FAA Cancels All Fights To Israel And…Government Admits Putin Didn’t Do Anything

Israel is freaking out tonight due to all incoming and outgoing flights from Israel are being suspended!  WASHINGTON: FAA tells US airlines not to fly to Tel Aviv – Business Breaking News – MiamiHerald.com  Airlines Scrap Israel Flights Over Missile Fear – ABC News.  And then there is the gangsta attempts at blaming Putin for the previous shoot down in Ukraine:

US intel officials: Russia created ‘conditions’ that led to plane downing | Fox News


The assessment follows a series of State Department comments and releases over the weekend that made a strong connection among the strike, Russia and the pro-Russian separatists, who are believed to have fired a SA-11 surface-to-air missile.


Officials said the assessment that an SA-11 was used is based in part on footage of the crash-site evidence…But the officials said they did not know who fired the missile or whether any Russian operatives were present at the launch.


These unnamed officials even admit that the shooting down of the plane was a ‘mistake’ which I believe is them preparing to admit that the Kiev coup right wingers did this, not the ‘rebels.’  They also admit that all the information they have is second and third hand and comes only from the Kiev right wing fascists who want us to attack Russia.


DUH.  This gets even funnier:  No evidence of direct Russian link to plane, US officials say.  So the cat is now out of the bag and very pissed off.  Putin should sue Obama, Biden, the entire US Congress and the entire EU for defamation of character and the UN should censer all these parties for nearly starting WWIII over this issue.


Nothing will happen and the NATO nations will continue their career of running wild, slinging false accusations, arming insurrections, coups and al Qaeda and invading innocent countries right after they negotiate a disarmament with the UN.


I say, arrest them all and put them on trial in Nuremberg.


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20 responses to “FAA Cancels All Fights To Israel And…Government Admits Putin Didn’t Do Anything

  1. melponeme_k

    Who was the brave man or woman that stopped or forestalled the march to world war? He/She should be celebrated.

    Now whoever decided to make a sacrifice of those poor plane passengers needs to be found and dragged before the Hague.

  2. e sutton

    The link you provided for ” No evidence of direct Russian link to plane, US officials say” wasn’t correct. The correct link is from RT:


    If I wasn’t so cynical, I’d expect to see some crimson faces in Washington, as well as some backtracking. You’re right. Won’t happen. Once again Putin walks away as the only man in the room.

  3. Jim R

    “I say, arrest them all and put them on trial in Nuremberg.”

    I agree.

    Another story that has been circulating is that Malaysia has been singled out for these shenanigans because the obvious perpetrators of the Iraqui invasion were convicted (in absentia) of war crimes by a Malay court. It might be interesting to know more about the thread that connects *those* events.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, there remains the mystery of the missing Malay jet.

    And I predicted a new war with Russia during the Olympics with all the media baying like rabid dogs the entire event. It gave me a headache watching even a little of the winter games due to this stupid thing.

    Media and government and lobbyists are all very complicit and work in tandem to do these wars. I feel like I am living in Nazi Germany with the media screaming fascist war demands nonstop.

  5. DeVaul

    My boss told me this was the second Malaysian jet to disappear, and that got me thinking. I wonder if the first jet was supposed to play some role in the Ukrainian affair?

    For example: let’s say 4 Ukrainian “nationals” (mossad agents/cia) were on board the first jet and planned to hijack it, then land it in eastern Ukraine or even in Russia (causing a major headache for Putin), but the pilots did not cooperate or the passengers fought back or something and the jet nosed dived straight into the sea (with secret satelite images of the crash site).

    At first I thought Malaysia was being pressured into sacrificing a second jet, but I did not know that a Malay court prosecuted the perpetrators of the Iraq War in abstentia, so maybe they are just being punished for this act by America and Israel by having their jets blown out of the sky.

    Not trying to start a conspiracy theory, but a 200 mile deviation from the normal route over a war zone cannot be a coincidence. I truly believe the people on that plane were set up to be murdered, and since many were Europeans, it would only help with the propaganda war against Putin.

  6. Jim R

    Yeah, I have even seen a story that they are the same 777. Doesn’t sound likely to me.

    However, the story that the spooks want to punish Malaysia has a sort of resonance to it.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    The end-state of the propaganda and conspiracy surrounding MH-17 is the same as KAL-007, the Russians get to deny “intentionally” shooting down a passenger airliner, and the West gets to avoid discussing whether they loaded human shields as a window dressing cover story for a spy plane. Like “Task Force 71” the absurdly soft-pedaled investigation will uncover neither evidence of what the diverted airliner carried in its belly nor whether a novice rebel gunner meant to shoot it down.

    It’s the moral equivalent of a Pashtun warlord hiding in an orphanage and shooting it down is the moral equivalent of bombing that orphanage.

    Apparently they put the same guy in charge of the MH-17 investigation as the one who was in charge of the MH-370 search for the suicidally tormented pilot who killed everyone with decompression at 45K ft. and then his plane got chased down (there is a missing 5 hours in the timeline for how long it would have taken the plane to cruise from its last “known” location to where and when they say it went down off of Perth, so we know it didn’t cruise there with a suffocated pilot at the helm.)

    It’s amazing to me that the public will buy it again.

    Incidentally, Malaysian airlines is still “diverting” “passenger” flights over the war-zone in Syria. . .

    Note to self: do not fly Malaysian Airlines, particularly on planes with walkable cargo holds and aft cargo bay doors such as 747, 767,777, etc. and definitely not on planes with cheesy numerology in their numbers and dates
    MH-370 on 3/7
    MH-17 on 7/17

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    “Air America” masquerading as “Illuminati Air” under cover as Malaysian Airlines.

  8. DeVaul

    I don’t quite follow the numerology stuff, but I noticed the plane was diverted from its normal route south through Crimea northwards over Donetsk by an unknown person in Dnepro-whatever. The Russians are asking the right questions, and the West cannot even produce a handful of yellow cake.

  9. Alaskan Ice

    The end-state of the propaganda and conspiracy surrounding MH-17 is the same as KAL-007. The Russians are not asking the right questions; rather they are party to this diversion because they want out from under the “PR nightmare” of killing so many civilians. As to why we are letting them off the hook and doing an about face on accusing them, I can only speculate, given the other circumstances of the flight, that MH-17 had electronic warfare capability, and they (now) have evidence. If so, my issue is the vast difference between sending an “undercover” flight to collect information over “friendly” targets and sending it out over an active war zone. That difference changes an airliner with undercover spy gear into an electronic warfare plane with human shields onboard, an airplane that would look (electromagnetically) much less like a civilian airliner and more like a military target, particularly to a novice rebel battery commander.

    The numerology is quite easy to follow. (examples are 777, 37, 71, 17, 223, 220, 284, etc.) Mostly a bunch of stuff ripped off from Pythagoras and other Ancients, for example:

    111 1+1+1=3 3X37=111
    222 2+2+2=6 6X37=222
    333 3+3+3=9 9X37=333
    666 6+6+6=18 18X37=666
    777 7+7+7=21 21X37=777
    37 is the “magic number” and 777 is the “perfect number” because 777 is “three” sevens, or 37.
    The factors of 220 multiplied together equal 284 and the factors of 284 multiplied together equal 220, so they are “amicable number” and used as a challenge and password, of sorts, etc. Much like the cheesy 9/11 date, or the cheesy 7/7 date for the london bombing, etc. Task Force 71 for KAL-007.

    It seems both the “good guys” and the “bad guys” use these numbers interchangeably against each other. For some reason the planes and the dates in question are full of them. Do you follow?

  10. emsnews

    ALL the flights on 9/11 were ‘magic number’ flights, too.

    And yes, people at the very, very top do practice Necromancy. The chant of the Skull and Bones is all about the Devil That Is Death, after all.

  11. DeVaul

    “Do you follow?”

    No, not really, but Elaine seems to think you are right.

    I’ve never given much credence to numbers of any kind, except those needed for measuring like a foot, or an inch, or a yard, etc.

    I find it hard to believe the Bush clan could do the kind of math you were doing, but maybe they have tutors — or perhaps bankers.

    Bankers specialize in using numbers to practice evil of all sorts.

  12. emsnews

    They all VERY MUCH believe in magic numbers and do secret spells based on this.

    Good lord, some of this like the Skull and Bones was started by one of my own ancestors, after all.

  13. luc

    ALL the flights on 9/11 were ‘magic number’ flights, too…how so?
    Do ‘they’ also use astrology? necromancy? etc?

  14. mike

    should they “we” have not continued with the story that the rockets that hit flight 17 came from Russia trying to hit Putins plane that was just behind number 17…..

  15. tfoth

    Elaine is telling the truth about the magic stuff.

    My father (ahem) is, or was, a “wizard”.

  16. Alaskan Ice

    Was MH-17 someone’s spyplane?

    What Russia is not asking or even groundlessly accusing, is whether the MH-17 flight was a spyplane? This seems odd since. . .

    Whether the “magic numbers” are a warning to people “in the know” that something is going on with that flight, the salient issues with MH-17, just like KAL-007 are similar:

    I can think of no other reason besides covert signals intelligence or airdrop, to divert a civilian plane over a hostile warzone, particularly if it had a regularly scheduled route elsewhere. We have no answers to how or why the plane was diverted?

    Initial reports from U. S. officials and politicians were that there were 23 Americans on board. They seem to have vanished and there has been no real attempt to secure the scene of the crash?

    Much ado has been made about the fact that Putin was also in the air that day. I would point out that the plane behind KAL-007, also had VIPs aboard, proximity that accidentally or purposefully might make hostile forces more hesitant to shoot down an unknown plane?

    No one is asking or answering some pretty obvious questions. Seems to me this is headed for coverup. Russians get to avoid the PR nightmare of mass murder while we demur to their blaming nameless uncontrollable rebels. And, western intelligence governments avoid telling their people whether they are being used as human shields in a war zone on covert flights?

  17. emsnews

    First, we have to clear up the matter of the deliberate sinking and mass murder of US sailors by Israel with the USS Liberty incident.

    Of course, this is being studiously ignored by the neocons and our rulers.

  18. Alaskan Ice

    At least we know the liberty was a spy ship. And that it was intentionally sunk, although the Israelis are allowed to claim otherwise. Ultimately, it was military.

    Any of our civilian family members might be on the next MH-17 and not even know it . . .

    I hope the families of the deceased can find and hold all participants accountable, for the diversion of the flight-plan, for the shoot-down, and for the cover-up. . .

  19. Alaskan Ice

    “‘Of the victims, 21 were Dutch and the other 21 [were] another nationality,’ the Justice Ministry said in a statement.

    ‘The specific nationalities of the other victims are not being revealed on the request of their countries’ embassies.'”


    Given that the entire passenger manifest of MH17, including names and nationalities, was already officially released by Malaysian Air and previously “leaked” via another source online . . it seems more than odd that the home country of 21 victims don’t want them to be “identified” as such. Unless that PAX list wasn’t accurate.

    Endstate equals KAL-007.

    Even squabbling nations can join hands to lie to their own people.

  20. Alaskan Ice

    Message lobbed to Russia over the neo-cons and received.

    Ray McGovern should be proud.


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