Democrat Liberals Are Chasing Rabbits And Falling Down Holes

As pure confusion roars across the land as chaos envelopes us all and up and down and in is out…we enter the Realm of Unreality that I love to call ‘The Outer Darkness.’  Since childhood, I understood that backwards stuff has magic and watching many millions of people indulge in this is fascinating.  The strict ideological divisions of the past are now a total muddle and describing things with the old names, ‘left, right, center, Democrat, Republican, good, bad, up, down’ cease to mean anything and we find ourselves floating in space.


This space is where people go mad because they no longer know which way is ‘up’ and end up falling down a rabbit hole.


Many years ago, I read this new magazine when I lived in NYC called ‘New York Magazine’ which wrote about the arts.  One day, they wrote that graffiti is great art.  My neighborhood and was very liberal and it pissed me off greatly when they published this graffiti is ‘art’ story and it exploded across the city destroying everything in its path as everyone young spray painted literally everything.


Ideas have consequences and as I arrested young idiots doing this, I would cuss under my breath, NY Magazine and the NYT for doing the same stupid thing, praising graffiti as ‘art’.   Oh, how hip of them.


I decided to read this week’s publication by ‘New York Magazine’: It  is insane, stupid and looks like a Kommisar from the Soviet Union wrote this:  Psychologists Have Developed a ‘Vaccine’ Against Fake News.


OK, all together now: HAHAHAHA.  Sheesh.  Good lord.  1984 revived.  So, the Fake News has a fix for fake news: hold onto your reading glasses, gang!


In the first part of the study, the authors tested out a handful of false statements about climate change on a nationally representative sample of volunteers, asking them how believable and convincing they found each one to be.


OMG…global warming!  Hey, I thought you clowns changed it to ‘climate change’? Note how they mindlessly fall back to their original scare.


For the second part, they picked the message that had been deemed most persuasive — the claim that scientists haven’t reached a consensus about whether climate change is man-made — and showed it to a new batch of participants, after first asking them to estimate the percentage of scientists that believed it was.


We all know where this goes: years ago, some Fake News people pushed a fake story from some fake scientists who conspired to ‘cool down the past and heat up the future to scare people more’ (yes, they actually sent each other emails figuring out how to rig data and graphs to lie!) we saw a second fake story take off, the lie that 97% of all ‘scientists’ are certain we are going to roast to death.


In some cases, people saw only the lie. Others viewed a chart showing that 97 percent of scientists agreed climate change was man-made (a figure generally agreed upon in climate research), or saw both the chart and then the lie, in that order.


It is stunning that this oft-repeated lie about scientists is clung to by leftists like rats on a raft in a sea of sludge.  They will not admit this is a fake fact. The 97 percent claim is a deliberate misrepresentation designed to intimidate the public—and numerous scientists whose papers were classified by Cook protested this obvious lie.


Undoing this lie has taken years of hard effort by activists who are angry that science is being corrupted so that people will be scared into surrender to the very rich who obviously think CO2 ‘pollution’ is great fun for they consume a tremendous amount of fossil fuels, themselves, the greedy gits.


Within that third group, some people were also part of the more nuanced “inoculation” condition, reading a warning alongside the chart that “some politically motivated groups use misleading tactics to try and convince the public that there is a lot of disagreement among scientists” before proceeding to the false claim.


HAHAHA.  How dare scientists debate!  This noxious belief of what used to be called ‘liberals’ and I am a real liberal, is rampant now.  I see my old enemies on the ‘left’: the Maoists and the Trotskyites trying to hammer people with ideology here.


They cannot see or rather, they hope no one can see them lying.  They cheat by telling ill-informed people that ‘people who don’t believe in the global warming fairy are really pirates’ and then tell them the earth is going to roast to death.


There is a gigantic problem with all this.  Going to places being hammered by severe cold and telling them we are roasting to death might get one killed and thrown onto a fire pit or fed to polar bears.  The failure of the global warming mythology is due to it getting rapidly colder.


When the study authors then asked their subjects to estimate how much scientists actually agreed on climate change, those who had read only the lie, unsurprisingly, lowered their guess of how many believed it to be man-made, while those who had only seen the chart raised their estimate.


Those who had seen both items without the so-called “inoculation” didn’t change their opinion. For the volunteers who were inoculated against falsehoods, though, the strategy worked: Their belief in the widespread acceptance of climate change was stronger at the end of the study, even though they’d also seen inaccurate information arguing against it.


What the hell?  The anxious people doing this fake study were obviously very emotionally involved and desperate to degrade other ideas and push their own and thus, destroyed their own ‘study’ by their personal and very fearful bias.


Professor van der Linden is from Europe and teaches psychology at Princeton in NJ. He runs the Center For Climate Change Communication’ which means he is the Pravda truth guy for the commies. And yes, he comes from Germany.  This ‘professor’ is young enough to be my kid.  He obviously has no memories of the Ice Age 1970’s.  I had to shovel a ton of snow back then and won’t forget that!


This young puppy has no degrees in climate and neither do I, but I grew up in several observatories and have lived with parents and grandparents who were all astronomers and have a basic understanding about the sun, the moon and the stars due to being saturated with this information and better still, I saw up close how ‘sciences’ CHANGES with incoming information and further, how ‘scientists’ FIGHT this and refuse to accept changes to ideology.


This stupid puppy grew up in a 30 year warming cycle.  He cannot imagine a cooling cycle ever happening again. But lo and behold, it is beginning its grip. The sun spot activity is dropping.  We will rediscover the 1970’s Ice Age scares again.


This stupid fake scientist should know to never use biased information to study something, if he wanted to prove his point about ‘propaganda’ he shouldn’t use his favorite propaganda materials.  He would have to pick something ‘neutral’ and then craft it well to see how it works.


We all know how propaganda works.  It works only so long as it has a connection to reality.  I note this last year that anti-warm demonstrations are fading fast, it is hard even for true believers to yell about roasting to death while buried in deep snow!


But they are hoping for a hot summer so they can resume this activity, of course.  But as the grip of cold grows and these people have forbade burning coal and I burn coal, people are freezing cold.  This  program is increasingly unpopular for good reasons: cold kills!


‘Your Brain Gives Up When Discerning Truth From Lies Gets Too Hard’ is another ridiculous article by ridiculous fake scientists who think they know what the ‘truth’ is:


You can call it “post-truth,” you can call it “fake news,” or you can, as Kellyanne Conway helpfully suggested on Meet the Press over the weekend, call it “alternative facts.” Or you can borrow Dan Rather’s phrasing from earlier this year: “A lie, is a lie, is a lie.”


HAHAHA.  Dan Rather should make that his motto.  He lies and they all lie and they lie all the time!  The sad thing is, these creatures can’t look into mirrors.  I once gave a lecture about mirrors.  ‘Look at yourself in a mirror.  Is it the same as you?’


The answer is ‘no.’  The mirror is the opposite.  Left is now right and so forth.


In a fantastic recent piece for Politico, psychology writer Maria Konnikova investigates 20 years’ worth of research on what happens when your brain is overloaded with a constant stream of untruths, and comes to a bleak forecast for the next four years. In short: Sorting fact from fiction can become so exhausting that, after a while, your brain simply stops trying.


HAHAHA.  They are truly going insane.  This is what happens to anyone who doesn’t use a mirror to see their reverse image.  They think they are what they believe they are and they are like the king in the story about the naked king fooled by the tailors.  He had no mirror.


Leftists have stopped thinking.  They are exhausted now.  They are pissed off that at least half of America no longer agrees with them.  They can’t even get their own beliefs straight anymore.


‘Antiwar’ is now ‘nuke Russia for disagreeing with us.’  ‘Free speech’ is ‘how dare you say that evil word to me, and by the way, I get to cuss and be filthy in public and if you stop me, I will kill you.’


Upon first hearing a lie, your brain must accept it as truth. Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert has theorized that to do the work of separating truth and lies, our brains first must accept the false statement as if it were true; otherwise, it’s impossible to engage with it.


OMG!  My ancestors went to Yale and Harvard and look at how stupid it has become.  This psychologist is a fool.  Obviously, unlike me, he never took a class in Logic or Basic Philosophy.  I took classes in German philosophers so I had to argue about Hegel in German on top of reading him, he sounds utterly different when read in English which was my thesis that year: reading Hegel in English is widdershins mirror of the German and the two end up OPPOSITE in key ways since Hegel depends on ‘play on words’ in German which is a logical, strict language and English is a bastard language of many whores so to speak, a mishmash of words with strange, convoluted histories which make them slippery as eels especially after Shakespeare toyed with them all so magnificently!


Ah…hope no one is bored, this is a favorite topic for me…


“For instance, if someone were to tell us — hypothetically, of course — that there had been serious voter fraud in Virginia during the presidential election, we must for a fraction of a second accept that fraud did, in fact, take place,” Konnikova explains. “Only then do we take the second step, either completing the mental certification process (yes, fraud!) or rejecting it (what? no way).”


Good gods.  There WAS ‘election fraud’: illegal aliens were allowed to vote in various cities and at least two states, NY and California.  This was a crime, not just ‘voter fraud’ and lo and behold, these were mainly the places that voted for Hillary because she promised illegal aliens that they could continue to pour across our borders.


These mindless idiots pretending to be ‘scientists’ are frauds.  Run through the school system run by people who want indoctrination, they spit out the same garbage and cannot engage in any debates.


I decided to not be an expert in German philosophers of the 19th century (HAHAHA) because this field VANISHED in a flash and no longer exists. Instead, I chose harsh reality and did construction work, instead, which was more fulfilling and indeed, fun.



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6 responses to “Democrat Liberals Are Chasing Rabbits And Falling Down Holes

  1. Shawntoh


    Maybe you should point out that Norman Mailer had some kids “decorate his living room/kitchen area with graffiti. Can we blame him for starters?

  2. Lisa

    Dan Rather’s downfall came when he used forged documents in an attempt to prove George Bush Jr didn’t serve all his required time in the National Guard:

    I think the Bush family are slime but you can’t prove something by using faked documents. In fact, the documents were written using the default font setting in Microsoft Word. It was idiotic and amateur. I work a lot with documents. I can’t forge a deed and then own my neighbor’s house. I can’t write a letter purportedly by Thomas Jefferson claiming Sally Hemmings was his lover. It may be true but I can’t forge a document and then have anything else I say be believed.

    However, in this current political environment, forged documents and fake stories by the mainstream press seem to be OK to far too many people.

  3. ziff

    here is an interesting theory involving natural cycles , results in a good fit , and cooler future

  4. tio

    Imho, political allegiances can now more accurately be classified as pro or anti establishment.

    Globalisation’s beneficiaries sponsored their own opposition, the better this worked the less it resembled reality.

    Meanwhile, the executive has failed/expired and is stinking up the joint to the extent that it is increasingly difficult to miss.

  5. SurfBoy

    OT… regarding the MASSIVE march against Trump, some numbers…

    2016 voter eligible population = 231M
    2016 women voter eligible population = 116M (~50%)
    2016 women marching = 1.5M (rounding way up)

    2016 % of voting population marching = 1.2% (1.5M/116M)

    and that’s assuming ALL marching were eligible voters

  6. Seraphim

    “The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition
    is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato”
    A. N. Whitehead, Process and Reality, 1929

    Mostly misinterpreting Plato, or Aristotle for that matter. English ‘philosophers’ excelled at that. They continue to shun and malign Leibniz, a philosopher in the Platonic tradition, the real father of ‘modern science’. Leibniz was writing in French, tu vois!

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