Breaking News: Mass Free Speech March In London, Live!

(1) London march for free speech – YouTube


Huge Hyde Park Free Speech demonstration today in London, England.  Thousands of supporters of Tommy Robinson march.  This is a free speech moment that brings tears to my eyes, note how it is now conservatives who are demonstrating for free speech, not ‘liberals’ who are too stupid to figure out the obvious: they will be silenced, too, by the elites!  Dummies.


The impulse for this demonstration came on the heels of a former liberal male who made a funny Hitler video with his pug dog, who was then threatened with prison and fined nearly $2000 and he handed the fine over to a children’s hospital and dared the authorities to arrest him for this.


Not one ‘liberal’ stood up for Count Dankula.   But conservatives did stand up and demanded justice.  This big show of force is a warning to You Tube, Twitter, Facebook and other neo-fascist operations run by obnoxious fake liberals who are members of the Bilderberg gang.


The hot light of information is now shining hard on these businesses.  The demonstration in London is very much an anti-Bilderberg demonstration.  For what they are protesting is the concept of the EU being ‘stateless’ so that elites can rule countries while getting zero permission to impose laws on people.


The Poles and Hungarians are watching this closely for the Bilderberg gang is planning to severely punish them for not taking in millions of illegal aliens who hate civilization and want to destroy it.


On to ther news of horrible people plotting to destroy our schools and turn them into Maoist thought control factories: Berkeley task force blames conservatives for leftist violence!  Blame the victims! 


The report was filed on April 10 by a Commission on Free Speech that Chancellor Carol Christ created last October to “analyze events featuring external speakers” on campus in the wake of a series of disruptive protests against planned appearances by speakers such as Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Ann Coulter.


“Although those speakers had every right to speak and were entitled to protection, they did not need to be on campus to exercise the right of free speech,” the commission declares, speculating that they were only invited “in order to advance a facile narrative that universities are not tolerant of conservative speech.”


So, you can speak freely but only when not on campuses which do not allow free speech!  My head hurts, this utter flipping of the entire Free Speech Movement!  Berkeley, no less, home of the Free Speech movement!  But that died in 1970 when I was threatened with death for publishing the wrong story in the news.


The report goes on to contend that all of the events that sparked protests last year “were sponsored by very small groups of students working closely with outside organizations,” asserting that “at least some of the 2017 events at Berkeley can now be seen to be part of a coordinated campaign to organize appearances on American campuses likely to incite a violent reaction, in order to advance a facile narrative that universities are not tolerant of conservative speech.”


Blame the victims!  The free speech students were causing trouble by demanding free speech so of course, if they were beaten up by Maoist thugs, they deserved it because…they should understand, free speech is punished with death threats!


I know because it happened to me only I had no tools to fight back, I was still only a 19 year old!  But now, some serious people are knocking at the doors at Berkeley demanding free speech and I hope they win.  About time!   I send them my love.  Go for it and win!


Protesters nearly derail Dave Rubin speech at UNH


The event was hosted by the University of New Hampshire’s Turning Point USA chapter and caused an uproar among liberal students who vowed to protest at the venue. The talk was originally slated to be a panel featuring two other Turning Point speakers, including the group’s founder Charlie Kirk, but they had to cancel their appearances due to “unforeseen travel complications.”


The anti-free speech movement by Maoists and other fascist groups continues at other schools, too.  The left isn’t left, it is fascist.  It has storm troopers who attack anyone giving speeches the fascist leaders demand silenced.


Several hours prior to the event, the law enforcement officials decided to move the location of the talk to the Whittemore Center hockey rink, citing security concerns after demonstrators threatened to blockade and protest the lecture.


Arrest any students who demand no free speech.  How simple is this?


Moments before the event, the organizers of the lecture posted a video of the venue, claiming that hundreds of students were not being allowed to enter the building.


This happens all the time now.  The administrators who are the ones in power here, openly side with SJW terrorists.


“[We are] here at the Whittemore center where they have capped our seating at 160 people and are not letting in the 200 people waiting outside to be let [in],” the organizers wrote. “UNH Police are currently not letting anymore students or community members inside of the arena that has a capacity of 7000 people.”


Yup, stopping people from gathering to hear speeches is…fascism.


On Wednesday, the TPUSA chapter penned a letter to UNH President Mark Huddleston, detailing their grievances with how the administration handled Rubin’s lecture.


“Far from attempting to provoke outrage or create disruption, our objective in facilitating this event was to begin a respectful conversation on campus about whether ‘cultural appropriation,’ or any other speech that the university community may find reprehensible, is, nevertheless, worthy of protection,” the students explained.


Yes, the right wing students are respectful and don’t break any laws. The leftists openly break laws, riot and destroy as well as threatening to kill anyone they don’t want to speak in public.


“Yet, despite our best efforts, our collective attempt to initiate this dialogue was frustrated by several dozen of our fellow students, protesters not attempting to engage us with their own ideas but to use the heckler’s veto to silence any speech that they found upsetting, unpopular, or difficult to understand,” they added.


According to the letter, “student protesters formed a human chain to block [the] entrance to the venue” before the start of the lecture, “forcing attendees, including several individuals who were elderly or physically disabled, to scale a fence in order to exercise their right to participate in the event.”


Yes, fascist leftists (thus the name ‘NSPD’ for Nazi) don’t want disabled people to enter a business or speaking event.  Arrest these monsters and put them in prison with the FBI creeps who should be put in prison, too.


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26 responses to “Breaking News: Mass Free Speech March In London, Live!

  1. Sunger


    Liberals are bad bad bad.

    Conservatives are good good good.

    You are an idiot.

  2. You seem confused about what is ‘left’ or ‘right’. They have flipped. DUH. I know Sunger, that you can’t read very well but look at who is demanding ‘free speech’: the left is demanding CENSORSHIP by the STATE enforced by ARRESTS.


  4. Jim R

    Sunger is with Madame Mao … he thinks jackbooted thugs will make him safe.

  5. Christian W

    Madame Mao vs “Tommy Robinson” is the Fake struggle, they are bogey men promoted by the Fascist Right. Whichever of these bogey men “win” the Fascist Elite remain unchallenged.

    Tommy Robinson is a convicted fraudster who frequently aligns himself with Zionists:

    Tommy Robinson, former EDL* leader, jailed for fraud

    Tommy Robinson holds secret meeting with Manchester Jews

    *EDL = English Defence League

    Tommy Robinson’s real name is Stephen Christopher Lennon. Previous aliases have been Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris.

    What’s your game “Tommy Robinson”?

  6. Christian W

    “Tommy Robinson” reminds me of Navalny in Russia, another self promoting far right convicted fraudster. Weirdly they even look the same.


    ELAINE: HAHAHA. Christian, you are so easy to fool, the Bilderberg gang loves this sort of tomfoolery. So, they put this man, Tommy, in prison, abused him after he got out of prison, they harass and yell at him, they go nuts whenever he appears, he is banned from various platforms run by the Bilderberg gang…and you think he is in cahoots with them! This is so utterly insane, it is…typical, why do you not read any of my stuff, I wonder?

  7. Christian W

    @ 4 Jim

    Yeah, speaking of Jackbooted Thugs. Even Azov in Ukraine play virtue games now:

    There, in the January 28 spectacle, 600 of them swore an oath to clean the streets of illegal alcohol, drug traffickers, and illegal gambling establishments.

    But Ukraine observers and rights groups are sounding the alarm, because this was not a typical commencement, and the men are not police officers. They are far-right ultranationalists from the Azov movement, a controversial group with a military wing that has openly accepted self-avowed neo-Nazis, and a civil and political faction that has demonstrated intolerance toward minority groups.

    “We will not hesitate to use force to establish order that will bring prosperity to every Ukrainian family!” reads a message alongside the video, published on the Facebook page of the newly formed group, called the National Militia. In the clip,they vow also to protect the nation “when government organs can’t or won’t help Ukrainian society.”


    The last, bolded part coming to the US soon, supremacist vigilantes to the rescue.

    Today 1 out 10 US government tax dollars go to pay off debt. In 4 years it will be 1 out of 6 dollars. In 10-15 years there will not be any US budget left outside of debt payments.

    So… Someone is cooking the same brew in the UK and US that has already been made in Kiev Ukraine.

  8. Melponeme_k

    What we are seeing is internecine warfare among the elites. Trump is part of a group and they seem to be against the Bilderbergs. Now, I’m not saying that this unknown group is all flowers and sunshine but they don’t seem to be pushing NWO.

    Please note that none of this is unscripted. BOTH are following the stars and in particular the Uranus return that is said to cause upheavals in society. This return is in Aries, the sign of War not Taurus, a sign of luxury (tropical western zodiac is a deliberate lie).

  9. Jim R

    @Chrisitan 7,

    Yeah, but it won’t be like we thought it would be. We used to think the thugs would be right-wing.

    This time it will be ‘Antifa’ thugs, and they’ll accuse you of being a Russian sympathizer, right before they slit your throat. (and a racist and a bigot and a homophobe, probably)

  10. Christian W

    @ Mel 8

    I think it’s an internecine fight too. Look at Comey, he made a career out of saving the butts of the Bushes and Clintons whenever they got into trouble. Now he got caught in the gears when he had try and promote and take down Trump too. It was impossible to juggle all the factions all the time.

    What is telling is that the Neocons have no skin in that game, in fact they don’t mind the Clinton/Obama faction getting a good trashing at all.

    @ Jim 9

    It is still early days. Some (very few) ‘Antifa’ are in Syria getting fighting experience with the YPG, but from what I’ve seen most of them are meth heads and college kids looking for kicks and confused ‘Pussy Riot’ types.

    There are plenty of well armed ‘militia’ types on the other end too… They’ve been practicing popping ‘Zombies’ for years. Looks like ‘Antifa’ is being set up to be the real deal ‘Zombies’.

    As I said, someone is stirring the pot.

  11. Melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    Yes, they all have their eyes on one another and not on us. If ever there was a chance to get out from under, now is the time. People need to keep pushing, keep talking online, with family, friends and acquaintances. Especially now since both sides are using everything they have against one another.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall to see their magic mojo strikes. HAHAHAHAHA!

    The only thing that gives me pause is that both sides seem pretty confident they can get us back in line. And both are hoping our little freedom run gives the other side some pain.

    Does anyone know who is in charge? Or are they all running blind?

  12. Floridasandy

    Even alleged frsudsters have s right to free speech.
    It seems that the entire leftist movement is about ” make them pay”- whether you don’t agree with them (via censorship and banning) or pay more taxes do they can catch up, of pay regulatory fees for global warming, etc.
    Maybe they could just try and enjoy life without regulating it.
    The left always pushes for more regulations, as well. Their way or the highway, I guess
    Luckily, people around the world are tired of it. That’s a good thing.

  13. Floridasandy

    Sunger, if the left hates campaign finance violators, why isn’t Rosie Odonell arrested? I guess they only selectively hate things. Interestingly, a rabid Democrat (Jared Kushner’s dad), went to jail for less
    Idiots want to know. 😍

  14. Who is ‘in charge’? HAHAHA. For many years, the Bilderberg gang was very much ‘in charge’. Now, they are losing their grip on power which is very dangerous. These monsters will and are deliberately creating WWIII with Russia.

    This is, of course, suicidal but then note Hitler and his gang: suicidal! It is not uncommon for rulers, when losing power, they go mad.

  15. Christian W

    I don’t see the Israel lobby, the Saudi lobby and the Bilderberg gang etc as one and the same even if the intermix a lot. The Bilderberg gang is just a subsubstrata of the real powers. Look at who subjugated Trump. It was the very people he used to get into power, and those were not the Bilderberg gang who are (mostly) poodles, not bosses. The Bilderberg gang takes orders from the real bosses.

    Trump, like all the US candidates, swore fealty to the Israel lobby just like the Bilderberg gang poodles have to do or they do not become members of the gang.

    That may be a technical issue as yes, all their systems are starting to come unglued and yes they are going mad and their solutions to problems are mad.

  16. Lou

    14–What are their names?


  17. Christian W

    Trump has surrounded himself with people like John Bolton, Erik Prince, James Woolsey, Mike Pompeo, Rudy Giuliani plus many more Deep State actors (Rupert Murdoch, Sheldon Adelson, Henry Kissinger), these people are even the hardliners of the Deep State, the most devout Zionists.

    Trump is not at all some black swan coming from left field when it comes to the Deep State, even if he obviously was kryptonite for the Deep State actors invested in Hillary.


    ELAINE: I used Giuliani way back in the 1980’s to get five top DNC politicians in NYC arrested for many crimes. He tapped my phone (with my cooperation) so when these politicians called me to threaten me, he could get permission to tap THEIR phones, too, and thus uncovered many joint crimes. One of these gangsters committed suicide when the Feds broke into his house in Queens.

  18. Melponeme_k


    I’ve been reading around the conspiracy sites that it may be the Rockefellers. The family that was the prime mover of former Nazi criminals, via Paperclip, into the USA.

    We are literally talking about what could be called the Fourth Reich.


    ELAINE: My father was the one who did the Operation Paperclip deep inside Nazi Germany. He was so angry about these Nazis (he saw their horrible crimes!) were given new identities instead of going to prison, he quit the rocket program entirely!

  19. Christian W

    The Deep State is a cluster of various elite interest groups that interact to achieve common goals. That is what the Bilderberg gang is about, they meet to streamline main policies. They don’t MAKE the policies, they have gnomes (RAND Corp) to dissect such things and come up with plans which are then implemented by the CIA, Mossad, MI6 etc in conjunction with the Pentagon, Banks and Financial institutes (Wall Street and City of London) and Corporations (ie MIlitary, Financial and Corporative Muscle).

    Yet these sometimes compete between each other to achieve the same goal. An example is the Pentagon and CIA in Syria whose Jihadi Head Chopper Death Squads have been fighting each other at times. I would say Hillary vs Trump is another example of such an intra Deep State competition.

    Lately all the major NGOs have become incorporated into the Deep State structure (Amnesty, Save the Children, HRW etc) ie Government Organized NGOs – GONGOs.

    The Bilderberg gang is only one of many such organizations that are a substructure of the Deep State.

    Look at (just as examples):

    Council of Foreign Relations

    Then we have the roots of the Deep State that go very deep into history, into Crusader times and before. Melpomene_k has been talking about this a lot. The ‘Royals’ have been servants to these interests for a long, long time.

    As Mel said the other day, we are the *Muggles* (Harry Potter reference) to these people, and they are part of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or the Unseen University. or the Shadow government etc.


    ELAINE: Trump is NOT ‘one of them’ they are freaking out very badly because he is an outsider. He does have Bilderberg agents working FOR him but note how all of them, when push comes to shoving him off a cliff, side with their Bilderberg buddies. But Trump is stuck with these guys because they are everywhere and have vast powers. He isn’t a god who can snap his fingers.

    He is of course, a Zionist but then WHO ISN’T????

  20. Christian W


    Nov 22-23, 1947

    Henry Kissing to President Ford

    Click to access 24465897.pdf

    In this memorandum Kissinger tells President Ford exactly what to say and how to say it. I bet the US will lie exactly along these lines again when talking to Kim Jong-un…


    ELAINE: It is ‘1974’ not ‘1947’. Secondly, Kissinger was a war criminal and I gave speeches about this matter back when Nixon was running things. But he is also a Jewish man who is a top Bilderberg gang member so of course, he was considered to be this great ‘diplomat.’ HAHAHA.

  21. Christian W

    Typo above: *1974, not 1947

  22. Christian W

    Ollie North (yes, Crooked Ol’ Ollie North) will be the NRA’s next President…

  23. Christian W

    Sorry for spamming but… More WAR incoming.

    Tomorrow at 2 pm Trump will announce his decision on the Iran deal. At the same time Netanyahu will go from Cyprus back to Israel instead of flying to Moscow where he was supposed to meet Putin on May 9th. Guess Netanyahu didn’t want to get an earful from Putin and wants to prepare his air strikes on Syria.

    How long can Putin resist the push to war? Every time he tries to talk the Zionazis get more aggressive.

  24. Moe

    Here’s some free speech for yah, Springtime For Hitler

    I know, I know, produced by a Jew Mel Brooks in furtherance of their perpetual victimization schtick and the holocaust: funny as hell though.

  25. Oguy

    This discussion has gotten as crazy as the world it’s commenting upon. I like the “Springtime for Hitler” as the tag line thus far. It’s fitting.

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