All Liberal Students Can Now Be ‘Persons of Color’!

Students Support New ‘Pocahontas Policy’ Allowing Applicants To Self-Identify As People Of Color – YouTube


So many strange things are happening now: North Korea is demanding nuclear WWIII and this makes zero headlines in the dying New York Times, students at the top, most expensive Ivy League schools are all now ‘persons of color’ so they can feel oppressed and needing even more babysitting help, and the crypto scams roar onwards to the inevitable total collapse and I say, this is interesting to watch for liberals are systematically driving everyone out of entertainment systems at the same time, making these collapse in value, too.  Watching people sabotage all systems is always interesting in a cold hearted way.


This year, Brown University applicants will have the opportunity to “self-identify” as people of color during the application process.  While the school says the policy change is intended to help students better describe their identity and background, some have questioned the ramifications of the move.


HAHAHA.  This takes the Pocahontas Syndrome to a new level.  The other day, I saw a video of a black ‘professor’ who was hired by a very liberal ‘university’ assail a white male student who had filthy dreadlocks, and she was screaming at him that only black students can do that disgusting and dirty hairstyle, not white students.


Now, the radicals at these various ‘schools’ that teach young people to be dysfunctional are screaming at white females telling them, they cannot wear hoop ear rings because it is stealing a fashion style from Hispanic students.  This lunacy is entirely the fault of the school systems when these are run by liberals.


Liberals have overrun all school systems in DNC run states and cities and have been waging cultural warfare against not just all the outsiders but against each other.  Segregated dorms are back with black and Hispanic students demanding segregation all over again.  The re-segregation being pushed by liberals and their allies is retrogressive but then, liberals are screaming for no free speech, too.


This is very annoying to me.  I was part of the original ‘free speech movement’.  Watching these wretches wreck it is very annoying but also, in a cold hearted way, very funny.  They are too stupid to understand they are aping Mad Madame Mao, one of the nastiest females in human history.


Young people are chasing each other down and attacking each other as well as their ‘teachers’ who trained them to do this.  The public education systems are in severe trouble due to letting students run riot especially in black schools.  Black violence has resegregated schools.


No sane parent dares send a white child to a school that is more than 60% minority.  This destroys their own children who are physically and mentally abused every day thanks to out of control black and Hispanic students.  This, in turn, is leading to the collapse of the entire public school system as voters and taxpayers either flee DNC cities or vote for reducing money for schools.

Student fakes being black to get into college – YouTube

Yes, the only way a young white male can get anywhere now is to fake it.  Want a scholarship?  Want a job?  Redesign oneself as ‘minority’.  This is the dead end of civil rights manipulations.


Now about the other scam: the crypto scam.

Bitcoin investors suing over losses – YouTube


They should sue all the media and the bitcoin conmen.  Bitcoins were invented by white males who had few other money making options so they decided playing a rather ancient con game would work.


Magic money is always good fun when the magic isn’t being probed closely.  Many ancient stories about magic wealth usually ends with it disappearing once the victims discover fake easy wealth is very destructive for humanity.


All societies that suddenly get filthy rich end up bankrupt within 200 years.  Spain, when it began looting the New World, became very, very rich and tried to take over the world only to go utterly bankrupt.  Countries that never found El Dorado instead went into capitalism and the Industrial Revolution which skipped over Spain with Spain being weak and poor as England and Germany shot upwards due to investing in real industrial systems.

This Family Sold Everything To Make A Big Bet On Bitcoin | CNBC – YouTube

The trap for anyone playing a bubble game is simple: they sell out early on and boast about how they got rich with virtually no labor and no investment.  Then, as the bubble continues to grow, they invariably reenter the scam and try to double down again.


Generally, when one gets easy money, they spend it rapidly.  This is why people who win lotteries or get huge bonuses when they are performing at their peak, often lose it all and end up bankrupt.


It is the turtle and the hare.  Slow and steady is good, things that shoot upwards always end up falling back to reality again.  For some reason, human brains work best when not pampered.  The conquerers who take over other people’s wealth and enslaves them often end up barely better off than a vegetable after several generations.


The bitcoin scam is feeding off of fools who don’t know the history of bubbles or who imagine this time, the bubble will go to infinity and few humans understand that infinity is hell.  And since the yin and yang of the universe is an iron rule, they can’t trick their way out of this inevitability.


Balance, as Libra likes to remind us, means both sides of the scales must be equal and equilibrium is better than a shooting star and all shooting stars do this when dying.  While a huge star blows up rather quickly compared to yellow smaller stars, the smaller stars last much, much longer and can create life, a magical thing of greatest value, indeed.


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18 responses to “All Liberal Students Can Now Be ‘Persons of Color’!

  1. timothy carroll

    The percentage of “whites” at Harvard is actually made up mostly of Jews. Just say’n.

  2. Ken

    If everyone “self-identifies” as a person of color, how will the universities be able to discriminate against whites and other “priviliged groups”? If this trend really catches fire, it could be the end of affirmative action.

    Elizabeth Warren may have shown the way to true equality. Obviously, as a blue eyed blond she was never discriminated against for looking like a native American. And independent searches of her family tree have shown absolutely no native American ancestery whatsoever. But by “self identifying” as a native American she became eligible for admission to prestegious universities where she could not have otherwise gone, and even was hired into teaching positions at these universities, which she otherwise would have never gotten.

    No one ever questioned her claim to native American ancestery (until Trump came along), even though to look at her no one could have possibly thought that she was even the tinest bit native American. Certainly no one would have discriminated against her because they thought she was native American. So no recompense for past injustices was warranted.

    If every college and government job applicant followed her lead, we could end discrimination tomorrow. Or at the very least we could end discrimination against whites.

  3. Petruchio

    You can call it Political Correctness. You can refer to the folks who preach that kind of crud as SJW’s or “Warriors” . When you get right down to it, it boils down to a DIRECT attack on white people, especially white Middle Class people. THAT’s what these PC/SJW people are really all about. They use terms like “diversity” and “multiculturalism” to disguise their real motivation: the destruction and/or elimination of the white race.

  4. Oguy

    I think we need to expand the list of self-perceived identities. Brown’s policy is just so … ugh … anthropocentric:

  5. Mewswithaview

    Per zero hedge “Classified Huma Abedin Emails Found On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop Discussing Hamas, Israel And Palestinian Authority” and the Awans may have cut a deal

  6. melponeme_k

    “Obviously, as a blue eyed blond she was never discriminated against for looking like a native American. And independent searches of her family tree have shown absolutely no native American ancestery whatsoever. But by “self identifying” as a native American she became eligible for admission to prestegious universities where she could not have otherwise gone, and even was hired into teaching positions at these universities, which she otherwise would have never gotten.”

    This PISSES me off to no end. Because I, as full blooded Native (Who HAS the actual RED skin), was told point blank that I was ineligible for any kind of Native Scholarships because I was not affiliated with a tribe nor did I have Blood Quantum proof of my heritage.

    Then I see blond kids running around and stating they were Native (what 1%?) and getting funding. But for darkies like myself, I would have gotten NOTHING unless I would have sat down and screamed about how persecuted I was as a minority. Yeah, play right into the elite Rockefeller/Tavistock social engineering BS.

    Well I chose NOTHING. And I’m proud of it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not angry. I’m plenty angry over the mess that has been made by separating different groups of people and alienating them from society.

    We all see the results of that, full social collapse just as the elites intended.

  7. melponeme_k


    Interesting discussion by E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars. He is very much a spitfire. I liked how he equated Feminism with Obesity since feminists abhor sex the only appetite left is to eat.

  8. Oguy

    Since we’ve been discussing food, sex and education …

    Columbia University wisely discourages us from making false choices between these three. Instead, they suggest that we can combine them to wondrous effect. Isn’t it amazing how much the classical curriculum has expanded as of late? To Columbia’s additional credit, they’ve also avoided the issue of ethnic cuisine, thereby discouraging any potential misappropriation.

  9. Jim R

    Haha, this fits in perfectly with Obama’s “new slavery” !!!

    They can self-identify as slaves to the debt they took out to fund their ‘education’. It should work better than leg irons. Git down there and pick that bale, kids!

    As for the bitcoin thing, I’d like to put in a personal note: I have $0 ‘invested’ in the things. I might have a few satoshis on an exchange somewhere, left over from an experiment in 2013 (which could disappear any time they shut down the exchange), but I thought they were oversold well before they hit $1000. And I did not put any money on that little bet I made with Buffalo Ken last spring. And I will not be putting any more money in now. Nor will I be taking any money out, because to do that I’d have to connect it with my bank account. Just, no.

    I like to argue with Elaine about this stuff, but don’t trust it for a millisecond. That is all, carry on.

  10. I dislike scams and boy, I have seen many scams in my long life. Steady and careful matters if you want to survive and so far, I have survived many terrible things that pop out of nowhere.

    Examples abound: I once had this cute little house which I fled when the city of Tucson decided to destroy it for a parking lot! And then a military jet slammed into it! But I was gone, thank the gods the city decided to destroy it before the jet!

    In NYC, my neighbors, when the lights went out in 1977, decided to loot and burn my entire neighborhood and it took 5 years of continuous fighting to drive them out again and rebuild only to flee when the schools stank.

    And so forth: I lived in a mansion I bought and rebuilt in NJ and then sold it and then…ended up living in a TENT for TEN YEARS on my mountain!

    Went through a major lightning strike event there and survived and now I am an old lady and it is bitter cold and I am surviving, sort of…damn. What a mess life is.

    There is never an easy solution. If you get a windfall, for example, someone might come and rob you or kill you! This is why I don’t worry about money, I worry about my tools and survival skills. Rich or poor, you can be killed by a tornado (nearly happened to me twice, no…three times! Kansas!)

  11. AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Everyone!

    And it will be a high here of -5 F this next week! -20 F at night! DAMN.

  12. ziff

    All the best Elaine , i really hope your systems are cold proof by now , thats very rough but you are lucky to be not alone you have friendsand family at least.

  13. Christian W

    North Korea is demanding nuclear WWIII

    Aww come on, this is Wifebeater logic: ‘I’m so sorry I had to bash her face in but she really begged for it. Every punch hurt me more than her. I really hope she doesn’t force me to do it again.’

  14. Jim R

    @Christian, that’s the same logic that has been used all over the Middle East. They had to bomb Libya, Syria, etc. etc. to keep the mean nasty dictators of those places from oppressing their own people..

    It’s currently being directed at Iran, but has been running out of steam recently. Many observers think it will fail in this case.

  15. Jim R

    Just thought I might add: it isn’t bitcoin itselft that I don’t trust. The computer nerds have worked out all the protocols and whatnot, it more or less works. As for the electricity it uses, they’re doing a lot of that ‘mining’ in Iceland, where electricity is so cheap they refine aluminum and practically give it away. In places where electricity is expensive, they just don’t do it, because it doesn’t make sense — they’d go broke immediately.

    (by the way, that’s what’s wrong with the global warming hucksters as well — it isn’t that they believe in global warming, or that scientists ‘believe’, it’s that they want to tax everyone for their fraudulent ‘cure’)

    The thing I don’t trust is the exchanges … that places that offers to take your dollars and convert them into bitcoins. That is where the fraud happens. And if Wall Street gets involved, with bitcoin futures and bitcoin options and crap like that, it’ll be fraud-on-steroids!

    And Happy New Year, everyone!

  16. Wrong. Bitcoin is dead. Since any chap anywhere on this planet can create ‘bitcoin copies’ this means they are all cheap! That is, it doesn’t matter anymore, if anyone can copy the SYSTEMS this means that all people doing this will attempt to go to infinity simultaneously!

    Ergo: it won’t work. The stupid fairytale of ‘this is limited and can’t be devalued’ is FALSE. I hope people can figure out what is painfully obvious to me.

  17. Lou

    Bitcoin is dead. No, wrong. It is not ‘dead.’
    Reports of Bitcoins death are all to premature.

    I do not own any [full disclosure].

  18. It will limp along, dying day by day. The other fake money scams will end with arrests for fraud.

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