Meet The Awan Brothers From Pakistan: They Ran DNC Congress Computers, Committed Treason

Some things don’t make the news and thanks to one of our friendly visitors to my ‘news service’ has left me a link to this unfolding story about a family of Pakistani (?) hackers/IT employees who worked for former DNC head Wasserman and a number of top Democrats. This murky story shines a light on why the DNC and mainstream fake news has been howling about people pointing fingers at the alien Muslim penetration of the DNC which is now very deep and this happened under Obama, so shock now.


First off, this news was no news.  That is, the mainstream media and Congress and the entire DNC has worked long and hard at ignoring this news.  Hillary’s second in command is a Muslim woman who is married to a Jewish former Congressman forced to resign in disgrace due to sex fiend problems.


His resignation and now, investigation is typical of the DNC and how it has evolved thanks to mainstream media coverups.  That is, as I keep saying, the news not only does active propaganda but also concealment while flogging fake stories that are designed to egg people into attacking innocent parties.


This is nothing new.  After 9/11, before there was any intense examination especially of the Saudi connections and the Israeli connections and why both Bush and Cheney were utterly relaxed when the World Trade Center towers were attacked, instead of a thorough investigation, we were all driven by the media and Congress and the DNC/GOP war machine into attacking a totally innocent country, Iraq, and now we are stuck in this Iraq quagmire that Obama extended and re-expanded.


There is something very goofy going on here.  I have noted that after all the Muslim attacks on Europe and America, the issue of ‘letting in foreign Muslims’ has been squelched repeatedly by both the GOP, the DNC and the media.  They are all in collusion in simultaneously driving us all into wars against liberal Muslim dictators while conservative ones in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other hot spots are allowed free rein.


That is, they move in and out of our country at will and I will note yet again, the GOP and Bushes let ONLY foreign Muslims to fly all over America and then flee AFTER 9/11 while all other civilian aircraft was grounded.


From exactly one month ago:House Staffers In Security Probe Allegedly Kept Stepmom In ‘Captivity’ To Access Offshore Cash.


Congressional staffers allegedly held their stepmother in “captivity” with violent threats in a plan to use her to access money stashed away in the Middle East. The staffers are suspected of using their positions to enrich themselves.


Days before U.S. Capitol Police told House members three Pakistani brothers who ran their computer networks may have stolen congressional data, their stepmother called Fairfax County, Virginia police to say the Democratic staffers were keeping her from her husband’s deathbed.


On Feb. 2, House officials banned Imran, Abid and Jamal Awan from the House of Representatives network as part of a Capitol Police criminal investigation into House computer security. But longtime employers including Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Gregory Meeks have stood by them. Meeks, of New York, said although they had access to his data, he’d “seen no evidence that they were doing anything that was nefarious” like steal or hack, and were being unfairly picked on for being Muslim.

The Daily Caller has been covering this story for a month during which our mainstream fake news basically ignored it, preferring to blame Russia for this leaking of top DNC clowns in Congress.  The real nasty story is the collusion of the mainstream media to cover up this story and further, to push the fake Putin spied on the DNC and leaked the Podesta files, etc. story on US citizens.

Three members of the intelligence panel and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs were among the dozens of members who employed the suspects on a shared basis. The two committees deal with many of the nation’s most sensitive issues, information and documents, including those related to the war on terrorism.

The brothers are suspected of serious violations, including accessing members’ computer networks without their knowledge and stealing equipment from Congress.

Three members of the intelligence panel and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs were among the dozens of members who employed the suspects on a shared basis. The two committees deal with many of the nation’s most sensitive issues and documents, including those related to the war on terrorism.

The brothers are suspected of serious violations, including accessing members’ computer networks without their knowledge and stealing equipment from Congress.

Jamal handled IT for Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Texas Democrat who serves on both the intelligence and foreign affairs panels.

Jamal, who public records suggest is only 22 years old and first began working in the House when he was 20, was paid nearly $160,000 a year, or three times the average House IT staff salary, according to InsideGov, which tracks congressional salaries. Abid was paid $161,000 and Imran $165,000.

Democrats evidently paid the Awan brothers over $4 MILLION dollars.  They are also aliens from Pakistan.  This hiring of aliens to work in Congress is a treason issue.  Pakistan teems with terrorists.  It is their ‘bolt hole’ and supposedly, though the proof was deliberately dumped into the ocean due to orders from Cheney years ago, the proof is this is where bin Laden hid, too.


Why are our politicians doing all of this?  We see California DNC judges forcing Trump to let terrorists move in and out of the US, for example, and the mainstream fake news media cheers every time DNC judges thwart even the smallest measures of Trump to get a handle on all this.


This is so infuriating and I have been writing about this for many months now and the picture is now crystal clear: the DNC hopes to take over the US with this troika consisting of black inner city welfare families, illegal aliens in key cities, Muslims and Hispanics who will then steamroller the rest of the country politically.


This operation is cynical and stupid and many of the top DNC politicians playing this suicidal game are…Jews.  WTF?  Yes, they are doing this hoping their buddies won’t notice who is doing this and end up being annihilated by their ’employees’ and ‘political allies.’


So again, why isn’t this hot news?  The mainstream media hammers away at ‘the Russians are spying, the Russians are spying’ and ignoring this story.  But then, why does this surprise anyone?  The bizarre political alliances that are Deep State business is none of our business, is it?Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png




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40 responses to “Meet The Awan Brothers From Pakistan: They Ran DNC Congress Computers, Committed Treason

  1. floridasandy

    it isn’t a big story because it isn’t the Russians hacking. 🙂

    it is embarrassing that Hillary took money from Russia, as most of them did, and when they lose Russia becomes the scapegoat.

    It also makes our hackers look weak, and since we are paying them so much money what’s up with that? Of course, we all know the answer

  2. floridasandy

    On a side note, some good news:

    if Santa Clara county wants to break the law, Santa Clara county should suffer the consequences of lawbreaking.

    these Silicon Valley counties want money why don’t they get it rom their tech industry located right there. These liberals are all about sharing, right?

    Maybe just other people’s money.

  3. Lou

    Thanks for checking my link.

    I am not sure ‘Carlos Danger’ aka Anthony Weiner has long to live.

    I became aware of George Webbs talks due to ‘Pizza gate’ and if his
    info on organ harvesting and the Clintons is accurate, it is chilling.

  4. Lou

    ‘this happened under Obama’—That is ‘passive voice,’ It was done by Obama. Obama was groomed.

    At You tube is one Ann Barnhardt. IF you can get past her Catholicism
    and denial of Chemtrails, she seems to know the most about Barry Sotoreo and who funded him.

  5. Flor


    Citizens are preparing to march on Washington on March 25. They are there to speak up for the future of thousands of children that the criminal cabal has commoditized for their wars, their pleasures, their control over others, and their pathetic ideas of obtaining immortality. We are protesting law enforcement, Congress, and the judiciary for not arresting and indicting these heinous criminals.
    The AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA has prepared a compendium of articles to provide protestors with the deep and thorough intelligence they need to protest in a productive way. As we see more intelligence in the field, we will update this compendium–so check back regularly for updates.
    Unlike the George Soros’ activists groups who haven’t a clue why they are protesting (except for the memes and slogans provided to them once they are hired to protest), the people who will be protesting on March 25 will be able to give details galore. Please be an engaged citizen and send this report to all you can, especially to your congressional representatives and elected officials. Let them know that the people mean business!

  6. Flor

    Tijuana: 5 executed in Zona Norte

    n a small room between Primera and Miguel F. Martinez streets in Zona Norte, a grim stash house of sorts, a man clings to life. His associates, friends, perhaps family lay dead, between the floor, and and the bleak furnishings, a few battered couches. Blood leaked from their wounds, all head shots, one or two apiece, spreading out onto the floor.

    Three women and two men, executed, ambushed, likely betrayed. All 9mm shells, no signs of heavy weapons, long rifles. They were part of a narco retail cell operating in La Zona. The kind of group that bears both the blame, and burden for many of the constant killings and mutilations, severed limbs, and bullet holes, weaving in and out of flesh, hot bullet shells dancing across victims insides.

    These killings were different then the public executions, shootouts in bars, clubs, mariscos stands, these people saw their killers, and interacted with them before they were killed. Single shots mostly, no signs of torture, or bounding have been reported. More then one, to retrain, and to kill 5 people, without problems. At least 3.



  7. Flor

    International coaine trafficker of the Comorra Mafia in Napoli arrested in Tamaulipas

    Giulio Perrone, alleged member of the Italian Mafia from Napoli, has been sought by law enforcement for 10 years for his probable responsibility in international cocaine trafficking.

    Giulio Perrone, alleged leader of the Italian mafia in Napoli, was detained by elements of the PGR in Tamaulipas, for his alleged involvement in international cocaine trafficking.

    The detainee, 64 years of age, originally from the province of Gragnano, Italy, had a red notification in Interpol and a sentence of 20 years, 11 months and eight days in prison, handed down by the Napoli court.

  8. Flor

    Conoce a la Mujer más mortal del mundo. Conocida como la ‘Kim Kardashian’ del crimen organizado mexicano.
    Claudia Ochoa Félix no sólo es conocida por su figura curvilínea, por hacer pucheros selfies o tweets sino también por ser la nueva emperatriz de los antrax.
    Claudia según se informa se ha convertido en la nueva jefa del escuadrón de la muerte, el más cruel del mundo Los Ántrax, que son responsables de cientos de asesinatos sangrientos, es el escuadrón de elite de asesinos a sueldo del mortal cartel de Sinaloa.
    La banda mexicana según el servicio de inteligencia estadounidense, es “la más poderosa organización de tráfico de drogas en el mundo”, sus sicarios son temidos como el más mortífero del planeta.
    Después de que el jefe de los Ántrax, José Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa – conocido como El Chino – fue arrestado, se dice que su

    pablo escobar,red,el chapo guzman,escobar,diario el tiempo,hacienda napoles, Narcos,pablo escobar,el señor de los cielos,escobar, guerra,violencia,NARCOS,PABLO ESCOBAR, pablo escobar,narcos,Colombia,mafia,cartel, criminal
    pablo escobar,red,el chapo guzman,escobar,diario el tiempo,hacienda napoles, Narcos,pablo escobar,el señor de los cielos,escobar, guerra,violencia,NARCOS,PABLO ESCOBAR, pablo escobar,narcos,Colombia,mafia,cartel, criminal

  9. Flor

    The Rothschilds, world kingpins, worth $500 trillion! They own Reuters, AP, and fix the price of gold…

    Reuters, AP, and fix the price of gold…

    At ToBeFree, I’ve focused mainly on the Rockefellers, key kingpins in the US, which apparently are secretly worth more than $10 trillion. But the Rothschilds are far more wealthier, and are by many considered the greatest controlling factor worldwide — the kingpins of the world!

    In the late ’90s, I attended an event in which Gaylon Ross was lecturing. He laid out the big picture for me that has continued to prove true. In addition to speaking about these two families, he laid out the elite’s plan to create unions within the continents, and then merge all 5 continents into the one-world government which they control.

    Since I heard Gaylon speak and had great discussions with him after that, I’ve watched time and time again the globalists attempts to unite the Americas. From what I’ve seen, Skull and Bonesman, President Bush should be considered a traitor ‘



  10. Lou

    Flor, with robotix, people are mostly ‘useless eaters,’ hence Depopulation is the theme of the Billionaires, IMO.

  11. Petruchio

    This story is one example of why I object to people who refer to the media as “The Liberal Media”. There is absolutely NOTHING liberal about the media, except for the ‘liberal’ amount of lies and misinformation they spread. No, the media are more like Fascist lackeys reporting what they are told to report. BTW: did you notice how, when there is a hacking story it is immediately buried IF the hackers are Israelis? It aint just Pakistani hackers who get a pass from the media.

  12. I always call it ‘the fake news mainstream media’. 🙂

  13. Christian W

    It’s Operation Mockingbird grown Cuckoo.

  14. Crazy for Coco Puffs Cuckoo. 🙂

  15. Flor


    .peared in the name of Allah,
    – has indoctrinated the people that they are idle animals who are not responsible towards Allah,
    – has spread the claim that everything has happened by chance to the masses,
    – and has dragged the entire world into cruelty, degeneration, mass murders and wars since the beginning of the 20th century by indoctrinating the claim of the survival of the fittest by natural selection is FREEMASONRY.

    ERASMUS DARWIN, the grandfather of Charles Darwin, who propounded the theory of Evolution in its current state and pioneered in spreading this deceit to masses, is a WELL-KNOWN FREEMASON, A MEMBER OF THE MASONIC LODGE OF SCOTLAND, CANONGATE KILWINNING NO 2. CHARLES DARWIN IS ALSO A MEMBER OF THE SAME LODGE, and a 27 degree mason.


  16. emsnews

    The Freemasons are not the same as the several covens at Yale, etc. The Bilderberg gang is totally different. My own ancestors were Freemasons, this is why they ended up in the New World where no one could poke around bothering them about stuff.

  17. Lou

    “The Liberal Media”. There is absolutely NOTHING liberal about the media, except for the ‘liberal’ amount of lies and misinformation they spread.

    At times, words are misused. Socially liberal [as in tolerant, in some ways].

    Look at Bezos. He has his ‘hive’ of worker bees, living in their vehicles. But he is for Gay Marriage, etc. HE IS NO HENRY FORD, WANTING HIS WORKERS TO BE ABLE TO BUY A CAR [or a sack of groceries from ‘Whole Paycheck].

    Socially liberal, elitists, controllers. They may have some ‘tolerant’ sound bites or donate to ‘chic’ causes [not Republican or White Power].

  18. Lou

    20 Capitol Hill break ins, silence;

  19. Lou

    “A laptop computer containing floor plans for Trump Tower, information about the Hillary Clinton email investigation and other national security information was stolen from a Secret Service agent’s vehicle in Brooklyn, police sources told the Daily News.”


    Fox just reported on the stolen SS laptop and that “they” are trying to wipe the contents remotely. !!!!!!!!!!
    Stated that the laptop does contain Trump Tower evacuation plans and information pertaining to Hillary’s investigation.

  20. Pingback: The Awan Brothers - Compromised at least 80 congregational computers and got paid 5 million to do it. We may never know the extent of the breach -

  21. Lou

    Ex VP of Dcorp arrested,

  22. Lou

    My own ancestors were Freemasons,–I thought Europe, especially UK, had lots of Masons.

  23. Lou, my ancestors were Free Masons and other entities, founders of the Skull and Bones at Yale, etc. Oh boy, did they love playing these games! One of many reasons for pulling up roots back in the 1600s and heading into the wilderness of the New World.

  24. Lou

    Maybe you should write a book about your Family Tree.

  25. From the above article:

    Pakistani-born Imran Awan, long-time right-hand IT aide to the former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman, has since desperately tried to get the hard drives back, the individual told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

    A high-level congressional source, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the probe, confirmed that the FBI has joined what Politico previously described as a Capitol Police criminal probe into “serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network” by Imran and three of his relatives, who had access to the emails and files of the more than two dozen House Democrats who employed them on a part-time basis.

    Capitol Police have also seized computer equipment tied to the Florida lawmaker.

  26. Hillary and her staff did the exact same ‘destroy all evidence’ thing and we all know how silent Congress and the media are about all this criminal activity.

    The DNC/RNC Bilderberg gang think they pulled the wool over our eyes after colluding in preventing any investigation into fellow Bilderberg gangsters working with Obama. This attempt at distracting the citizens from real crimes is going to fail in the bitter end.

    This is going to unravel all their little schemes, once the wheels of justice finally are free to move again.

  27. Jim R

    ^^^^ good one, Lou.

    The need to put a special counsel on that. Also on the Seth Rich case.

    Arrest them all.

  28. And…Congress won’t allow any investigations of ANYTHING. They are all mad as mad hatters with all hat and no cattle.


  29. Lou

    why are these people not arrested?

    Wasserman Schultz IT Staffer “Frantically” Liquidating $2 Million In Real Estate Assets … -us-assets

    In total, Imran’s firm was employed by 31 Democrats in Congress, some of whom held extremely sensitive positions on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

    Imran Awan Had Access to Every member of Congress — SOLD SECRETS to Foreign Agents!


  30. Good catches, Lou.

    The DNC has been totally infiltrated by radical Islamists at the same time, most if not all of the DNC is owned by Israeli first Zionists. This is one of the strangest combinations, ever. I keep saying, the Zionists think that pandering to Saudi Arabia and causing a war between the US/Saudi/lsrael alliance against Russia/Iran/China is a good thing.

  31. Lou

    37–and this–

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