Washington Post Owner Bezos Runs Amazon.com Like Hellish Foreign Labor Camp

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Exposes Horrific Conditions Inside Amazon » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


Mr. Bezos owns the rag called ‘the Washington Post’ which he uses as a tool to control the political discussions about labor, laws, immigration and other vital issues.  The anonymous whistleblower on the Alex Jones show talks about how American citizens working for Amazon.com, Bezo’s company, are abused, how Bezos is replacing all of them with imported illegal aliens and how US citizens are being systematically removed.  This cuts to the core of our elections, our economic systems and how ‘liberals’ are mostly hypocrites, frauds and deceivers, devils who ruthlessly exploit humans working them to death and forcing them to live in hovels.


This is a long interview and mercifully, Alex holds down his tendency to interrupt and the young person who is blowing the whistle is well educated, articulate and is a wonderful speaker and I wish very much we knew who he really is, I hope he writes about his experience working for a faux liberal powerhouse who pretends to protect humans, workers, etc.


I don’t know if anonymous will read me but I must say, if he does stand up and make noise, I and many others will support him very much and the replacement of US workers with aliens is a huge problem in all systems because this was encouraged by LIBERALS.


Many ‘conservative’ businesses joined in this game just like they all do the ‘export jobs’ game too.  The frauds being committed by Amazon.com’s policies about lying when they recycle goods that are returned, pretending these are brand new and not used, for example, means we must have Congressional hearings about this and the elimination of US workers, a huge political item.


Will all the foul faux liberals in Congress on the ‘left’ demand this now that a real whistleblower has appeared?  HAHAHA.  Nope.  The way the DNC stays in power is to hand out goodies in the form of welfare, etc.  After rendering US born populations useless and encouraging them to be criminals, new low class labor is imported to do the jobs the previous generation of newcomers no longer want now that they have welfare.


This same destructive system is grinding away in Europe, too.  This socialist self-destruct machine is encouraged by the Bilderberg gang.  They are foisting this on us all!  They need cheap labor and they need populations to vote for welfare and to control population centers by flooding these with criminals.


This lunatic system is doomed.  Too stupid to figure out the end of this cycle due to not reading enough ancient history, our Real Rulers follow this path to obvious destruction due to short term greed.  Sad, isn’t it?


Do watch the entire interview.  It is a real eye-opener and the young man who talks about his experience in the Machine run by ruthless Bezos is a hero and if he makes himself public, I would definitely say he is a massive hero of historic value, worthy of a statue for the SJW mob to assault!


Like the young man who revealed the horror of working for ‘do no evil’ evil Google:  Fired Engineer James Damore: I Feel Google Betrayed Me – YouTube

Damore is a super hero!  I hope he is doing well.  He pulled back the curtain the liberals drape over their crimes.  Google is a nasty, ugly, bitchy, annoying, spying operation that hates half of America and is out to destroy us by trick or treat.


They are pure evil now and using the internet has significantly degraded ever since they decided to go full communist-propaganda kill all opposing opinions on us.  They are 1984 type of evil.  I hate Google and so do millions of people.


I always disliked Amazon.com and never use it.  I prefer rewarding real businesses that have real employees who interface with me in the real world.  This is my very strong opinion.  From day one, I refused to use Amazon.com and suggest everyone else boycott them, too.


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28 responses to “Washington Post Owner Bezos Runs Amazon.com Like Hellish Foreign Labor Camp

  1. Lou

    Bezos is replacing them with imported illegal aliens and robots.
    Check You tube for that.

    BUT BEZOS IS FOR GAY MARRIAGE. He is a Globalist-Leftist.

  2. Lou

    Small apartments = AGENDA 2030.

    Beazos has moved into publishing, Pharma? and Whole Foods.


  3. Lou

    Many years back, a business magazine had a cover story, ‘The New Unemployed.’
    One of the tales was of a 65? year old woman in Reno who spent ‘a few grueling shifts as a worker at Reno Amazon Warehouse. Fired for being too slow. It was grueling.’

  4. Lou

    From day one, I refused to use Amazon.com and suggest everyone else boycott them, too.
    / Amazon is growing, unfortunately.

  5. Lou

    Elaine, you might want to ask people in Seattle what Amazon has done to the city.
    I get reports that ‘Anti business policies have ruined the city.’

  6. Christian W

    Amazon and the CIA setting up a Supra Corporation above and beyond the US government:


  7. Petruchio

    It always amazes me to hear people say things like, “I can get these paper towels for 69 cents cheaper at Walmart.” First, I ask myself, “What are you doing here (at another retail establishment) then?” I further ask myself, “Why did you commit to memory the exact price differential between Walmart’s price and the price of the item at this store”? Why is this important to people? Are some people just not able to figure out that price differentials always exist but your TOTAL price for goods purchased is what matters. And, why do these people never stop to think that their TIME is valuable!? Are you REALLY going to spend your day going to Retail Place #1 for your Produce items, then another for your meat items and then of course go to Walmart for those paper towels that are 69 cents cheaper?!! This type of person is an Amazon shopper. Lots of these price conscious types are Senior citizens. Wait until these ‘lowest price’ fanatics get a taste of ‘lowest cost possible’ health care!! And these Proud, Republican voting Seniors better not think eliminating Medicare can’t happen. It’s a Republican dream to gut/terminate Medicare.

  8. i order books from barnes and noble

  9. Jim R

    I like Barnes & Noble too, Charley. And Walgreen’s and Ace Hardware. Not because these businesses are small, as they were the ones that replaced so many local pharmacies and hardware stores. But because they are smaller than the huge monopolies that are now threatening them.

    Meanwhile, this was uploaded a couple weeks ago. Let’s see how long before google/amazon deletes it:

  10. melponeme_k

    Happy New Year!

    Amazon stinks, but it has a monopoly on just about everything. Shipping for a lot of companies goes through Amazon channels. Unfortunately.


    The latest NASA video! Maybe they will find that strange alien CGI object.

  11. timothy carroll

    Pet said…..”why do these people never stop to think that their TIME is valuable!? Are you REALLY going to spend your day going to Retail Place #1 for your Produce items, then another for your meat items and then of course go to Walmart for those paper towels that are 69 cents cheaper?!! ”

    Well, cowboy, their “time” is paid for by your time card. Consider the millions of “disabiltiy” workers added to the already growing ranks of the senior citizen (baby boomers) and you have, let’s say, a lot of “folks” who are in for the free ride. Now, I don’t wish to deprive the boomers of their paid for SS benefits, lots more welfare indigents added to the national debt is not a swell recipe for a swell 2018 Thanksgiving feast! But hell, what do I know???? Let’s invite a few more million illiterate, Christian-hating Muslims to set up housekeeping. I mean, what could grow wrong………..right????

  12. Lou

    6–Bezos makes a lot of money, including on his ‘cloud.’

  13. Lou

    off topic,

    more dead Clinton friends,

  14. They died because they thought flying private planes is safe. Quite a few elites (KENNEDY KIDDIES for example!) die this way. Fast cars do this, too.

  15. Lou

    Slaves? And when the serfs are no longer needed?????

    Tech giant is rolling out new robots to replace workers in hotels, airports and supermarkets

    South Korean tech giant LG Electronics said Thursday it will showcase three new “concept robots” at next week’s consumer electronics show in Las Vegas
    A McKinsey report released in November said that up to 800 million workers could be affected globally by automation and the rise of artificial intelligence
    Tech companies are testing robots to carry out various tasks that could affect the services industry, which employs nearly 50 percent of the global workforce, according to the International Labour Organization


    A billion workers…thats 1/4 of all workers? 1/3rd?

  16. Lou

    Elaine, Carbon Tax and Soros, Bezos, etc;

  17. Christian W

    @ 10 Jim

    To paraphrase a Vietnam war era US military officer:

    “You have to be stupid, STUPID! to believe the official US government story of anything.”

  18. Lou

    at 5 minutes, Amazon,

  19. Lou

    Now Amazon wants only ‘active’ buyers to leave reviews.
    I learned this yesterday,

    Amazon —To submit reviews, customers must make a minimum amount of valid debit or credit card purchases. Prime subscriptions and promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the purchase minimum. For more information, see our Customer Review Guidelines.

    If you have another account and you have already used it to make a purchase, you can sign into that account to write a review.


    To contribute to Customer features (for example, Customer Reviews, Customer Answers, Idea Lists) or to follow other contributors, you must have spent at least $50 on Amazon.com using a valid credit or debit card in the past 12 months. Promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the $50 minimum. In addition, to contribute to Spark you must also have a paid Prime subscription (free Prime trials do not qualify). You do not need to meet this requirement to read content posted by other contributors or post Customer Questions, or create or modify Profile pages, Shopping Lists, Wish Lists or Registries.

  20. Lou

    transhumanism, step 2,

    Amazon (AMZN) unveiled in a video a new physical store on Monday that sells a mix of “grocery essentials” and ready-made meals. But the key selling point is what it doesn’t have: checkout lines.

    The video shows how customers check in at the entrance of the store with a new app called Amazon Go, then grab whatever items are needed.

    Amazon claims it can track the items automatically through a combination of computer vision and deep learning technologies. When you’re done shopping, you just walk out.

    The first store is located in Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered.

  21. HAHAHA…and they will be looted.

  22. Lou

    26–I thought, what about snackers? I was at a Whole Foods and saw a young man grab a piece of deli chicken [I think] and eat it.
    WF does have great deli-salad bars.

  23. Jim R

    WF will slowly be transformed into a copy of 7-11, but with robots following the customers’ movements.

    And then pretty soon after that, horror stories will emerge of them extracting money from random people’s bank accounts, who were wrongly identified by the face-recognition robots.

    It’ll be almost as good as Musk’s self-crashing cars..

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