Liberal Ship of Fools Pitches In Rough Seas As Trump Celebrates Great Victory Over Bilderberg Lies

This is a video of the DNC gang in Congress trying to hold hearings about Trump/Russia collusion.  Furniture is flying, water is pouring in and yet they continue with the ‘Russian collusion’ fake story, clinging to this sinking ship of fools!  This is the funniest thing, ever.  Oh, the people on this ship survived and were finally rescued today, thank goodness.  Will the liberals allow us to finally rescue them from their delusions?  I doubt it, they will cling to this mess to the bitter end.  They, themselves, said so today.  HAHAHA.

Yes, this should be investigated just like the Red Scare McCarthy hearings after McCarthy’s game collapsed.  I am against all sorts of jihads like this, left or right.  Lawsuits are proliferating right now due to mainstream media colluding with the DNC and foreign powers to destroy our democracy.


The key here is foreign: powerful, rich people (hello, China!) are meeting at these secret sites, surrounded by military, to plot how to destroy US citizens and flood the country with aliens like they did to Europe and thus, destroy democracy, itself.  This is why the left now demands openly, in CONGRESS, that we tear up the Bill of Rights as well as key portions of the Constitution, itself, especially parts about how to run elections.


This is fundamental.  I also say, it is treason.  My family has lived here for hundreds of years.  My own family participated in the writing of the Constitution.  Many of the people anxious to destroy this wonderful document are recent immigrants from despotic countries.


Well, we now get to do the boomerang thingie: the GOP Senate is now going to hold hearings about the DNC/Bilderberg witch hunt which tried its best to destroy a legally elected President.

The hoax was blasted across the country during the election process.  It was all bald faced lies.  In particular, the Washington Post and New York Times secretly conspired with foreign entities to do this to Trump: lie about the previous election.  This has a name: TREASON.


The mere fact they had a series of secret meetings both just outside of Washington and deep inside Europe to conspire to overturn a legal election via fraud, lies and false accusations of treason means we should investigate all this for fraud, lies and false accusations and put these criminals in prison.


This is what is causing panic now on the left: they know for certain they faked this entire business and they lied about nearly everything and thought, if they only keep the news on their side and in collusion with them, no one would learn the truth, ever.  Good lord, that was utterly insane but then, they have so much secret power via meeting with foreign powers, they think they can rule us in a draconian way and we can’t stop them.


This is why they are rushing to censor everyone on the internet who talks about the Bilderberg gang.  I own my own site, I pay good money for this and so I can talk about all this.  I just paid $99 for this year to keep yapping about this.


But anyone doing this in public places they don’t ‘own’ are being hammered by censors who have been hired by Facebook and Twitter and all other systems: these are cutting off anyone who disputes leftists and talk about reality.  Only fakers and SJW gangsters and Muslim terrorists get to use these liberal outfits.  Not citizens who want to support America.

Here is today’s NYT front page, a laugh riot considering that only a week ago, every story for the previous three years has been a basket of blatant lies:

It was not ‘cloud’ it was a NYT ‘s…t storm’ created purely out of nothing.  Bezos at the Washington Post still has hope that they can cook up something based on ‘obstruction’ which is insane but then, fake liberals who are actually full fascists are by definition, schizoid.

The DNC gang and the Bilderberg gang will cling to this life raft.  They have to because they are rats and their ship is sinking in rough seas!  As the elites helicopter out, their supporters will drown.  They don’t care.  They are now running scared due to popular uprisings against their despotic and secretive rule is rising and whole nations of workers are now seeking the super rich/super powerful to pull them down.


Instead of changing gears, the super rich who live in palaces and use mega gallons of fossil fuels for their fleets of fancy transports and their massive buildings, they are doubling down on the global warming scam and are too stupid to understand their own followers will go after them eventually.


I know leftists are incredibly stupid.  They still can’t figure this out.  Even when wearing heavy coats and shivering with cold, young kiddies are still protesting warm weather and begging for cold freezes all the time.  Ouch.  I wonder.  Will they figure this out eventually?  Will they continue to believe but then realize who is shafting them, who is ‘heating up the planet’ in the first place?


HAHAHA.  That will be epic!  I doubt they will figure this out in time but workers who are being hammered by global warmist policies have already decided they have had enough and are picking up the hammer to fight back.

Oh, and the London Daily Mail switched gears very fast and didn’t attack Trump today for the first time in years!  HAHAHA.


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25 responses to “Liberal Ship of Fools Pitches In Rough Seas As Trump Celebrates Great Victory Over Bilderberg Lies

  1. Moe

    Jim Stone’s derisive summary of the Mueller release:

    “We had nothing at all all along and tried to prosecute any errors Trump may have made and could not find any The fact we found nothing does not exonerate Trump, it does not mean he did not screw up somewhere, so this report simply states we could not find anything no matter how hard we dug, no collusion, no interference, no obstruction, NADA – and does not mean something would not be found if we only scraped and scrounged and dug a little harder, a little more creatively, a little more deeply. However, at this point gold fever has run out. We give up. We are exhausted, and for now, we’ll admit defeat.”

  2. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Why is it in my life that absofukinlootlee EVERY scandal of any import traces its origin back to Dallas???

    Jim Kunstler nailed it in his blog this morning:

    “You are forced to ask: did Mr. Mueller play an honorable role in this epic, multi-layered scandal? And is Mr. Mueller himself an honorable character, or something less than that? I believe we’ll find out.”

    Perhaps most of the nattering class in DC already know the truth about the man of the hour:

    Robert Swan Mueller III

    Carry-on til you are carrion,

  3. Lou

    Red Scare McCarthy –Sorry, girl, 10s of millions of murders is no ‘scare.’
    WW2 [Stalin]

    ELAINE: You obviously forget that Mad Madame Mao’s first defeat was at the hands of my FATHER who told her that she had no right to bolt his bed to the floor. She stormed out of the room when he did this to her. When she was arrested, my father was flown to China to a feast where he was saluted by the Chinese for being the first human to stand up to that insane woman.

  4. Ziff

    Trump is right, you are lucky your country can still function , they could have pushed the lies till troops were storming the WH.

  5. Kenogami

    It is amazing how much Adam Schiff looks like a clone of the “Têtes à claques”.
    Têtes à claques is a French-language humour website created on 16 August 2006. Over one million short videos are watched per day, making it one of the most popular francophone websites in Quebec.

    A “Tête à claques” is a face that you just want to slap.

  6. shawntoh


    Bravo as usual on your fine coverage and commentary!

    I believe every school child should be shown the following film, Point of Order, by Emile de Antonio. It shows clearly the evils of McCarthy and his henchmen.

    We still attempting to recover from McCarthy, I fear, to this day, based on the behavior of politicians recently, as Elaine pointed out.


    SOURCES cited:

  7. shawntoh

    Another point I’d like to make is that Joe McCarthy was not only an alcoholic, he was JUNKIE, too!

    Like Hermann Göring, good ole “Tail Gunner” Joe was addicted to Morphine. Please let me quote this–

    “McCarthy’s opiate addiction became public fodder only after Anslinger’s death.

    A 1978 article in, of all places, Ladies Home Journal named McCarthy as the senator in Anslinger’s autobiography.

    ‘“Agents who worked under [Anslinger] claim that the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy was addicted to morphine and regularly obtained his narcotics through a druggist near the White House, authorized by Anslinger to fill the prescription,”’ Maxine Cheshire wrote.”


    We must DEFEAT Joe McCarthy’s ghost! Thankfully we have Elaine and many others to do this “ghost bustin'”!

    So let’s all do what we can to help Elaine in this “exorcism”, please!

    I will say as a side note, addiction is a tragedy, no matter who it strikes. It’s too bad somebody didn’t do an intervention on good ole Joe before he went off like he did to eternal disgrace and thus nullifying any good things he did in his life.



    As a musical treat, this is dedicated to Elaine, it is by a band called the Minutemen and it is a song called “Joe McCarthy’s Ghost”.

    Here’s the lyrics, if you are in a hurry, or want to sing with the song!

    SONG: Joe McCarthy’s Ghost
    BAND: Minutemen
    Produced by Greg Ginn
    Album: Paranoid Time
    LENGTH OF SONG: 58 seconds

    “Can you really be sure of the goddamn time of day?
    Can you take the dirt from the fist of a foreigner?
    Are you gonna’ fight when they call out your number?
    Can you toe the line?
    Can you repeat what you’ve been told?
    Can you bite the bullet?
    Can you see the enemy?
    Can you point your finger?
    Can you prove your loyalty?

    Joe McCarthy’s ghost”

  8. AT

    “they are doubling down on the global warming scam and are too stupid to understand their own followers will go after them eventually.”

    Global warming does some important things for them:

    (1) creates a methodology to control where the loss from peak oil falls that is divorced from any meaningfully informed democratic process,

    (2) distracts environmentalism from pollution and health issues, and

    (3) resonates with a religious need that has been in play since man began worshipping the weather.

    What’s not so obvious is that it directs the blame to consumption and away from drilling. Methane is a real greenhouse gas. As oil runs dry and fracking wrings the last drops out of the wells, there’s bound to be a huge surge in drilling, most of it in inhospitable places where natural gas cannot be captured economically, the deep sea, the arctic, etc. All that methane that might be released during frenetic arctic drilling just might really and truly raise world temperatures, at least for a few years. They’ll blame CO2 emissions, not methane. Or, they’ll say the bulk of the methane was released from the melting ice, not the drilling into the rock where the vast majority lies.

  9. shawntoh

    Meanwhile, Google is at it again!

    “Google flipped seats, shifted millions of votes to Dems in 2018 midterms, researcher tells RT”

  10. tio

    Is the DNC midterm victory now invalid?

  11. Zeke

    Reserving judgement until the report (actual) is made public.

    A biased summary of the report by a tainted individual with an agenda is insufficient.

    We waited almost two years for the report – not a biased summary of the report.

    Why is the report not being made public? What are they hiding?

  12. AT

    I suspect real collusion or or leverage or blackmail is with whoever convinced Katie Johnson around November 2016 to fail to appear and prosecute her child rape lawsuit against Trump from back when he was buddies with Epstein, and whoever has been setting her up and hiding her from view ever since.

  13. Tom W Harris

    The John Batchelor Show has Matt Taibbi on right now, discussing how the media got it so wrong on RussiaGate.

  14. Moe

    Here’s Maxine ‘It’s Not Good Enough’ Waters commenting on the Mueller report.

    Aside from her usual equivocation, she has nothing new to contribute to the ‘Russian Influence’ meme, (no libtard has so far). But she apparently felt obliged, nay, compelled to ponder on this apparent miscarriage of justice.

    So I’m wondering (not for the first time), how did this woman get elected and then reelected repeatedly? She is terminally obtuse, a statement that in itself is redundant because all one has to do is listen to her but for a moment before that realization becomes evident.. Waters is living proof that humans do have an ass-bone.

  15. Waters: welfare money and allowing crime to proliferate. I used to live near her, many years ago.

  16. Lou

    16–Here in Los Angeles, rumor is Maxine Waters has made a lot of money, her and her husband, on various ‘schemes.’
    One of them is half way houses for addicts.
    I dont know the details.

  17. AT

    On second thought it’s also possible that the Katie Johnson child rape lawsuit against Trump was simply sealed by the judge, gag orders issued, and then postponed until after his Presidency.

    Up until Clinton, that’s what Constitutuonal law would have demanded.

  18. Our Rulers love child rape. I know this FIRST HAND especially if they are Skull and Bones members.

  19. Petruchio

    You can tell these Dems–and the people who own them– are, if not insane then thoroughly incompetent. Maybe they are both! Imho, even IF you supported the Dem/Bilderberg Agenda, you might want to think of “packing it in” as far as Trump and Russia. Propaganda is only effective if the target audience is gonna believe it. If you as a Propagandist keep pushing something that a lot of people don’t believe is true, then these same people stop taking you seriously.

  20. Moe

    @16 EMS

    Checked out Water’s 43rd Congressional District demographics. It is 49th of 53 California districts for white population and 2nd of 53 for black population.

    ‘Nuff said.

  21. AT

    The Epstein child rape stuff is symptomatic of a wider culture of blackmail and leverage that has tainted virtually every single politician, regardless of affiliation or belief.

    All our politicians in the two major parties spend half their time running around digging up dirt on each other, for blackmail, right down to the County level.

    It explains the level of control and the willingness of most of them to look foolish and take a pie in the face every once in a while in this Kayfabe charade without any retaliation over larger corrupt monied interests.

  22. honeybagder don't care

    Wait, Trump was friends with Jeffrey Epstein??

    That has to be worthy of some scrutiny, right


  23. Moe

    Rachael-‘Alfred El Neuman’-MadCow “What – Me worry?”

  24. Moe

    Jimmy Dore show from Dec. 2018: dated but still pertinent – Pathetic RussiaGate Coverage

    This clip demonstrates the orchestration and purposeful synchronicity of MSM in attacking Trump.

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