The Lost Economy: China Goes Up While the West Declines

A Bilderberg-infested think tank has come out with an interesting forecast.  That is, China will be economically more powerful than the US in 2030.  Way back in the late-1980’s, the Chinese young officials at my home proudly announced a ‘Fifty Year Plan’ which was going to lure out of the US, our industrial base and that the Chinese would be the world’s most powerful capitalists.  The fact that a ‘think tank’ run by the mystical monkeys who foisted free trade and the floating fiat currency regime is admitting that the Chinese 50 Year Plan will be a success is hilarious as well as stupid.  Duh!  The Chinese understand what ‘capital’ is.  The US thinks this is ‘money’.  It is not.  It is the value of labor-added enterprises that are profitable for the entire national entity, not just individuals.

The nation of China has been growing steadily stronger as their international accounts swell in capital.  The US and EU tried running a banking system with near-zero capital.  This collapsed quite spectacularly and now they are trying to recapitalize this bankrupt system via…looting the workers of the value of their collective labor!  Unable to build industries and create jobs, this naked looting expedition is going to destroy the nations that protect these stupid bankers.

The owners of the NYT are big, big Bilderberg entities.  Here is the article about the rising star of Communist China:  Study Predicts Future for U.S. as No. 2 Economy, but Energy Independent –

A new intelligence assessment of global trends projects that China will outstrip the United States as the leading economic power before 2030, but that America will remain an indispensable world leader, bolstered in part by an era of energy independence…“The growth of the global middle class constitutes a tectonic shift,” the study states, saying that billions of people will gain new individual power as they climb out of poverty. “For the first time, a majority of the world’s population will not be impoverished, and the middle classes will be the most important social and economic sector in the vast majority of countries around the world.”…

“There will not be any hegemonic power,” the 166-page report states. “Power will shift to networks and coalitions in a multipolar world.”

Good lord!  Talk about hubris!  The US imagines, once it destroys its own middle class while hundreds of millions of Chinese become middle class, we will still rule the planet? HAHAHA.  This is the height of delusional thinking.  The Chinese don’t mind taking over the US.  Israel showed how.  It is very simple, the same way Japan bought Reagan: bribes!  I even explained to the Chinese how Reagan got away with accepting foreign bribes and they thought this was a royal good idea.

They then said, when I said it will happen to China, ‘Oh no, we will execute anyone accepting foreign bribes.’  And for the most part, they have.  Power is not secure in China and the higher one goes, the more exposed one is.  The present leaders ponder this riddle as they want to be safe yet know that if they allow corruption, it will destroy them in the end.  History is clear about this.  They do want a stronger China and are most anxious on this point.  They know that if they leave China with their loot, they will be looted in turn by various mobs or governments.

The best-case situation for global security to 2030, according to the study, would be a growing political partnership between the United States and China. But it could take a crisis to bring Washington and Beijing together — something like a nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan resolved only by bold cooperation between the United States and China.

The US has decided this last decade to put a military noose around China’s neck.  The Chinese are not stupid.  Like the Russians, they have been betrayed, invaded and looted by the West and by Japan.  So they are not fooled by pretend friendliness when gun boats lurk nearby.  No, the US threw away this some time ago when they gave Japan the red light to go imperialist.  Japan’s rulers are now quite nakedly imperialists and are making one-sided arrogant demands of China, Russia, both Koreas and other neighbors they previously invaded.

And China holds the power here: their gigantic FOREX and bond holdings.  They can destroy the value of the dollar in international trade with a flick of the wrist at a government computer.  Right now, they are content to buy up world resources and strengthen the industrial power they possess and which the foolish US rulers cast off as worthless.  Double down fools, they are!

From the free trade stable of Zionists in DC comes this editorial:  Robert Samuelson: Is the economy creating a lost generation? – The Washington Post

The glut of job seekers depresses wages in a second way, argues the study. New firms — which create a disproportionate share of new jobs — don’t have to pay as much to hire. In 2001, workers at firms 10 years old or less earned 85 percent as much as workers at older firms. By 2011, they were paid only 70 percent as much. And these newer firms matter. From 1998 to 2011, they created 40 percent of net new jobs despite representing only 25 percent of total employment.

And who, pray tell, sent these jobs flying overseas?  Samuelson knows perfectly well.  He and his buddies loved doing this and wish to continue doing this until the cows come home.  So what, if people can’t go up the escalator anymore?  They sold it to the Chinese, the Japanese, the Israelis, the Germans, everyone outside of the US.

Remember what launched the collapse of the Western banking system?  The derivative contracts held by AIG, of course!  And now, AIG is having a panic sale of all the goodies that went bankrupt during that mess.  And who is buying?  Why, the entity that has capital galore:  Chinese investors take 80% stake in AIG aircraft leasing unit – Dec. 9, 2012

The acquisition is part of AIG’s (AIG, Fortune 500) drive to sell non-core assets, a strategy designed to help the insurance company emerge from the financial crisis, during which it required a government bailout, as a leaner business.  If the option to expand the purchase to 90% of ILFC is exercised, the investor group will grow to include New China Life Insurance and an investment arm of ICBC International.

And as for the US ‘energy independence’, that is a mirage.  China is buying up these resources:  Chinese oil giant wades into North Sea – Telegraph

Europe also waved through the takeover on Friday. “The European Commission has granted clearance under the EU Merger Regulation to the proposed acquisition,” the EC said.

Its UK operations make up almost half of Nexen’s total oil production. Although the UK Government is not directly involved in approving the deal, CNOOC may have to pass a test to see if it is “competent” as it will become the operator of the Buzzard field. It will also have to abide by UK rules and regulations.

China, through its state-owned companies, such as CNOOC and sovereign wealth funds, has been buying natural-resource assets all over the world to secure metals and energy sources to fuel its rapid growth and development.

Now on to the Soviet-style horror show of the Western democracies as they turn into Israeli fascists minus the ‘protect your own people’ part:  PressTV – Former US president condemns American assassination drone raids.  Jimmy Carter very seldom makes the news in the US.  Luckily, we have the nasty Russians to inform us of what he is saying about America.  And Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich team up to oppose drones, too.

The union of the liberals and libertarians is something I embrace but ONLY if the libertarians grant us liberals our civil rights in full and this means all, not a few select portions wanted by white males, the whole thing for minorities, women, gays, the disabled, all of us.  The power we will gain with this is enormous instead of being fatally divided.

And last of all, Japan.  The decline of Japan is quickening.  It won’t last until 2030.  Report: Research shows accelerated failure at Fukushima Daiichi as the pipes bringing in water and taking out radioactive wastes rots much faster than expected.  I noted this in the past while looking at videos of the inside chambers there.  The rust and rot is quite obvious.

Report: M7.3 quake caused reaction inside Unit 1 at Fukushima Daiichi — Indications are that something corium related is going on: this is a detailed article showing the possibility that nuclear reaction continues in one of the reactors and if the water fails due to rotted pipes or earthquakes, this will blow up.

And the rot is at the top:  Scientists setting radiation exposure limits took utility money: probe—it turns out, the regulators were taking company money and going on all-expenses paid ‘conference’ visits in various resorts.

And last of all, going back to diplomacy failures, none looms greater than Japan’s near-total inability to understand why their neighbors hate them:  Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves.  The anti-Chinese racism of the comments here are quite chilling.  They just do not understand.  They think a mumbled ‘apology’ that is not even slightly sincere was good enough to erase decades of vicious destruction, murder, looting and rape.  Nothing has been paid to the survivors.  And Japan, unlike Germany, got away with this crime thanks to US power.  We let them.  It is our mistake and a diplomatic disaster for us, too.

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18 responses to “The Lost Economy: China Goes Up While the West Declines


    From the land of Shakespeare.

    The anger is spreading through Europe and none blame muslims.


    oops sorry wrong vid, here goes!


    My apologies

  4. theyenguy

    During the week endind December 7, 2012, the Shanghai Shares, $SSEC, traded by CAF, which had been performing very poorly ever since QE1 was introduce, rose 4.1% this week, largely on a rising Yuan, CYB.

    Commodities, DBC, and USCI, traded lower, as Precious Metals, JJP, traded lower, as Gold, GLD, fell through a consolidation triangle, and Silver, SLV, traded sharply lower. Spot gold, $GOLD, traded lower to $1,705; support is lower at $1,680 and $1665; support for GLD is 162. Oil, USO, traded lower; and Unleaded Gas, UGA, fell sharply lower. Natural Gas, UNG, fell to support, and its chart looks like it could break sharply lower. Bespoke Investment Group reports Gasoline inventories soar by most in more than 10 years. Base Metals, DBB, traded lower; Copper, JJC, a measure of the Shadow Banking System in China, traded lower. Timber, CUT, traded to a new high.

    Total Bonds, BND, traded up to a new high of 84.99, before closing lower this week at 84.81. Peak Debt is being attained.

    The Dollar, $USD, UUP, has traded lower over the years since its peak in 2002, on US Central Bank credit liquidity and easing, until it recently rose from $79.00 on September 14, 2012, and is now trading at its 50 day moving average, at $80.42, as the Euro, FXE, rose to a new rally high of 129.99, pushing the Swiss Franc, FXF, to a triple top high of 106.24, before the Euro, traded lower to 128.26. The chart of the world major currencies, DBV, shows that they jumped to a new high of 26.02, and the chart of emerging market currencies, CEW, shows they are approaching their Sept. 14, 2012, high.

    The world has passed through Peak Monetization. Generally speaking individual currencies globally are failing to rise higher on debt monetization, that is currency debauchery of the world central banks neoliberal finance. The world is passing through Peak Monetization, meaning that the world central banks are unable to stimulate further global growth and corporate profitability. Debt monetization is no longer able to leverage World Stocks, VT, higher.

    The Euro currency, FXE, has peaked out. Monetizing of debt is one of two factors that caused the Euro, FXE, to peak out and trade lower this week; and as result Italy, EWI, and Spain, EWP, traded lower from their rally high and both the European Financials, EUFN, and the European Shares, VGK, manifested bearish harami candlesticks, at the top of ascending wedges, suggesting that the rally in these shares is now complete. The other factor for that caused the Euro to peak out and trade lower, is an ongoing political leadership crisis in both Italy, and in Europe as a whole.

    Tje week’s rally and fall in the Euro, FXE, stimulated Peak Currency and Peak Credit. Of note, Peak Stock Wealth, occurred September 14, 2012 as world stocks, VT, topped out.
    The Fiat Money System was replaced by The Diktat Money System on December 7, 2012, as the Euro, FXE, traded below 1.30.

    The failure of neoliberalism’s seigniorage, that is moneyness, has introducing the Age of Austerity and the Age of Debt Servitude, where people will come to trust in the Diktat Money System, where diktat serves as currency, credit, and wealth, as exemplified in Egypt, EGPT, and Argentina, ARGT.

    Soon, the prince who is to come, will step into the limelight of Europe’s political stage, Daniel 9:26, to establish order out of chaos. In bible prophecy, he is described as the Little Horn, meaning one currently of seemingly little authority, Daniel 7:8. He will rise to power through, not through traditional political means, but rather through regional framework schemes, Daniel 8:23, that is through regional framework agreements. He is the one who stands up at the current end of the reign of four kingdoms, specifically a succession of global powers, these being Babylonian, Medo Persian, Grecian, and Roman, Daniel 8:22. His rise to power will continue the way of the fourth beast, and will establish a revived Roman Empire, which in its final form will be a one world government with power transferred from Europe to Jerusalem, Daniel 9:25-27. This individual is the Sovereign of Revelation 13:5-10, and will be accompanied in power by the Seignior, that is the top dog banker who takes a cut, Revelation 13:11-18.

    A Federal European Super State is coming out of the Greek, Italian and Spanish banking, economic and governmental crises. This Beast Eurozone government will be come as a progression of the four kingdoms of Daniel’s prophecies. And it will have a Beast Leader and a Beast Banker; yes three Beasts are coming to rule the EU, and eventually the world, a Beast System, a Beast Ruler, and a Beast Banker for all.


    China is already powerful, it will be interesting to see how they use this power, will they improve the lives of 1 billion persons or build palaces.

    “A Federal European Super State is coming out of the Greek, Italian and Spanish banking, economic and governmental crises.”

    Q: which language will they share.

    Its difficult to give a rousing speech in 27 different languages. A few have tried to harmonise Europe, it always goes the way of Afghanistan. Last major attempt was about 70 years ago.

    EU is a collection of co-operating states using the ideas of game theory, see John von Neumann, it is not a super-state.

    French, German, British and US bankers have destroyed the economic basis of Europe and we know it. Stock markets only have meaning based upon underlining industry, destroy the industries and you have nothing to trade. So the abstract numbers about so called markets, so beloved of television pundits are meaningless noise.

    Age of Austerity: Easy if you can’t support yourself how do you afford wars, perhaps the money for wars is being syphoned off. In WW11 the phrase was ‘Make Do and Mend’.

    As for “Peak Monetization”, this is the type of meaningless naming that made Milton Friedman so popular with actors turned politicans.

    But yes, a reasonable goal is order out of chaos. She Who Must Be Obeyed will probably expect that we shave before lunch and wash more frequently. Or more simply expect that UN Treaties are respected and no more settlements on occupied and stolen land.

  6. Bloomberg is reporting Japan Utilities Plunge on Faultline Warning Under Nuclear Plant. … Kansai Electric Power Co. led declines in Japan’s utilities after geologists said an earthquake faultline may be active under a nuclear plant that holds the country’s oldest reactor. Kansai Electric shares fell as much as 9.7 percent to 701 yen, heading for the biggest decline since Oct. 23, on the Tokyo Stock Exchange today. The Topix Electric Power & Gas Index fell as much 3.5 percent

  7. Eso

    A wildly speculative blog, but interesting. The biggest flaw IMO is its emphasis on the Chinese as the ones who know what they are doing.
    Sure. It is somewhat true that
    “The Chinese understand what ‘capital’ is. The US thinks this is ‘money’. It is not. It is the value of labor-added enterprises that are profitable for the entire national entity, not just individuals.”
    I really doubt that the “labor-added enterprises…are profitable for the entire national entity, not just individuals….” It is highly unlikely that the Chinese will escpe the juridicial entity, the corporation as, more or less, an individual with, more or less, individual rights. The Chinese do not have a brain that is different from the brain of Europeans, Americans, or any other humans. The Chinese brain is as infected by the fascist democratic and ‘human rights’ (a la Pussy Riot) mutated virus. I am amazed how the latter have castrated Putin and Medvedev and the Russian Orthodox Church and found allies among the Uber-oligarchs in London and the slightly lesser or ‘maljinki’ oligarchs in Riga.
    More attention ought to be directed on the phenomenon of “riot”–whether it is of pussy, dick, or simply artis-tic. Well, I could go on.
    However, back to the “value of labor-added enterprises….” Pure bs, even though true as far as it goes. What we ”moderns’ forget is that our forebears lived in the woods as nomads, milked and rode reindeer, and worked only as much as we needed to, and let the Gods compensate for our greater death rate at a younger age.

  8. wellwell

    Reading the online pages of the China Daily and the South China Morning Post, it’s impossible to miss the difference in tone from our own media. Even though there is evidence of short-term misallocation of capital in the Chinese banking and construction industries, those investments will eventually pay off. China is well-placed for the future – only environmental distress and demographic aging can hinder their swift ascent. The West, by contrast, is tired and in denial of the obvious. Nevertheless, I take my blessings where I can find them. The recent spate of gay weddings in Washington state was a tonic.

  9. emsnews

    The romanticizing of primitive life styles never ends, does it? The labor involved in living like the early hunter-gatherers is concealed from view. I once lived like that. It is hard work…FOR WOMEN. Trust me on this!

    What technology and farming did to men was put them to work so they had similar levels of labor as women. Denial of the value of labor goes way, way back for men.

    Their Garden of Eden involved having sex and goofing off the majority of the time while the women searched for food, dug up roots, carried rocks, built the nests for the children to sleep in, fed the babies, watched over the young and the old, wove the cloth, chewed on the leather to make it soft, tended the fires, etc, etc, etc.

    Labor is VALUABLE. If you think not, I would love to have a slave toil for me. You can volunteer since your labor is worthless. 🙂

  10. Eso

    So, write a blog, Elaine, how with a population of 7 billion plus and the rape of Mother Earth in full swing, you propose to continue your more or less urban life-style. I find your response above typical of a spoiled brat who wants it all and then some.

    ELAINE: I lived for ten years in a tent with no electricity and used an ox team, a horse and a sled dog for transport. And you?

  11. floridasandy

    what we have here is americans who want our own growth cut, while they advance china’s interests.

    good luck with that, because china has a LOT of mouths to feed and a lot of unrest.


    same old, same old.

  12. anon999

    ‘your more or less urban life-style’…EMS lives way out in the country!
    I say much less.

  13. emsnews

    China has unrest because it is active and rising. The US has disjointed mass murders by suicidal young men going insane….

  14. 911

    ‘China has unrest because it is active and rising’
    With 1.4? Billion people and a horrible government, there is sure to be unrest.
    Is the # of ‘traveling / homeless’ workers there at 200,000,00?

  15. 911

    Where does China get its Oil and Coal?

  16. emsnews

    From many of the same places we get it. This is why it is now so expensive. Competition and they have the sovereign wealth to buy up these resources.

  17. job

    ho ho ho chi min trail mix. for sale soon…

  18. I flipped open my Tao Te Ching to a random page, the other day, and got:

    “To reduce someone’s influence, first expand it;
    To reduce someone’s force, first increase it;
    To overthrow someone, first exalt them;
    To take from someone, first give to them.

    “This is the subtlety by which the weak overcome the strong”

    Post-Mao, I imagine most Chinese find the classical old texts embarrassing. I think there’s a lot of insight in them, though.

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