First Step In Putting Hillary In Jeopardy: Loses Security Clearance

This is big news.  The Bilderberg gangster, Hillary Clinton, thought she slipped the noose when the FBI decided, very very illegally, to drop charges of her incompetence and secrecy in handling State Secrets.  This is all about her secret computer stash at this pizza parlor, of all places!  She committed a number of outright crimes and now they will be poised to bring on the prosecution she so richly deserves.  She is in full panic now.


Senate Judiciary Committee pulls Clinton’s security clearance in preparation for inditing her for her many security crimes the FBI let sail past them two years ago.

She and her gang of co-conspirators including her boss, Obama, thought that rigging the investigation and shifting it to the totally innocent Trump would be the tricky trick to regain power.  Instead, the false allegations of ‘Russian collusion’ have now collapsed so badly, even the evil New York Times which can’t do real news, finally ceased having daily front page stories about ‘leaks’ and Russia.


Here is the letter from the GOP leaders in the Senate:

She is in very deep trouble now and about time!  I said many times, the wheels seem to turn slowly but this is because putting together a case takes patience and persistence and smarts and some of the people running this investigation are very smart and have been in DC for a long time and they decided, after watching Trump, the OUTSIDER, succeed, they finally (the GOP leaders) are now behind Trump 100%.


So now, the real investigations are beginning and the criminals will be freaking out, they hope this next month’s election will save their necks and they can then illegally and illicitly impeach Trump and thus, stop his reforms and then continue enslaving us to the Bilderberg gang’s international schemes.


Here is Trump campaigning ferociously, he is all over the place now, waving his magic wand and firing up the Republicans:

Another great speech this time, in Ohio which was very hard hit by ‘free trade’ and the Bilderberg gang’s de-industrializing of the Midwest.  The enthusiasm is tremendous.


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15 responses to “First Step In Putting Hillary In Jeopardy: Loses Security Clearance

  1. Saint Mike

    She pulled it herself before the Security Incident was initiated so it wouldn’t LOOK detrimental to her and her subordinates.

    Once a Security Incident is initiated (of which Obama held off on), a Security Review has to take place and ALL associated Security Clearances are suspended or revoked pending the investigation. She pulled it first so it doesn’t go on her file and she wouldn’t be able to get it back and that would keep her from running for federal office again.

    This way, if she runs for president and wins, there is not a Security Violation record of it being REVOKED as a security threat. It’s a Clinton move and is also telling about her future presidential aspirations.

    She pulled it herself so they couldn’t REVOKE it permanently.

  2. Zeke

    Her “speaking fees” have plummeted.
    Are her dulcet tones no longer as sweet? Are her insights no longer as profound and compelling? Is her mellifluous voice no longer soothing?

  3. nclaughlin

    #2: Really? A person cannot become President of the US if he/she doesn’t have or can’t get a security clearance? Wouldn’t that theoretically annul an election?

  4. Saint Mike

    #4 She could still be president and receive classified info but any one else associated with the original security incident would be denied. As in her aides ,lawyers, so called researchers, etc.

    Forget Clinton’s motives, her “request” was a proactive measure due to the likelihood her clearance was going to be forcibly revoked. Requesting the removal avoids multiple political and logistical issues of her security file being damaged by a forced revocation.

    And then try explaining forever to TV, Newspapers, the public why your security clearance was revoked.

  5. Jim R

    Since the President is the CEO of America, don’t all the security weenies work for him/her? Isn’t that the way it works?

    Therefore, the President has ultimate authority in security matters.

    They certainly didn’t do much of a background check on Obama. His birth certificate was a total fake.

  6. Jim R

    What I’m trying to say, San Miguel, is that you don’t need a security clearance to run for office. Not really.

  7. Saint Mike

    Hi Jim R ,

    No you don’t need one, but anyone associated with that Security Incident would not be able to get one. In other words her entire staff, so she proactively pulled hers and her staff’s in order to avoid creating a Security Incident investigation and revocation.

    Hopefully this will help you understand what I’ve been saying.

  8. Jim R

    No, I do understand. I don’t agree. There’s nothing in the Constitution about “security clearances”. Of course, the modern practitioners have some protocols and traditions and stuff. They’ve been using them against Trump.

    Like I said in #6, it’s pretty obvious that they just make that shit up. Obama’s background as “community organizer” was as sketchy as hell, and it was never a problem for him. He supposedly went to Columbia, but nobody can remember seeing him there. Was editor of the Harvard Law Review, but never published a single article.

    So, I don’t see that the mechanisms of “clearance” have anything at all to do with Hillary being President. What she needs, but doesn’t have is votes. And personality — most all politicians are sociopaths these days, but she manages to look despicable on-camera.

  9. Jim R

    Furthermore, from what I know just from public sources (Wikileaks is public, you know — might have been classified information, but now it’s on display), most of the Clinton gang SHOULD have their security clearances permanently revoked. And I hope they do, but

    But progress on that front has been slow, it may not happen. Probably because there’s nothing but rats on that sinking ship, and they’re all trying to help each other..

  10. Saint Mike

    One more time – Hillary can be prez without a Security clearance her current staff and anyone associated with her breach in the recent Security Incident would not get a clearance approved ever.

    Thus she revoked it so a Security Incident investigation would not be triggered thus protecting herself and staff .

  11. Jim R

    And, duz’nmadda — the whole byzantine ‘security’ apparatus is so corrupt, and there are so many crimes on public display that have gone unprosecuted, that when the ‘security’ ship sinks, a whole lot of those rats are going to drown anyway.

    Or, maybe the rats will regain control of the ‘ship of state’ in which case the whole empire crashes all the sooner.

  12. Once upon a time due to my great efforts and diligence, I became the only person on earth who knew all the inside details about Operation Paperclip way back in 1968.

    Lots of ‘secrets’ are ‘secrets’ due to these being things no one is proud of and things which are very nasty, awful stuff. I am against these stupid ‘secrets’ because even after 70 years, they keep them ‘secret’ due to it conflicting with fake stories taught as ‘history’.

  13. Petruchio

    Well if Hillary voluntarily revoked her Security Clearance as a defensive move, let’s make it impossible for her to get it back. If Hillary did something to justify a Security Clearance revocation, it should not matter one little bit that she pulled it herself to avoid getting it on her record. Clinton should have to go through all sorts of steps to get her Security Clearance back. Full–and PUBLIC–disclosure should be required.

  14. Moe

    Humor: (?)

    ‘Let The Hate Flow Through You!’ Cackles Cloaked Hillary Clinton At Campaign Rally

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