be run through without blinking an eye?”

  33. criticalcontrarian

    @Simon: so the US is going to attack Israel when? Is that your definition of amorphous, or pick and choose?

  34. Simon

    Now why would US attack Israel? we are like conjoined twins, you tell me why

  35. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine said: “Fighting spooks in the dark is dangerous. Using the CIA spooks to do this is insanity.”

    Agreed. And it guarantees a closed circuit of reprisals. The public paying full price for the front row seat. But this is how it is; how it’s done. We can all hope that this changes, but like you say, it’s our natural inclination.

  36. criticalcontrarian

    So you would allow your conjoined twin to club you on the head to get away with it. Interesting, sounds like a solution to war. 🙂

  37. Simon

    Let’s look at the cold hard imperial facts
    A few thousand dead for a foot hold in one of the largest oil producing states in the world
    Doesn’t look like a bad trade on paper 🙂

  38. Simon

    Did I mention the fringe benefits? You get to make laws that will tighten your control on the homeland pops as well, plus the evil eye is a bonus

  39. criticalcontrarian

    What can I tell you, it happens in the best of families. You can choose your enemies, but not your family. Living with tough love is a bitch, specially when you get to foot the bill. You have my sympathies.

  40. Simon

    Say the US really smacked Israel, who would benefit the most?
    The Arabs. Now why would anyone want to empower that group, since we want the oil cheap, not expensive?

  41. criticalcontrarian

    So you don’t like the Japanese, the Arabs, the list is growing. Anyone else? Just admit that you are a thorough going Neocon at heart! LOL.

  42. Okay, i don’t get it, the Japan carry trade operated by loaning out yen at no cost which were then sold for dollars, so Japan acted as an auxilary printing press for the US. But bonds , Yuan as cost $ in value, they have to be purchased. And i never can quite comprehend how one country can issue another’s currency.

  43. emsnews

    It is a major building block of the concept of ‘free trade’ coupled with the manic ‘floating fiat currency’ which is the New World Order system that grew like crazy after Nixon cut the gold support of the dollar for international trade.

  44. Simon

    You don’t have to be a Neo-con to know what they think, Know thy enemy and know thyself and all that 🙂
    Like has nothing to do with it, if I want my groceries cheap, does that mean I am hostile against vegie sellers? I note, it will be beneficial to me, if they are near financial collapse and can be persuaded to sell cheap, that is all

  45. emsnews

    Everyone wants to buy cheap and sell dear. 🙂

  46. criticalcontrarian

    That kinda sounds like that relative of JSmith who borrows money to live beyond his means. LOL. But yes, the world gets it already, so they are spending it before they are asked for a loan! 😉

  47. emsnews

    We all agree, we must give JSmith some slack due to previous financial abuse as a child. 🙂

  48. Simon

    I must admit I find this Liberal notion of “us and them” all the time a bit annoying 🙂 It is not about the person who conveys the message, it’s about the message itself.

  49. emsnews

    How about we do ‘we and whoever’ instead? 🙂

  50. Simon

    Uphold the Purity of Mao-Lenin Thought!

  51. From Investopedia;
    ”What Does Currency Carry Trade Mean?
    A strategy in which an investor sells a certain currency with a relatively low interest rate and uses the funds to purchase a different currency yielding a higher interest rate. A trader using this strategy attempts to capture the difference between the rates, which can often be substantial, ”
    ”Here’s an example of a “yen carry trade”: a trader borrows 1,000 yen from a Japanese bank, converts the funds into U.S. dollars ”
    ”investors borrow low-yielding and lend high-yielding currencies”

    So no one knows how selling bonds = a carry trade?

  52. China be bank? —- Who says?

  53. and pay attention let me say one other thing, if land is not owned in the first place, then land does not define the People. The People rise above the land, but they know that they don’t own the land. Simple.

    So even if the land is overtaken, the People remain. Imagine that!

  54. when I said “pay attention” of course I was speaking to the individual who has that name. I’m curious about this individual as I am about Elaine. Nonetheless, Elaine continues to inform cause seems to me she understands about the commonweal.

    Me – I’m just trying to learn. Day-by-day!

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