DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz Wants Illegal Alien Flood While Israel Allows Only Jews In

Chair of DNC says: ‘Israel is our rightful place… a place for us to go’


As race wars rage here in the US, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party both throw gasoline on these fires and the core cause at this point isn’t the simple white racism of Jim Crow.  It is more the tribal reflexive hate that is due to races and religions seeking privileges, not civil rights for everyone.  The GOP is obvious in this regard but the DNC does it just as much, as it seeks to build a power base in the minority communities.  What is really odious is how racist Jews are demanding we ignore citizenship to allow a flood of illegal aliens into the country so they can be exploited by liberal Zionists in America as a power base.

DNC chair ignites rage: Martin O’Malley right on border kids’ ‘certain death’ 


The White House went apoplectic last month when likely 2016 presidential candidate Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said, “We are not a country that should turn children away and send them back to certain death.” Tuesday night, Wasserman Schultz said twice — strongly — that she thinks O’Malley was right…


“Not only do I agree with him, but,” the Florida congresswoman said, launching into a long story about a boy she’d met during a visit to a facility in Miami who told her of being kidnapped and forced into the drug trade, and showed her a bullet wound through the back of his arm.


Debbie wants the President to act without Congressional input to unilaterally allow a flood of mainly Hispanic teen males into the country.  Note her sob story here. With zero investigation, she believes the cock and bull story of this probable criminal teen that he was forced into the drug trade and got shot…um…and what was he doing at that time?  Eh?


How about dealing drugs!  The back of the arm business means he was probably running from another drug dealer and was winged.


The real question here is, would Debbie let this young drug dealer into Israel?  Ah.  Of course not!  She doesn’t even want to allow the native population there to live there!  She is a rank Zionist and she votes for ethnic cleansing money for her favorite ‘keep everyone who isn’t echt Juden out’ country.


The Zionists who own and run the NYT are at it again.  Deborah E. Lipstadt, Holocaust ‘professor’ at Emory University, on the Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe – NYTimes.com


And despite all (all the ritual political petting that supports Zionist ethnic cleansing by Jews) I wonder if I am too sanguine (about anti-Jewish riots by Muslims in Europe). Last month, pro-Gaza protesters on Kurfürstendamm, the legendary avenue in Berlin, chanted, “Jews, Jews, cowardly swine.” Demonstrators in Dortmund and Frankfurt chanted, “Hamas, Hamas; Jews to the gas!” And a pro-Hamas marcher in Berlin broke away from the crowd and assaulted an older man who was quietly standing on a corner holding an Israeli flag…It would be simple to link all this outrage to events in Gaza. But this trend has been evident for a while.


So, people are angry about the butchery in Gaza…but it isn’t the cause of the anger!  Also, this ‘professor’ (sic) doesn’t deign to mention the many demonstrations in her beloved Homeland Race Purity State screaming for all Gaza children to be ruthlessly killed.


So she is puzzled as to why people hate her and her fellow ethnic cleansers!  These professors who put the magnifying glass to real racism aimed at Jews turn a blind eye to racism by Jews.  Many Jewish leaders who use Congress to pay for the running of their racist home base, pet and mouth words on behalf of minorities in the US so they will be the power base for Jewish racism.


And believe me, most Jews don’t like the Schwarzes at all!  I know from first hand experience in NYC.  When I lived in a mainly black neighborhood, my Jewish in-laws absolutely refused to ever visit me for any reason due to this naked fear.


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5 responses to “DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz Wants Illegal Alien Flood While Israel Allows Only Jews In

  1. melponeme_k

    More coddling of a fundamentalist populace.

    They supported the Dominionists to get their support for Zionism. Now they want a whole bunch of fundamentalist Catholics from the South. All of them anti-semitic on principle. Then they will wonder about the anti-semitism explosion in the future.

  2. emsnews

    And Hispanic Catholics are often VERY conservative, too. So far, they have a much higher marriage rate than blacks.

  3. luc

    Debbie is also for Legal Infanticide.
    Far as our ‘civil servants’ [cough] go:

    Lois Lerner, the big boss of IRS Tax Exempt Organizations,
    Schumer, Lerner, Shulman, and Miller, Kagan, Bloomberg, Rambo, Phiip Perlman, Oscar Hirsh, Hilbert Zakry , javits, Emmanuel teller?
    and yes Garcetti—ALL Jews.

    JEWS run and own the media:

    • CBS/MTV/Paramount Pictures/Viacom is owned by the Jew, Murray Rothstein (aka Sumner Redstone).
    • NBC/Universal Studios is owned by the Jew, Brian Roberts, with the Jew, Jeff Zucker, as president.
    • ABC/Disney is run by the Jew, Robert Iger, who is Chairman & CEO.
    • CNN/Time Magazine is primarily owned by the Jew, Aviv Nevo.
    • FOX News/Wall Street Journal/New York Post/20th Century Fox is owned by the Jew, Rupert Murdoch, whose mother Elisabeth Joy Greene, was a Jew. (Jews trace their racial identity from their mother.)
    • The New York Times is owned by the Jewish Sulzberger family, the major influence behind Columbia University. Arthur Sulzberger Jr is current Chairman of The NY Times.
    • Numerous Newspapers & Magazines throughout North America are owned by the Jewish Newhouse family.
    It’s more like a Jewish marriage joining lies and an agenda.

  4. Alaskan Ice

    Illegal aliens aren’t just being let in to be exploited as a liberal power base. The envelope licking democrats may believe that they’re going to breed more (second generation) democrats, eventually. . . but the envelope licking republicans believe that they’re keeping crap cheap at Wal-Mart. . . Big business wants cheap labor with limited legal rights who can’t vote against them (Slavery 2.0). Particularly now that much of the U.S. citizen voting underclass is now on social security disability, and don’t want $10/hr jobs. . .

    We get left to foot the bill for all the additional social services, incarcerations, etc.

  5. Petruchio

    Of course the elites want to create as much turmoil/conflict in the general society as possible. Keep the masses fighting amongst each other and away from the real culprits: the elites. I think it was the financier Jay Gould who said he could hire half the peasants to kill off the other half. The elites know they are a minority; that’s why hiding their culpability is the elites top priority. I can remember Bush Sr remarking-off the record he thought-that if the public knew what he and his Administration had done to the American people, they would be tarred and feathered and run out of town. The elites have FULL awareness of how damaging their actions are to the general public.

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