Baltimore Riots Are All About Looting: Any Excuse Suffices Gangs Destruction Sprees

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Shopping in the hood.  I have witnessed this in the past.  It takes very little excuse such as, ‘The lights went out!’ for some people to launch into a looting, arson rampage.  Any excuse no matter how big or small, can start this sort of economic activity.  The downside of this is obvious: virtually NO place ever recovers entirely from this sort of Xmas shopping where the stores are totally destroyed and neighbors terrorized.  The Democrats will be slaughtered this next election because of the party’s total ineptitude for preventing raging gangs from terrorizing entire cities.


The left believes if only cops never ever hurt anyone and handled repeat criminals with kid gloves, riots would never happen again. THIS IS UTTERLY FALSE.  After the mayor of NYC boasted about not killing a single black person when they torched and looted the city during a mere summer storm blackout, we had a massive rise in crime where the looting happened and it was a life and death battle to regain some sort of control of things.  You literally could not put a thing down or leave anything unlocked for a minute during the crime wave after the looting wave.  I called this ‘a continuous riot’.

Drug dealers loved the riot.  They opened shop in the looted, burned out buildings and shot at each other over territorial and money disputes.  No one was safe.  In NYC now we have a mayor who has decided to let the thugs rearm themselves and shootings are rising rapidly there.  5 people shot, 2 of them fatally, outside New York City church during funeral in Brooklyn.  A number of mourners were heavily armed. They were all black.


Plainclothes New York City Police Detectives Shoot And Kill Suspected Robber In Manhattan but due to the new rules, he waited until the thug attacked him and hit him, first.  The dead thug had quite a record of criminal actions.  Bronx shelter boss shot by facility’s ex-resident today.  The victim is a young lady.   EXCLUSIVE: Shootings, homicides are up in the city. Last weekend,  19 Injured, 1 Killed in NYC Weekend Shootings: Police.

Screen shot 2015-04-28 at 8.12.44 PM

In Philadelphia, the crimes take their toll:  2 teens, 14 and 15, charged in shooting death of deliveryman in Crescentville   Look at their mug shots.  Already that dead eye look.  The gangs running riot in Baltimore are similar.  These are not people worried about being hurt, the people rioting get hurt all the time and further, cheerfully hurt others including outsiders who wish to not be hurt by them.  This violent culture which grips the black community like a python, is swallowing them alive and it is sad no one is interested in stopping this insane cultural dynamic.


Naturally, the top headline much of the day at the liberal Huffington Post is this silly one:  Police Throw Rocks Back At Protesters In Baltimore.  In the article is this statement by our new Attorney General, Lynch:


Attorney General Loretta Lynch Issues Statement

“I condemn the senseless acts of violence by some individuals in Baltimore that have resulted in harm to law enforcement officers, destruction of property and a shattering of the peace in the city of Baltimore. Those who commit violent actions, ostensibly in protest of the death of Freddie Gray, do a disservice to his family, to his loved ones, and to legitimate peaceful protestors who are working to improve their community for all its residents.


“The Department of Justice stands ready to provide any assistance that might be helpful. The Civil Rights Division and the FBI have an ongoing, independent criminal civil rights investigation into the tragic death of Mr. Gray. We will continue our careful and deliberate examination of the facts in the coming days and weeks. The department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services has also been fully engaged in a collaborative review of the Baltimore City Police Department. The department’s Community Relations Service has already been on the ground, and they are sending additional resources as they continue to work with all parties to reduce tensions and promote the safety of the community. And in the coming days, Vanita Gupta, head of the Civil Rights Division, and Ronald Davis, Director of Community Oriented Policing Services, will be traveling to Baltimore to meet with faith and community leaders, as well as city officials.


“As our investigative process continues, I strongly urge every member of the Baltimore community to adhere to the principles of nonviolence. In the days ahead, I intend to work with leaders throughout Baltimore to ensure that we can protect the security and civil rights of all residents. And I will bring the full resources of the Department of Justice to bear in protecting those under threat, investigating wrongdoing, and securing an end to violence.”


Violent gangs don’t do ‘nonviolence’.  They are very much in love with killing, mugging, stealing, breaking laws, running from the cops and all sundry activities which we used to call ‘antisocial’.  The problem was not that the cops were nasty.  The nasty cops deal with nasty perps way too often.  Baltimore, like Detroit, has juries that seldom convict black criminals if the jury is black but if a white person does wrong, they throw the book at him or her.


This means, the remaining whites end up fleeing because it is impossible to live next to racist neighbors who have a double standard.  The standard liberal storyline is, blacks are singled out to be punished and this MAY BE TRUE in cities and towns with black minorities but where there is an overwhelming black majority, the opposite is true and liberals deny this reality which is why the dysfunctional social behavior of black communities only gets worse and worse over time.


Maryland Gov. Mike Hogan (R) spoke Monday night after declaring a state of emergency, saying it was necessary to deploy the National Guard in Baltimore.


“Look, people have the right to protest and express their frustration,” Hogan said. “But Baltimore city families deserve peace and safety in their communities. These acts… cannot and will not be tolerated.”


Hogan noted he spoke with President Barack Obama Monday evening about the protests.


The President is black, the Attorney General is black, the mayor of Baltimore is black and police chief is black, too.  This is all a black political structure and not ‘evil whites oppressing blacks’.  Like with Detroit, the hands controlling the politics and events are all…black people.  Larry Hogan is white and a Republican.   LIke most states since the last election which went very heavily for the GOP, have put into office Republicans.  It was a very close election but the riots will cement his position.  He, after all, told the mayor of Baltimore, she should call in the National Guard.  She didn’t until after the city was looted.


Volunteers Step Up After School Closings Leave Baltimore Kids Hungry: many children are raised by the taxpayers.  When we had the blackout riots in NYC in 1977 no one brought anything to my house.  I lost all my food in the refrigerator and I was very poor and had no money to replace it.  I had to struggle along on my lonesome. Survival skills are honed this way.  But when everything is brought to people who are in the process of destroying a city, this is ridiculous.  This was not a natural disaster like a hurricane.


Mitch McConnell Wants Rioters Prosecuted and there is a lot of photographic evidence of major crimes and I would hope people are arrested.


Here is Harry Reid Defends Baltimore Protesters:


Baltimore’s violent protests are an understandable response to a system that’s rigged in favor of the rich and leaves young people with little hope or opportunity, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday afternoon.
“We cannot condone the violence we see in Baltimore, but we must not ignore the despair and hopelessness that gives rise to this kind of violence,” Reid said on the Senate floor, condemning the violence in a way that seemed more dutiful than heartfelt. “So let’s condemn the violence, but let’s not ignore the underlying problem.”


And what is the ‘underlying problem’?  It is not ‘cops’.  It is a dysfunctional nation and communities that have been cut off from the living economic system thanks to free trade and open borders making most black people ‘redundant workers’ who are then herded into government-funded housing and fed, cared for and left to…go idle. No sane human simply goes ‘idle’ especially when they are young.  They go hunting.  And doing stuff in general, destructive or creative.


Expecting them to be invisible is insane.


04/27/2015 9:07 PM EDT
National Guard: ‘This Is NOT Martial Law’
National Guard Maj. Gen. Linda Singh said during a press conference that a “full complement” of 5,000 troops will be available to patrol the streets of Baltimore. Singh noted that the “massive force” isn’t a declaration of martial law, which would mean that the military took complete control of the city.


“We urge people to take cover for the night, and get some sleep and rest and let things settle down so we can restore order to the city,” she said. “This is not martial law.”

— Andy Campbell


Twice in my life I lived under martial law, once in Europe and once in the US.  The military will literally shoot at you if you open the door or do anything.  In Europe, the martial law happened in the spring of 1968.  I was there, dead center, in France and then Germany.  I remember the tanks clanking down the streets.  Due to the medieval nature of cities, we could move through back alleys and in the drainage systems.  It amused me back then because I was only 17 years old and viewed this as immense fun.


Of course, it was terrible for people who had to work, take care of children, etc.  We were reckless students defying authorities.  Nothing good came from our activities, by the way.  This spring brief uprising did inspire the Beatles to write this song:


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28 responses to “Baltimore Riots Are All About Looting: Any Excuse Suffices Gangs Destruction Sprees

  1. melponeme_k

    There is an erroneous assumption on the commentary circuit that these hoodlums are starting a revolution. No, No, No. Did anyone pay attention to the revolutions in America, France and Russia? All of them, ALL of them were totally Middle Class uprisings. An educated middle class, rising up and taking control of the message is what the elites fear. The beheading of a Queen kept them all nice and proper for 200 years or so. But they have no fear now. And, in the future, what is left of the Middle Class will rise again.

    The student protests in the 60’s didn’t have the Middle Class with them. You were just playing around Elaine. All of it slid back into inertia because the Middle Class had money and food.

    The looters today do not have Middle Class backing. In fact… they are courting something worse.

    If it isn’t revolution that Middle Class resorts to, they instead turn to Fascism. The Nazis were a Middle Class movement. They are the nightmare version of social change.

    Pushing a white majority into fear mode over lawlessness during an economic downtown is not something we want anywhere. This breeds little Hitlers and Mussolinis. We are already seeing Republican wins across the board. Many of them are hard rightists. I fear this enormously. So should the black people rioting. They are under the false assumption that they are supported, they have the numbers to fight the racists.

    They don’t. Not now, and not in the future.

  2. emsnews

    When the sixties were dying, I was attacked in Berkeley because I wrote a pro-police editorial when a young officer was shot from behind by a Black Panther thug right in front of my house.

    The howls of rage from the far left was deafening. The police came to me to congratulate me for daring to tell the truth.

    I ended up working closely with cops in Tucson and then NYC to the thorough rage of leftist druggies who didn’t want any cops anywhere near themselves for obvious reasons.

  3. DeVaul


    So… it was white middle class hooligans that dressed up as “Injuns” and broke into merchant ships (how many crimes committed there?) at night and dumped over a million dollars worth of tea into the Boston harbor?

    All because of a tiny tax on tea?

    Strange how this destruction of valuable property by rioting mobs and the firing of weapons upon British police officers in the Boston square are still celebrated today as “historic events” that founded our country.

    Mel’s right about one thing: the middle class usually gets what it wants, and if it wants war, we all get it.

    Glad the Baltimore police did not kill anybody this time around.

  4. Christian W

    Mel is correct. The US Middle Class is the only thing that can take on the US system and fix it. But it is also perfectly clear the US middle class is too dysfunctional to do that. So the US will continue down the fascist road to war and ruin; war and ruin abroad and war and ruin at home.

    One significant theme of the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was human metrics surveillance and computer data bases building human matrix systems showing how people were linked together. Those techniques and technologies are now standard in US police intelligence.

    There is a similar US experiment happening in Ukraine. This time the theme is control of the media narrative and the destruction of the political opposition and political protests. Already the US is increasingly strangling the freedom of the internet.

  5. vengeur

    I believe that the stage has now been set for a much bigger riot, say in L.A., when another “injustice” is done to another doped up career criminal in the future. And yes, he was another career criminal. How does a person get arrested 18 TIMES? By not having the slightest respect for laws, cops , or anything else. Or being a drug addict. You know, I don’t love cops either. I have had to deal with asshole cops. Here in Tucson, pulling people over on a pretense , fishing for drunk drivers is sport for them. But in reality, I want cops to be absolute sons of bitches WITHIN THE LAW. I WANT criminals to fear them. And I obey the laws (as in not doing crimes) first and foremost BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO GO TO JAIL.

  6. melponeme_k


    Yes, it was the middle class using the numbers of the lower classes to start the revolution.

    And the tax thing is a small part of it even a misnomer.

    They were fighting Free Trade. They were fighting against the fact that the Brit overlords did not allow American business to be created and use raw, domestic materials to create goods. Instead they shipped everything back to England to English businesses and workers. We had to buy what they made at a markup along with taxes.

    And make no mistake, the Brits did whatever they could to destroy home businesses.

    The American revolution was a perfect storm of middle class American workers united with the lower classes and some of the upper classes to fight for freedom…for Trade. The right to make a living.

    Elaine is right….it is always about Trade. Trade is war.

  7. emsnews

    England did that to India by forcing India to ship cotton to England and then the machines made it into cloth which was cheaper than native Indian cloth and this destroyed the home industry in India making the overall Indian population poorer.

  8. DeVaul

    “…to fight for freedom…for Trade.”

    I know what the War of Independence was about. I was merely pointing out how eerily similar the behavior of the then “white middle class” was to the now “urban poor” and how these two very similar things are viewed entirely differently in our society today.

    I do not know if your equation “trade = freedom” is something I believe in. In fact, I don’t believe in it.

    I believe freedom is something else. For example, many people in countries we have destroyed fought to be “free from trade” (our way of starting and making wars, as per your own admission).

    Perhaps you need to rethink what freedom is. There are societies out there that have no need for trade, but they do need freedom.

  9. emsnews

    The revolutionaries were NOT looters and arsonists destroying their own neighborhoods.

    The fact that anyone would suggest this shows how propaganda on the left can destroy any sort of rational thinking.

    Look, wars and revolutions do destroy stuff and there is killing and violence and cities burn. But the people destroying the cities and killing are ‘the ENEMIES’.

    See? A major distinction. We are told the looters and arsonists destroying our cities are not ‘enemies’ but ‘citizens’ who we must handle with kid gloves. Meanwhile, the looter citizens plan more looting because…THEY LOVE DOING THIS and don’t give a damn how much this destroys their own homes and neighborhoods.

    Totally at odds with freedom fighters who want to make things better in the end. The US looters right now don’t give a damn about fixing anything.

  10. melponeme_k


    The people destroying Baltimore right now have NOTHING IN COMMON with the American Revolutionaries of 76. They had a philosophy of enlightenment and a figurehead, Thomas Paine, to espouse this philosophy.

    Where is today’s Thomas Paine for the looters? They have no philosophy. They are not fighting for freedom. They are fighting merely to steal from the local drug store. They are not fighting to own their own businesses. In fact they are destroying any businesses built by their neighbors. They aren’t fighting free trade nor rampant illegal immigration.

    Many of them did not finish high school. So they are certainly less educated than the revolutionaries.

    You need to stop listening to the claptrap in the news. They are lying to you.

    Trade is part and parcel of freedom. Which is why the elite are so intent on holding the money spigot for countries in need. Which is why the US allowed Europe to rebuild itself from the WWII ashes. A functioning society with protected trade can afford freedom in civics and government.

    Because tell me…do you think Haiti is free? Is most of Africa free? South America?

    You can’t have freedom without a rational and controlled trade market with consequences for white collar criminals. The founding fathers were most emphatic about Trade freedom and enforcing controls on finance.

  11. emsnews

    Since the 1960’s, leftists have believed that revolutions happen due to blacks rioting. I keep telling everyone this has the exact opposite effect and blacks, themselves, are quite understandably materialistic wishing for bling and fast cars.

    So now we have the global warming scam which is telling blacks that living in warm houses in winter is evil, big houses are nasty except for rich leftists and we should all be vegetarians and walk everywhere.

    The diametrically opposite of black desires, by the way, as well as criminally cynical of upper class whites pushing this garbage while living like kings.

  12. Lou

    Black Desires, eh.

    There was an article on Yahoo yesterday that says “Poor children have smaller brains than wealthy peers”.

    No, negroes have smaller brains and there is no amount of EBT that can fix genetic inferiority.

    Reading into the article made me think about Blacks and their spawns. It said that researchers from MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research compared the brains of 12 and 13 year olds to the brains of less affluent peers to conduct their studies.

    As we all know, 12 and 13 year olds to any other race is a child. To a Negro, that is almost a fully grown adult body, probably 6 feet tall and sexually active.

  13. Lou

    14, but what height and weight???

    In Philadelphia, the crimes take their toll: 2 teens, 14 and 15, charged in shooting death of deliveryman in Crescentville Look at their mug shots. Already that dead eye look.

  14. Lou

    EMS is ‘half way to race realism’. If she has read ‘Bell Curve’, she is in denial.
    If she has read, THE BOOK DOES NOT MENTION BLACKS ULTRA HIGH TESTOSTERONE [Black females have higher T then other races].
    And the book doesnt mention Blacks ‘lack of empathy’.

  15. DeVaul

    “The revolutionaries….”

    The merchants and slave holders were not “revolutionaries” and you know that, Elaine. Why are you lying to us? You said in the past they were not true revolutionaries — now they are?

    Same with you, Mel. You should know better. And as for the leader of the black civil rights movement and the ideology behind it, his name was Martin Luther King, and he was murdered.

    Where would we be today if George Washington had been hanged?

    Only one third of the colonists wanted independence from Britain. One third did not, and one third were neutral. The British desperately wanted to kill George Washington, as that would be the end of the rebellion.

    Notice that our policies today are always to kill the “leaders” of whatever movement we don’t like, and then leave the followers to flounder about with no one to lead them. Anyone who steps forward to lead them in true fashion is killed outright, or has everyone here conveniently forgotten our policy of assassinating anyone who seriously threatens the system?

  16. melponeme_k


    Franklin and others in Congress made a concerted effort to abolish slavery along with declaring independence. However the South would not have signed the Declaration if the abolition of slavery was included in the document. Franklin and his allies decided to forgo abolition in order to get the Declaration signed and unify the States. It was ultimately a Pyrrhic victory, one that we are still living out the consequences. The worst of it was Franklin knew the seeds of destruction were already present. Hence his cynical quip that we can have freedom if we can keep it.

    So don’t be getting all high and mighty. The revolution was worth it. I am proud not to have to bow to royalty. And I still hope that we will weather the tinpot would be royals in the US now and arrest them for being traitors. The only thing they deserve is a firing squad.

    Martin Luther King stressed non-violence because he knew American black citizens did not have the numbers to fight. He knew he needed the white civil rights activists on his side. Violence from the black community would have sent them running and he could not afford that. So was he a failure that he did not encourage bloodshed?

  17. DeVaul

    I never said MLK was a failure, Mel. You asked “where is he?” and I told you where he was. You implied that he failed. Also, white people grew tired of protesting peacefully against King George, and they even mentioned it in the Declaration of Independence. They chose violence. Did you forget that part?

    There is no need to lecture me on the War of Independence, Mel. I already know all this, but it is interesting that you say it was all worth it. Apparently, you support what the British called treason, destruction of property, murder, plunder and pillage, and armed rebellion in order to not have to bow to a king. Well, maybe some people in America do not want to “bow” to white culture and its leaders anymore. Only time will tell, I guess.

    By the way, Cornwallis thought he would win an easy victory over the inept Continental Army — until another group of people arrived and changed everything. Do you know who that group was, Mel? Did you forget them?

    Awfully “high and mighty” for someone who dismisses the 10,000 French troops and 29 ships-of-the-line that won the war for us.

  18. melponeme_k


    I never asked where was Martin Luther King nor did I imply he was a failure. YOU did that. By implying that he did not encourage revolution. You need a united force of various groups to have a revolution. Which the American, Russian and French revolutions all had.

    Uprisings by small minority groups are not revolutions. Not unless they take place in tiny enclaves such as what happened in the Caribbean islands.

    The people rioting in Baltimore now are not a revolution. They are mobs. They are not fighting free trade which is the root cause of their poverty. No, instead they are stealing tissue boxes from Duane Reade drug stores.

    Whatever united feeling they could have fostered to their cause has been destroyed by burning and looting their neighborhoods. Instead they are pushing the rest of the populace toward fascism. And if those racists on the far, far right come to power, the rioters will soon feel what it means to be a minority. Again, I’ve traveled the United States, I’ve seen the population.

    The news stories stating that white population is declining are LIES.

    We are on the precipice of genocide which will be accepted because of the rioting, the murder rate and the thievery. If you are black you need to be afraid! I’m terrified because I’m not white. I’m Native American and there are even less of us than there are black minorities. A martial law, shoot to kill society will mean our extinction.

  19. DeVaul

    If I never said MLK was a failure and you never said he was, why do you continue to accuse me of saying that? That is not honest.

    You asked specifically where the black people’s leader was, and I told you. You know what happened to him. Pretending he never existed or had no right to still be alive today and leading the black civil rights movement is not honest regarding historical facts. Black people had a leader. He was killed.

    He was killed like many American Indian leaders were killed. Saying they don’t have a leader when the leader was killed is not quite right in my book.

    Aside from that, you are right that I am afraid of fascism. That is why I came back to this site to confront it and point it out at every turn. Notice that the many ugly, racist, fascistic comments that crowded this blog last fall and winter are now largely gone. Did you do that?

    Finally, blaming the victims of wrongs committed against them is not right, and you know it. That means that Americans had no right whatsoever to rebel against England. I doubt you believe that, so our right to rebel against England, to destroy its property, shoot their soldiers, and drive away their supporters is something that you have decided was right and good because you preferred not to bow to a king.

    You cannot claim this right and deny it to others. That’s hypocrisy.

  20. melponeme_k

    “You cannot claim this right and deny it to others. That’s hypocrisy.”

    Did you even read what I wrote? The revolutions were a united force of all different groups. You can not have social change without finding common cause.

    The rioters are not finding common cause with anyone except each other as they steal Tylenol from the local CVS.

    They think they are starting a revolution?

    Good luck. It will FAIL. They are isolated pockets of a very small minority that can easily be wiped out. All the National Guard, Military and Police need to do is blockade the cities. How long can people fight with no food, water and electricity? You think its bad? You don’t even know what bad can be. And there will be no help from outside.

    This is why black people need their own leaders to isolate the criminals and expunge them from the civil rights fight. Letting criminals run the “protest” is ruining the concept of just cause.

  21. DeVaul

    @ Mel

    Please stop putting your words in my mouth. I never said the rioters were revolutionaries, and it is apparently you who does not read what others say.

    I said our Founding Fathers were not revolutionaries. Are you literate?

    “The revolution was worth it. I am proud not to have to bow to royalty.”

    Those are your exact words. If you don’t want to know the details of how this came about, then just say so. Be honest.

    You are claiming something “was worth it” while also pretending that nothing ugly happened to bring it about. That’s not honest.

    As for your united force theory, perhaps you should read the Battle of King’s Mountain, when Americans faced off against each other. Also, you ignore the fact that foreign powers intervened to help the colonists win the war.

    Who’s to say that our enemies won’t do something similar?

    Be careful who you despise. The Overmountain Men were despised by the British as the “dregs of mankind”, and it ended up costing them a great deal.

  22. melponeme_k


    Are you literate Devaul?

    The Founding Fathers weren’t revolutionaries.

    I guess not. Wanting the rights to own a business, use natural resources to create domestic product, trial by Jury, education and a constitutional government, and not worship one inbred individual as a living god, is so much less than stealing Doritos and Pampers from Duane Reade.

    The two looters in the picture at the top of this post with their stolen snacks know all about revolution. I’m sure Benjamin Franklin could have learned so much from them.

  23. emsnews

    All of their contemporaries including Napoleon and King George, called them ‘revolutionaries.’

    IT WAS A NEW TERM back then. Hitherto, it was used to describe the Protestant Glorious Revolution which referred to the turning of the planet earth, which was ‘revolutionary’ since hitherto, people were told, the sun went around the earth.

    This ‘revolution’ word referring to celestial upheavals was coined only just before Washington was born.

  24. DeVaul

    If it was truly revolutionary, why was so much of it based on ancient Athens and Rome, not to mention Parliament?

    The Senate (lords), the House (commons), Private Ownership (patricians and oligarchs), Voting (landowners only), Slavery (Rome and Athens), Architecture (Greek), Divine Right (ordained by God), Trial by Peers (knights’ rights) and so on. Yes, quite revolutionary. Shocking, really.

    I would say that the only thing revolutionary about our republic was the decision not to choose a state religion. And I suspect that others called us revolutionaries because we successfully broke away from a powerful king while not appointing one to replace him when we had one at hand.

    The photos above do not interest me and I have not commented on them, so your efforts to associate my comments with them have failed, Mel, but are typical of those who do not want to deal directly with issues that have been raised and then avoided by creating false dialoges, such as claiming I said MLK “failed” and so forth.

  25. emsnews

    The North was different from the South from Day One.

    History of revolutions: THEY ARE USUALLY FAILURES.

    History about Confederations like the EU or the South during the Civil War: THESE NEVER WORK FOR LONG.

    The Revolution of 1776 was not perfect but it was a lot better than say, the Russian or the even nastier Chinese revolutions, for example. The French revolution was a complete catastrophe nearly from day one.

  26. DeVaul

    Do you really believe the American War of Independence was a “revolution”?

    I don’t believe it was. I see it as just another colony or province breaking free from an empire and retaining most of the empire’s laws and customs. (You do know that English common law is still the law in the US, right?)

    The French, Russian, and Chinese “revolutions” were true revolutions in my mind because they swept away the ENTIRE order and replaced it with something completely different and totally radical. (France later reverted).

    Whether they succeed or fail is totally irrelevant to whether they are true revolutions or not, in my opinion.

    I could never call the War of Independence a “revolution” because not much changed at all. Maybe that’s why it “succeeded” — it wasn’t a revolution that turned society upside down.

  27. William

    @ Lou
    You are insecure therefore undeveloped. Your whiteness or whatever you identify with is your only crutch. For someone to have the gall to speak about a people in such way only shows all the education in the world does not always open one’s mind. There is no race but the human race and all your yapping will not change that. You can express yourself all you want but remember you just expose who you are.
    @ DeVaul.
    Kudos for your comments.

  28. emsnews

    The failure (DICTATORSHIPS) of nearly all Revolutions is key here. They very, very often fail the same way: DICTATORSHIPS. We are lucky the founders of the US Republic avoided this fate for a while.

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