US Media Giants Misrepresent The News So They Can Covertly Support Bilderberg Candidates

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Above is a screen shot of a British paper, the Daily Mail Online which has better coverage of events here than in the US which has naked propaganda nonstop.  For example, the Brits know that ALL the GOP candidates don’t want to support each other whereas, as I show below, the NYT and WP both hit on Trump on this issue and not mention the other clowns.  Then there is the fake story of the poor, weak, female who is a helpless Victorian chick who faints when a man touches her.  She shoves her ass into Trump’s face and one of his aides gives her a small push with the hand, grabbing at her because she is much too close to the candidate for safety because we are a nation that has frequent assassinations of candidates and Presidents, don’t we?  The media giants are blowing up this little fracas to the size of the Macy Parade balloon in desperation to smear Trump.


I fought hard for equal rights and for amusement, since childhood, I used to do medieval warfare fighting in armor both on horseback and on foot.  I have clobbered and been clobbered a lot and was infamous for things like vaulting over a shield wall at on major war, to kill from behind.  I broke my arm, fighting.  Fighting, for me, is fun, fun, fun!  I love it.  Now to reporters: they are RUDE people. They shove themselves into people’s faces.


They are very, very physical.  So what is this poor, fainting, weak, helpless little lady doing, aping rough, tough, pushy reporters?  Eh?  If she is so helpless and easily bruised, she is in the wrong business, isn’t she?  All female reporters should be taken off the circuit if they are all so helpless, feeble, delicate flowers of femininity that they would faint dead away if ‘penis’ is mentioned?  No women should be allowed to report political news from now on, right?


Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 7.23.44 AM

HAHAHA.  Good lordy.  Now our media giants who hate protestors when we were against the War in Vietnam, are now weeping and wailing about protestors who are illicitly invading a political rally to attack the people at the rally, are being hurt because they are inserting themselves where they have no right to be in the first place…and our media thinks this is wonderful?


How many right wingers are protesting Hillary?  None?  HAHAHA. Bernie’s people aren’t attacking Hillary’s people at rallies!  They STAY AWAY.  But the protestors are encouraged to gad about Trump’s rallies and make annoyances of themselves, openly insulting his voters, etc. and then whine when hurt doing this.  Duh.  Where is the fighting spirit here?  If they want to be radical, be loud, be obnoxious, in your face, they should expect to fight and not whine when they lose the battle.

Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 7.24.15 AM

The Washington Post’s front page is different from the British.  The video clearly shows that the ‘violence’ of the aide was simply moving the female flower of weakness away from where she shoved herself to get in Trump’s face.  Lewandowski should be used as a model for a statue of ‘Weak Women Suffer When Touched’ and this erected next to statues of brave women of the past who took on dangerous fights or maybe next to Joan of Arc, that beastly female who fought medieval battles in armor and was burned at the stake for this.


Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 7.23.22 AM

Above is from Britain.  Note that it says Trump is doing well.


Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 7.24.38 AM

The Washington Post, on the other hand, is howling daily that Trump is evil and bad and not Bilderberg good.  He isn’t one of them, that is, our ruling elites.

Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 7.26.00 AM

This is from the New York Times.  So, now Trump’s aide ‘grabbed’ at the gabbling reporter and maybe she thought being touched by a man means her flower of virginity is wilted and so…oh, I notice the ‘long simmering anger about trade boils over’ headline!  An actual issue!  HAHAHA.  Verboten.  I am shocked the NYT would even mention this hidden issue.  I notice that Sanders, the other verboten for the folk candidate, barely makes any news after wiping Hillary out at the polls this week.  So far, they have not had to openly defame him, too.  But not for long, they are very worried about Bilderberg Bitch’s prospects in upcoming primaries.


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20 responses to “US Media Giants Misrepresent The News So They Can Covertly Support Bilderberg Candidates

  1. vengeur

    ” The media giants are blowing up this little fracas to the size of the Macy Parade balloon”. LOL. How true. The more desperate the media becomes, the more transparent and absurdly shallow their attempts become. Here is an example of our truthless toothless media :

  2. Petruchio

    And notice how NO ONE in the MSM are asking Mrs. Clinton about her possible criminal INDICTMENT because of her emails and the high security information that was allegedly on them? I watched a VERY small segment of the GOP “Town Hall Debate” last night. The people running these fraudulent debates know they are fake and so do I. I watched Anderson Cooper ask Donald Trump a question. Cooper was challenging something Trump had said about Mrs. Clinton exaggerating her claims about being knocked down–I assume this was the alleged “Hillary and the dodging snipers” incident. Anderson Cooper is a total wh#re. Cooper wouldn’t DARE to challenge Mrs. Clinton that way. The hostility in Cooper’s tone toward Trump was apparent. I watched this debate long enough and switched channels.

  3. Jim R

    Zerohedge always has the best reports:
    The New Part-Time Job: “Get Paid $15 An Hour To Protest At The Trump Rally”

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/30/2016 12:59 -0400

    Apparently this is really happening. It wouldn’t surprise me to find similar paid provocateurs at a Sanders rally, but it looks like Sanders is firmly in the also-ran camp. Democracy is just a word the Democrats like to use…

  4. Lou

    Fighting, for me, is fun, fun, fun!
    Runs in yr family?

  5. Christian W

    @3 Jim

    “Get paid for protesting”… That is how the US does it’s color revolutions abroad too (see Maidan etc etc etc)

  6. vengeur

    @#5: People naively think the sh*t done abroad won’t be applied to “us”. In a HEARTBEAT!

  7. ziff house

    uh -oh i am afraid this time Trump put his foot in his own mouth ” women who have abortions should be punished”

  8. Lou

    Its still on TV today–Anderson Cooper, woman assaulted, blablabla.

  9. vengeur

    Trump foolishly commented on abortion. I was really hoping he was smarter than that.

  10. emsnews

    Abortion is a GOP trap just like race is for the DNC. It is to catch delusional people who don’t look behind the curtain to see the wizard’s work.

  11. floridasandy

    trump is honest, and doesn’t yet know that there are questions that are politically incorrect to answer.

    it hasn’t changed my opinion at all.

    abortion demand is a small segment of the population at large. he gave an honest answer and said that it was illegal there would still be abortions performed, and that is the truth. you can only legislate laws, not actions.

    luckily, he is on the right side of the HUGE issues of illegal immigration, jobs, wages, health care, energy taxes, and trade deals-so he is still in it to win it,

  12. csurge


    Yeah, I saw that. Bit of a hit for Trump. His first real mishandling of a gaffe, I think. Things may get bad enough in in coming year to change Denningers mind, though. All bets are off. America is going down the tubes, and there’s no telling what the electorate will do in desperate times. The MSM are totally unhinged and detached from reality, Europe is in flames, and the Muslims are slowly invading the US. Bad times ahead

    As for the mountain out of a mole hill, I haven’t really seen much reaction to it on social media. The ‘storm’ only seems to exist in the MSM and among Trump’s opponents. Will it effect Trump’s numbers? Perhaps. But he has stepped on landmines before and kept on trucking. We’ll see.

  13. floridasandy

    so we are going to reward the media for a jackass hypothetical question.

    trump should do fine, because HE knows the important issues and keeps on addressing them, while the media tilts at windmills.

  14. emsnews

    Trump has zero chances entering the White House. Especially if he wins. Reagan literally dodged the bullets intended for him when a Bush friend tried to kill him very soon after Reagan won the White House.

  15. floridasandy

    I refuse to be so pessimistic. I saw Hillary shrilly criticizing Bernie for his saying we had bigger issues than the Trump thing, and her audience reaction was tepid at best.

    Bernie may win Minnesota, and the media will say (after his last 5 wins) Hillary still has big lead. (which she doesn’t if you don’t count the superdelegates)

  16. floridasandy

    I meant Wisconsin, not Minnesota, because that is the next one. (after the North Dakota caucus today)

  17. floridasandy

    here’s a little tidbit on that little snowflake michelle fields, who screamed so loudly when she was almost “thrown to the ground” and bitten. (as in the police report)

    It all makes sense now. Fields mother, XIOMARA FIELDS, run’s a federally funded organization that aids illegal aliens. Trump wins, mom’s out of a job. (hat tip elan, city data) . she is in calabasas, CA.

    the media didn’t report that part.

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