Assange Vanishes From Twitter Right After ‘Robbers’ Attacked Wikileaks Office In Spain

Assange’s Twitter account mysteriously goes dark — RT World News in Russia reports more real news we are not allowed to see in the US.


Wikileaks used to be the darling of liberals.  The minute Wikileaks exposed the corruption, criminal activities and more depravity of liberal leaders worldwide, liberals hate him and want him persecuted.  This volte face is most marvelous.  It shows how all belief systems in politics can be corrupted and turned into monsters.  Instead of facing the facts of their own liberal leaders being evil people, mindless liberals have embraced McCarthy type persecutions of critics and whistleblowers.  This, in turn, corrupts all liberals and is very sad to watch for I was a lifetime liberal who moved hard to expand civil rights only to be treated as some sort of monster by corrupted liberals who are mainly out to destroy civilization, not elevate it to a higher standard.

Several days ago, professional crooks wearing gear invaded the office in a ‘robbery’ which is an exact duplicate of the Watergate robbery.  It was political and it was definitely run by the secret agents in the EU, a thoroughly corrupt, dangerous destroyers of sovereignty of voters which has coiled like a python, around the citizens of the EU and is now systematically destroying them.


I minute I heard the news thanks to Russia, I put aside the story to write about it later and now it is later and it looms much larger with this news of Assange’s twitter account being suddenly removed.  The Real Rulers have made it crystal clear, anyone revealing the true monster behind the mask will be annihilated.


Most cases, they simply pretend, even if one is camped out right in front of the UN in midtown Manhattan, that no one exists or is doing this startling thing in public.  That is, they hide real news even very big real news can be twisted or hidden if all the media conspire or are scared of the Real Rulers and cooperate in hiding real news.


But Assange has managed to make all this much too big and so they had to find various ways of clipping his wings.  The easiest is to charge men with sex charges that are pure hearsay.  He said, she said stuff will not pass in court easily, one needs evidence!  In today’s climate of ‘he touched me when I wanted to stand real close to him!’ charges are particularly noxious to me.


I have been around highly sexually charged men who are icons of adoration of millions of females (one of them called me ‘my bodyguard’ because I fended off these females for him) and they fling their sexually budding bodies at famous men in a frantic effort to gain stardust from the encounter.  And how can a man resist this?


It does not appear that the account has been suspended by Twitter, as a message about the account having been blocked is lacking. The handle has been inactive since Friday, although @WikiLeaks is operating as usual.


Just because that is missing doesn’t mean that Twitter didn’t kill it.  They can do ANYTHING they want including hiding the ‘kill’ message.  I don’t see any logical reason for Assange to do this.  Ergo: he didn’t do this, himself.


No official comments have been released by Assange, who has resided in the Ecuadorian embassy in London ever since his application for political asylum. While in May Sweden dropped an extradition request that it previously placed based on sexual abuse allegations, the UK maintained that Assange would nevertheless be arrested if he left the embassy. Ecuador and human rights activists worldwide have been calling for London to grant Assange safe passage, while a UN panel found he has been in “arbitrary detention.”


The collapse of the scheme to arrest him didn’t stop the US nor England from conspiring to arrest him.  They want him so the CIA can get ahold of him and probe him for the information about all the Wikileaks people cooperating with him.


Assange has been using Twitter as a crucial medium for his whistleblowing activity, as well as keeping his subscribers up to date on the paradoxes surrounding his asylum conundrum. In spite of his prolific tweeting, his journalistic work, and an abundance of copycats using Assange’s picture, Twitter refused to grant the whistleblower the blue check-mark it confers on “verified” accounts.


See how the fake California Twitter twats are actually globalists now setting off to rule us via threats, spying on us, censoring us, preventing making contacts, banning anyone who irritates any powerful liberals, etc.  The liberals who are really tyrants, hate freedom of speech and freedom of association and think that only they and their evil followers can do as they please in public including rioting, stealing and raping.  This is disgusting and is destroying real liberalism!


From liberal beacon to a prop for Trump: what has happened to WikiLeaks? | Media | The Guardian wrote this summer in preparing their followers to attack Assange.  Nothing happened to Wikileaks!  What happened was, the liberal leaders were all frauds and exposing this didn’t make liberals reform and reject these corrupt globalist leaders, they are now going full steam ahead into fascism and censorship!  This is disgusting and dangerous.


Tthe BBC under orders of the government, attacked Julian Assange: Campaigner or attention-seeker? – BBC News


 The Wikileaks founder said he feared being extradited from Sweden to the US and put on trial for releasing secret US documents; the Swedish foreign ministry insisted the sole reason they wanted Mr Assange extradited was so the allegations against him could be properly investigated.


Five years later, Swedish prosecutors say they are dropping their investigation into Mr Assange. However, the Metropolitan Police says he will still be arrested if he leaves the embassy building.


Mr Assange later complained to the UN that he was being unlawfully detained as he could not leave the embassy without being arrested.


In February 2016, the UN panel ruled in his favour, stating that he had been “arbitrarily detained” and should be allowed to walk free and compensated for his “deprivation of liberty”.  Mr Assange hailed it a “significant victory” and called the decision “binding”, leading his lawyers to call for the Swedish extradition request to be dropped immediately.


The ruling was not legally binding on the UK, however, and the UK Foreign Office responded by saying it “changes nothing”.


 A spokesman for the Home Office said it could neither confirm or deny any requests for extradition unless someone had been arrested.


This is pure totalitarianism.  It is 1984 levels of Big Brotherism.  This is very annoying and extremely dangerous to liberty.  All the schemes launched by our Real Rulers are also backfiring on them as armies of angry younger females assail LIBERAL men over dimwitted sexual encounters in the far past.  All this infantile howling of rage by females who run riot in public is most annoying.  Have they no shame?


Nope.  They do love shaming others, though.  SCREAMING TEMPER TANTRUM VIDEO=> Illegal Alien Dreamers Take Over Mitch McConnell’s Office is another non news story which I got from the fringes of the internet:


Videos posted by reporter Samantha-Jo Roth shows several illegal aliens protesting in favor of the Dream Act laying on the floor of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

The left still can throw temper tantrums in public.  These protestors were not arrested.  It appears that the liberals who run DC itself, that is the cops there, let anyone do anything so long as it is a liberal cause, not conservative.  This is rapidly backfiring as citizens grow increasingly alarmed at the chaos that is spreading.  The backlash is already ongoing yet no liberals seem able to connect their own out of control behavior as the cause of this backlash.


Lastly, Merry Christmas and here is Google finally doing some Xmas art which has zero religious iconography even though this is a Christian holiday (the Solstice, on the other hand, is on the 21st of December!).  I celebrate astronomical events, myself.


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7 responses to “Assange Vanishes From Twitter Right After ‘Robbers’ Attacked Wikileaks Office In Spain

  1. ziff

    yes Merry Christmas to u all

  2. Sunger

    U.S. ‘Prepares Charges’ Against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange
    Newsweek 4-21-2017

    The arrest of Julian Assange is now a “priority,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as U.S. authorities reportedly prepare charges against the WikiLeaks founder.

    In response to a question of whether Assange’s arrest was a priority, Sessions told reporters: “We are going to step up our effort and already are stepping up our efforts on all leaks.”

    He added: “So yes, it is a priority. We’ve already begun to step up our efforts and whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail.”

    U.S. officials later told CNN they were preparing charges against Assange, who is currently holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London avoiding extradition to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning over rape allegations.

  3. Petruchio

    @#2 Sunger: Notice how quickly the ‘gubmint’ can move when they want to? Notice how focused they are? Notice how they can act as One on some issues? The ferocity with which our “Democracy’ pursues leakers is a lot like how a Police State or a Dictatorship acts towards leakers. Kinda makes you wonder, don’t it?

  4. ziff

    note the date 4/21 /17

  5. Oguy

    “Wikileaks used to be the darling of liberals. The minute Wikileaks exposed the corruption, criminal activities and more depravity of liberal leaders worldwide, liberals hate him and want him persecuted.”

    “Gee, “morality” as a tool of opportunism. From those morally superior “liberals”, nonetheless. Though I can’t wait for this farce to invert once Wikileaks again exposes corrupt “conservatives”.

  6. As we go round and round and round. Of course. Rise to power, become corrupt, remove and do this over again. A necessary turning of the wheel of fortune.

  7. Christmas is that Christian holiday celebrating how it snowed in the middle east and a decorated tree grew up overnight in front of the manger where Mary was sleeping. Then a fat guy on a sleigh left baby Jesus under the tree; Jesus was made by elves so that Mary could remain virginal.

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