CIA Wants To Increase Revenge Wars

It is all rather depressing, instead of heading into a real new year with real change, Obama froze up and decided he and the Democratic Congress should continue all of the madcap and insane policies of Bush and the GOP.  So we continue to destroy our Constitution and our foreign policy systems trying to wage endless wars of attrition against an endless number of enraged religious radicals across the entire planet.

This insane series of endless wars is exactly what bin Laden prayed for once the US used him and his ilk to destroy the power of the communists in Russia.  This wonderful game plan has become the defining image of ‘blowback’.  That is, everything we do in Muslim lands instantly blows back into our faces and is rapidly destroying not only our legal system but also our diplomatic standing in the world as well as our financial health.


This is why it is so important to understand the nature of religious wars.  These wars are far more stubborn than any other kind of wars because it taps directly into the most insane parts of our innermost subconscious brains.  The place where we believe the unbelievable or where logic systems are twisted into pretzels is where our more primitive rational thinking processes are: the emotional center of the brain, what Dr. Freud called ‘the Id’.


The history of Europe is wracked by religious wars of every possible type, for example.  The Nazis were typical of this: the way religious differences were often resolved was via mass murder.  This happened, for example, repeatedly ever since Constantine embraced Christianity.  Crusades weren’t just Christian versus Muslims.  There were many crusades of tremendous violence against every possible sort of Christian ‘heresy’.


Because these were believers versus believers, the only way to change people’s minds was to annihilate all the believers. The early Medieval persecution and murder spree of the  Albigensian Crusade or The Crusade against Heretics in Bohemia, 1418–1437 are typical examples.  Click here for a great timeline of various crusades: history of crusades against heretics – Google Search

Mar 10, 1208 – “These heretics are worse than the Saracens!” exclaimed Pope Innocent III, and on March 10, 1208, he proclaimed a crusade against a sect in southern France that became one of the bloodiest blots in European history. The heretics called Cathari


The Muslims are still fighting each other over dim religious differences that are barely discernible by outsiders.  And of course, all Christian sects and belief groups seriously hate each other very heartily and secretly believe that each of them are the ONLY way to ‘salvation’ and all imagine their imaginary Jesus will save only themselves while being a really nasty person and condemn all others who have slight belief differences, to hell.


The all-or-nothing childishness of these draconian belief systems leads inevitably to mass murder and 1,000 year, nay, millennial battles of power which literally consume millions of lives.  This alarmed the Founding Fathers of the US so much, they carefully constructed a government where Church and State were strictly segregated.  The very last thing our founders wanted was to get involved in a thousand years of religious warfare.


But here we are, engaged in yet another goofy Crusade in the Middle East which, like all previous ones, has caused huge problems at home since Middle Eastern Crusades are always are hideously expensive and always bankrupts the invaders.  This is because all invaders must annihilate previous residents in the misnamed-Holy Land.


The Jewish invasion of the 20th century would have loved to keep this ugly tradition going except this invasion’s goal was messed up by the Nazi trials in Europe. That is, the Nüremberg court made it crystal clear, religious ethnic cleansing is a war crime punishable by death.  So there had to be a delicate balance of terror to drive out the Muslims and replace them with survivors of the Nazi religious and tribal purges.


So here we are, many years later, the Palestinians have multiplied in numbers and the Jewish invasion is floundering due to a dropping birthrate compared to the Palestinian Muslims and the US is engaged in endless suicidal wars with Muslim CIVILIANS all over the planet.  And we are going bankrupt, bankrolling the Jewish invasion of the Middle East while also bankrolling all the governments of Muslim people who then fight with their own citizens in an unending guerilla battle that covers this entire planet!  A recipe for disaster.


So, on to this day’s unpleasant New Year’s news:  Judge Drops Charges From Blackwater Deaths in Iraq –

The judge cited misuse of statements made by the guards in his decision, which brought to a sudden halt one of the highest-profile prosecutions to arise from the Iraq war. The shooting at Nisour Square frayed relations between the Iraqi government and the Bush administration and put a spotlight on the United States’ growing reliance on private security contractors in war zones.


Investigators concluded that the guards had indiscriminately fired on unarmed civilians in an unprovoked and unjustified assault near the crowded traffic circle on Sept. 16, 2007. The guards contended that they had been ambushed by insurgents and fired in self-defense.


A trial on manslaughter and firearm offenses was planned for February, and the preliminary proceedings had been closely watched in the United States and Iraq.


But in a 90-page opinion, Judge Ricardo M. Urbina of Federal District Court in Washington wrote that the government’s mishandling of the case “requires dismissal of the indictment against all the defendants.”


HAHAHA.  This shows clearly the insane double standards of the US.  We run some of the most noxious prisons on earth and the people who are kidnapped and shipped to these various torture sites have zero human or civil rights.  We refuse to let the Red Cross visit our replications of KGB torture centers.  Indeed, the US public is mostly supportive, nay, eager to run KGB torture centers if we are torturing Muslims: Rasmussen: 58% want underwear bomber waterboarded | Raw Story


So we have this stupid policy whereby war criminals operating under the US flag are given full, nay, hyper-civil rights and they are fully, nay, totally protected by not only US laws but international laws while at the same time, committing international war crimes which normally would see them executed!


Of course, when we are at war, we may do as we please.  This includes attacking innocent bystanders when the US is engaged in tit-for-tat revenge wars with crazed religious fanatics.  After the US ignored the UN and invaded Iraq, our rulers yelled that they did this to protect everyone from Saddam’s WMD.  Which turned out to be mythological.  Instead of punishing the people who lied us into war, the US protected and even honored the war criminals.


Tony Blair, the English poodle working for US military contractors, was not only not punished but had the cheek to run for office in the EU so he could run all of Europe!  And he is still running around, loose!


Even as the US uses technicalities to let off obvious war criminals who kill innocent civilians with impunity, and while the US continues to demand to hold kangaroo trials of victims of US torture, our clients in Afghanistan are demanding we put on trial our war criminals operating with near-total impunity over there:  Afghan Govt Calls on NATO to Hand Over Those Responsible for Kunar Killings — News from

NATO continues to change its story on Tuesday morning’s pre-dawn raid in the Kunar Province, which killed 10 Afghan civilians, eight of them children, and has led to massive protests against the international military effort.


Initially NATO officials insisted there were no operations going on in Kunar at all, though later they privately admitted US special forces were in the area. This story morphed into claims that it was a US military operation that killed an “IED cell” and that they had no proof of any civilian deaths.


Now, NATO says the operation was not military in nature, but rather was a “sanctioned” operation conducted by “non-military Americans” and that the children were all killed in self defense.


US Deaths in Afghanistan Soared in 2009 — News from The US is bleeding badly in Afghanistan.  Nearly 100% of these deaths are now parked on Obama’s bloody front doorstep at the bloody White House. Even the Taliban which we kill via mostly assassination robots, are civilians.  Yes, they are really, honestly civilians, not an opposing military power.  They are resistance fighters just like the ones who fought the Nazis during WWII.


A convention of warfare is to deny any Geneva Convention rights to civilians resisting invaders.  The US makes full use of this exception so we can forgive ourselves when we act like Nazis.  Note how in the above story, the US first denies CIA killers are running wild in Afghanistan, murdering civilians!  Of course, all the Afghanis are exquisitely aware of our CIA killers operating against them.  They are being killed by these clowns, after all!


The last paragraph I highlighted shows how degraded and Nazi-like we have become.  Those pesky children, like the ones in Palestine, are in the way and we, the heavily armed with WMD and assassin robots, must kill these pesky civilian children because they interfere with us hunting down and killing their fathers (and mothers!).  Blast them all, eh?


And what was this violent ‘non-military operation’ which was ‘sanctioned’ by the military?  Of course, this is the propaganda game of killing parents and then sending in sweet, nice CIA agents and private pirate operators seeking to suck up US dollars, to come in and build some Potemkin village project which would then let it look as if we want to service these poor civilians instead of murdering them all.


Of course, if they dare to resist this ‘help’ then we kill even small children in retaliation!  I have a clue here for these military lunatics: if even the little children want you to go away and leave them alone, go away.  Killing them so you can build schools or irrigation canals (which they can do, themselves) is no excuse for mass murder.


Intel officer: CIA officers’ deaths will be avenged –

“We should be thankful for the service and sacrifice of these fine Americans. They and their colleagues, who compose the very thin line of Agency officers working in the shadows at the very tip of the war on terror, are a national asset; an asset often misunderstood and under appreciated.”


Many, many years ago after reading a book about CS Lewis called  ‘Shadowlands’, I decided to call the CIA ‘Shadowlands’.  This is where parents lie to their children about nearly everything imaginable while holding dark secrets including secrets about war crimes.


CIA Director Leon Panetta said in a separate statement Thursday that “those who fell … were far from home and close to the enemy, doing the hard work that must be done to protect our country from terrorism.”


These ‘enemies’ evidently are small children.


A U.S. intelligence official would not discuss the specific mission of the base, but did acknowledge that it was a crucial CIA post and a “hub of activity.” The Khost Provincial Construction Team has been located at Chapman for about eight years, focusing on government, communication, security, agriculture and development in 13 districts, according to Capt. Michael R. Andrews, a U.S. Air Force spokesman.


This mysterious and shadowy ‘hub of activity’ happened to be the headquarters for targeting civilians in both Afghanistan and Pakistan with killer robot assassin machines which should most definitely be outlawed just like other murderous and evil modern killing systems have to be controlled by international treaties.  The US barricades and boycotts and even invades other countries supposedly because they have dangerous weapons while at the same time…well, this is too obvious.  It is painful to see Mr. Change change into Bomb Bomb Bomb Obama going to Norway to talk about our right to invade or murder whoever we wish using these weapons!


Naturally, since this is a primitive belief brain business battle, the US CIA Shadow Killers want to have REVENGE KILLINGS.  The UN has had to remove all personnel from Pakistan as it fall apart and enraged civilians are on the attack, the CIA will now blast away at civilians in Pakistan to ‘teach them a lesson’.


The horrible thing here is, these tribes we are fighting LOVE ‘revenge wars’.  This is normal for them.  They will happily continue doing tit for tat with us.  We are now going to extend this to an identical mountain/revenge culture in the Arabian lands in the Middle East: Yemen.  The ideology and culture is strikingly similar to Afghanistan and bin Laden carefully selected these mountain redoubts as the perfect mousetrap in his endless game of tit for tat with his former bosses in the CIA.


Herald journalist, 4 soldiers die in Afghan blast

Assigned to cover Canadian military efforts in Afghanistan for the Herald and Canwest News Service, the 34-year-old Vancouver native could have remained in the relatively safe confines of the base.


But Lang wasn’t wired that way. Days after arriving in early December, she couldn’t wait to get “out of the wire” — off the main military base — and on the ground with the troops.


This week, she ventured out with a provincial reconstruction team, soldiers and social workers working with ordinary Afghans to help repair the damage done by decades of war.


“Hopefully this will produce some interesting stories on the civilian-reconstruction side, as well as some military ones,” Lang wrote in an e-mail two days before her death.


Travelling Wednesday afternoon with a Canadian convoy, their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb four kilometres south of Kandahar city, killing Lang and four soldiers.


The attempt to lure in reporters to tell fake stories about how these stupid Potemkin ‘rebuilding’ projects are doing ended with a bang.  Again: you don’t invade someone, then claim to rebuild it all without first getting permission to do this with the people one is trying to ‘help’.  Obviously, these tribes do not want any of our filthy help.  They want us to leave.


Possibly the stupidest thing the West can do is send in women reporters to cover these tribe who instantly hate her the minute they see her.  Why not send in unveiled women reporters to Mecca to cover the Hajj?  After all, Saudi Arabia is an ally!  What prevents this?  Of course, this would cause mass hysteria and violence so we don’t even bother asking, much less, doing this with the woman reporters being escorted by military thugs.  For these are thugs!  They are invaders, they are not protecting civilians, they are attacking civilians who are fighting back because this is the essence of patriotism and a love of ones’ country!  Last time I looked, anyway.

US Backing Off Threat of ‘Crippling Sanctions’ Against Iran — News from

While the US is normally eager for new sanctions, the recent anti-government protests by the Green Revolution group, which the State Department has previously admitted to supporting, has them worried about the possibility of alienating the Iranian public at such a key time.


In fact, the administration is expected to attempt to block the Congressional sanctions, which the Senate has promised to move on as soon as it gets back from holiday recess. Those sanctions aimed at destroying Iran’s ability to make or import refined petroleum, a move which could do serious harm to the already struggling Iranian economy.


Congress is owned by a foreign agent power.  AIPAC wants these crippling sanctions.  Even as the poor Iranians struggle with each other, trying to grope their way to some sort of change (unlike the never-changing US political system!) the CIA has the wit to know that if we leave them alone instead of meddling, we will see things change for the better in Iran!


But I predict, whoever takes over next will certainly get nuclear arms because this is the only sane thing to do to protect Iran from repeated invasions!  The Jews know this and want to preempt this business while they still have an excuse that Iran threatens the Jewish invasion of Palestine!  So they will twist arms in the Democratic Party and the bosses of that begotten mess of a party will crush Obama’s balls and maybe set fire to them like the religious fanatic did to his own balls on Xmas eve.


When it comes to politics, religious insanity trumps all things.  So we will continue to destroy ourselves, battling shadowy assassins of all sorts while we use our own shadowy assassins to do the same.  And this is one dark road we should fear to tread.  Especially while going bankrupt to the communist Chinese.  Who don’t like us one bit.

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40 responses to “CIA Wants To Increase Revenge Wars

  1. zip


    “I’d like to solemnly reiterate that China will hold high the flag of peace, development and cooperation and firmly adhere to the foreign policy of maintaining world peace and promoting common development,” Hu said.

    He said China will develop friendly cooperation with all other countries on the basis of the five principles of co-existence and continue to actively participate in international cooperation on issues such as coping with the international financial crisis and climate change.

  2. Joseppi

    ” Especially while going bankrupt to the communist Chinese.”

    Krugman’s latest hubris filled analysis states ;
    “The bottom line is that Chinese mercantilism is a growing problem, and the victims of that mercantilism have little to lose from a trade confrontation. So I’d urge China’s government to reconsider its stubbornness. Otherwise, the very mild protectionism it’s currently complaining about will be the start of something much bigger.”
    So we have little to lose – any comments Elaine?
    Happy New Year.

  3. PLovering

    “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”

    Niccold Machiavelli
    The Prince

  4. emsnews

    Joseppi, China’s position in the world is very strong (look at how China humiliated Obama at Copenhagen!) and the US is mired in endless wars with more and more Muslims in more and more countries while going bankrupt.

    We get in a trade war with China and $2 trillion dollars will flood world markets, buying up every possible thing. End of the dollar as it devalues greatly (hyperinflation).

  5. eschew

    “China takes a very harsh line on criminality, although this is the first execution carried out on an erstwhile member of the financial classes.”

    Yet another reason China will come out on top.

  6. DrKrbyLuv

    Elaine wrote:

    “This insane series of endless wars is exactly what bin Laden prayed for once the US used him and his ilk to destroy the power of the communists in Russia. This wonderful game plan has become the defining image of ‘blowback’.”

    bin Laden was and is (if he’s a live) a CIA dupe. You give him far too much credit in implying he was a mastermind when in fact he was a minor role player.

    I’ve heard you attack 9/11 truthers before – and if you still don’t know that it was an inside job, you will never understand the true nature of terrorism.

    False flags and terrorism are the tools of the CIA, Mossad and MI5. The latest attack, the underwear bomber, on Christmas day has their finger prints all over the crime scene:

    Evidence Mounts for US Complicity in Terrorism: Mutallab’s father is no ordinary ‘banker’

    When nothing adds up, its time we starting looking at what we know. Our recent terrorist, now dubbed “the crotch bomber” is another dupe. He could have been working for anyone, drugged, brainwashed or simply influenced, maybe by crazy Arabs, maybe by the Mossad, maybe by the CIA. We only know the game is falling apart.

    We do know a couple of things. Dad, back in Nigeria, ran the national arms industry (DICON) in partnership with Israel, in particular, the Mossad. He was in daily contact with them. They run everything in Nigeria, from arms production to counter-terrorism. Though Islamic, Muttalab was a close associate of Israel. He has been misrepresented. His “banking” is a cover. Next, what do we know about the two Al Qaeda leaders Bush had released, the ones who planned this?

    According to ABC news, the Al Qaeda leaders running the insurgency in Yemen were released from Guantanamo, although two of the highest ranking known terrorists there, without trial.

    Guantanamo prisoner #333, Muhamad Attik al-Harbi, and prisoner #372, Said Ali Shari, were sent to Saudi Arabia on Nov. 9, 2007, according to the Defense Department log of detainees who were released from American custody.

    Both of the former Guantanamo detainees are described as military commanders and appear on a January, 2009 video along with the man described as the top leader of al Qaeda in Yemen, Abu Basir Naser al-Wahishi, formerly Osama bin Laden’s personal secretary.

  7. emsnews

    Bin Laden, like myself, grew up within the CIA system. He was never a ‘dupe’.

  8. DrKrbyLuv

    I’m glad you agree that bin Laden worked for the CIA…the question then becomes, when if ever, did he stop?

    You seem to be familiar with some of the technology and resources available to the CIA and I’m sure you recognize that had they wanted to, bin Laden would have been quickly captured.

    There have been reports that he is dead – none publicly verified. Dead or alive, he remains the mythical centerpiece on the war on terror.

    The BBC has reported that al qaeda never existed. It, along with bin Laden, were created by the CIA.


    The war on terror has been nothing more than a cruel war against the american people to take away their rights while stealing energy resources from the demonized muslims.

  9. emsnews

    The strategy of bin Laden does exist. The vessel shifts and changes just like any Shadowlands system is quasi-real. Note that these quasi-real things have very real effects. We see this clearly with the collapse of the CDO credit default system: it destroyed nearly all international banking outside of China.

  10. emsnews

    By the way, Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha all were much more powerful when dead. I hope people can understand this simple concept.

  11. justiceatsqualor

    My fortune cookie tonight read: “An empty stomach makes a bad political advisor.”

  12. emsnews

    Ah, yes, cannibalism is necessary to be an advisor for any politician.

  13. adammateyko

    Right now China is inflating its money supply in local currency asap ie ~30% a year, so the whole country is getting “richer” as long as other people trade their money for Yuan money, which is what the US etc has been doing for decades but now decided to flood the market to counter this upstart (and others) by “printing” 20 trillion of USD based crapola. That was accelerated in Sept – Dec 08. The markets floated up on that, and speculation flooded into the commodities markets. Yet we have to note that the entire commodities markets are only 60bn ie total capitalization (per Bloomberg), so if someone wanted ie a govt they could buy up the entire commodity “market” easily. I dont think the US or CHinese are unaware.

    If all sides are printing money and throwing it around at various things; ie debts in US case for banks, mortgages and China is building infrastructure, buying oil assets, etc. what is the end game? Could the US or China just print up enough money to “buy the entire world”???
    Like that US finance law that states 4 trillion as a “bailout” limit. WHY THAT NUMBER???

    As these numbers head off to infinity, they become useless as guides to whats going on. Printing money all over the place only wipes out debts which are someone elses assets anyway. So its just a transference process. Course there is always new stuff to buy ie new oilfield or factory or military toys. It just depends on who or what ends up controlling those assets. The Chinese could not foreclose on US mortgages because the US can just pass a law, BUT… the US cannot foreclose on Chinese factories either, as China could pass a law against that also. Like they just did with those derivatives deals.. .making them “null and void”…. so the balance of power shifts to the “real goods” ie access to energy, technology, factories, brainpower, etc.

    The US foreclosed, or tried to: the USSR military assets via financial sabatoge. China watched in silence. And learned a valuable lesson.

  14. the fool on the hill

    What is really sickening about the Blackwater case is how the defense lawyers were crowing after the case extolling the virtues of the American justice system when this is actually a shining example of how the Fifth Amendment actually ended up working against the interests of justice.

    But, skimming through the memo the more cynical side of me is tempted to speculate that part of the prosecution team was trying to sabotage the case. I mean, no one can be that stupid.

  15. justiceatsqualor


    Then it seems rationality goes out the window either way.

    Musing about shared desires and methods among disparate groups with diametrically opposed goals. A word of caution for prospective dupes and collective wishful thinkers: it seems to me that if one feels the best course of action is to countenance a course of action desired by one’s adversary, albeit for diametrically opposed goals, then one must ask oneself two question, who is the dupe, and are both engaged in wishful thinking? If the answers to both those questions are not clearly in one’s favor, then one should choose instead the second best course of action. . .

  16. emsnews

    Correct, Justiceatsqualor. Fool on the hill who isn’t foolish: yes, this case was deep sixed by the government prosecutors. Adam, you are correct. I said before, the Chinese will suddenly divest themselves of excess US paper ‘money’ very swiftly before it loses value due to them disgorging this loot.

  17. emsnews

    Oh, and the US cannot ‘print money’ to get out of that fix when it happens. And how will we buy oil? We won’t be able to buy foreign oil.

  18. payAttention

    You seem to ignore the news coming out of the commodity countries. Brazil has already slapped an investment tax on foreign inflows. To which the USA and China answered with more money printing. The Bovespa, which is the Brazilian market index, went down for a week and reversed itself, da boyz having seen that Lula’s percentage taxes will be easily outprinted. Last week, PM Putin warned that Russian assets will not be bought with printed paper, although he is not willing to impose capital controls officially. Give it a few months. While Canada is willing to sell off it oil production, and Australia its ore production, Venezuela is not, nor is Bolivia. Interestingly, it is Venezuela and Bolivia that get tagged with Canada and Australia’s inflation. Give it a few months. The balance is between the IMF/Goldman stooges like Canada, whose CB is run by a Goldman plant, and the growing number of countries who say nyet. Incidentally, Israel’s central bank is run by a Goldman plant, and everything there is for sale, to make the USA/China printing press money good. I don’t think you understand at all what is going on there. Watch India, there is a problem with a good old communist insurrection there, and when they say nyet, the scales tip.


    ELAINE: I strongly suggest you read native Russian and native Chinese news. China isn’t buying its oil and other commodities with just cash. They are making big-time, real deals involving technology exchanges, industrial development, etc. Putin and Hu are now very good buddies.

  19. emsnews

    Yes, Iraq still wants the US to punish criminals. Imagine that.

  20. John

    There’s no doubt that a brontosaurus-sized pile of feces is screaming toward the global fan. The operative question is, when does it actually get there?

  21. Red

    When you learns just how much “intelligence” went into the decision to go into Iraq, etc., it makes you want to laugh, but then the repercussions of those decisions based on imbecilic intel, and the misery and mayhem it rained on the civilian populations of the victimized countries are not a laughing matter.

    Unless of course you are a bigoted red neck.

    For war criminals, these people are pretty good at stupid! Watch from 0.15 – 1 minute 45 seconds of this vid to understand. The rest is pretty good too.

  22. Caryl Johnston

    Hi Elaine!-much to like here and much to agree with you about. I would only question the prominence you give to religious warfare. I think there was genuine religious war in the past – today, much less so, in the sense that “religion” is just used as a cover for New World Order tyranny.
    Still- bravo for a clearsighted piece.


    ELAINE: Back in the Middle Ages the NWO was the Catholic Church, for example. Today, it is a coalition of various religious groups using nation-states as tools for religious warfare. The NWO is very much a Zionist operation. Which means it is what?

    Religious warfare. See?

  23. nah

    asia is definately a complicated place with 10 trillion places to hide a dollar… afghanistan and ilk are forming up to be ‘classic counter insurgencys’, a peoples war… and we are faced with the laos/cambodia problem already, how ‘much’ can we manage a war with real armys that dont show up on satelite maps with great accuracy
    i think iraq has figured out how a nation works and is satesfied with ‘prosecuting criminals’ under political confrontation… but they have been doing that kind of thing for awhile saddam was a totalitarian nationalist
    the afghanistan war II is a poor mans war

    no nation is an island

  24. DrKrbyLuv

    Good stuff as usual PLovering, you wrote:

    “Follow the gold”

    Great article…I am very distrustful of those who call for a return to the gold standard. In the U.S. for example, we don’t have near enough gold to serve as a a national currency.

    At best, the U.S. has 8,100 metric tonnes of gold which would be valued at $312 billion ($1,200 / oz). Our total money supply (M3) is just under $15 trillion. How does $312 billion back up $15 trillion?

    But yet we hear many clamoring to return to the gold standard even though it clearly is impossible.

    In the film the Money Masters, produced in 1996-1998, Bill Still delivers a prophetic statement:

    “…if a depression comes there will be those who call themselves conservatives who will come forward advancing solutions framed by the international bankers.

    Be aware of calls to return to a gold standard. Why?

    Simple, because never before has so much gold been so concentrated outside of American hands.

    And never before has so much gold been in the hands of international governmental bodies such as the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

    In fact the IMF now holds more gold than any central bank.

    A gold backed currency usually brings despair to a nation. And to return to it, would certainly be a false solution in our case.

    Remember we had a gold backed currency in 1929 and during the first four years of the Great Depression.

    Likewise, be aware of any plans advance for a regional or world currency, this is the international bankers Trojan Horse.”

  25. emsnews

    Gold is a regulator of banking lending systems. I we wish for some other regulator, we can choose ANYTHING WE WANT so long as it is not INFINITE.

  26. zip

    i came across this one….
    somthing with digital money (episode 9)…

    the former can be found here

  27. emsnews

    Digital money is very dangerous for it can go to infinity or vanish even easier than paper money (see: Derivatives Beast).

  28. CK

    Digital money would be kept on harddrives.
    Hard drives are almost all made in PRC and Taiwan.
    So we could suffer the Head Crash of 2010 along with the regular cash crash and the bankruptcy of 2010.

  29. scarletfire

    To Drkrby…Gold certainly could be the just needs to rise or the money supply needs to contract..nothing impossible there… The great Hope would just need to announce some late afternoon friday that we are now switching back to the gold standard and each new dollar will be backed by X amount of gold…not that hard..could be a tenth of a gram…or whatever the calculation of outstanding money vs amount of gold in fort knox (if any!) turns out to be.
    I don’t see it happening however as the bankers clearly like a free printing press and the power to control it.

  30. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    How ironic to read this blog today after reading a front-page article in the Sunday Seattle Times about a local woman who finances the building and operation of ‘girls schools’ in Afghanastan!

    Stay in there and pitch.


    ELAINE: Alien invaders building schools usually end up making theses sorts of schools illegitimate. All things must evolve out of societies to be strong. Note how the right wing, in the US, is very anti-feminist which is why they want to force women to be pregnant, for example.

  31. Red

    How to distinguish between terrorism and payback. Notice how terrorists kill women and children, while those defending national sovereignty kill hard targets.

  32. justiceatsqualor

    Let’s not criticize those who have been ordered to fight an unwise war by a wealthy sovereign and then sent without enough resources to take, hold and quell the objective.

    Pain and anger of loss and the actions that naturally follow have been a part of every war ever fought. So, let’s not shoot the messenger.

  33. PLovering


    Gold exports and the collapse of the dollar.

  34. Red

    You misunderstood my comment, it was not meant as criticism of the grunts, but rather a clarification of the difference between media hyped “terrorist” circus acts, and defending ones country. If memory serves me, the British once labeled George Washington a terrorist.

    But since you brought it up, allow me to qualify, CIA operatives and station chiefs are not grunts, and when they test high tech toys on unsuspecting civilians at wedding parties to bring up their kill ratios and please their MIC masters, that makes them fair game; they painted the crosshairs on their own heads. If they can’t take the heat they shouldn’t be in the kitchen. It’s not just a job, so do it right, armed combatants only. No grandstanding at the expense of children, please.

  35. justiceatsqualor

    “What else can I say, everyone is [game]”

    The only difference between grunts and socom is how they get to the fight. Red, I don’t know if you are parroting the condescending “support the troops” mantra or whether you are parroting the neo-con-traitor anti-cia-nationalist propoganda. Anyway, in your differentiation between grunts and operators and paramilitaries in theater, have you considered that all use drones? All have rules of engagement that create trauma? All make bomb damage estimates that allow for tragedy? All try to plan operations that minimize American casualties, sometimes at great expense?

    Civilian leaders and military commanders have chosen to countenance mission statements that fall short of success in theater while controlling insufficient resources to do otherwise. Essentially, and as recently stated by the four-star, a blocking mission. Protecting their guys is the least they can do.

  36. Red

    When there are no real targets, there is always Nisour Square. Enough said.

  37. emsnews

    Assassinations lead to more assassinations which is why it is considered extremely bad policy and cowardly. If a non-government, non-state organization like al Qaeda uses this strategy, it doesn’t mean the world’s most powerful empire should copy this.

    We ended up copying this and it has caused us to lose moral and military power.

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