Release The Covid-19 Vaccination NOW…People are DYING!!!!


We know now that ‘shut downs’ do not work at all.  NY tried this back last spring and it failed badly.  It continues to fail today.  Back last spring, over 1,000 people died every day in the New York City region, that is, all the suburbs surrounding the megatropolis.  Today, one of the most populated states in the US has 113 deaths yesterday, mainly (as always) in minority (sic) dominated cities.  This is one tenth the deaths we had in my state last spring.  I am posting the raw data here so people can see that more than half the state has nothing happening!


This is exactly the same as New York: big cities with a big black/Hispanic population has a much, much higher sickness/death rate than less urban populations.  Texas isn’t run by Democrats so the entire state isn’t being locked down unlike New York which has our governor and mayor of NYC oppressing everyone else due to the dirty city being out of control even in the best of times.

Exactly like I have pointed out in the past in NY, the rural parts of these states are nearly germ free.  Let’s look at the overall stats for Texas, California, Florida and New York:

The death rate per million: NY is still over double the highest death rates of any of these states who has the disease now.  NY has one of the highest rates in the world!  At the same time, the Bilderberg media heaps praise on our insane governor holding him up as some sort of hero who did good when the disease faded.


Of course, all these sorts of epidemic flu events are identical: they suddenly appear, the very first month, these germs are killers.  The Hong Kong flu was the same.  Anyone in the vicinity of the flu was in danger of dying.  I very nearly died!  Within two to three months, it peaks and then drops like a rock only to re-emerge six months later but in a lesser form, not quite so fast and deadly and then it fades away.


The only thing stopping this is…VACCINATIONS.  PERIOD.


This is why I am enraged today: NO ONE should be dying if this stupid germ!  They can be saved!  We have a vaccine!  But the lunatics who run our healthcare system refuse to release it because it might not be perfect.  So, how many people must DIE so we can have a perfect vaccination during a vast epidemic?  The cruelty of this is just mind blowing.


The stupid excuse, ‘But what if the vaccine doesn’t work perfectly’ is silly.  Anything working even 50% of the time is a zillion times better than NOTHING.  This is logic!  Why are humans so illogical…oh…it is politically expedient for the DNC for many people to die so they can blame Trump at the same time, preventing him from releasing the Pfizer vaccine means more power for power hungry Democrats who want to blame him for the lack of health care which they are conspiring to keep from us!


I would have happily given five of my teeth for a Hong Kong flu vaccination back in 1968!  Wow!  I would have loved that!  Instead, I had to fight off Cerberus, that pesky three headed hound dog from hell.


Both Texas and California have borders with Mexico and the virus is running rampant there.  I saw on the news, stories that Mexico is sending Covid cases over the border to El Paso to use the hospitals there which inflates the Texas numbers and I bet this is happening to New Mexico, Arizona and California border towns, too.  Oh, it is happening in Arizona, I heard.


This disease runs rampant in all immigrant communities and slums just like in Europe and Asia and now, South and Central America.

Twitter Suspends US Border Protection Chief’s Account for Tweeting that Trump’s Wall Helps Stop Gang Members, Drugs and Sexual Predators (VIDEO)

Twitter censored a government official discussing how we are protecting our borders!  Twitter’s staff is now totally out of control just like the staff at the New York Times and other media systems.  Young whippersnappers hired by these idiots are redesigning reality to suit their political goals which is exactly how Pravda operated.  This refusal to cover real news is highly dangerous, censoring anyone who has information that pisses off these radicals is very destructive.


They think if they mold reality to suit their political beliefs, this is good.  History tells us, this always leads to millions and millions of DEAD PEOPLE and in this case, note how we have precious little news about how the vaccine is here and now and ready to go and the only hurdle is political: some want endless tests.  We can then weigh the invisible danger of the vaccine not being perfect against the pile of dead bodies that accumulate daily as we dither.

Any and all forms of protecting us from invasion, crime, disease, anything is resisted by the ‘liberals’.  They want epidemics, they want wars, they want high crime rates, this is their power base!



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20 responses to “Release The Covid-19 Vaccination NOW…People are DYING!!!!

  1. Sandra

    Elaine you said ” Why are humans so illogical”. Exactly my point in my earlier posts! Finally we agree! Humans are stupid as evidenced by the fact that we are destroying the very things we DEPEND upon for our survival! We don’t need trees, or the oceans, or the ocean life, or those pesky little insects, or clean air to breath, etc.

    Summed up in 3:36 minutes!

    Oh the hubris! Not only are we destroying ourselves but every other life form as well! I mean it would be funny if it wasn’t so very sad!

  2. Sandra

    The liberals (and there are an enormous number of them) must be REALLY stupid to want to promote a virus (and the other things you mention) that will kill them! Just more evidence to support my claim …….Humans are stupid!

  3. Sandra

    In the speech she made in Florida did Melania say “men and women in uniforum”? What is uniforum? Like I said she has been in the USA for 20 years and she still can’t speak English? She still speaks with that interpretable accent? She has never had a job or occupation of any kind so what pray tell has she done for the last 20 years that prevented her from improving her English?

  4. snoosebomb

    Oh fuck off , ‘ people are dying !!! ”
    people are dying all the time now also as collateral damage to gov . insanity/plandemic. i have a 99.5 % chance of staying healthy with regard to the ‘vid’

  5. Saint Mike

    #3 – very racist comment, I have yet to meet a first generation immigrant who does not retain some native country influence of their speech.

    At least Melania speaks english. Trump 2020.

  6. KHS71

    That was one of my concerns. Getting to the voting location and checking in and being told that I already voted when I know I had not. This is turning out to be the most corrupt national election in US history. Brought to you by the Rats. No wonder they do not care that Biden and Harris campaign and only a hundred or so people show. They sit back in their offices and just snicker at the populace who support Trump knowing that no matter how many votes he has, they will just manufacture more. They have no ethics or conscience. Anything to win. If it takes killing people to win, they will do it. They are drunk on power and greed. They have their cronies to pay off. The more the better. What’s worse is that the main media is in on it helping their candidate get elected. Again no ethics or conscience. They can’t win a normal election and they know it. Politics is a blood sport.

  7. snoosebomb

    what worries me, is up here even , the MSM are boasting about how MANY early votes there are , never even heard much about ‘early voting ‘ in the past.

  8. KHS71

    How does the media know who those early votes are for? They all may be for Trump. Wishful thinking. Many of the ballots are thrown out with mail in voting due to screwing up the ballot. I read that about 40% of the Biden supports voted early whereas only about 25% of the Trump voters. Even though I voted at home this due to health issues, I would rather go to the polls. I know my vote counts then.

  9. snoosebomb

    How does the media know who those early votes are for? ””

    that’s what worries me

  10. KHS71

    Yea, how would the media know? Are they in cahoots with the election officials? The mail in ballots and the absentee ballots are not supposed to be opened and counted until after the election. But they are supposed to know the number that were received. Usually within 3 hours after the polls closes the election officials in each county is supposed to provide the State SOS with a total vote count that should not vary plus a count of the ballots cast that day. After that day they record the votes from the absentee and mail in ballots but the vote total does not vary. This is part of their checks and balances. This is one way the Rats cheat. They just want to keep adding to the vote totals to account for the after the fact ballots that they “find” to make up any differences. In Pennsylvania, the courts have ruled that they can get ballots up to three days after the election but those ballots must be separated from the original to be scrutinized. No post mark, no signature, just a ballot with a mark on it. In North Carolina they can be received up to 9 days after Nov 3 but they must be post marked before the election and have proper signatures. This is why they do not want to clean up voter roles. They take voters who have not voted for years and use the name to vote. They have moved or whatever. They don’t care if the signatures don’t match. This is how dead people vote. The Rats have no conscience or ethics. As long as they win. Scumbags and I apologize to scumbags.

  11. Ken

    Following up on Elaine’s comments about the deaths from the coronavirus being predominantly among minority members, my own personal observations seem to confirm this.

    Whenever I discuss the virus with anyone I ask them if they know of anyone, ANYONE, who has died from it. With two exceptions, the answer is always “no.” Even my barber, who talks with lots of people every day, has not heard of anyone having first hand knowledge of any deaths.

    The two exceptions to this pattern are two friends who happen to be black. Each has had 4 or 5 members of their extended family die from the virus. All black. All in big cities.

  12. About the voting stuff: MANY are voting and the Bilderberg media assumes many ‘DNC’ voters are voting for Biden. I am betting at least 20% of them are voting for TRUMP.

  13. By the way, there is a new disease: Elaine Derangement Syndrome.

  14. Jim R

    LOL! Elaine Derangement Syndrome!

    Chris Martenson has a new essay out —

    The mainstream narrative about Covid-19, in the West, is this:

    It’s a quite deadly and novel disease
    There are no effective treatments
    Sadly, no double-blind placebo controlled trials exist to support some of the wild claims out there about various off-patent, cheap and widely available supplements and drugs
    Health authorities care about saving lives
    They care so much, in fact, that along with politicians they’ve decided to entirely shut down economies
    There’s a huge second wave rampaging across the US and Europe and there’s nothing we can do to limit it except shut down businesses and people’s ability to travel and gather
    You need to fear this virus and its associated disease
    All we can do is wait for a vaccine

    The alternative narrative, one that I’ve uncovered after 9 months of almost daily research and reporting, is this:

    It’s not an especially dangerous disease and it’s certainly not novel
    There is a huge assortment of very effective, cheap and widely-available preventatives and treatments including (but not limited to)
    Vitamin D
    Famotidine (Pepcid)
    Use of a combination of these mostly OTC supplements could reasonably be expected to drop the severity of illness and the already low mortality rate by 90% or (probably) more
    Western health authorities have shown either zero interest in the results of studies mainly conducted in poorer nations on these combination therapies or…
    They have actively run studies designed to fail so that these cheap, effective therapies could be dismissed or…
    Set up proper studies but which started late, have immensely long study periods and most likely won’t be done before a vaccine is hastily rushed through development.

    Further evidence is the insane schizophrenic way in which quarantine rules are enforced — the notion that rioters do not spread the disease, but Trump rallies do, for example.

    The fact is, it is still a minor disease, not one you’d want to catch, but still it only affects a tiny percentage of the population. But like the common cold, it spreads quite rapidly. And none of the ‘measures’ have even perceptibly slowed its spread. As long as any small group, like rioters or ‘essential’ workers, are allowed exceptions to the rules, this disease will spread unchecked. And it has spread unchecked. But stories of a ‘second wave’ are wildly exaggerated.

  15. Vaccinations are fantastic. We have one already for this stupid illness and it is being held up for ‘testing’ while a million people die. This is insane, stupid and cruel.

    Yes, there are medicines that help greatly if one has any symptoms. And yes, MAINSTREAM NEWS and anti-Trump political people lie about meds that help. Arrest them all, I say.

  16. Jim R

    Yes, there are medicines that help greatly if one has any symptoms. And yes, MAINSTREAM NEWS and anti-Trump political people lie about meds that help.
    .. and if you don’t have symptoms, you don’t need medicine! Funny how that works.

    I am inclined to trust Martenson on this. He has some formal education in life sciences.

    And, vaccines can and do damage people’s health. The old ones work pretty well, but new experimental ones are sometimes disastrous. That’s the reason for phase 3 trials.

  17. lou

    17–Elaine has stated, here, sometime ago, ‘no such thing as too many vaccines’.

  18. Worried about stage three trials when THOUSANDS ARE DYING EVERY WEEK OR EVEN EVERY DAY IS INSANE.

    Good lord, it is utterly unhinged as well as stupid. Gah.

  19. Jim R

    Like I said in the other thread, if I am forced to take an untested shot for this stupid thing, I’ll choose Putin’s vaccine.

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