Bilderberg Strikes Back: No Border Wall Funding, Flynn Accused of ‘Treason’ For Basic Diplomacy

The Gateway Pundit:  I have a long, long memory.  I clearly remember Nixon’s sudden dash off to China during the Vietnam War to make deals.  My parents were involved in the diplomacy there and I was later on when the Chinese asked me to host officials to live in the US and learn about our society.  Nixon and my parents and even I had to worry about being called ‘traitors’ for doing this!  Now, the DNC has decided the only tool they have to attack Trump is to accuse him of doing what all politicians have done for eons: negotiate deals with foreign powers that have been hostile in the past.


The deals with Israel are cloaked in secrecy and very seldom debated here in the US.  I get all my news about Israel actions via foreign entities.  The very same political party that screams about how we need open borders and international rule are the ones screaming treason when regular diplomacy happens.


Criminalizing diplomacy is insane, stupid, short sighted and downright evil.  The very same people screaming ‘treason’ are Bilderberg gangsters who meet in secret to plot how to rule the world.  These clowns are scared to death because they were much further along with destroying the natives of Europe who have been flooded with very hostile aliens due to ‘open borders’ and now is responding by being more ‘nationalist’.


This is immensely irritating to the corporate entities who comprise the Bilderberg gang.  They are frankly terrified so they doubled down on importing illegal, openly hostile aliens and raising interest rates, crushing cities via flooding them with welfare cases…Trump’s full employment success irritated liberals no end because workers could demand higher wages, for example!

Putting Flynn in prison for doing what all politicians have done all my long life (especially the secret deals!) pisses me off greatly because the news media is not reminding people that all politicians have done this for many years due to hating patriotism and America.  The idea is, everyone on the planet is more important than mere citizens.  All citizens are told this in all first world countries.  We must import global problems and thus fix things by making everyone poor and oppressed…here!


It is ridiculously obvious to me, I grew up inside this sort of diplomacy, my parents worked all over the planet earth doing this stuff, the hysteria today is giving me severe flashbacks of the McCarthy era when my father nearly fled the country after standing up to McCarthy, sheltering Chinese scientists.


THIS is why he did diplomacy in the 1970’s in China and how I got involved: the Chinese asked us to be involved!  Much diplomacy is done ‘off the books’ the ceremonies and ‘usual stuff’ is cover for all the covert stuff underground.  This is how diplomacy has operated for the last 1,000 years!  Duh!  I wish the real history of events could be taught in schools but that is impossible, even talking about it here on my own blog has people totally sceptical and thinking, ‘She doesn’t know anything about covert diplomacy’ when I grew up seeing it happen, first hand.  Not to mention, doing it, big time, myself.

The DNC and mainstream media and the entire Bilderberg gang, in hysterics over Europe slipping from the grip…Belgium’s government is falling right now!!!  HAHAHA.  Yes, this has them doubling down on invading and controlling the US via allowing invaders to enter and run riot, killing citizens and stealing stuff and causing chaos.  THAT will fix things good!  NOT.


The ‘Russians are coming’ plot continues.  When a handful of Russians posted a handful of junk online during the election, the storyline of the fake liberals who are international slavers, was ‘the Russians control American elections.’  This idiotic, childish storyline continues to be blasted daily.  It is insane and silly.  The real scandal has always been the foreign money going to the DNC that was double the money the GOP got for electioneering.


Facebook is ‘protecting civil rights’ of users by banning anyone and everyone to the left of Mad Madame Mao.  I hope they go bankrupt, they should go bankrupt.


FACEBOOK is spying on us, not Russians.  DUH.  All the top DNC-supporting California/NY/West Coast clowns running hunks of the internet are co-conspirators inside the Bilderberg gang and they travel in private jets to global meetings about how to enslave us with pretend global warming scares which they push desperately in the teeth of a colder and colder planet.  They push for internationalism and no borders so they can have very cheap labor at all levels.


They want to rule us brutally and violently unleashing criminals on us all and forcing us to live surrounded by criminals sort of like in NYC when I arrived and within a year, my lovely neighbors on welfare burned down my entire community during a mere blackout, looting and destroying everything!


Good lord, talk about insane.  Sweden was once a nationalist country and not part of NATO and was rich and peaceful.  Today, it is a dying country, a hell hole invaded by foreigners who hate Sweden and intend to loot and rape the place and are steadily destroying it violently.  The Bilderberg gang this week demanded that Switzerland do this, too.  The Swiss are to take in an army of foreign, hostile invaders and pay them to stay in the country and loot it, too.


Will the Swiss be stupid?  So far, it seems not.  One by one, countries forced to do this suicidal move are moving to evict the invaders.  Will England do this?  Will France?  Will Belgium?  Germany????  We shall see.



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30 responses to “Bilderberg Strikes Back: No Border Wall Funding, Flynn Accused of ‘Treason’ For Basic Diplomacy

  1. Melponeme_k

    It’s interesting how they bungled the whole mass migration of Illegal Aliens deal. What made them so sure their mass media entrainment was working? It is like the whole transgender psy-op as well. They miscalculated on that very badly as well. Instead of all of us sleepwalking into that new reality, we now have mass insurrection.

    The question is, do they have new narratives to replace those?

    If they don’t, do an alternate group of elites have narratives waiting that will exploit the unrest? Is it a case of the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t? The bottom line is, is that we are still a populace that isn’t in control of our own perceptions. We are still weak in the face of a strong willed group willing to create their own version of reality even if they are small in numbers.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The elites are installing panic rooms against MS-13 even while they advocate to import more of them to NY.

    This answers my question, they have no alternate narrative. They are insane.

  3. Yes, they are quite insane.

  4. timothy carroll

    You can stick a fork in Trump. He’s done. No way his former supporters are going to vote him back in after he caved on funding for the wall. Ann Coulter, once one of his biggest supporters, dropped him like a hot potato. Same for Tucker Carlson. That leaves us in the hands of the Democrats who are importing more and more Turd Worlders by the day. Word is out that the doors are wide open to America to any and all who wish to come. Free healthcare, food, lodging for all but the white folk who built the place.

  5. timothy carroll

    We have effectively driven a stake through the heart of Western civilization by importing more and more violent breeders who have an average IQ of 65-70. American blacks, if they were able to think cognitively, should be horrified that their gravy train will end in ten years or less. Instead, they continue to bitch and moan about having to endure “white culture”.

    Karl Denninger has a good take on this today.

  6. AT

    The wall isn’t necessary. All that is necessary is to throw the employers in jail. Managing a Wal-Mart or an agricultural concern is not worth going to jail. When the jobs are gone, the illegals go home. All except the worst of the violent criminals, which we have been deporting anyhow, despite the news about wrist slapping for misdemeanors.

  7. AT

    Now we have a better view of the reason the lawyers for several different federal agencies decided to advise their agency heads NOT to attend national security meetings with Flynn and Trump.
    Flynn needed to go and they fired him. That should have been enough.

    Mueller is just taking out Trump’s garbage and using it as window dressing for his fake witch hunt, designed to distract and ultimately protect Trump.

  8. Aurelius

    @5 Timothy Carroll

    To be fair, a large swath of high-IQ liberal-minded *whites* also cannot (or will not) see where this is going. I know a lot of these people, and they have *no clue* what lies ahead for them and the civilization they take for granted. Nor will they ever consider their own part in its downfall. (And once again, I mention that the 1973 book “Camp of the Saints” nailed this aspect of it.)

    I don’t like to be around them anymore — would rather be alone.

    We are drifting towards the brink — of something — and there doesn’t seem to be the collective awareness, interest, or will to do anything about it. [Low testosterone and prevalence of pot, as Tucker said, play a part.]

    Been a steady diet of black pills since the election. Looks like I picked the wrong year to quit medicating…….

  9. timothy carroll


    You’re assuming that we are still a country that follows law and order. We are not. Look no further than the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton are still walking around free. Add to that Loretta Lynch, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the Podesta brothers…..I could go on and on. If you are a member of “the club”, you get a pass on everything. Don’t believe me? Then why are Clapper and Comey still free? Lying to Congress? So much for the Trump meme of “Lock her up! ” Total fraud.

    No problem if you are a member of the club. And however you feel about Trump’s scumbag lawyer, Cohen, the fact that what he did (paying off some hookers to keep their mouths shut) pales in comparison. Further, Julian Assange is being relentlessly pursued by the government for leaking information of their treasonous, illegal acts and war crimes.

  10. timothy carroll

    @#8 Aurelius,

    Yep. I recently deleted my facebook account due to all the bitching of the SJWs I work with and their constant bleating about what an a@@hole Trump is and how we are All immigrants and thus have no rights to limit immigration – at all. Reasonably intelligent white people, some are college graduates.

    I voted for Obama in ’08 before realizing what a total puppet he was, not to mention an outright fraud. In sum, the occupant of the Oval Office has very little if anything to do with the decisions that are made in Washington. Either the Deep State has something on Trump, is threatening his family, or he was never honest to begin with.

    And I am not completely anti-immigrant. Today I visited my barber who owns his own shop. He’s from Cambodia. We watched a black woman park her car right outside of his shop in a way that made other drivers have to swerve around her car to get by. He started bitching about how he doesn’t necessarily hate blacks, but the things they do make him hate them. He also stated that newly arrived Mexicans are almost as bad. I commented on the fact that the blacks and Hispanics constantly bitch about how awful and racist our country is and how “white privilege” keeps them down, but they sure as hell bend over backwards to get into this country. Funny, I see no mass exodus to Africa, either. This despite the wonders of Wakanda and how a group of black women literally put us on the moon in the ’60s. 🙂

  11. timothy carroll

    OH, and for fun, google “American inventors”. You have to pass thru about 7-8 n*ggers before you find a white guy. Rewriting history and living the Orwellian dreamscape!

  12. timothy carroll

    “I don’t like to be around them anymore — would rather be alone.” Aurelius

    AMEN, and the same thing goes for me. I tire of being called “rayciss” and “Nazi” just because I don’t like to see my countrymen being replaced with brown and black excrement and I value my European heritage and traditions. They have forcibly silenced the white majority and this causes a seething resentment which, I predict, will eventually transform into outright butchery once the S hits the fan.

    Mark my words. The left will take it to the next level with gun confiscation. It’s already happening to Elaine’s neighbor to the south, New Jersey.

  13. Jim R

    Elaine, thank you for posting a picture of “The Honorable” Mr. Sullivan. On no other news outlet have I seen such a picture. Would it be biased to say that he appears to be a beneficiary of affirmative action?

  14. Tom W Harris

    i dunno…looks more like Pittsburgh than Bilderberg to me.

  15. Petruchio

    A news report today claims that Congress has today sent Trump a Budget Bill WITHOUT funding for The Wall. I don’t know what this means. Will Trump ignore this ‘Wall Free’ Budget Bill or not? Is this a planned Event designed to give Trump an “out” so he doesn’t have insist on The Wall? How much of a Budget fight is this Budget Bill gonna be? My instinct says that this Bill is rigged. Kabuki Theater by the Political Wh#re Class in D.C.

  16. timothy carroll


    Yeah…….on all of the above. We’ve been had………once again.

  17. Aurelius

    @#Timothy Carroll,

    I think we are on the same page. Yes, stricter and stricter gun control is definitely on the ‘Rats’ agenda. I think calmer heads will prevail and they won’t go for outright confiscation. They’ll just slowly squeeze us, giving themselves more categories of people who are forbidden to own, restricting magazine size, banning specific weapons, financially “de-platforming” manufacturers of guns and ammo, big outlets like Dick’s Sporting Goods refusing to sell certain weapons, etc. They have a thousand cuts they can kill us with without “going door to door”, until much later. IMO….

    National reciprocity across all states for concealed carry is another promise Trump made, which we don’t hear anything more about…..

    In the end it won’t really matter, but….I still believe Trump tried/is trying to MAGA. He just had no way to appreciate how deep and wide the Deep State (the Swamp) is. I’ve had to see it myself, the last two years, to believe it. There are some on this board who think that everything is Controlled; based on their apparent world view, it was a-priori impossible that Trump was a genuine candidate. I disagree with that. I guess we’ll see what happens when they finally drive him from office, however it happens. Will they still go after him and his family? We know how vengeful and bloodthirsty these (((people))) have been in the past……..

  18. timothy carroll


    I grew up inside the beltway, my dad worked high up in the State Department. He had his fingers in many pies, before I had any idea of what nefarious things our government was up to. In his later years, dad worked for USAID, being a retired guy who was sent down to South America to make sure they still supplied us with drugs, etc. It secured a comfortable life for him as well as my family, so I guess I have blood on my hands as well- despite not knowing (or not wanting to know) the nasty deeds he was involved in.

    I honestly don’t know if Trump is “genuine”. I suspect he is an outsider. I knew him when he was a wheeler-dealer in Atlantic City. People mocked him when Merv Griffin f*cked him with the sale of ownership of “Resorts International”. Trump was then severely in debt. In any case, Merv died a very rich man, and Trump survived to be an (increasingly) rich man. (((Someone))) has been supplying Trump with tons of $$$$ (liquidity), and that (((Piper))) expects to be paid….and they ALWAYS collect their shekles…..ALWAYS!

  19. Tom W Harris

    Pope Francis: Western world has “moral responsibility” to take in still more migrants

    More than 500 priests accused of sexual abuse not yet publicly identified by Catholic church, Illinois attorney general finds

    A little less projection and a lot more introspection is called for, Timmy baby.

  20. Zeke

    On tapes released from the LBJ Presidential Library Lyndon Johnson talks on phone with Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen where LBJ accuses Nixon of treason. Nixon sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks supposedly by telling North Vietnam that after he got in office he would offer N V a better deal. The talks dragged on interminably arguing over absurdities like the shape and size of the table. Hundreds of troop deaths each day during that delay.
    Similarly the unsubstantiated claim that Reagan as candidate had Bill Casey meet in Vienna with the Iranian Embassy hostage takers promising an arms deal if they kept the hostages captive until he won the election over Carter. The hostages were released the night the election was over. Arms for hostages.
    Private diplomacy is or can be treasonous.
    The country must speak with one voice. That voice is filtered thru the US State Department alone.
    Otherwise there would be competing voices and an attempt to pit one against the other, drive a wedge between and undercut or undermine national unfragmented objectives. Diplomacy is limited to diplomats. Private diplomacy is illegal and can be a form of treason and punishable under the seldom used Logan Act. 18 U.S.C. § 953.
    Flynn was not charged with that but maybe prosecutors used it in the background as an inducement for his cooperation.

  21. Thank you all for the review of all the treasonous clap trap of the last 70 years. Oh…this began right after WWII and started with Operation Paperclip and the Soviet/US battle for space and rockets using NAZI scientists!

    Yes, and I intruded in all that and even tracked down Nazis after learning enough German to have interesting conversations with them all.

    Look, we have been living a nation of lies all my long, long life. Digging these up is dangerous. Note how no media, NONE except the online crazy people like me ever discuss the Skull and Bones and the BILDERBERG GANG itself. It just never, ever appears in any news.

    Fake news is joined at the hip with ‘no news is no news.’ I have been kept out of the news much of my life which is why I changed my name three times. Each time, I would suddenly appear in the news until the Bilderberg clowns figured out who I was. ‘Oh, Elaine MEINEL is now…Elaine LEVY!’ Then I became ‘Elaine Supkis’ and invaded Congress successfully, made the news and then disappeared again when they realized who I really was.

    This is actually funny in a horrible way. How bizarre these people are! They want to rule the planet but will rue the day they prevented citizens of many countries of fighting back.

    Well, people are fighting back! Americans think they can do it the easy way via voting. Well, that has been trashed now so there is the other way.

  22. lou

    I found this,

    research what Trump did to people in Scotland to open a golf course there. It is all you will need to know about his character. He will never care about regular people.

  23. lou

    21–How many Jewish men did you marry?

  24. Petruchio

    Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Black Judge. What a surprise!!! It’s even more “surprising” that he is using his position–which was given to him because he is Black–to attack Presidents he doesn’t like. Judge Sullivan is also fighting Trump on the Deportation of Illegal Aliens. Another “surprise” again. What the HELL kind of Democracy do we have when some White People hating, piss ant Judge can defy a US President? What we have is Fascism disguised as Democracy.

  25. Zeke

    Wall Street loves free money. The so called “Fed Reserve” has been “accommodating” WS for about a decade and a half now.

    The analogy used to be the responsible party host removing the punch bowl when the guests got too tipsy.
    Now I picture it as the cocaine dealer cutting back on the supply of smack. WS is experiencing the DTs. Having a hissy fit.

    I think Trump had it right when he said during the campaign words to the effect that ‘the stock market is in a big fat ugly bubble.’

    For some reason many or most politicians feel that once the campaign is over – they’ve passed thru a degaussing circuit and their demagnetised words just fall off.
    E.g., it was HW who coined the phrase “voodoo economics” re. Reaganomics. Also “read my lips.” But some people remember.

  26. AT

    @ #9. Timothy Carroll

    Agreed. But this isn’t about fighting fire with fire. Think roundheads vs royalists. It’s a a fight between people who believe in the rule of law and those who seek to ride above it. Seems to me the roundheads had to toe the line, as ascetic as that was.

  27. It certainly is ‘voodoo’ and as I keep pointing out for years and years, they also secretly practice BLACK MAGIC which is why every day in every way I am very aware of all this since every time they pull something from the Outer Darkness, the Watchers see this and I can ‘see’ it mainly in my Dream World but when very alarmed, they tell me during the day, too, which is very unsettling.

    I shelter a huge number of wild animals. There is a bunch of reasons for this the top one being, Nature is red in tooth and claw but also gives life and beauty and hope. And you learn to not muck up Mother Nature, too. Living in cities, people think they don’t need to heed Mother Nature.

  28. About the Roundheads: MY ANCESTORS. We know where the Roundheads went: TO AMERICA. Living on the wild frontier, clutching an arsenal of guns and swords, fighting for everything, all the time: this is the roots of the Founding Fathers and Mothers and my family in particular. We beheaded a King and had to flee to somewhere the Crown had no power.

  29. AT

    @ #25 Zeke

    We’ve had a decade of ZIRP that was a direct wealth fransfer from savers and pension funds to big banks so they could keep kicking bad loans under the rug, without worrying much about interest payments.

    That the latter helped WS is clear.

    What may be less clear is how the former did too. Savvy folks trying to save and beat the real inflation rate (not the fake one) moved into stocks if they could because it was the only game in town. This included huge trust funds and foundations. Most pools of capital have come to be more equity weighted than they would otherwise choose to be, by risk tolerance or charter.

    Once those interest rates get high enough again all that money sloshes back out of stocks.

    Of course, the Fed believes in using other central banks and the plunge protection team, particularly in conjunction with their NMS re-write, the elimination of the specialist system and deep liquidity, and the use of HFT. Using those tools and an appetite for reasonable losses to scare investors into behaving, the fed believes that they can efficiently transmit Fed policy into the markets. So far, they have been right.

    Problem is it doesn’t take much to spook a speculator, so that part was easy to manipulate. On the other hand, there may be trillions of dollars of trust and foundation and pension money indifferently trudging back from stocks to bonds to rebalance their allocations.

  30. AND all of this is caused by the Fed Reserve. AND they didn’t fix things when Obama was in charge, they waited until this election, they felt they could do this because the DNC which is very corrupt, is running the House and hates Trump so the Fed thinks Trump will take the blow, not them or the DNC.

    I think this is wishful thinking.

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