Silly Teenage Prank By Kavanaugh Cause DNC Moralist Hysteria


We are now officially in insanity chaos: a Supreme Court judge nominee is being grilled over a letter he wrote when he was a TEENAGER that was when he was upset about love!!!  Good lord.  What next?  A video of him crying as a baby?  Perhaps a photo of him drawing on the wall with a crayon at age three?  Where does this lunacy stop?  This is classic grasping at straws.  The DNC is supposed to be the ‘free love’ party that believes any forms of sex no matter what, are OK.  So why are they hysterical about teen love letters?


Washington Post:

This chaos is deliberate and generated by the DNC.  It is not natural.  Will all the DNC voters who have wild sex (the marriage rate of DNC voters is far below the marriage rate of RNC voters!) and believe in sex at a young age, are they outraged that this man did the same?


Does the party that encourages cross-dressing males who dress up as female demons to read dirty stories to nursery school children really care about or are truly outraged by letters by teen boys?  Hello!


This is a sign of complete insanity.  The party that produces parades of nearly naked people who simulate sex acts while dancing in the streets, is it also so Victorian and moral as to be outraged by a silly letter by a teenager???


I am utterly horrified.  The left is so desperate…they want to not have this man be a judge lest he kill off their fun times!  They want to run riot, literally, and are running riot in cities they control, they want no law and order, no moral laws, no rules in schools and at the same time, demand everyone else be the opposite.


And this is happening.  Voters are voting for the opposite to the great rage of the leftists.


What is worse, the letter is, I just learned, a SECOND-HAND ACCOUNT of what he did in his youth.  And guess where this letter came from?  California!


Several things: anonymous junk is junk.  Second-hand information is hearsay if it is due to someone saying something to someone else.  It isn’t proof of anything.


Thirdly, this is inappropriate since it is about teenage angst.  For the last two years, the DNC has used sex to attack GOP candidates.  But at the same time, the filth, the rape, the abuse of liberals has come to light and many have fallen, every day, some artist in California, some movie boss, some director, some actor, some politician, some moralist is discovered to be blatant rapists, child rapists, wife abusers, etc.


I lived in California long ago.  My family lived there for generations (no more) and seeing moralists in California scream about sex and drugs while using both is annoying, irritating and above all, super stupid.


They just made the case for the GOP.  The GOP may be hypocritical but the DNC is schizophrenic.  The DNC has zero right to scream about any sex since they are now pushing for no more cut out the rebels talking about junior sex, the DNC wants fewer controls of teen sex!


Feinstein Refers Mysterious Letter About Kavanaugh to FBI – White House Responds


Feinstein released a statement via The Intercept:

 “I have received information from an individual concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision. I have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities.”


All charges against Trump and anyone with him are ‘anonymous’ and nearly all of these end up duds.  This is annoying, stupid and blatant blackmail.  According to rumor, the very young boy and a friend tried to lock a girl in a room by herself but she went out the window.


He pulled a PRANK!  HAHAHA.  I had a very, very wild teenage years, chased by the French Army in 1968, ran with the Black Panthers, was mobbed by Maoist leftists that year, shot at by a man in LA who unloaded six bullets trying to kill me, when I was still a teen, I was kidnapped by a rival bike gang who were at war with the Hell’s Angels, escaped, was arrested by Berkeley cops, they tried to blame a riot on me…was deported from Europe for a speech…geeze.


I had a throughly insane teen years!  It was utterly insane.  This judge did something silly and immature but then…he was a young teenager!  DUH.  I know a billion teens who did equally stupid things, indeed, much worse things.  Then hopefully, we all grow up and stop doing dumb stuff.


But what is a million times worse is, being moralistic lunatics while at the same time, demanding the right to run riot and be utterly amoral and even evil.  Which do we want?


Someone who grew up and ceased being nasty as an adult?  Or the opposite?  The DNC gang seems to learn nothing from life.  They all act like out of control teenagers!



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14 responses to “Silly Teenage Prank By Kavanaugh Cause DNC Moralist Hysteria

  1. i wonder what kavanaugh is alleged to have done – so far nothing specific has been stated [i discount the ‘locked in a room’ rumor as insufficiently sourced]

  2. It turns out that it is an ‘ATTEMPTED rape’ and…was reported to no one. The female wants to be kept anonymous which is really wrong in 100 different ways. This seems to be the ONLY way the ‘pro-wild sex’ Democrats can stop Republicans: anonymous and unreported ‘rapes’ and ‘molestations’.

    This is the problem with this sort of thing: if it isn’t examined by cops it is ‘hearsay’ but the DNC knows that if their Bilderberg media buddies carry endless ‘hearsay’ stories, then power will grow into their hands whereby they…demand more wild sex even allowing the rape of small children by Hollywood stars.

  3. shawntoh


    Well, then it’s official, the motto of the establishment is now–

    “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!”

    — with apologies to H. S. Thompson.


  4. KHS71

    This is a smear. The Dems are trying to get one of the squishy women Senators to change their vote. Yesterday it was reported that he and a friend had locked a girl in a room which she got out. The Dems are desperate. Shows how low they will go. They did the same to Roy Moore. After 35 years all of a sudden she comes out. How convenient. All at the right time. All they need now is for Gloria Alfred to show up. Color me shocked.

  5. Saint Mike

    It’s fake news the girl involved denies any of it happened.

  6. Petruchio

    The DNC/SJW/Bilderbergers are self destructing without ANY help from those opposed to them! I keep wondering what the DNC has planned in the coming elections in November. They can’t possibly be thinking that they are going to gain any seats in Congress. Election rigging? How?

  7. The dirt diggers simply have to unleash filth and then ignore the real news debunking the filth. They do this all the time. So the harm is done and they drop the stories and go on to the next lie/stupid story. They much prefer sex stories that are murky or made up.

  8. Petruchio

    @#7 Elaine: Yeah I go the concept, but sooner or later, there is the End of The Line. If the MSM does this “Smear and then move on” angle long enough it is doomed to backfire on them. Note the level of credibility people give the MSM now, about 17% trust what they hear/see in the American MSM. That means only the Media owners themselves and people whose paychecks depend on the media being credible trust the MSM. Then there is the Internet. What are the Media owners going to do? Ignore it? No, they are trying to ban it, restrict it, blunt its influence in other ways. I don’t see any Happy Ending for the MSM monopoly.

  9. Yes, they are openly trying to prevent anyone from using the internet. Look at Europe! As of this week, it is nearly impossible to do anything or talk about anything on line.

  10. Lou

    Look at Europe! As of this week, it is nearly impossible to do anything or talk about anything on line.–as in?

  11. Tom W Harris

    Forget the Supreme Court, Brett Kav can form a hiphop group: Phuque and the Bishes.

  12. ziff

    What about VPN ?

  13. Saint Mike

    I have a letter from a woman who used to work with _______ when both were in high school in _______. She says ____________walked her home from work and sexually attacked her in her home. He tried to rip her clothes off her but she managed to escape his evil clutches. She was and is so distraught over this incident that she is still afraid.

  14. When I was in high school, I tried to overthrow the government. It didn’t work but it was lots of fun, was arrested several times, deported from Germany after giving a rousing speech about invading East Germany, was spied on by the FBI and CIA and boy, was that FUN. All before age 18, too.

    Sheesh, meanwhile any young man being a crazed teen is punished 50 years later for being a male teen! Wow.

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