‘Piss Christ’ Creator, Serrano, Whines About Free Speech

“Artists must be free to live”: “Piss Christ,” Charlie Hebdo and the dangers of self-censorship is an editorial written by Serrano who made his living ‘shocking’ people with his ‘art’ which was really rather more akin to garbage and junk.  The freedom to hurt people’s feelings is supposed to be this high point in our society and people who are unhappy about vicious, nasty ‘art’ and ‘writing’ are supposed to ‘suck it up and shut up’.  Here is Serrano whining about this:

Even within the world’s strongest democracies, an artist’s free expression can be fraught with difficulty and danger, as the recent massacre by Islamist extremists at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris has shown. I know something about those hazards firsthand. When I created the photograph Piss Christ, in 1987, I never thought that it would prove so controversial. I too was threatened, and the work was vandalized several times by those who considered it blasphemous.


Nearly 30 years later, in response to the Paris massacre, the Associated Press removed an image of Piss Christ from its editorial archives. We’ve seen the same impulse for self-censorship in the West before, as we see it in the refusal of many media outlets to publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons at the heart of this recent tragedy.


I published not only some of the ‘art’ of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, I also mentioned that the US media wasn’t showing the more shocking sexual/religious cartoons making it look mysterious as to why the Muslims were so very angry.  The cartoons are pretty racist as well.  Serrano explains away the insults of his ‘Piss Christ’ garbage (it is not ‘art’ but ‘agitprop’) by saying, ‘I am a Catholic, therefore it is OK to insult Catholics’.


The cartoonists drawing anti-Middle Eastern caricatures are not Muslims nor Middle Eastern so what was their excuse?  It was simple: we get to do ANYTHING insulting we wish!  So there!


I have pointed out several obvious glaring examples of EU governments including France and England, putting even young teens in jail for doing less than the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists.  In the US, we have iron clad rules of who is allowed to be racist and who is allowed to insult other races by  making jokes or statements, etc.  That is, we have extremely strict rules for certain races and situations no one dares cross:  Nebraska educator may not survive racist post is today’s example in the news:


A long list of educators, civil rights advocates and elected officials, including the Republican governor, are calling for the resignation of Nebraska State Board of Education member and GOP veteran Pat McPherson after his conservative blog described the president as a “half-breed.”


“It is clear that this controversy will hinder the State Board of Education from accomplishing its goals,” Gov. Pete Ricketts said in a statement. “Pat should tender his resignation and allow the board to get back to work on its goals of improving achievement outcomes for all students.”


But for more than a week, McPherson, a former Republican Party county chairman, has stubbornly “rebuffed calls for his resignation,” according to NebraskaWatchdog.org, not only from the governor, but also from “two U.S. senators, two congressmen, the NAACP, the state teachers union, the Omaha school board,” Omaha city council members and “his colleagues on the State Board of Education.”


“Most are Republicans,” the Watchdog added, “as is McPherson.”


In Nebraska these days, the question is: Who doesn’t want him gone?


This is obvious censorship.  It is persecution.  The term ‘half-breed’ isn’t insulting because black people use this term all the time along with the other semi-verboten word, ‘n*gger’ which is Spanish for ‘black’.  For some time, we were supposed to call blacks ‘Afro-American’ but then that was decided to be evil so it was dropped and ‘Negro’ was dropped, too.  And so whites are reduced to wondering what to say at this point while blacks merrily go about calling each other ‘n*gger’ totally openly even on camera and in the press!


Obama is a ‘half-breed’ and many darker skinned blacks call ‘half-breeds’ all sorts of derogatory names because race still matters greatly in many social settings.  Al Sharpton has been very obnoxious, much more than Mr. McPherson, and the NAACP, the Black Caucus in Congress remain silent about him.  He gets free speech while others can’t say half what he gets to say.  This state of affairs won’t go on forever and is extremely explosive.


There is a black Republican in Congress, Scalise,  who is learning that he has severe restraints on what he says and who he talks to imposed on him by other blacks:  Embattled GOP whip turns to Black Dem for help | TheHill


 Richmond, an African American Democrat from New Orleans, was Scalise’s most vocal defender after revelations the House GOP whip addressed a white supremacist group as a Louisiana state lawmaker in 2002.


Earlier this week, Richmond spoke with Scalise about his meeting next Tuesday with two black leaders in the House: Assistant Minority Leader Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) and new Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.). They also discussed a future meeting between Scalise and two black civil rights leaders — Marc Morial and Wade Henderson — who have publicly questioned whether Scalise should step down from the No. 3 job in GOP leadership.


They want to punish him by forcing him out of his #3 position!  I notice they aren’t inviting Sharpton as a ‘civl right leader’.  The entire civil rights movement has devolved badly into a hounding operation aimed at stopping anyone from saying anything about the mess that is unfolding inside the community as social structures there continue a catastrophic collapse.  Anyone talking to ‘right wingers’ about any of this is hounded mercilessly.  Anyone white daring to talk about this honestly is also hounded as ‘racist’.


Instead, the black leadership of the shattered, burned out remains of the civil rights movement are reduced to being childishly in denial about crime, murder and mayhem engulfing their people:  The Distorted Exaggeration of Black-on-Black Crime Ignores Much of the United States’ Criminality


This myth relies on shaky evidence and a selective definition of crime that ignores crimes committed by powerful institutions and the people who run them, many of whom are white men.


They all do this dirty trick.  They don’t mention that 60%+ of the population is ‘white’.  And of these, Hispanics are both ‘white’ and ‘not-white’ at the same time, sometimes a separate category, sometimes not.  Blacks are 17% of the population and nearly half of the crime rate.


Blaming the crime problem on black people is unfair and ill-founded. On one hand, according to FBI homicide data, African Americans commit more homicides than other racial groups. In 2013, there were 5,375 black homicide offenders versus 4,396 who were white and over 4,000 whose races were unknown. However, that is a very small percentage of the national black population, which is over 40 million people. The vast majority of black people do not commit any crimes.


Same inability to match percentage to crime rates because this blows apart the entire storyline this writer is attempting.  The vast majority of everyone tends to not be ‘criminals’.  But the reduction in crime in the black community after age 25 comes mainly from most of them being either dead or in prison by then who tend to be criminals.  A short career indeed.


Domestic violence, on the other hand, roars onwards for all ages and is significantly worse in black communities where the marriage rate has been rapidly collapsing towards zero and children don’t know who their fathers are.  Maury Povich Paternity show exploits this making him very rich,  where people discover who the ‘real daddy’ is via genetic tests shows the chaos chewing up poor whites and especially, blacks.  Out of control, indeed.


Moreover, so-called black-on-black crime has decreased over the decades. In the past 20 years, black-on-black homicides decreased by 67 percent—a sharper decline than white-on-white homicide


The ONLY reason black on black murder had a decline, mainly in places like NYC, is due to Republican mayors imposing severe restrictions on guns in these places.  Yes, the NRA whines about this in public  but doesn’t mind in private which is why Bloomberg and Giuliani were able to do the stop and frisk thing.  In NYC, guns are again out of control.


The other day, a black worker at Home Depot shot his supervisor dead and killed himself.  In the projects, shootings are again a daily ritual and bodies pour into hospitals mainly at night and weekends and shooting at clerks in stores is rising, etc.  The rate will shoot upwards again. Shootings spike in NYC over the last year as NYPD stop-and-frisks drop 99%Suspected Gunman in Custody in Bronx NYPD Shootings as shooting at cops rises.


Then there are the many Jewish warnings about anti-semitism even though they, themselves, commit gross anti-semitism crimes since Palestinians are ‘Semites’ for example:  Spielberg Warns of Rising Anti-Semitism at Auschwitz Holocaust Remembrance and Maureen Lipman: rise in antisemitic attacks may prompt me to leave UK are typical examples.


It is OK to make gross, nasty, anti-semitic cartoons and movies about everyone in the Middle East who isn’t also Jewish but it is anti-semitism to make gross, nasty, cartoons and movies about European non-semitic Jews!  This turns the world upside down.


Powerful Jews sit at the top of society, they run more than one central bank, they run most of Hollywood, they own much of the US media, they are on Wall Street and run the government via both AIPAC and getting elected.  No minority group has nearly as much representation in our government than Jews who are only 2% of the population but 35 members of Congress and this doesn’t include people who ‘discover’ they are actually Jewish like Kerry whose family changed their names hiding this information.


Obama’s new nominee to Attorney General is now pouring more fuel on these race war fires with this:  AG nominee backs Obama on immigration actions, cites ‘right’ to work for all residents | Fox News


Attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch backed up President Obama on his controversial immigration executive actions during her confirmation hearing Wednesday — while going as far to say she believed in an illegal immigrant’s “right” and “obligation to work.”


Lynch, who is in line to succeed Eric Holder if confirmed, fielded a barrage of questions on the opening day of her Senate hearing on the Obama administration’s moves to spare millions of illegal immigrants from deportation and offer them work permits.


Illegal aliens!  We are supposed to say, ‘Undocumented workers’ instead which is a lie.  They have zero right to a job here.  Obama is a half-breed who wants the rich and powerful, those who run our government like AIPAC, to make him a rich man via board of director positions and ‘speeches’ after he retires, and they want cheap foreign labor that has no right to vote.


All those poor illegal aliens hoping for a better life should understand this fact: if they are not Jewish, or by dint of hard work like most Asians, their CHILDREN will be cast aside as useless while our rich will bring in more floods of illegal aliens to work for them for cheap and no one will see a better life.


And this is the crime of the century.  They are replacing our lower class blacks and Hispanics with cheap foreign labor and much of that will eventually come from Asia since Asians are much less prone to crime and social collapse compared to other labor pools.  And this has nothing to do with racism, it is a fact of life and for a half-black President and his black AG to encourage replacing blacks with more foreign cheap labor is the real crime here, not what magic labels we give to each other and what insults we intend or accidentally cause.


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14 responses to “‘Piss Christ’ Creator, Serrano, Whines About Free Speech

  1. LOU

    If he has courage – real courage- let him do a series of Koran burnings [publicized beforehand], and ‘piss Mohamed’ artworks.
    He is good at self publicity, not art.

  2. vengeur

    Once again you nail it: “The freedom to [insult people and ] hurt people’s feelings is supposed to be this high point in our society. In the US, we have iron clad rules of who is allowed to be racist and who is allowed to insult other races by making jokes or statements, etc. That is, we have extremely strict rules for certain races and situations no one dares cross ” . It’s actually even worse than that. Because the present censorship does not allow ANY criticism of certain races or groups in the US, and other than courageous people like yourself who dare to publicly make truthful observations about the BEHAVIOR of certain races , it is now ‘streng verboten’ in our supposedly “free press” society to openly do so. And the biggest thought and speech Nazis are in choke hold control of the US universities.

  3. LOU

    ‘Same inability to match percentage to crime rates because this blows apart the entire storyline this writer is attempting. The vast majority of everyone tends to not be ‘criminals’. ‘
    Well yes and no. The 3% of the society that does most of the killing is the dangerous class. They are the young Black males. High ‘T’.

    But the reduction in crime in the black community after age 25 comes mainly from most of them being either dead or in prison by then.
    Again yes and no. After age 40 their ‘T’ rates decrease, making them less aggressive. And some are tired of the ‘shuck and jive’ so give up the gang banging. They see the dead end of the criminal life and get out.

  4. e sutton

    You realize, of course, that what you have said here is strictly verboten in mainstream media. Blacks are increasingly clueless when it comes to the disastrous consequences liberalism has caused their race. Blacks actively ‘bait’ whites, trying to get them to say racist things, which is absurd. It’s absurd because prior to about 30 years ago, most whites I know were not anti-black. Not even close. Now? Let’s just say that the times are a’changin.

    Case in point: Last night at work, a young negress made disparaging remarks about a mulatto buck who struts around flirting with all the girls. As my husband was telling me this story, I thought to myself, “She was baiting him….I hope he kept his mouth shut.” I let him continue. Thankfully, he said nothing, including the fact that the young buck has two young chillens and still lives with his mother. After getting no response from my husband
    , she then started to disparage the guy for being light skinned, as in, “He think he so fine cuz he light skin. You whites lucky! You all da same colah!” To which he replied, “Well, they say that in the future we’re all gonna be the same shade of tan due to intermarriage.” Said to myself, “Wow! He dodged that bullet.”

    I am so thoroughly and completely sick of black people and their problems I can’t stand it. YT doesn’t give them enough EBT. Affirmative Action isn’t giving them all the gubmint jobs they excel so well in (been to the DMV lately????) Oh, and the black sows cry and scream, “How da hayall mah gwine feed all mah chillen??” Well, try crossing your legs every now and again, or if you can’t manage that, have LaJavyus wear some rain gear next time you have a porking party. This ghetto lottery is getting real old real quick. I no longer give to any charity because I know the kind of people they attract: religious hucksters and the black (and white) losers who gather around like vultures. A real shame because there are people in legitimate need. Attention, black folk: Negro Fatigue is overtaking YT. Proceed with (extreme) caution!

  5. emsnews


    From Russia’s news service, a story I mentioned in passing before this:

    A professor who lost his job over anti-Israel tweets is suing several officials at the University of Illinois. He claims his termination violates freedom of speech and was influenced by the institution’s “donors”.


    Yes, there is zero freedom of speech. Something he wrote at home is used to terminate his professor job. And being anti-Israel isn’t ‘anti-semitism’. The Zionists have worked hard to make this one and the same and now are whining about all the ‘anti-semites’ they created.

  6. Pontiff Holysh*t

    That complaint looks pretty solid.

    If it ends up in the 7th Circuit we might get an opinion by Judge Posner. That could be interesting.

    On a related subject, Senator McCain called a group of citizens calling for the arrest of Henry Kissinger in the halls of Congress “low life scum”.

  7. William

    Race,race race. Just Google the etymology of race and decide for yourself. Are we so ashamed that our origins begins in Africa? There are no races but one. The manipulative use of genetic glitches make the different re-presentations of humanity successful. Think about it. It is more profitable to sew the seeds of discord than harmony. We are woven from ‘the same cloth’ so to speak so my present identity is not important. Please, look beyond what has been ‘presented’ to you: That is your race.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, we are all African and we all came from apes though I suspect the monkeys and apes would deny this out of embarrassment.

    We are all the same species but with a history of hating each other. I suspect during the last Ice Age, the killing skills were high and the tendency to cannibalism and eliminating competition was very high. This is why we collectively have quite a few unpleasant mental problems.

  9. Seraphim

    For some weeks already I watch a retrospective Quentin Tarantino on Australian SBS. I learned that a black man is not just a “nigger”, but a “motherfucker nigger”, even (if I heard correctly) a “motherfuckin’ nigga”.

    Do you want to know what was the inspiration for Serrano’s Piss Christ (or Larry David urinating on a painting of Jesus in a Seinfeld episode)?
    (Talmud Babli, Gittin 57a :”[Onkelos] called up Yeshu from the dead. [Onkelos] asked: Who is honored in that world? [Yeshu] replied: Israel. [Onkelos asked:] What about joining them? [Yeshu] replied: Seek their good. Do not seek their bad. Whoever touches them is as if he touched the pupil of his eye. [Onkelos] asked: What is your punishment? [Yeshu answered]: In boiling excrement. As the mast said: Whoever mocks the words of the sages in punished in boiling excrement”.

  10. emsnews

    The peculiar male god of the Middle East has a fixation on excrement.

  11. LOU

    ‘Blacks are increasingly clueless when it comes to the disastrous consequences liberalism has caused their race’

    Starting w immigration. All citizens born of citizen parents are losers.
    We all lose on that.
    Who pushed the 1965 Immigration Act? LBJ, Teddy K, javits and other leftists and jews.

  12. Petruchio

    “The peculiar male god of the Middle East has a fixation on excrement.” I’ve also noticed that, for “Christians” like the born agains and the Opus Dei types, God is an angry, punishing deity. I wonder, Why is that? Didn’t the Christian Jesus come to the world to forgive our sins? Hmmmm? But in every other way, the Christian god is spiteful. Vengeful. Quick to cast sinners into the pit of eternal damnation. Anyways, I hope I get cast into this ‘damnation’ pit near you Elaine. At least we could have some good conversations. Along with some of the others who post here. Just don’t put me anywhere near Cheney, Kissinger or the Bushes! HAHA…

  13. emsnews

    Future orgy plans! Bring the booze. 🙂

    The French opera, Orpheus in Hell, the poet goes to fetch his love but finds out Hell is loads of fun due to sinners being herded there.

    They end doing the the can can dance.

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